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To prepare for 2020, we encourage you to sift through your Instagram and make sure you’re following the right crew of fashion bloggers, models, and influencers. After all, you don’t just gather outfit ideas when you scroll by their pics, you also take their captions into account. So, you’ve got to check yourself and make sure you’re feeling the vibe they’re sending out to the world — you know what we’re sayin’? On that note, we created a list of incredible women who are positive first, stylish second — because that’s the kind of all-around inspiration we’re here for.

The gals below run the gamut from models and influencers to content creators, travel writers, and activists, but they all share a love for clothes while also championing diversity. Whether that means they consistently remind their followers to love their curves or they just rally behind their own unique taste they’ve defined (which isn’t necessarily based on trends), you’ll definitely learn something from these ladies. Scroll down to find out who they are, what they do, and the outfits they love. We have a feeling you’ll need to make room for them all in your follow list, and we totally don’t blame you.

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There are various online shopping sites in India where you can fulfill the desire of buying trending clothing and accessory. Well, the e-commerce fashion store has been into a huge boom these days and the fun fact is there are more additional features that make the overall shopping experience worthy. So, make sure to get across the online shopping site where you can experience diverse feature which is both stylish and productive. Moreover, when the category is about men and women then there are various designs and styles of clothing that brags about smart choice in clothing and provides the utmost comfort as well.

Beyoung is among those Online shopping sites that give a hassle-free experience in clothing online shopping. You can explore the variety in the clothing for men and women as follows; graphic t-shirt, Henley full sleeves t-shirt, a solid plain t-shirt, crop tops, t-shirt dress, hoodies, sweatshirts, plus size tees, couple t-shirts, tank tops, vest, etc. Above all that the customization feature is quite feasible where you can illustrate the design on the t-shirt in different ways.

Speaking about the mobile covers then the amazing designs are quite fascinating to shop because there are several genres in the designs starting from superhero, cartoon, motivational quotes, quirky quotes, images, and likewise. Even the mobile cover online at Beyoung is sturdy in nature which keeps the device safe and sound from abrupt damages. So, such an amazing collection is best to buy, it is just about how wisely you can shop the best clothing for men and women online at an affordable price.

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Here is the URL of a free ecommerce website builder,

The website builders which provide free services have some limitations. Like, when you just complete the registration of your store at any free website builder platform, URL of your store will be This means, your store will run on a sub-domain. If you wish to run on your domain then one time nominal fee is there. This one time fee involves ecommerce store setup charge, maintenance charge, hosting charges and support charges. So, still it is a win-win situation for the ecommerce sellers.

For an instance, when you create your store at Builderfly, the link to your store will be

That's totally a case of free trial period. At Builderfly, we let you customize your store by linking your store with a personalized store domain. When you register your business with Builderfly as a startup, you get a free access to professionally create your store. You get a lifetime free access to your store and can sell upto $5K from same store. On linking your personalized store domain, you can raise your brand as an individual entity.

Now, your store link will be

So, now you are brand on your own and must look more professional.

We love to see you grow and we are ready to assist you at every step of your business. With the intuitive ecommerce store builder, you can manage your store, take care of marketing, manage orders and fulfillment and can take care of numerous aspects of your business. The ecommerce blog of Builderfly is knowledge rich. For example, you might require to know the trends online shopping has, these all topics are covered in the blog. And, it always keeps updating with new insights.

Don't think a lot about the plans and features you will be getting access to. Register yourself at Builderfly to get hands on experience with your store. Once you feel satisfied, connect your domain and make your store live.


Traveling light is the key to smart traveling. Whether you travel for work or pleasure, your experience can either be exciting or exhausting. Majority of the inconveniences that can occur during traveling can be curbed if you follow a few smart tips. Travel accessories must be chosen wisely whether you are traveling national or international.

Roaming down the streets to look for the necessary travel accessories can be quite a daunting task for hustling travelers. With the increasing trend of online shopping and online selling apps for the same, people tend to search for everything online before stepping out. However, there are a few things to consider before you purchase your travel accessories. In this guide, you’ll get to learn about the right accessories that can accompany you for any journey.

Travel accessories that must not be missed 

Universal Adapter  

Different countries may offer unique outlets for connecting adapter of your electric appliances such as mobile phones, laptops, camera, etc. Carrying a universal adapter can help you connect your appliances without any difficulty irrespective of the country you visit.

Power Bank 

You may or may not find a charging point, especially when you are traveling to new places. Carrying a fully-charged power bank is the ideal solution to bar any irks that may arise due to uncharged phone. If you are planning for a long trip and you have packed your power bank, you are good to go.

Luggage Scale  

If airlines are your mode of transportation, you might know that there is a limited allowance for carrying luggage. If you plan to shop from your destination, you might need to check the weight of your luggage before traveling back. A luggage scale can help you maintain the required weight and avoid paying additional charges.

First Aid kit  

Accidents, fever, cold, weak digestion, nausea, vomiting, and other health issues come uninvited. You need to be prepared for any such health issues during your journey. Consider including all the common medicines that you might require during your journey. Make sure that you check the expiry date of the medicines.

Toiletry Organizer  

Carry all your toiletries in a compact organizer that will help you travel light without any mess. Organizing your toiletries in one place will also let you find your essentials all in one place.

Resealable bags  

Keeping resealable bags can be useful in case you wish to pack your damp cloth or other essentials that you cannot pack with the rest of your luggage.

These are a few essentials that you must not miss out while heading out for your journey.


The risks of online shopping can be reversed when you have enough time to return the product. If you are purchasing your travel accessories, there are chances that it may get delivered late in a way that you do not get time to return. In order to avoid such situations, you can keep a few points in mind before buying your travel accessories online. We have listed a few essential tips to consider when purchasing travel accessories online.

Find out a reliable source

The number of online stores for buying travel accessories might be endless. However, you need to check the reliability of the source before investing your hard-earned money in it.

To do:

  • Conduct basic research on the most preferred online store for travel accessories

  • Check for the security of the storefront

  • Compare the offers from the few selected stores

Check the payment methods

Checking the mode of payment accepted by the online store you purchase is the most important factor. You must know if you can fulfill the payment with the provided mode of payment. Contrarily, you may have to return without purchasing your travel essentials.

To do:

  • Shortlist a few online stores from which you can consider purchasing your travel accessories

  • Compare the mode of payments offered by all the selected stores

  • Choose the online store that offers the payment mode as per your convenience

Read the product details carefully

Since you cannot physically touch a product to check its quality, you need to read the details of the product carefully. By doing so, you can avoid the risks of returning the product and missing out the same due to tight travel schedules. You should be aware of the trends online shopping has.

To do:

  • Check the size, weight, height, and material of the travel accessory to be purchased

  • Check the warranty or guarantee of the product

  • Check the refund policies of the product

Know the shipping procedure

If you are restricted with a limited time to get the travel accessories and you have got your flight/ train soon, you must make sure to check the shipping procedure of the chosen store. Make the final payment for the product only if you are satisfied with the provided shipment services.

To do:

  • Check the mode of transport

  • Check the estimated date for product delivery

  • Know whether your product will be collected from the point of delivery in case you wish to return the same

These were a few tips that can guide you in traveling smart – be it an official trip, be it a leisure trip. However, you must know the perks and loss of online shopping and must invest your time and money only on reliable sources. You can consider the product rating and the reviews written by the previous users before purchasing your essential travel accessory. Online store builder such as Builderfly, and such validate the authenticity of the online store with their professionally tailored procedures to build online stores and mobile apps.

Purva jain

The feminist t-shirt has been everywhere if you support feminism or the one who believes in equality than feminist slogan t-shirt is a perfect choice. These feminist graphic tees are perfect for every occasion, whether it’s a party or just hanging out with a friend. It shows your strong personality to the world, to let you express your opinion to the world Beyoung with their feminist collection of funky t-shirts plays a vital role. They have a wide range of female t-shirts; quote with an attractive design is a breathtaking combination.

Beyoung is the fashion store which deals in various type and patterns of the feminist t-shirt. Feminism is not about they hate the man or they don’t want to compromise, it just means they believe in equality and they want their rights that all. To support them to make a great society t-shirt with quotes are perfect for them. If you are unable to find the best and suitable slogan, don’t worry now you can customize it online as well. These t-shirts are not just for a woman; in fact, anyone who supports feminism or woman empowerment can wear feminist t-shirts.

Buying online has become quite easy and hassle-free, it is simple, convenient, and beneficial. It saves our time and money as well. You don’t have to visit one store to another local store to buy the perfect fit feminist t-shirt, you can buy it online at any time even in the midnight in your pajamas as well. They are available 2 4 X 7, on the other hand, feminist slogan t-shirt is rarely available at offline. While buying feminist t-shirt online pay more attention to the quality, many Online Shopping give you cheap rates but they disappoint us in the quality, buy a premium quality female t-shirt online at Beyoung in terms of quality they will never let you down.

Mahar Saif

The Jango Mall online shopping Pakistani clothing is one of the leading online mall that offers clothing for both Pakistanis’ and even people living outside of Pakistan.

Clothing is one of the top most important needs of humans, and Pakistanis’ are no exception. This is why we have included a clothing section as part of our product category at the Jango Mall. We have carefully selected top quality and trendy Pakistani clothes online.

The reason why we chose quality and trendy clothes is the fact that quality is important to us, we want our customers to be able to wear our clothes for a very long time without being worn-out. We want our customers to get the value for their money. Also our clothes are trendy and can mostly be seen on fashion influencers and some Pakistani celebrities.

We have clothes for both male and female, also our clothes are quite affordable but certainly not cheap. You can scroll through our clothing catalogue and choose your favorite clothing, you will definitely get one that will suit your clothing needs.

Yoona Zuo

Getting a brand that is always there for you whenever you need it is simply amazing. It is so because you always need a place that provides you with everything under one roof. You can get a huge collection of shift dresses online from Chigostyle. We have a customer circle that is across the globe the globe thus you will see our products being so diverse in design and colors.

Who would want to go to the market and go through all the hassle of finding all the right product for themselves in such a busy routine? Thus, don’t waste your time anywhere else and head to our website because it is one of the top online stores of modern time. If you are a working woman and looking for quality women items that can reach you at your doorstep, then this is the best brand for you. It is so because Chicgostyle is a brand that believes in customer satisfaction. In this modern era where everyone is so busy, and no one is able to find enough time to go out shopping, it becomes really hard for women to spare time and go to the market. In such a tough situation we have presented a solution for by providing them with a platform that allows them to shop while relaxing back in their couch.

So if you are the one looking around for a place that provides you the top quality products right at your doorstep then don’t go any further because we are here at your service with some exceptional collection of bodycon dresses online. Our amazing designers always make sure of the fact that you get in love with each and everything we produce for you. So hit to our website and browse through millions of our products to get mesmerized with the amazing collection of our products.




Hyderabad, it’s time to Shop local online.

The burgeoning logistics sector is boosted by a growing consumer class’s of Online Shopping in Hyderabad, just one click and everything is at the doorstep. Hyderabad seems to enjoy not just purchasing luxury but also the everyday necessities swiftly from the comfort of home, leaving the local market’s doldrums.

These shifts have led a number of industry observers to predict the end of retail with change more in the next five years than it has over the past century. Soon or later the brick and mortar will vanish. Hydstores aim to sustain these changes by bridging the gap between retail stores and online consumers to win in the long term.

The rush of new technology in recent years has made it trouble-free than ever for customers to play between brands, so how are prime retailers uphold brand loyalty among their customers?

The solution is the tact of user experience

Designing comfort

Delivering a good user experience through the medium of new technology is well known with the leading retailers. But to steer the purchasing faster and effortless can only be done by creating convenience for the customer and building loyalty with the brands that are attaining it best.

The popular shopping sites like amazon and flipkartare leading the charge in the battle for customer convenience. The one-click buy option allows customers to save all their details for further shopping experience through their mobile app or web browser via quick delivery service, delivering the products just hours later. These Prime websites are top in there by creating convenience by collaborating with local delivery services to widen their audience reach with lockers and pick up points that suit their customer.

Do you know that most of these mainstream websites mainly outsource the products from other states or overseas, whereas the same product available in your city is collecting dust? Online Kart brands swinging it to the doors without any hassle has depleted the local market and local tourism.

Though big portals are bringing the online convenience to brick-and-mortar with their free stores. Replicating the ease of their online purchasing, customers pay via POD or online cash with products being picked up and monitored to ensure customers pay the right amount. The ability to complete these transactions so quickly and seamlessly keep customers coming back. Even if the items they are paying for are a little more expensive, although this doesn’t work well with vendors as it takes time to receive money.

 Hydstores provides you with best of both to promote local markets. Making the city aware of their local sources through E-commerce. A quick and user-friendly portal that makes your store available online for your local community by displaying the best products for customers to find.

 Hydstores value customers and vendors time and offers a stress-free experience. As both parties would benefit with assured quick and secure payment on the spot without any delay.

 Hydstores offer In-store experience

Though the shopping experience is quite different now with so many options available for consumers has altered the purchasing decisions: now they stand in stores, using their smartphones to compare prices and product reviews; consulting entourage instantly via social media weigh in on shopping decisions.

Gone are days when you surf websites for in detail reviews before hitting that buy button. Hydstores allows you to find your desired products at your local Hydstores encourages the sensory stimulation, where you can see and examine the product quality in real time. All you have to do is visit the store at your convenience or buy it online as we do shopping behalf of you. It’s a win-win situation for the vendor to market their wide variety of products and consumer to buy with complete satisfaction. Not to forget the health benefits that one gains through outdoor adventures, as sitting is new smoking.

Hydstores aim to provide the best shopping experience that a traditional shopping provides by promoting the local business that enriches our local economy and tourism. Now select your product online and drive to the store, handpick the product yourself, discover new products, establish new friendships and explore your city in a new way, all this and more only with hydstores login now to find the nearest shopping hub near you now.

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                                    SAMSUNG GALAXY C7 PRO 

Samsung Galaxy C7 Pro sports Samsung's Always-On display and supports Samsung Pay.

Samsung Galaxy C7 Pro was launched in May 2017 & runs on Android 6.0 OS. The Smartphone is available in two color options i.e. Gold, Navy Blue & has a built in fingerprint sensor as the primary security feature, along with the host of connectivity options in terms of 3G, 4G, GPS, Wifi, NFC Bluetooth capabilities. Priced at Rs. 21650 the phone is available with 64 GB of internal storage.

The Smartphone is powered by 2.2 GHz Octa core Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 Processor. A 4 GB of RAM & Adreno 506 graphics processor ensures phone runs smoothly even the most memory intensive applications & still shows no signs of lag. 64 GB of internal storage can be expanded to 256 GB via a microSD card.

The Phone comes with a large 3300 mAh battery to support it's 5.7 inch screen with Full HD Super AMOLED Capacitive touch display having a resolution of 1080 x 1920 at 386 ppi.

Samsung Galaxy C7 Pro comes with a 16 megapixel rear Camera and 16 megapixel front Camera. The Smartphone has a low camera aperture of 1.9. It also supports Face Detection and high dynamic range(HDR) imaging

To purchasre you can click here Samsung mobile price India

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