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Hazel R Albright

                            the importance of smile

Facial expression is one of the most efficient channels to communicate our feelings to others

As villages, towns, neighborhoods and cities open up, most of us will be learning how to interact and communicate with each other in a new way – with a mask. When one is wearing a mask, one loses a majority of their ability in using their facial expressions to communicate. 

We do not see the smile, the frown, the laughter and many other facial expressions we use as reaction or as a way to say something.출장안마 That being said, I have been pleasantly surprised how people are showing their smiles through their masks.

As I ‘re-enter’ the world, I have been fortunate to experience so many simple acts of kindness from the people I have interacted with at stores, professional areas of business and even just walking in town. What has been a real pleasant surprise is the effort people are making to show you their smile using their words. People are saying hi when before they never did. People are asking more about how your day is or how you are, when before there was never the need to do so.

What I hope the use of a mask is forcing us to do, is to be more conscious of the words we are using and to listen with intent. I will have more on this in my next thought-for-the-week. 

I hope this will last as I am enjoying the effort people are making to make sure they are communicating with a smile and me listening to the content and not the emotional facial expression.


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Beginning April 6, Google Doodles have showed up day by day on the web crawler's landing page, portraying appreciation to general wellbeing laborers and specialists in established researchers, including specialists, attendants, and clinical laborersthank you coronavirus helpers , crisis administrations laborers, custodial and sterilization laborers, farmworkers and ranchers, staple laborers, public transportation laborers, bundling, delivery, and conveyance laborers, food administration laborers, and educators and childcare laborers, among others.

Google on Saturday honored those on the cutting edges of the fight against COVID-19 with an arrangement of doodles from the previous 10 days.

"As COVID-19 keeps on affecting networks all throughout the planet, individuals are meeting up to help each other now like never before. We're dispatching a Doodle series to perceive and respect a large number of those on the cutting edges. Today, we'd prefer to say: To all thank you coronavirus helpers , said the Doodle group in an explanation. The site likewise offers data to assist with halting the spread of infection, custom-made for the Indian crowd with contributions from the Health Ministry and WHO.

Saturday's Google Doodle is a collection of the relative multitude of past ones in which every calling is addressed in a modified 'o' of the Google symbol, and encompassed by pink hearts.

Thank You: Emergency administrations laborers

Kate Fox

Poverty is a state in which someone lacks basic utilities to participate effectively in society. It implies that a family does not have enough food and clothes, is unable to get quality education and health service, and does not have access to credit due to the lack of the collateral property to secure a loan or have credibility. There is no land on which to grow the food and no job to earn one’s living. It also means lack of power, exclusion and insecurity of individuals because they are not financially stable. In America, the Census Bureau is the government organization responsible for the establishment of poverty levels of households in each year.

Every newly elected president enters the White House, promising to alleviate poverty and economic inequality. Yet in the end, many research and policy debates produce only marginal changes in the area. The elected presidents of America have tried very much to address the eradication of poverty in all dimensions, through the empowerment of the people who are poor, through their participation in the economic, political and social life, especially in the designing and the implementation of the policies which affect the poorest and the most vulnerable groups in the society. This poverty alleviation is to improve the living conditions of poor people.

It is clear that in America the rural areas are likely to suffer extreme poverty as compared to urban areas. Poverty rate varied in different regions and ethnics. Poverty rates for Hispanics and Afro-Americans greatly exceeded the national average. In the year 2010, there were 26.6% of Hispanics and 27.4% of poor in comparison to 9.9% of non-Hispanic and 12.1% of Asians. Survey shows that families led by single mothers have high rate of poverty, especially if they are Afro-Americans or Hispanic. 31.6% of households led by single mothers were mainly poor in 2010, while 6.2% of those married couples and 15.8% of household led by a single man vegetated in poverty. Probably it is because they don’t have anyone to help them fulfill their basic human needs and wants. They struggle hard by themselves to provide daily bread, school fees for their children and money for catering other expenses such as rent, electricity and water bills.

The elected presidents have tried very hard to put in the measures which will ensure that there are comprehensive plans aimed at assisting the people who are living in poverty. Moreover, there are other programs like The Provision of the Free State Education to increase the levels of intelligence of the people living in poverty, to subsidize essential commodities, provision of social amenities, to improve the infrastructure, to build the schools in the rural areas for the people who live in extreme poverty, as compared to those who live in the urban areas. Moreover, the program comprises the provision of free family planning methods for women and training how to be able to sustain the population growth in the poverty stricken areas and households. Other examples of assistance the people living in poverty include cash aid, food and nutrition, medical, educational, housing, services, jobs and energy requirements.

Solutions for Poverty Issues

Poverty eradication measures are those that raise or are intended to raise the material level of living. Poverty reduction also involves the improvement of the living conditions of people who are already poor. These measures will be categorized here on the basis of whether they make more basic human needs available or increase the disposable income needed to purchase those needs. Some of the ways which can be used in solving the increasing poverty rates in America are described below.

Job Creation

Job creation in the United States could help in reduction of the unemployment rate which is increasing at a very fast rate, which has been reported to be at 9.1%. The creation of new jobs for public and the development of private sectors could help eradicate poverty in America and also in other countries in the world. The creation of job training programs can help all the skilled workers to be able to find jobs. The Government should set strict rules to take over outsourcing of American companies, which has made many Americans lose their jobs or even migrate to the places where the jobs are which has led to brain drain.

Reversing brain drains will contribute positively as professionals abroad will be able to tackle the problems at their home countries and will lead to the creation of job opportunities in the home country. The loss of basic needs providers, emigrating from improvised countries, has a damaging effect. There are many trained professionals who are not living in their countries, thus they are not contributing to the well-being of their countries. To reduce this problem, governments should offer the graduates of different professions the compulsory services and create a career-advancing program to retain these personnel.


Education is another crucial factor that contributes to poverty eradication. It is the key to wealth creation. People can get primary education and to develop adult literacy through learning in various institutions such as colleges, universities etc. Conferences and seminars can also be held to deliver information about growth and development in all spheres of life. Rural community should also be involved in planning, implementing, and evaluation of the projects, initiating such construction of the dams and borehole drill in order to acquire skills and knowledge of doing things. It yields to sustainability of this project in the community.

Children from low-income backgrounds mostly underachieve in their studying, as proved by a research indicating that these children are at high risk of educational underachievement. This process often begins in elementary schools for some less fortunate children. In the U.S. educational system, these children run a high risk of retention of their grade, special placements during school’s hours and not graduating from high school. Poverty drastically affects children’s achievements in school. If the child home activities, mannerism and preferences are not aligning with the world, this child will be at a disadvantage at school. Children from poverty stricken areas are likely to suffer from fatigue, hunger, headaches, irritability flu and colds, these illnesses do affect the child focus and concentration at school.

Controlling the Population

Population also should be controlled to avoid overpopulation and product crisis. Furthermore, when the country is overpopulated, there will be a high rate of unemployment, leading to high level of crime, because people will need to steal things in order to survive. People can be trained and informed on various methods of family planning, such as the use of contraceptives. This reduces the number of mouths to feed in the nation. With the increase in the population rate, the unemployment rate as well a criminal rate increases in the country. This is a result of the lack of required knowledge and skills that are necessary for the job market. This unemployment can further lead to an increase in the inflation rate which can make the poor people poorer, because the prices of the essential commodities keep on rising. Moreover, poor people cannot afford them which can lead to malnutrition and health problems.

The control over the overpopulation will directly have an effect on living status of a society. Overpopulation and lack of access to birth control methods make the population to suffer from the lack of food production and other crucial resources. Moreover, it leads to the extreme poverty as it gives women little power to control the rate of birth giving or to have education attainment or a career. Empowering women with better education and more control of their lives makes them more successful in bringing down the rapid population growth, because they can participate in family planning.

Provision of Basic Needs

Providing basic needs like proper health care will lead to better living conditions and thus reduce poverty. Infectious diseases can preserve poverty by diverting health and economic resources from productivity and investment. To avoid this all the necessary measures should be taken, so that poverty can be reduced. These measures include providing cheap water filters, educating the society on the cost effective measures of health care and promoting hand washing. This will help to prevent deaths from diseases like diarrhea, cholera and pneumonia. Desirable actions such as receiving vaccinations or enrolling children in school can be encouraged by a form of help, known as conditional cash transfers.

Increase of the supply of basic needs is the most important thing to do to reduce poverty. Industrialization should be encouraged in countries which have not embraced the spirit of industrialization as this will lead to mass production of goods, leading to elimination of absolute poverty. Agricultural technologies should also be embraced in order to counter attack the shortages of food by boosting yields. New agricultural technologies include high nitrogen fertilizers, new effective pesticides and improved irrigation methods.

Provision of Housing Services

In America, people who live in poverty are not invisible and the majority of them can be easily recognized by their poor living standards which can be seen from the housing structures they live in. The places where these poor people live are unhealthy with poor sanitation and in most cases they can be termed as very filthy and only in the exceptional cases people can live there. The government is well aware of the existence of such living conditions that the poor people are living in. However, they should put in any measures to improve the housing and living conditions for the poor Americans. Housing services should also be made available for the children who are homeless, to avoid them from going to the streets. This can be done through the funding of orphanages to cater for all the children who don’t have relatives. The main reason as to why the American government should provide adequate and proper housing facilities is that the deteriorating of the living conditions often compels children to leave schools in order to contribute to income of the family, putting them at risk of being exploited.

Increasing personal income

Increasing personal income will definitely reduce poverty. Raising farm incomes can be depicted as the essence of the antipoverty attempt as 75% of the poor today are farmers. The research shows that the increase in the agricultural productivity of small farmers is approximately twice as effective in benefiting the poorest half of country’s population as growth generated in nonagricultural sectors. The rising costs of living have made poor people not to be able to afford items. This has made them spend a large portion of their budget on food. As a result, poor households and those near poverty threshold are vulnerable to increases in food prices. Poor supply of food has led to the increase of food prices. Supply of food is being affected by drought and water crisis, exhaustion of soil fertility and decline of agricultural yields. Children born in poverty stricken areas are mostly affected by the diseases, such as marasmus, rickets and anemia and sometimes they die due to these malnutrition diseases.

Government Intervention

The government can intervene in the enhancement of the development in rural areas. For example, the government can improve infrastructure in rural areas which include communication network and good transport. It can also improve essential services, such as banks, insurance institution, education institutions, safe supply of clean water and enhancing good hygiene and sanitation. By doing this, rural community would be able to transport their agricultural products to the market on time. As a result, fewer products get spoiled, reducing wastage and increasing surplus.

Due to the established social amenities, rural community will be able to get access to good health care and credit facilities from financial institutions. This will reduce communicable diseases transition, since the whole community would have a deep understanding of controlling, preventing, diagnosing and treating various diseases such as malaria, dysentery and typhoid.

Removing constraints on government services can help in devolvement of government resource to everyone. Corruption has led to poverty in many developing world countries, including America. Through corruption the government revenue has been diverted away from basic services. Preventive measures should be put into place, so that all the citizens benefit from the government revenue. These measures include disclosing earnings and assets by public officials, strict rules on funding activities, such as political parties and campaigns. Western banks should also be encouraged to reject stolen money to prevent grafts. Debt relief services should be offered to the poor areas like the rural parts of America and other countries. It will presumably make these countries able to provide basic services to their citizens. The World Bank and IMF should have structural adjustment conditionals to loans which include the privatization of state services and the elimination of state subsidies. Another factor which promotes poverty is the requirement of the U.S law about food aid which is to be spent on buying food at home, instead of where the hungry live. As a result of this, half of spending is used on transport, rather than buying food.

In conclusion, poverty is a most difficult problem in America and it needs to be addressed as soon as possible, because it can end up indirectly affecting the country’s economic status, concerning the increasing inequality gap. This could further worsen inflation rate in the country, causing the extension of the problem beyond the point of control. In the formulation of new policies and in implementation of these policies the government faces numerous problems, since many of these policies may take a very long time worsening the whole situation of concern I believe that there is something that can be done to bring the issue of poverty to the forefront of a political debate. The issue of poverty alleviation has been neglected for a very long time in America and it has been attracting the attention of publicity and power elite for a very long time.

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Kate Fox Oct 4 '19 · Tags: people, poverty, issue, solution
Milly Jones

I was very impressionable in childhood, and everything around could grasp my attention and get deep down my brain. I had a lot of idols, whom I was so much fond of, most of them were movie stars, famous performers and successful sportsmen. I could spend hours copying their moves, gestures, mimics. The only person who made me forget about all them was my father, who was bearing the palm for me. He was very strict, but fair, always kept his word and knew the best solution to the issues that had ever come across his way.

I was only twelve years old, but already had a very clear idea of the good and the bad things. Unfortunately, I adopted these notions from the surrounding world and from the people I knew. Putting as much efforts as possible into the childish analysis for the better understanding of the world, I was still under the great influence of the people around me, one of whom was my father. Despite my love to analyzing and distribution of all the facts into the tiniest constituents, I fully trusted my dad and never doubted any of his actions or decisions. He was my all-time role model. Thus, his actions could cause only admiration and the wish to follow him on my behalf.

My father did not hide anywhere while smoking. He always did it outside, but never bothered to find a discreet place where other people or I could not see him. His cigarettes were rather pricey and exclusive, and they made me inhale the air after every puff my father let out. I liked this smell, hardly comparable to any other smell I could introduce myself into. Cigarettes that other people smoked awfully smelled, making unpleasantly nauseous feeling. My father trusted me, but despite this, he never left his cigarettes anywhere around so I could even get a close look at them. But one day things went totally wrong, breaking the usual calm routine of our family and caused a lot of further changes.

I woke up on a bright Saturday morning, when the sun was up high, shining brightly and nothing pointed to the events that took place in the next few hours. My father was an early bird, so naturally he was up for a few hours already. I did not know if he was still home, or maybe at the neighbor’s house, where he went sometimes to have a few words with our neighbor and friend about the current events in the world and smoke a cigarette together, standing on the porch. After I returned from the bathroom, I went to the kitchen and poured myself a glass of fresh pomegranate juice, I took out of the freezer a minute before. I pooled the stool close to the dining table and froze in astonishment. I put the glass on the table to be sure not to drop it. I pinched myself on the hand to make sure I was awake. It was there, right next to me. The thing I have never dreamed to see so close, and to hold it in my hands. The pack of cigarettes was lying on the kitchen table, right in front of me. I caught myself on a thought that my dad is staring at me and shaking his head in disapproval of what I am doing. But the room was totally empty. I was doing my best to make my steps as quiet as possible, checking every single room in the house. It was deserted, nobody except me was around. I went to the living room window to had a look at the neighbor’s porch to find it was empty as well. It was my time.

I made a last quick look around, picked the pack, took out one cigarette and put the pack back on the place it lay before. I wanted to make sure my father will not notice anything. Then I went to the backyard, to the far end of it, where a few old trees were interconnected with bushes. I ducked behind one of the trees, pulled out a lighter out of my pocket, and copied my father’s moves I’ve seen a million times before. In the next moment all my dreams were ruined, as instead of joyful feeling I was choking with smoke. I could not understand anything. Why would my father smoke the cigarettes knowing about the bitter and unpleasant taste they had? But I had a firm persuasion to finish off the cigarette I had stolen and I had tried to inhale as much smoke as I could. In a minute my eyes were full of tears, and I felt somewhere between fainting and throwing up. I threw away the cigarette and ran back to the house, being afraid to be caught.

After two hours had passed I recovered enough to repeat my experiment. I did not even notice my father in the far end of the kitchen, while stealing another cigarette from the pack. I realized that he knew where I was and what I was about to do. When I was going toward the secret place of mine he grabbed me by the collar. I held my breath. I have never seen my father so angry before. He was not simply furious, but outraged. I remembered that day for the rest of my life, and I’ve also got a physical mark as well. The line, going across the top of my hand, is still light and visible, after many years after that.

That day I was frightened my father will never forgive me for what I have done. I was crying hard, more from the feeling of guilt than from the physical pain. Years have gone, most events from my childhood vanished from my memory, but I do not forget the moment described above. I made good conclusion for myself so my life is absolutely tobacco free. Whenever I start thinking about the possibility of trying to smoke, I just look at my hand and remember my father and the lesson he taught me.

The article was created and submitted by the writer from - Milly Jones.


Betty Bilton

“How to: Recover from a Social Media PR Disaster” by Zachary Sniderman is a topical article devoted to a modern society which represents the global network relationships among people. Business people who still have not managed to transfer the majority of their activities to the Internet mostly experience significant down-lifts in their goods turnover, as customers prefer buying practically everything they need from multiple web-pages. The Internet gives immeasurable space for opportunities which have never been available to individuals before. Nowadays, everyone can decide to become a business person one morning and start working to obtain his or her new occupation online. The Internet makes life much easier for thousands of people while it helps in finding friends and beloved ones, connecting families and allowing telecommuting different types of works.

However, each coin has two sides and the Internet skeptics offer a lot of materials for thinking over whether the Internet is a real breakthrough for the whole world, or it is just one more step which leads humanity closer to the abyss. Many sources on the Internet contain so much negativity in it that it seems sometimes horrible from where people take so much evil energy and desire to destroy something. On the other hand, if to limit the field of discussion mainly to the business field as referred to in the article, then the advantages the Internet provides greatly outnumber the shortcomings.

The most important lesson the users of the Internet should learn and follow is ethics, such an unusual phrase for many and disregarded by even more people. Speed seems to be the vital part of browsing and texting, however, if not paying attention to the quality of these actions. Because of this, the whole world often has a chance to observe those terrible slips of the tongue, fingers, which may bring a lot of misfortune to the entire corporations whose workers allowed themselves to make such a mistake. “How to: Recover from a Social Media PR Disaster” enumerates some of most interesting cases which not only show the lack of competence of the partners, but also spoil greatly their reputation. Millions are in uproar in #Cairo. It occurred with Kenneth Cole who had a mishap to tweet such message while describing the event on the Tahrir Square in Egypt’s capital. Clearly, such tweets cannot add to the peaceful relationship among countries and without certain actions marked by the speed and honesty, the problems on an international level may even arise. Some other author’s examples certify his good understanding of the existing problem which aptly attracts the attention to absent-minded texting and browsing of even very serious public people, accentuating in such a way the power of hidden world web.

Still, Zachary Sniderman seems to pay not enough attention to the most important cause for such hastiness and inattentiveness, namely, the lack of responsibility. If the person does not take on the whole range of accountability in front of his or her own selves, then how many other mistakes may slip in the global network in such a way? Unfortunately, only few may ask and think of these questions proving to have the low interest to the whole world and people’s own lives, showing that the majority of humans just prefer flowing with the mass while not standing out from the crowd and the Internet, which causes blending with both of them.

The author’s ways to gain back good reputation are simple and effective. Honesty and speed can turn the negative slip of a tongue into a good advertisement of the company as we see in case of Mariah Calagione who manages to save the whole Red Cross from a huge blunder. Her easy-goingness and ability to humor herself and a company in a good way played a pivotal role in fixing the slip.

Zachary Sniderman points out accurately that any user of the Web should pay a particular attention to his or her audience. First of all, what the author does not mention in the article, the audience will feel unneeded and underestimated. When a person does not pay attention to what he or she says, it means they are not interested much in the final messages their listeners or readers will receive. People may develop the feeling that whatever they may think or do means little, or even nothing, to the person in charge, leading to the decrease of working enthusiasm and spoiling corporate culture.

All users of the Internet should better imagine the global web to be a living creature which thinks and reacts. The more people disregard this creature, the stronger it will want to stand out and reveal itself in some outrageous way in order to show its power. It may sound absurdly, however, people spend most of the time not with people they love, but with the Internet. It seems like the Web has managed to enter each particle of their brains leaving no free space for kinesthetic feelings. The more profoundly people were thinking in the past before saying a word, the more they disregard the rule of ‘think before to say’ now.

Needless to say, the word has a power. All interactions among people are marked by word-evoked emotions and actions. However, it is important to note now that written words gain more and more influence too. Of course, less people read paper-books, however, people do read a lot now as constant flow of texts which they receive on their cells and laptops cannot be undermined. However, before the book is published, it should be edited, proofread and checked again. The same attitude should become a norm for web-users too that before sending a text, attention to its words should be drawn.

The article was prepared by a professional writer from Betty Bilton.

Betty Bilton Oct 2 '19 · Tags: social media, pr, people

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