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Very easy why of install MS office by so 1st Download and 2nd install setup Office setup . You'll use your Microsoft Account for everything you do with and full 24/7 support.
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jordan john

Microsoft Office Setup is the full package of Microsoft limitation programming which joins a mix of employments, affiliations, and host like Excel, PowerPoint, Word, OneNote, Publisher and Access.  Close by the working frameworks, these jobs are Microsoft's key things that are everything seen as utilized programming on Earth.  Microsoft Office Setup bundles all the very best programming which Microsoft moves on to the table.

jordan john - Office Setup can be downloaded and installed on your devices by visiting the link online. Microsoft Office suite includes a number of world-leading applications like MS Word, MS Excel, and many others. Every version of the Office product requires a product key to activate the subscription. 
Micheal ricky

Windows 10 has come with any type of update, but it is offering some of the ways for you. It will help to control the way your PC gets system and feature updates. So for your convenience, we are providing a simple process that will tell you how to disable or delay automatic Windows 10 system updates.

It is the best choice if you wish to hold off on a feature update or are on the metered connection. It is a right way if you want to wait until you are connected to Wifi or Ethernet. In this post, we will also discuss how to set upload and download limits for system updates to save on bandwidth.

You also need to know that Windows Store apps are a collection of update automatically by default. This comes with native Microsoft apps such as- Mail & Calendar, News, and Sports. It is also important for any apps or games that you have downloaded from the Microsoft Store. It depends on the app like- games; in particular, the updates can be quite large for games. If you have limited bandwidth or are on a metered connection, then you need to turn off the updates. There is no matter that what the reason is; in any case, you can disable automatic Store app updates, too. 

Steps to Disable Auto Updates for Store Apps:-

First of all, you need to open the Microsoft Store app.

Her, you will need to click on the Options button (…) that is placed in the upper-right corner and then select the Settings option.

Then move to the following screen and turn off the “Update apps automatically” by going switch in the App Updates section.

Now, to find updates, you will need to manually update all of them by clicking on the Options button (…) which is placed in the upper-right corner.

Then select the Downloads and updates option from the menu.

Then click on the “Get updates” button.

After that, you will see a list of available updated apps, and then you can update them individually or all of them at once.

It is also important that if you have set up your system as a metered connection to disable system updates, it can also prevent the Store apps from updating.

AAnyway if you want to save everything up-to-date on your system. Microsoft is helping you to maintain it by having your core OS and apps update automatically in the background. Still, it’s also important to know that the company is providing you control to either turn off updates or delay them for a time that’s handier. While it includes in Windows Store apps, so it is also important to remind that Microsoft now allows you to install them on various PCs at once.

We hope that this post will help you if you are trying to Disable Automatic Updates for Windows 10 Store Apps. Please follow each given step to save your time and efforts.

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Micheal ricky

Recently, Amazon is planning to develop transgender resources for all the employees, and the resources will include 

the best practice guidance for the transgender employees, co-workers, managers, and HR professionals on a matter 

relating to the transgender employees with the motive of creating more supportive, diverse and inclusive work 

environment across the business.

Simon Johnson, a director of media at Amazon, stated that the tech firms would only focus on the inclusion and 

diversity to make sure about the people developing its technology which represents the millions of customers who 

are benefited directly from the diversity of thought.

He also explained that inclusion and diversity are good for businesses and also for the customers, and as always 

the transgender employees are an important part of Amazon team. They hope with the new guidelines and also the 

support that every employee feels safer and secure, and also valued and easily able to succeed which is based on 

the contribution and skills that are brought to the business.

The company has been found that many of the young people who recognize as an LGBT+ have chosen that they are not to 

go into the technology industry due to some fear of being discriminated against it.

Some of the research from LGBT+ rights charity Stonewall has also been found that the half of transgender employees 

have hidden that they are LGBT+ only through the fear of discrimination.

Although the Amazon wants that their employees always feel comfortable and secure of being their whole selves at 

work, and also it’s best practice guidelines which address by using the people’s preferred names and pronouns, 

accessibility to the restrooms, employee privacy and dress code.

However, the resources for the transgender employees at the Amazon includes some details on how to look for the 

support, and how to make a complaint if necessary and also some frequently asked questions guide covering the 

issues such as whether Amazon also has an official transgender policy. If there is any list of places throughout 

the company, then it will surely need to be updated if an any of the transition takes place.

The Johnson also pointed out that the firm has been providing support for the employees who are transitioning, as 

well as the mental health services for these employees and also for their dependents.

It is broadly agreed that more diverse teams will provide the better results, but to hiring a diverse workforce 

goes hand in hand with the inclusion practices which make the employees feel that they are safe and secure to be 

themselves at work and are also very happy in the working environment.

Michael, a software development manager at Amazon’s in Scotland, is currently the responsibility of a male-to-

female transition and also said that the firm’s Transgender Toolkit was invaluable throughout the entire process.

 Michael also added that this apparent flow of information made it easy for them to easily understand the changes 

and also how they would affect them without any ambiguity and doubt, at their own pace.

Educating Employees

Glamazon, an Amazon’s employee affinity group, which has been trying to educating the firm’s employees about the 

LGBTQ+ issues since from the year 1999, and also helped to develop Amazon’s Transgender Guidelines and Toolkit 

along with some other Amazon employees from across the company.

For making the procedure easy, there are some most flexible communications templates are available which have only 

designed for helping the transgender employees approach their preferred point of contact. And also to establish a 

communication plan, with the suitable team that outlining things such as when some of the relevant changes need to 

happen, if and how the co-workers should be made alert, and also what updates will need to be made for the employee 


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Micheal ricky

If you are using Windows 10 then obviously, you will be aware that Cortana is a digital assistant on your computer system. It will help you to execute an extended range of tasks. With the help of this feature, you can always say “Hey Cortana” to see the immediate response for virtually any concern, set reminders. You can keep track of flight, packages, calendar, and much more.

However,  it’s a useful and active feature on Windows 10. When you enable Cortana, you are also permitting it to upload a copy of your voice data to the Microsoft servers every time. When you talk to the assistant on your PC, phone, and Xbox, it will automatically do it. Because this data will help the recognition engine to know about your speech patterns and in the end, an answer to your questions more accurately over time.

Microsoft has always disclosing the files or data upfront of you which is collected while using the digital assistant. But if you are not aware of it, and you think that it is not safe as per privacy concern then you can do it quickly by deleting clear your voice data and even stop the company from getting such information.

In this post, we are providing some simple steps to clear your voice recording data which the Microsoft has collected from your Cortana. With this, you will also know how you can stop uploading this data to the Microsoft servers.

Steps to delete voice data when using Cortana from the Microsoft servers:-

If you want to delete all of them or one voice data when using Cortana from the Microsoft servers then below given steps will help you. Please follow these carefully:-

To do this, you need to open the Settings section.

Then, you should click on the Accounts options.

Then, you have to click on the Your info option.

Now, click on the Manage my Microsoft account link.

Then move to your Microsoft account online and then click on the Privacy tab.

If prompted when you need to sign-in again using your Microsoft account details.

Navigate to the “Privacy dashboard” page and click on the Activity history tab.

After that, you need to go under the “Explore your data,” section and click on the Voice.

Here a chronological list will open which will have every voice recording that has been collected every time while using Cortana on your computer system, phone, and Xbox.

If you want to clean all these voice recording files from the Microsoft servers, then click on the Clear activity option that is placed on the top-right corner.

You can also click on the play button to review each data.

Then click on the Delete option to clean all of the recordings files individually.

After completing this process, your voice recording data will be removed from the Microsoft servers, but please remember this your devices will continue to upload the future recording to your Microsoft account.

A process to stop Microsoft from collecting voice data when using Cortana:- 

If you want to prevent Microsoft from getting your voice data every time which you have to talk to the Cortana then below mentioned steps would help you to complete your task.

Open the Settings section.

Then click on the Privacy option.

Now, click on the Speech, inking’ and then click on the typing options.

After that, click on the Turn off speech services and typing suggestions button.

After ensuring the above-given steps, your device will not be able to send your voice data to Microsoft.

Note- Please remember this always that when you disable the Microsoft speech and typing service, you will be not able to talk to Cortana, and the built-in user dictionary will also be cleared.

Wrapping things up:-

While a number of users can consider Microsoft is logging voice data as a privacy concern, but we want to suggest for that users; actually it is a common practice among companies to change their voice assistant services, such as- Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa.

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Micheal ricky

Recently, after getting a look at some new design features coming to the Microsoft’s Office application, Now, the Microsoft has been confirmed that it is planning a renovation for the Office 365 experience. Initially, they are only focused on the three key areas, such as renovation will bring some simplified ribbon, new colors, icons, and a unique search experience that influences the Graph of the Microsoft.

Simplified Ribbon

One of the foremost change is the updated or simplified ribbons designs. On the new look, Microsoft said that leisure a cleaner and some simpler see while giving users the capability to modify it with the most using tools, representing the experience of the restraining items on your taskbar in Windows. And while the new and simplified designs are intended to focus on the simplicity, that still be able to increase the ribbon to the standard three-line view.

The new simplified ribbon experience is progressing out the first to the web version of Word which starting it earlier, in July, the insiders will begin to see the pop-ups in the Outlook for Windows. Microsoft also said that it is not moderately ready to bring some new ribbon to the Word, Excel, and PowerPoint for Windows yet, but it will ultimately make its way to those apps.

New colors and icons

The second most significant overhaul is associated with the colors and icons for each application. New colors and icon are designed to make the apps more modern, and the new icons are assembled as accessible graphics so that they render with the crisp, and clean lines on screens of any sizes. They will first make a look on the web version of the Word, and they will make their own way to Works, Excel, and PowerPoint for Windows and for the Insiders later by this month. AnOutlook rollout for Windows is planned in July of this year, along with the new Outlook feature for Mac in the August of this year.


Nowadays, Microsoft is planning to set a much more considerable prominence on searches within its Office application. Leveraging the Microsoft graph, the new search experience will immediately bring up the search recommendations, when you put cursor in the search box option. This is available to the commercial users in some ability already, but it will start making its way to Outlook on the web for the commercial users in August.

It is very unclear that if we will start considering these updates and make their way to the next major Office perpetual release of Office 2019, but it is possibly a secure bet that they will arrive in some capacity.

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Ricky johnson

Main features of Microsoft Word:-

Font formatting: Users can alter the text size, fonts, background color, text color, style, and they can also add effects.

Paragraph formatting: You can change the alignment of the text to center, justified, right, or left. Moreover, you can add bullets, change the spacing and indents.

Insert: Insert is one of the most needed features. Users can add shapes, charts, images, text boxes, charts and tables to word documents. The size of these insertions can be modified. Moreover, the user can insert images from the phone gallery or they can take the image with the phone camera.

Find and replace: Users can find and replace text easily. All they have to do is search for the term/letter/symbol and select the replace mode from the replace window.

Copy formatting: with this tool, the user can copy the paragraph formatting or the applied font to text and then they can apply it to another part of the document.

Page Layout: The users of Syncplicity app can alter and format the size, columns, margin, and page direction of the word document.

Undo and Redo: Many times the users wish to go back to the document edit history. The undo and redo function makes it very convenient to go back and forth between the edits. Undo actions reverses the last action performed by the users and Redo reverses the last Undo action. You just have to tap on the undo and redo icons to make the changes.

Zoom in/Zoom out: You can zoom in and zoom out of the word document with the multi-touch gestures.

Main features of Microsoft Excel:-

Spreadsheet Management: Users of MS Excel via Syncplicity app can delete, rename, add or change the order of the Excel spreadsheets. The users can effortlessly manage the spreadsheets.

Chart formatting: The feature of chart formatting lets you change the chart format, style, layout, and type.

Select a column or row: If the user wants to select a row or column, all he has to do is tap on the title. If you wish to select multiple rows or columns then tap on the title of the column or row and drag the row or column to the width or height you desire.

Inserting a chart: If you want to insert charts in your Excel spreadsheet, all you have to do is select the required cells and tap on insert chart. When you tap on insert chart option you will be prompted to choose a chart type. Make your pick and insert it into the spreadsheet.

Resize a column or row: Users can select the row or column they wish to resize and then drag it to the height or width desired.

Cell alignment: Users are given the option to change the alignment of cells to horizontal or vertical.

Edit a cell: If you wish to alter the cell data, you can tap on the cell and input and edit its data.

Number Formatting: Excel has made some changes to the formatting options which users can apply to a single cell or range of cells. Select the category and formatting option which you wish to apply and tap on apply.

Select a cell range: You can easily select a cell range by tapping on the cell and then dragging the cell pointer while still holding the cell.

Cell Formatting: You can format the cells by filling color, changing the border color, border thickness, and border drawing.

Font formatting: Syncplicity app has a real-time font formatting feature for Excel. You can modify text size, affect, font, or color.

Main features of Microsoft PowerPoint:- 

Add a slide: In order to create a presentation, the user might have to add a new slide. They can do this by going to the slide menu and then tapping on the add slide icon. In the portrait mode, you can view the menu by tapping on the carrot icon. You will have to rotate your iPhone into landscape mode to see the slides menu.

Slide notes: Select more and then tap slide notes. You can manage the slide notes displayed at the bottom of the slides. The slide note corresponding to the slide you are moving and selecting will display. You can tap on it to modify it.

Slide management: The slide management feature is helpful as it makes it easier to copy, move, and delete slides. For editing the slide, you have to tap twice on that particular slide and a menu of available actions will display. Choose appropriately. Tap and drag the slide into the desired order for moving it.

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