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Microsoft has just released December “Patch Tuesday” collective updates for Windows 10, 1809, 1803, and some other previous supported versions of Windows and Sever. However, Microsoft pushing out updates on a regular basis for Windows 10 and the list of bug fixes and security improvement is not very long. Here what users expect with this update

Windows 10 1809 October 2018 Update

Users who are running Windows 10 1809 version received a big update last week with KB4469342 which included more fixes than today’s update. However, there are no any latest features to report, but this update does include a pair of under the hood updates and will strike your build to 17763.194. Here know about what is included in KB4471332:

Microsoft Rolls Out Windows 10 December ‘Patch Tuesday’ Updates ,

When you are running signed code on the Internet or Google Chrome, at times then it may not display the page correctly on your computer system, this error encountering an error message says; “Your current security settings prohibit the running Active X” on your system. There are various reasons behind this issue, but if you find this error within your Internet Explorer, then you only need to modify “Zone” settings with the Internet Explorer. If you find it outside the Internet Explorer, then you need to use a registry cleaner to fix this issue easily.

Under the normal circumstances, to edit the Windows registry is always an irritating task for all the users, but at times, you will experience keys which are protected by your system. So, whenever you try to edit or add protected registry keys or import settings from a .reg file into a protected key, then surely you will meet with some different errors every time.

How to Get Full Permissions Control to Edit Protected Registry Keys?

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Do you have an Apple Watch but do not feel motivated to exercise and become fitted? Well, Apple gives badges and awards to those who keep up with their fitness goals. You can win as many badges as you can and show it off to your friends. Let’s check out all the available achievement badges and how you can win them.

Standard Apple Watch Achievement Badges

1. First Workout

When you exercise for the first time, you will earn a medal. You can ride a cycle, use a cross-trainer, row, run, climb stairs, swim or just take a walk.

2. Workout Record

Each time you outdo your older most calories burned record in the basic workouts, you will win the workout record badge. However, you can only earn this badge after completing at least 5 workouts of the selected exercise.

3.Workout Week

If you are consistent and exercise for a quarter of an hour daily for seven days starting Monday, then you can win this badge.

4. New Move Record

If the Move ring shifts beyond it has in the past, indicating that the calories burned that day have been the most, then this badge will be given to you.

5. New Exercise Record

If you exceed the time limit of the total exercise you did in the day as compared to the previous days, then you will get this badge.

6. Move Goal

When you surpass the calories burned aim – indicated by the scarlet Move ring) by two, three or four times, then you will win the badge.

7. New Move Goal

Each time you tweak the Move goal of the day and then surpass the newly set target, you will win this badge. In order to make changes to the Move goal, open the Activity application and force-press the screen.

8. Longest Move Streak

You meet the Move aim or fill up the scarlet ring in all the following few days, then you will make a streak. If you make the longest streak, then you will win this badge.

9. Perfect Week

You can bag the Perfect Week award in four categories. These exercises range from moving, exercising, standing and All Activity. In order to bag this award, you need to complete the goals for the green, blue and red rings starting from Monday to Sunday.

10. Perfect Month

If you complete the red Move ring each day of a month, thenyou will win this award.

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