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For installing the Windows 10 apps on your system, you need to open the Microsoft Store, and then you have to search what you want, and then install it. Before, you do with an app on each of the devices you wanted the app on the pc. Now, with the help of the Install on my devices feature, you can remotely install the Store apps directly from the website of the Store. You can even install a Store app on multiples of Windows 10 PCs only in one fell swoop. It really works a lot when you are installing an application from the Google Play Store on the web to any of the Android phone or tablet.

Here we provide some simple steps which help you in installing the windows 10 apps remotely on your system. The steps are given below.

Steps to Remotely Install Windows 10 Apps

To remotely install a Windows 10 app from the online Microsoft Store, you need to follow some steps, here we explain every step, but you have to follow these steps in ascending order to avoid trouble and save your time and efforts. The steps are mentioned below:

  1. Click to open your browser
  2. Head towards the Microsoft App Store
  3. Click to Sign in with your Microsoft account
  4. Now, search for the app you want, and the Install/open button appear on the screen.
  5. Click on the options icon next to it
  6. Choose Install on my devices option, when it pops up.
  7. Windows 10 app will appear on the screen, and devices are directly linked with your account. And you can choose one or as many
  8. Click on the Install now button, to continue

The Windows 10 app is not installed immediately. Though in my testing, it takes almost five to ten minutes, and it depends on the app’s device and the size that you have selected.


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John Smith

According to the report, Microsoft is now planning to launch a dark mode in its webmail service. Last year, the software giant launched an impermanent dark mode for Halloween, and now Microsoft has been started working on a new dark mode for the from the past few months. The company has started teasing new dark mode which will be available soon in the market.

An team member in a feedback post explained that the only reason for the delay is our persistence that they want to deliver the best Dark Mode of every leading email client. The sneak sample you saw last year at Halloween was an example as it required a lot more work which will be ready for the prime time. However, the Microsoft said that it has redesigned all codes and colors multiple times and it is in also the final draw out of launching the new theme in

According to the listings on the feedback website explained that a dark mode for the is one of the most extremely requested features for the Microsoft’s webmail service. Microsoft has first introduced almost six years ago as a replacement for its aging Hotmail web service and now it has around 400 million active users around the world.

Recently, Microsoft has been changing its webmail service since with the updated features, and some new design has started rolling out in the march.


Micheal ricky

Windows 10 has come with any type of update, but it is offering some of the ways for you. It will help to control the way your PC gets system and feature updates. So for your convenience, we are providing a simple process that will tell you how to disable or delay automatic Windows 10 system updates.

It is the best choice if you wish to hold off on a feature update or are on the metered connection. It is a right way if you want to wait until you are connected to Wifi or Ethernet. In this post, we will also discuss how to set upload and download limits for system updates to save on bandwidth.

You also need to know that Windows Store apps are a collection of update automatically by default. This comes with native Microsoft apps such as- Mail & Calendar, News, and Sports. It is also important for any apps or games that you have downloaded from the Microsoft Store. It depends on the app like- games; in particular, the updates can be quite large for games. If you have limited bandwidth or are on a metered connection, then you need to turn off the updates. There is no matter that what the reason is; in any case, you can disable automatic Store app updates, too. 

Steps to Disable Auto Updates for Store Apps:-

First of all, you need to open the Microsoft Store app.

Her, you will need to click on the Options button (…) that is placed in the upper-right corner and then select the Settings option.

Then move to the following screen and turn off the “Update apps automatically” by going switch in the App Updates section.

Now, to find updates, you will need to manually update all of them by clicking on the Options button (…) which is placed in the upper-right corner.

Then select the Downloads and updates option from the menu.

Then click on the “Get updates” button.

After that, you will see a list of available updated apps, and then you can update them individually or all of them at once.

It is also important that if you have set up your system as a metered connection to disable system updates, it can also prevent the Store apps from updating.

AAnyway if you want to save everything up-to-date on your system. Microsoft is helping you to maintain it by having your core OS and apps update automatically in the background. Still, it’s also important to know that the company is providing you control to either turn off updates or delay them for a time that’s handier. While it includes in Windows Store apps, so it is also important to remind that Microsoft now allows you to install them on various PCs at once.

We hope that this post will help you if you are trying to Disable Automatic Updates for Windows 10 Store Apps. Please follow each given step to save your time and efforts.

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John Smith

Issues related to the PowerPoint are rarely uttered about, but it doesn’t mean that the program is always free from issues. Earlier of this year, some users face a particular problem where the PowerPoint is the only concerned that is related to the Copy Paste was not working properly.

So here we provide you how you can easily fix this issue or solve this issue. Below we mention some steps which are very easy to follow and understand.

In fact, users claim that they have come across the following error whenever they try to post their data from Excel to PowerPoint.

We are sorry; something went wrong which might make the PowerPoint unstable. So please save your presentations and restart your PowerPoint program.

Here are few ways to get things under control, and now we are talking about a few of them. If using the right-click option does not help, then try using the Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V keys and see if the problem is fixed if not then follow the below mention steps.

1- Restore System to an Earlier Time

Click on the Windows 10 Start button,

Type the word Control Panel on the search box.

Now, click on the Control Panel via the search results.

Click on the Recovery option

Click on the Open System Restore tab

Click on the Next option.

Select the restore point. There might be one or numerous; choose the one which is of the earlier date.

Finally, select Next option

Click on the Finish option.

Now, wait until your computer will restarts and then check it properly, PowerPoint is back to its normal self again or not, if not then follow the next step to fix this copy paste issue.

2- Repair Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office is broken down in many more ways. So to Repair the Office is one of the best options if you are not really interested in reinstalling the complete software.

To repair the Microsoft Office you need to follow the following steps the steps are given below.

Click on the Windows Key + I to start the Settings app.

Select the Apps & Features option,

Scroll the list of applications until you have come across the Microsoft

Click on it, and then choose Modify option.

Click on the Quick Repair and Online Repair option.

Now, select the first option, and click on the Repair button.

Now, wait until the process is completed, after completion of process restarts your computer. This process will surely work, but still, you are not able to solve the issue then try the next step.

3- Disable all Add-Ins

There might be a reason if copy pastes not working is could be due to the installed add-ins on your device. So you will need to remove all of them and then try again.

Fire up PowerPoint on its regular mode,

Navigate to the File tab

Now, click on the Options

Click on the Add-Ins option

One dialog box will appear on the screen, make sure to change Manage drop-down option to the COM add-ins

Select Go option, to continue.

Now, clear the check box for all enabled COM add-ins,

Click on the OK button.

Finally, restart the software and try the copy-paste action once more.

4- Start PowerPoint in Safe Mode

It is not a permanent fix! If the user is not interested in going through all the hard work with the above-given options, then how about starting the PowerPoint in safe mode and also work from until the time presents itself to execute a permanent fix

To bring the PowerPoint into safe mode, follow the given steps

You need to close all the instances of the software

Right-click on the Windows 10 Start button,

Select and click on the Run option.

Type the word powerpoint /safe

Click on the OK button.

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