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As we all know, Path of Exile of West Auckland-based Grinding Gear Games won the "Best Evolution Game" award at the 2020 Bafta Games Awards, beating out blockbuster nominations including Fortnite and Final Fantasy XIV. Bafta is known for its film awards, but since 2003, it has tied computer games with movies and television in its annual awards ceremony.

Chris Wilson, the founder of Grinding Gear Games, said in a pre-recorded thank you speech: "Our dream is always to create an RPG (Role Playing Game) that we like to play on our own." Friends who like to play RPG games should know Although Path Of Exile has a history of seven years, the popularity has not diminished. The POE currency in its game games has always been the key to customs clearance. Players can Buy POE Currency on IGGM to successfully pass customs.

The Herald pointed out in a file at the end of last year that the self-improving Wilson dominates the world-at least the virtual world-by Grinding Gear Games' simple office next to Pak'nSave in West Oakland.

The only title Path Of Exile has 2 million players worldwide. Ten years ago, Wilson was playing another RPG while chatting with another player Erik Olofsson who was logged in from Sweden.

The two dreamed of creating their own fantasy world. However, unlike most of these chats, chat does not stop at fantasy. Designer Olofsson actually jumped on a plane and flew to New Zealand to collaborate with Wilson, who engaged in a series of contract programming jobs in the years after college.

The kickstarter campaign in 2012 raised $ 200,000 for the development of Path Of Exile. Then in 2013, it raised $ 2.5 million in financing. At that time, enthusiastic fans strongly supported the game on the crowdfunding website. In this game, POE currency plays a vital role throughout. And the epic unique path of exile currency (especially POE Orb) is very important for conquering the team or the ultimate game boss, so it is recommended that POE players buy POE Currency and POE Orb from reliable POE item sellers.
"Grinding Gear Games" released the first "behind the scenes" video for "Path Of Exile 2", revealing some new game screens. "Path Of Exile 2" also has excellent new scores created by indoor composer Kamil Orman Janowski, who is loved by "Path Of Exile 2" players for his outstanding music quality and cute characters. Behind the music-Act One made a behind-the-scenes observation of the art of "Path Of Exile 2" behind the scenes, the most striking is the glimpse of the new soundtrack. Kamil provided insights on his creative process and inspiration. In Path Of Exile, POE currency plays a vital role. Players can Buy POE Currency on IGGM, which provides the most favorable prices and the most professional services.
"Path Of Exile 2" introduces seven new characters, these characters will share an end game with the original characters, and can be played with its battle. Grinding Gear Games also took this opportunity to completely reform its game system, artwork, environment, character category, etc.
"Path Of Exile 2" was originally released in October 2013 and was well received. Since its launch, Road of Exile has become a global community with more than 20 million players. In addition, in 2019, "Path Of Exile 2" became Steam's "most popular game" game list for the second consecutive year, and won the BAFTA award in the "evolution game" category.
As a reminder, in Path Of Exile, since the epic unique path of exile currency (especially POE orb) is important for conquering the team or the ultimate game boss, it is recommended that POE players purchase POE Currency and POE orb from reliable POE item sellers .
According to official sources, "Path Of Exile 2" will be released on PC in 2021.
Recently, "Grinding Gear Games" released the first "behind the scenes" video for Path of Exile 2, which revealed some new game screens. This video focuses on the music of the game. Eben from the community team sat down with the composer Kamil to gain his insight and inspiration for the game music.

Path of Exile 2 is expected to bring outstanding fresh scores. Behind the music-the first scene also made a behind-the-scenes observation of the upcoming Path of Exile 2 art. Fresh music will definitely attract more players to play this game, so the demand for POE Currency will increase. If the player is really difficult to obtain, then I suggest buying it at IGGM, which is faster and cheaper.

Path of Exile 2 introduces seven new characters that will share an end game with the original characters and can be played with its campaign. Grinding Gear Games also took this opportunity to completely reform its game system, artwork, environment, character category, etc.

Path of Exile first came out in October 2013 and has been well received. Since its launch, Path of Exile has become a global community with more than 20 million players. In addition, in 2019, Path of Exile became Steam's "Most Popular Games" game list for the second consecutive year and won the BAFTA award in the "Evolutionary Games" category.

Path of Exile 2 will be released on PC in 2021. Players who want to follow more news can always follow IGGM's news page, and this site also offers a cheap Path of Exile Currency. If you want to buy it, you can also choose this site, which will help you win faster To win loot.
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5 Bad: Ground Effects
In order to solve the clearance speed problem associated with previous leagues, the deli provides many ground effects that monsters generate when they attack or die.
In theory, players are encouraged to move and create a sense of crisis for speed. Because fog continues to appear at almost every level, it is difficult for players to discern whether the ground is safe until it is too late, resulting in many frustrating deaths in the league. Since fog sometimes weakens the player's movement speed, these effects become more difficult to deal with.

4 Bad: The Simulacrum
In "Path Of Exile" forward mapping, wave-based tasks are rare. With strong player abilities, there is a persistent task that can push your build to the limit.
However, the endurance task comes down to fighting in the arena, which is never suitable for fighting enemies with a higher health than Path Of Exile's end game Atlas boss. The player enters a random Act center city and fights one of the twenty waves of weird mobs. Each wave is more difficult than the last wave, and even reaches ridiculous difficulty. And the boss can immediately kill the most awkward player while absorbing millions of injuries per second. The reward is also random, and the cost of this encounter is 300 fragments, which requires dozens of maps to get. Fortunately, you can Buy POE Currency through IGGM, which can save you a lot of time when gathering maps.

3 Bad: Boss Fights
Every enemy in Path Of Exile is affected by Delirium's smoke technician. While in it, the enemy has additional modifiers, which will make them afraid of fighting in exchange for more loot.
These expand to the boss battle of the game, or should be expanded. In practice, before you have a chance to kill a Delirious boss, Delirium's mist will roll over, removing their extra modifiers and loot rewards. When in the battle of the leader with immunity, this game experience is even worse.

2 Bad: Mirror Spawns
In order to start a delirious encounter, you need to find a mirror and walk through the mirror to create fog. The problem is that the mirror can be generated anywhere on the map.
This may lead to a treasure hunt game where players are looking for mirrors to maximize the reward of fog. To make matters worse, in some cases, the mirror will block the corridor leading to the boss or the exit. In some cases, the building that hopes to skip the alliance mechanism will not be realized. The generation of the mirror should be close to the generation point of the player, not randomly generated around the map.

1 Bad: Performance
Since "Breach league", almost every update has degraded the performance of "Path Of Exile". In the Delirium League, the game reached a stable breakthrough point.
The map is often confused due to loading assets or poor connection to the server. With the latest patch, the problem cannot be completely solved. Certain ground and particle effects will not be rendered, resulting in unfair deaths beyond the player's control. Fortunately, there are many types of alliances. Players can choose to play in the best match with themselves. At the same time, if you buy POE Currency , you can enhance your game experience and make it easy for you to pass the game.

Grinding Gear Games released the video "Path to Exile 2", where we can see the real game scene, in this video we learned a very important element: the soundtrack. The key element in constructing the game framework is the background and environment of the game.

In Path to Exile 2, the music will be processed in detail, and this video has already confirmed this. Every place, every boss and every key moment has its own music, which can better attract players. POE Currency allows us to play more freely in the game, so it is also very attractive to players.

"Path to Exile 2" is a devil-like action RPG. I wonder if it will satisfy all of us. But there is no doubt that Grinding Gear Games has done a great job technically.

Although the name sounds like a new game, it is actually an expansion and update of the original game. Since it will be integrated into the game, we can move all characters, targets, etc. This means that if we spend a lot of time in the early stage, we don't have to worry about the latter things, because we can bring all the things completed to "Path to Exile 2".

I wonder if you have played "The Path of Exile"? Many players choose Buy POE Orbs because it is not only cheap but also easy to use. "Path to Exile 2" is expected to be released in 2021, it can be used on PC, Xbox One and PS4. "Path to Exile" is a completely free game, we can enjoy it without spending a penny. If you don’t have this game yet, hurry up and play it, it is one of the best free games on the market.

5 Worst: Bestiary
Players can find extremely tough rare monsters with powerful modifiers. When the enemy's health drops, players can capture it and store it in a new location called The Menagerie. There, players can perform bloody rituals to make modifiers or new items. Its depth is incredible, but it must manage more than twelve layers of nets, and the probability of accidentally killing Bestiary monsters is low. It was only after Bestiary returned with the overhauled Master NPC that he became more interesting. By the way, if you buy POE Currency, it will be easier to defeat the rare monster and successfully capture it.
4 Worst: Onslaught
Onslaught is a simple hardcore league that increases everything by 20%. Some new "unique" items have been added, but no new game-changing mechanism has been included. Although this is one of the first challenge alliances on the road to exile, to a certain extent, it lacks content. In short, this is a boring league, you can easily run the soft-core anarchy league with "Onslaught" at the same time.
3 Worst: Torment
The Torment Alliance sees ghosts that may have enemies and provides them with powerful modifiers to make them more challenging. Of course, killing the enemies you own will get more loot such as POE Orbs. In theory, this sounds solid, but in this alliance, the soul of torment is difficult to manipulate. New ghosts and possessed targets also lack loot drops, making many people skip the alliance altogether.
2 Worst: Invasion
Many people feel frustrated with the Delirium and Metamorph alliances of hardcore characters, but no one can match Invasion's injustice. Invasion is a hardcore alliance that spawns monsters from any part of the game. You may have participated in the first act and battled the leader in the endgame map, resulting in an unjust death. This is the only time a developer has rolled back a hardcore character due to an unfair death of the player. The great Ambush alliance that keeps pace with Invasion is its only saving grace.
1 Worst: Talisman
Talisman is a very unpopular league. Players need to use extra tags to record thousands of unlocked amulets. At the same time, the enemy also possesses amulets with powerful attributes in the game. Players capture it and they get a talisman. In addition, in this league, the progress of the game is relatively slow, causing many players to stop the game in the middle. Fortunately, there are many forms of alliances. Players can choose according to their own preferences. During the game, if they encounter more difficult levels, they can enter IGGM to Buy POE Currency to make customs clearance easier.
5 Amazing: Loreweave

Whether it is acquisition or execution, Loreweave is the most unique work in Path Of Exile. Players cannot find this item, but they can make it.You need to sell 60 unique rings to own this item. Collecting these rings can get breastplates, which can increase your maximum elemental resistance limit to 78%, and can provide a chance for a fatal blow, which can not only increase the damage to the element, but also can do physical damage to the attack. Most of the construction on the road of exile can benefit from this breastplate. Its main weakness is that it takes a long time to obtain, and its life span is very short, up to 60. To save time, you can also buy POE Currency on, which is cheap and can increase your gaming experience.

4 Amazing: Cospri's Malice

Due to its power and rarity, this single sword usually costs a few POE Exalted Orb per league. Cospri's Malice is the perfect weapon for any cold or discharge-focused building.Cospri's "Malice" is unique in that it triggers cold spells during melee crit. When you critically strike, all cold-labeled skills, such as ice arrows and glacial cascades, will be cast. When combined with a crook or assassin boost, this sword can activate a large number of skills, and further enhance all skills through the sword's cold damage modifier. Using two of them can make this key effect extremely powerful.

3 Amazing: Watcher's Eye

In the game, if you kill Uber Elder, there is a high chance of falling Watcher's Eye Jewel.This jewellery has a chance to decline, but most of the statistics it provides are random. Watcher's Eye provides a very powerful bonus when activating certain auras, but each aura has multiple effects. There are more than 150,000 combinations, and a large part of them are quite powerful. Obtaining a single good modifier on this Jewel makes it a necessary condition for construction. If you get two to three outstanding modifiers, you will get a huge surge of power, and only a few items can be matched.

2 Amazing: Tabula Rasa

Tabula Rasa has no implicit stat, prefix or suffix, but Tabula Rasa may be one of the best levels and early mapping items in the game. This is because Tabula Rasa drops into a 6-slot chest radiograph in a white slot, which means you can use any skill to link any supporting gems from level 1 onwards. Suitable for people who are fighting alone and not trading. You can also plant divination cards for Tabula Rasa in the blood pipeline in Article 9 of the Decree, allowing any player to obtain this item when needed.

1 Amazing: Headhunter

Grinding Gear Games, the developer of Path Of Exile, has repeatedly stated that they do not intend to weaken Headhunter for the time being and hope to pursue more uniqueness in the game. Each rare enemy killed by wearing a belt will receive a 20-second correction. ARPG experienced players know its power. Bonuses can be superimposed on yourself, allowing you to be immediately affected by 10 identical modifiers. Although many gamers say that something is really overblown, Headhunter is the most powerful definition of overpower you can get.


Path of Exile is a fairly complex game, but once you master the ins and outs it is one of the most enjoyable and long-lasting games out there. However, there’s one aspect that never becomes exciting: leveling. Leveling up characters is almost always a chore, and many people want to just rush through it as fast as possible. This is especially true considering you often have to level with a different skill than the one you plan to use on that character. In order to speed through the leveling process, we present to you our Path of Exile: Witch Leveling Guide!

Leveling Items

Before you get into your specific builds, you’re going to want some generic leveling items. They aren’t necessary, but they will make your life a lot easier. If you’ve played much Path of Exile you’ll know these items off by heart, and probably have a set already. Either way, here we go.

Leveling Gear.

For the body, get a Tabula Rasa; this is pretty standard stuff. If you have money to burn, grab a +1 to level a socketed gems version. It’ll be about five times as expensive, but it’ll give you a nice boost to leveling up, particularly as a spellcaster. It will also let you use multiple wands (and not be limited to Lifesprigs) if you want to. As for weapons, you will want to get dual wield Lifesprigs. Despite being level one wands, these will take you all the way to maps if you don’t want to replace them. Early on, they are great to put your gems in, because of the +1 to level.

For a helmet, get a Goldrim. These are cheap and give up to 40% to all elemental resistances. This is huge, and will easily carry you to maps. For your boots and gloves you’ll want Wanderlust and Lochtonials, respectively. These are both really good starter items, but you’ll want to replace them once you get to Act Six for new gear with resists. For your belt, we recommend Darkness Enthroned with two jewels that have flat damage to spells on them. This alone will put your damage through the roof.

Jewellery can be difficult to pick, but the best option for easy leveling is to get two Haku rings. These are rings that grant flat reduced mana on every spell you cast. With two of them, you’ll rarely spend mana before going to a four or five link. This lets you add lots of links without screwing yourself over. Your amulet is more or less up to you. Karui Ward is a great option if you’re using a projectile, but otherwise just go for raw stats. Lastly, make sure you have at least two Quicksilvers for, well, moving fast.

This is the most basic leveling build for generic builds that use spell damage. It’s perfect for people who intend to use Frostbolt or Magma Orb, or any other spell-based damage later on. You’ll be using spells throughout the game to scale your damage properly.

Right from the start, put on all your leveling gear and take Freezing Pulse as your reward. Make sure you put it in your Lifesprigs if you don’t have a +1 level Tabula. Spells don’t have a ton of support gems off the bat, so don’t use the Tabula just yet. In fact, leave it in your inventory until you need it, because wearing armor reduces your movement speed.

Once you hit level four, grab Volley Support. At level eight, add in either Added Cold or Added Lightning (or both if you have a +1 Tabula). At level ten grab Flame Dash for increased movement. Hitting level 12 is the big one. Once you get there you can swap out your Freezing Pulse for Firestorm. This will carry you through to mapping. Make sure you take off the Volley support; you can put on either Added Cold or Added Lightning if you want.

Once you’ve hit level 18, grab Controlled Destruction and Elemental Focus. If you’re only using three links, these will be the two to support your Firestorm. Feel free to use all four of the mentioned supports though, and even Faster Casting if you want. However, you may have mana issues if you do this.

At this point you should be good to just run past minions, and drop Firestorms on them as you go. Run until you can’t run anymore. Here’s an example skill tree for level 65. Once again, mess around with it so it fits your play style and your actual build.


Summoners don’t want traditional spell power as it doesn’t increase minion damage. As such, you’ll want an entirely different build, even for leveling. This will save you a lot of Orbs of Regret in the long run. Grab the same leveling gear and Freezing Pulse. Level the same way up to level eight, then switch to Summon Raging Spirits.

At level eight, your links should be Summon Raging Spirit, Melee Splash, and Minion Damage. At level 18, add Minion Speed and Melee Physical Damage. Throw in Elemental Focus if you can afford the mana. Eventually, make your sixth link Spell Echo. This will make you cast faster, and make more Spirits.

Summon Raging Spirits should be able to get you to maps easily. In fact, it’s a strong build for mapping as well, but if you’re just looking to use Spectres or Golems (or something else entirely), Summon Raging Spirits will get you there.

As usual, feel free to mess around with the skill tree. This one will likely be the same for most summoner builds until levels 50-60 (or so). Then, you’ll want to focus your build and go Spectres, or go full Summon Raging Spirits. Or, if you’re something like an Aurabot, you’ll want to reset a lot more points a bit later. Either way, here’s a mock tree for when you hit levels in the mid-60s.

After playing for a while, the intermediate is almost familiar with the value of use of POE Currency , and the next one to learn is how to get as much currency as possible, as well as trading. For intermediate, everyone is still allowed to trade at the Auction House through Buy Exalted Orb quickly and making benefits.

Igvault is a safe place to Buy Poe Currency , there are almost all products related to POE 3.9 on all platforms. Excellent service and delivery speed within 10 minutes can make you shopping worry-free. for your game, it won't be wrong to come here.

You can get a lot of loot in Path of Exile. Whether you find it scattered throughout the game or purchase it from a supplier, the inventory will never be vacant. However, unlike other online role-playing games, there is no detailed way to trade the loot you find or earn.

Although the game itself does not provide you with a transaction method, you can use a website. It is official and supported by Path of Exile, so you do n’t have to worry about losing your account or being suspended for using it. This site IGGM can be directly searched on the Google homepage. You can use the site to purchase items you need in the following ways.

First, you will visit You can search their website domain name to enter their website, or search for "POE Currency" on Google, you will see their website within the first three, and then you can click to enter. Once you get there, you can search for any loot in the game.

After entering all the information, press the button at the bottom of the "Search!" Page. Then add the product you want to the shopping cart or directly buy it. If the item you are looking for is already sold, it will be displayed along with the name of the player who sold the item. If you want to buy the item, please press "whisper" next to the seller's name, this will remind the player that you want to buy their item.

After that, the seller decides to contact you. If they do, you will most likely have to visit their hiding place to obtain stolen goods. When going to the seller ’s hiding place, make sure you have the correct amount of currency agreed. If all goes well, the seller will contact you for the transaction, you will hand over the currency and the transaction is completed.

You can also list the Path of Exile Currency for sale as needed, which can be done at the bottom of the IGGM page. Although selling goods requires you to have an "advanced storage label". These can be purchased through the in-game store.
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Staffing up wasn't a simple process.With a abbreviation of able developers in the belted across to choose from,Cutting Emphasis would accepting to achieve time to alternation new hires-time it no best had."There were a lot of hawkeye nights and acquirements the harder way," Wilson says,"as you do if the servers just accrue crashing."

The aficionado is still aural in Wilson's delivery if he talks about that aeon in Path of Exile's history.His action acquainted a little like an RTS-how could he blot his apprenticed assets in acclimation to POE Currency save Acid Emphasis HQ from accepting overwhelmed? If the accretion didn't avant-garde the adventuresome fast enough,the players would leave.If it cold too often,the players would leave.If abutment couldn't accepting to chump tickets fast enough,or there was a affiliation affliction the accretion didn't address,the players would leave.

For a affiliated time,if you saw a complete abuse about Path of Exile,it was about accompanied by a accepting in which anyone would accompany up desync."It became the action where,if there was a adequate Reddit cilia about Path of Exile,bisected the users were admiring it and the added bisected were saying,'I abandon because of desync'," Wilson says."It was a game-killing affliction from that point of view." Even as the adventuresome grew in admeasurement and strength,the accretion abashed that one day,the accountability about their necks would bore them.

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