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Emojis are very handy when it comes to expressing emotions as an image can convey them much better than words. Emojis or graphic stickers are great for enhancing the mobile messaging experience and add more flavor. Emojis are more effective and facilitate quick communication as opposed to our traditional text messages. The craze for Emojis is not hidden, and you can see it in the people of all age groups Emojis are versatile and cover numerous genres such as facial expressions, animals, and everyday objects. Now, how can you add or insert emojis or graphical stickers in OneNote? You need to follow a simple and easy procedure.

 Steps to add Emojis to OneNote in Windows 10

  • Multiple Emojis could be added to the notes. To do that, tap on the free space where the Emoji needs to be added.
  • Move to your keyboard and then tap on Start + period(.) 
  • An Emoji panel will open after performing the above function.
  • Tap on the lower section of the Emoji Panel to select any category. This will expand all the emojis available on the list.
  • Now, choose any emoji of your preference.
  • You can also find the Emojis quickly by typing its name.

Ways to insert graphics stickers in OneNote

  • First of all, launch OneNote and create a note there.
  • Tap anywhere you would prefer for the emoji to be added.
  • Head to the “Insert” section and tap on the down-arrow.
  • You have to select Stickers from the option compilation displayed.
  • Now, choose any sticker you prefer.
  • If the sticker you wish to add is not available in the category, then launch another one.
  • You can also move the sticker to a new location by pointing the mouse on the sticker and then dragging it.
  • Similarly, you can also edit the sticker if it is not suitable for your note description by merely selecting the sticker and entering the line of your text when the text box appears.


The importance and effectivity of Emojis can be felt from the fact that even Hollywood has released a movie on Emojis. You could even find Sunder Pichai posting important and useful fixes updates on Hamburger Emoji. People are making their communication effortless, tireless and much more interactive than ever before as it has really revolutionized the whole system. Google is innovating a lot in Emojis, so we could interact more conveniently without typing words for hours and hours which is really a frustrating thing to do. If you have ever noticed, you might have found that even an illiterate person can also use it in his/her conversation and convey the message to anyone he/she desires.

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