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Our adventures in Fantasy Action World / RPG ,Path of Exile have become more interesting, because the "mysterious border box" has become very mysterious, because in addition to some wonderful content, valuable POE PS4 Currency, the most important is the same cloak, we The hero can't get anything from it. However, it turns out that this is a minor misunderstanding, and even if there is a time difference, the developer will fix it quickly on the same day. So today we will try to open about fifty boxes and invite everyone to find out what they contain.

The broadcast will begin at 18:00 Moscow time. As usual, you can watch the video below the official website and related news.

On June 7, in the action / RPG Path of Exile launched a new alliance - "Legion". Without hesitation, we rushed to the battle and managed to complete a story. The next step is to search for devices. We continue to work on a series of recent updates and invite everyone to join this adventure. Waiting for adventure ahead of us, they certainly won't be simple. This new alliance was also released on June 12, and players have come to fame, so the sale of POE Currency on the MMOAH website is very satisfying.
Bale Jun 15 '19 · Tags: poe currency
It’s been a long time, but the free dungeon crawler, Path of Exile, finally launched the PlayStation 4 in North America and Europe.

This action RPG comes from Grinding Gear Games, launched in PC version in 2013 and launched Xbox One in 2017, which has won many praises over the years because it basically uses the Diablo formula and upgrades it to level 11. An isometric view that smashes hell from a group of bad guys and collects a lot of loot. The fact that the Path of Exile really stands out is that for a year, one metric ton of content has been piled up in the game, and some devices you may need
POE Currency to purchase. In addition, you can play it 100% for free.

As of today, all these hacking, slashing and robbery have finally reached PlayStation 4. The file size of the game is only about 10 GB, but the description on the PlayStation Store indicates that you should have 15 GB available for saving. Either way, there isn't a lot of hard drive space compared to the ever-declining 50 to 100 GB behemoth, and the exile way can make you fascinated for many hours.

For the 1st to 6th players, this is a free game, obviously there are a lot of cosmetics and resource packs that can be purchased with real world money. Currently, there are a range of supporters available, ranging from $30 to $150. For example, the cheaper "Sunspire Supporter Pack" offers a range of cosmetic
POE Chaos Orb, armor kits, hideouts and frames in the Sunspire, and the Sunspire position.

Many players play Path of Exile and want to continue using the free PlayStation Plus package. These include a Fire Frog pet and an Infernal Skull helmet that will make them look like Scorpion is preparing for death.
Bale May 18 '19 · Tags: poe currency, playstation 4
As studios around the world struggle to find ways to manage austerity, the founders and some owners of Path of Exile developer Grinding Gear Games have publicized the studio's response to feedback and why extended work hours do not solve the problem.

This open letter is a response to the recent frustration of the Path of Exile community, especially for the state of the existing integrated alliance launched in early March. Chris Wilson, founder and part owner of the New Zealand developer, explained that Synthesis's game prototypes and POE PS4 Currency existed more than expected, which affected the time and time allowed for testing and balancing before the release.

In most cases, developers either postpone the release of the alliance or try to solve all problems through processing. Wilson acknowledged this and said that developers often feel pressure from the Path of Exile community to work overtime when they see responses to patch descriptions and development updates.

“An important topic inside the gaming industry recently may be the austerity,” Wilson wrote. “Some studios get their team working 14 hours daily to package each patch, containing the most patches and improvements. Sometimes whenever we read our personal Patch Notes thread and community feedback, the world thinks we are being motivated to do the ditto."

“I will not run this company in this way. Although there will inevitably be overtime issues around the league release cycle, most Path of Exile development cycles have a good balance between work and life. This is necessary to keep the developer happy and healthy. On the other hand, it also shows that some game improvements take a while to complete."

Wilson did not specify the length or amount of optional overtime pay, although the company will soon respond to public responses.

However, he does outline some of the difficulties New Zealand developers face when community feedback comes in. Developers have two main difficulties. If they choose to respond directly to the community through the proposed solution, then bringing the team together to develop a solution often destroys other important projects.

Or, Grinding Gears can choose to consider feedback, but choose to handle it in the future. The problem is that it makes the community feel that their concerns have not been heard,mainly because Path of Exile developers are particularly active, releasing daily and weekly updates ,making more players unsatisfied, and even sales with POE Currency are falling.

"We believe that our internal emphasis on long-term improvements to Path of Exile has caused some damage to the relationship with the community in the short term," Wilson said.

But at the very least for the time being in the helm of Wilson, they won't adopt this mandatory austerity. This does not mean the studio will never eventually collapse anyway, along with studio staff is talking about culture, and also the optional overtime is not truly optional. But no less than in public, Grinding Gear Games takes a position.

Bale May 15 '19 · Tags: path of exile, poe currency
Grinding Gear Games tells the Path of Exile community that it will not tighten to meet this need and solve its problems.

In an article by Reddit, Chrin Wilson of Grinding Gear explained the problems encountered by the company in the Path of Exile integrated alliance launched in March this year. He said that the league "does not meet the quality standards that Path of Exile players expect." This quality standard may include screen effects, POE Items location, game speed, etc.

Additional work required to improve integration conflicts with progress in other important areas, including the release of Path of Exile in Korea, the ExileCon community event later this year, the upcoming 3.7.0 update for the game, and the larger 4.0.0 Update Wilson, he said, "It's crucial because the next-generation action RPG is coming, we have to be prepared."

Wilson added: "If you don't take the initiative to keep up with the pace of your competitors, you will face corporate death." We can't get into a passive state.

The problem with Grinding Gear is that the long-term stability of the game is balanced with the direct needs of its fans, and the former must occasionally sacrifice the latter. Wilson suggests that this should not happen, although it may not be possible. But ultimately benefiting everyone is a prerequisite for us to do all of this. In addition, the player knows that the current POE Currency is worthy of attention, so the player must accumulate coins between players in an emergency.

Wilson asserted the only way to solve community problems is always to extend working hours, that he does not would like to choose. “Some studios their very own team working 14 hours per day to package each patch and improvement. Sometimes whenever we read your own Patch Notes thread and community feedback, we're feeling we are being inspired to do the same task, this is simply not ours. Willing to see. He said.

In May last year, Tencent acquired a majority stake in New Zealand's Grinding Gear Games.

Path of Exile developer Chris Wilson recently stood up against the tensions in the gaming industry, choosing to lead by example and calling on other game studios to work too much.

Wilson, CEO of Grinding Gear Games, took a tough stance on overworked issues to get content and patches as quickly as possible at the expense of any employee's work/life balance. In a recent Reddit post, he talked about what happened behind the scenes.

This article is related to the recently released issue of Synthesis League and Hardcore Synthesis, which was released on March 8. After the holiday began to study the current challenge model, Wilson described that there was not much time to iterate before the release, and as a result, did not give the high quality standards that Path of Exile players expected. Most of the team's time is now for large projects: patch 3.7.0, which will be released in a few weeks, patch 4.0.0, which is the next major extension, ExileCon later this year, and finally, in the game, need to be corrected Various issues, including changes in a small number of basic settings, locations where POE Currency is mined, etc.

With all of this in mind, one might think that the developer is in an emergency mode in order to get all of this work done as quickly as possible. but it is not the truth. Wilson talked about the recent development of the crisis; some studios forced their workers into 14 hours to get content as quickly as possible.

Wilson opposed this method. “I don’t run the corporation in this way. Although it’s inevitable that there will likely be some optional overtime pay once the alliance is released, many of the Path of Exile’s development cycle incorporates a good job and The balance of life," he explained. “This is essential to keep our developers happy and healthy for years, nonetheless it does mean that some game improvements can take some time to complete.”

The CEO's commitment to work and life balance is refreshing because there are many people who ask companies to work too hard. For example, NetherRealm is accused of having a toxic text environment in the production of Mortal Kombat 11, and some Riot employees plan to strike in the case of compulsory arbitration.

If you deal with employees and respect the cost of their work and life balance, including waiting longer to correct the problem or expand the release, we can't complain.


Bale May 9 '19 · Tags: path of exile, poe currency
Chris Wilson is the co-founder of Grinding Gear Games and the lead developer of their free-to-play RPG Path Of Exile. He recently introduced Reddit to the studio's current workload and priorities, including the balance of work and life. He wrote: "Some studios have their team working 14 hours a day to package each patch, which includes the most fixes and improvements." "I won't run this company like that."

I can lag behind "we don't tighten" as a badge for public relations pride. After reporting Epic Games' poor workplace practices to keep Fortnite dominated, Resawn Studio, the studio of royale Apex Legends, who competed for battle, said, "Oh, we don't." This means that your sweet, sweet content will slow down, but it also means that people's lives will not be destroyed. Very fair deal, really.

"Now it's opportunism. It doesn't mean it's not serious. Well, suppose Respawn really treats employees better," Alice O said. The same applies to this.
POE PS4 Currency is value attention, so players still must accumulate coins amongst players in an emergency.

The post also shows that Grinding Gear Games did not think of something. Their recent expansion, synthesis, "is developed during the Christmas holidays." Similarly, Wilson continues to write that "there will inevitably be some optional overtime during the league release."

Even if they don't participate in every point of community feedback, they still have a lot of things on their plates. A new alliance will be announced in "three weeks", "focus on repeatable fun, the focus of combat transformation is to improve the basic principles of Path of Exile gameplay and
POE Currency." At the same time, they are Efforts to "super-expansion" are designed to keep them competitive with "next-generation action role-playing games"; "ExileCon Conference"; launching games in Korea; and improved console features. It's not hard to see that all of this may make those happy "optional overtime pay" longer and more extreme.

Still, the community's response is still positive, and the most popular comment is about Reddit's reading: "Please know that you have support for this. This will not only help your employees - it helps to improve the terrible tightening in the industry. Mode. "Fingers cross.
Bale May 5 '19 · Tags: path of exile, poe currency
Path of Exile works with Amazon Prime. If you subscribe to Prime, you will light up the purple sacred logo for free. Purple Skeletons and Lavender are weapon effects. In fact, Prime is a service that provides players with quality attributes that are unique to customers with a valid Amazon Prime subscription. Unlike other weapons, this is a weapon that can't be purchased with Path of Exile Currency.

Until May 23, you can start a free one-month trial with Prime, and you can associate your Path of Exile account with Twitch so you can redeem these weapons for free. However, this promotion is only available to players who have a Path of Exile account on our main international server and only for countries accessing Amazon Prime. This gift is usually redeemed on the PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 premium service items.

Path of Exile is definitely a net action RPG set in the Wraeclast Dark Fantasy Planet. In fact, it is built around the Internet project economy through deep role setting and competitive gameplay. The game is completely free, never «pay to win», you can trade Poe currency and POE Orbs PS4 in this game, and some players buy PoE currency on third-party websites. You can search for «Poe Currency» on Google and then you can find sales, exchanges, and purchase sites. Of course, the first few are very trustworthy.

Then there is a question raised, what is Prime? How will the player get a purple cosmetic set?

In fact, Prime is a service that provides quality attributes that are unique to customers with a valid Amazon Prime subscription. This involves an ad-free experience and offers free content material and game discounts every month.

For you personally, you can access Twitch Prime through Amazon Prime video subscriptions in your country. After you purchase a Amazon Prime video subscription in a newly supported country or region, you can get Twitch Prime offers and Amazon Prime video offers at no extra cost! In addition, Amazon Prime Video offers access to Amazon's original content, exclusive movies and popular TV shows.

If you already have an Amazon Prime or Prime video account, you can connect it to your Twitch account, and then you can enjoy all on-Twitch for several of your accounts, including, ad-free Twitch viewing, custom emoticons, specific chats Badges, etc. Finally, it's important to emphasize that in most countries, you can get Twitch Prime by becoming an Amazon Prime member and then associate your Amazon Prime account with your Twitch Prime account.
Path of Exile will get into open beta this month, Grinding Gear Games has announced. Starting January 23, the beta includes content from Act 3. The online action role-playing game will contain microtransactions upon release, yet not be a “pay-to-win” title, according towards the developers. Sign up for it here.
Path of Exile open beta delayed
Free to try out dungeon crawler Path of Exile Currency has pushed back its open beta date an entire month.
A forum post explains that this delay enables Grinding Gear Games to offer the beta the support it deserves, as numerous of its staff is going to be absent above the holiday break, a potentially problematic scenario for your inevitable technical dilemmas of open beta.
The beta can launch on January 23, 2013, missing a scheduled December launch. It will probably be accompanied with a final character wipe plus the 0.10.0 patch. POE Chaos Orb is in closed testing since August 2011, and Grinding Gear has promised to enhance the amount of alpha testers and provide away keys while players wait for your beta.
greenycao Mar 15 '19 · Tags: poe currency
Path of Exile is really a theory crafter's dream become a, the style of game with seemingly endless approaches to build and optimize your ideal character. On top of an standard leveling system can be a passive skill tree that creates Final Fantasy 10's Sphere Grid look being a 'connect the dots' puzzle book for toddlers—understanding that's where it starts. There's an Ascension system for more specializing your character, a Pantheon system that gives you more passive bonuses for killing various gods and trapping their souls, the skill gems which allows you to Buy POE Currency essentially spellcraft—the list continues on. And on. And on. Oh, and I haven't even mentioned loot. Good lord, the loot. Never have I been so haunted by an inventory filled with obscure knick-knacks and gizmos that I know want to do something but concept of if that something is even worth doing. If you're somebody who likes learning the fundamental concepts of your game immediately, Path of Exile can appear impossible.
If you're somebody that likes knowing the fundamental concepts of an game instantly, Path of Exile can seem to be impossible.
To be clear, The Fall of Oriath, the most up-to-date expansion, fixes none of the. Not directly, anyway. The biggest feature will be the addition of six excellent new acts, nevertheless, you'll need to Buy POE Items own persevered throughout the original four to even experience them. A new in-game tutorial will walk you through some on the basics in depth, but I felt enjoy it more often told me the best way to interact that has a system without telling me how I should make use of it. As a person that recently returned to Diablo 3 to play like a Necromancer, the contrast couldn't are actually more stark. And yet I've sunk about 40 hours into Path of Exile this month while Diablo 3 is, again, gathering dust.
greenycao Mar 14 '19 · Tags: poe currency
God Eater 3 is usually a more traditional Japanese RPG which includes high-speed combat against enemies that gain in size and ferocity because they consume earth’s life forms.  Players fight back using a variety of living weapons called God Arcs that will morph into guns as needed. You can play solo with NPC companions or cooperatively in teams of four or eight. Much like Monster Hunter World, gameplay is organized around missions to hunt specific monsters as a way to Buy POE Currency gather materials to upgrade weapons and armor. The first two God Eater games were made for PlayStation portables; God Eater 3 may be the first inside series produced for console and PC. It releases on PS4 and PC on February 8.
Sticking together with the Japanese theme, we've RemiLore, an RPG featuring hack and slash combat, procedurally generated levels and anime styled art. Remi is often a high school student and Lore is usually a talking book of magic. Together they have to find their way out of an dangerous magical realm where they're joined by an android named Choux. Combat is enriched by over 200 “fearsome and cute” weapons in a very world where strikingly diverse lighting schemes are utilized to Buy POE Orbs differentiate summer, fall, winter and spring. Game modes include solo play as either Remi and Lore or Choux, and a couple of player co-op. RemiLore releases on February 26 on Xbox One, PS4, Switch and PC.
Iratus: Lord on the Dead
Iratus: Lord with the Dead is really a tactical RPG. It’s comparable to Darkest Dungeon only now you have fun playing the bad guys. Iratus is often a powerful necromancer who has been defeated, locked away and unexpectedly released. It’s your job to have him out with the dungeon where he’s been incarcerated. Your tools are parties of undead creatures created on the body parts with the heroes that have come to keep you. Your ghastly minions allow you to use some from the psychological weapons in your foes that ravaged your party in Darkest Dungeon. Nice. Iratus: Lord with the Dead releases on PC on February 14.
greenycao Mar 13 '19 · Tags: poe currency
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