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Now POE’s game team has officially released Harvest League. Players will use the help of NPC named Oshabi in the new league to collect seed cache in Sacred Grove for cultivation. The specific steps for planting seeds are the first step. Players go to Sacred Grove to collect a variety of level 1 seeds and then bring them back to their garden for cultivation to produce a variety of monsters. They then gain powerful vitality by killing these monsters to make exquisite crafts and then sell or trade to get POE Currency or other props they need.

The most popular feature among players is that they can make all kinds of things themselves in the new league. The production mechanism created by the development team will be the unique and interesting feature in the game. Players can also see four new WarCry skills and three improved skills appear in the game. Gameplay, various props, and passive skill trees have all optimized and improved.

Harvest League will be the main game content for players in the next three months. Players who love handicrafts and agriculture will definitely fall in love with Harvest League because of the characteristics of Harvest League. Oshabi is an NPC who plays a very important role in Harvest League and can guide players to a wonderful start. Players will collect seeds in Sacred Grove while helping her explore more mysterious things. Her position is both the guardian of Sacred Grove and an excellent mentor in the game for players.

The official release of the Harvest League also urged some players who have not yet entered the game to prepare for POE Items and POE Exalted Orb fastly. Anything they do in the game needs the help of some props. They need not to Buy POE Currency after they are fully proficient. No matter what level players are in, as long as they work hard, they will definitely get a marvellous game experience.
What kind of game is the Path of Exile? POE is a free player that can play the "Diablo" style MMORPG released by Grinding Gear Games in 2013, which contains 7 playable character classes and many deep game mechanics. In addition, its biggest feature of attracting global players is the continuous update of content, also known as expansion, which will release a new content every three months to replace the previous version.

If you have ever played "Path of Exile", then this game will be completely dominated by the in-game economy. In order to get the best score, everyone must get enough POE Currency, not only to enhance the competitiveness and strength of the character, but also make the adventure full of challenges.

This is a concept when it comes to POE items, currency items, and it is difficult to find games with so many types of currency (such as POE), such as balls, reels, gems, cards, etc.

At present, the development of POE 3.11 expansion has entered the final stage, it will be launched for PC on June 19, and the Xbox One and PS4 versions will be launched later. GGG introduces a new alliance mechanism in every expansion. In Harvest, everyone’s task is to plant seeds and grow into dangerous plants.

In each area you explore, you will encounter a seed storage area. The seed storage area will drop seeds for you to plant. After growing into monsters, you can kill them and plunder Lifeforce for further production. In Harvest, you can still customize the battle based on the character's skills and the rewards you want to get. In this process, the huge demand of Buy POE Currency will directly affect whether you can get enough rewards.

Because different seed caches and monsters will drop different layers of seeds, so what does your money project cost, so you must understand what is worth spending and what can be prosecuted for a long time.


Everyone knows that POE is a MMORPG game released by GGG seven years ago. The characteristic of POE is that it will update content every three months to ensure that players have always maintained a dominant interest in POE. Players are always looking forward to the new league when the two leagues hand over. Fans of POE are also very smart. They always prepare sufficient POE Currency for the upcoming new content.

No matter the people who have played POE before and the current POE players know that various props in the game are necessities. They will rely on many POE Items to enhance their strength to achieve their victory. There are so many crises in various leagues of POE that players have to stay focused to survive well in the game. Some clever old players will choose the POE Orbs and POE Items that should use according to the situation they encounter.

The game team announced that they will launch the POE 3.11 extension on the PC platform today. POE fans on the Xbox One and PS4 platforms may wait a little longer. Harvest succeeded Delirium League as a new league that players can play. Players need to get the game experience by seeding monsters to gain vitality in the new league. They will randomly appear in a certain area of the game to find seeds for planting. After harvesting the monsters and killing them, you can gain vitality. Many players will use the collector to improve the efficiency of their harvest. Players can still build skills or characters to fight. They can use the loot got for making crafts or selling.

The number of players using POE Items is directly proportional to the number of rewards they can get. Harvesting a league is a league that is very worthwhile for players to Buy POE Currency to get the best gaming experience. Everyone should do their best to get a glorious sense of accomplishment through their hard work. They must remember not to misuse POE Exalted Orb because it will reduce the efficiency of the use of currency items.

The developer of Action RPG Exile released a list of changes to the Harvest League add-on, which will introduce many POE Currency, new items, new tests, new enemies, balanced editing and corrections to solve unpleasant errors.

One days later, on June 19, in the PC version of the action version of RPG Exile, additional Harvest League content will appear. To prepare us for the upcoming adventure, Grinding Gear Games employees posted a complete list of updates on the official website to update 3.11.0 (Russian).

The developer will introduce a new test alliance, adding 11 skills, 14 unique items, two roaming items and 12 fortune-telling cards, redoing 3 battle cry and balancing 50 existing unique items.

The team will improve the behavior of the screen shake effect, the visual effects of certain players and monster abilities, sound performance, and gaming environment. r will become part of the main game.

The level and location of the map on the atlas will be changed. Most cards will initially start to reach different levels. In the abyss, after defeating Amanama, the monsters, crystals and other elements in the battle will be destroyed.

The power of Buy POE Currency will stop making the character immune to poison. Instead, it will reduce the duration of character poisoning by 50%, and if the hero has been poisoned at least five times, poisoning is not allowed.

In addition, GGG will correct many errors, for example, increasing the casting speed will no longer affect the frequency of hitting the sphere at twice the size, and the Phantom Summon will no longer stain the area.


To ensure the balance of the POE Harvest league, GGG has narrowed the gap between players who are too strong and those who are too weak. They mainly made improvements to the existing two-handed weapons and slow attacks in the game and Brands and other urgent problems. The sincerity of the game team has moved all players, leading players to buy POE Currency to prepare for the Harvest League.

The game team balanced the role played by the clustered orbs in jewelry based on the successful experience of the Delirium League. They have been listening to the players’ suggestions to improve the two-handed weapons so that players can get a better fighting experience when using the two-handed weapons. Players’ use of optimized two-handed weapons is rapidly increasing and returning to the player’s favorite weapon ranks. Although players are still slow when using two-handed weapons to attack others, the damage to the enemy is huge, and they can stun even the most powerful bosses by players using two-handed weapons.

Players can now see more powerful two-handed weapons in POE’s melee arsenal. Players of every level can use their two-handed weapons to cause the damage they want to others. What surprises players is that almost every weapon has a hidden function. It has also improved the passive skill tree has also with the improvement of two-handed weapons. Players can now use two-handed weapons to speed up life recovery with the help of healing skills. They felt very satisfied with the improved two-handed weapon.

The existing two-handed weapons have been able to meet the needs of players to defeat the monsters produced from the seeds. They must know the specific functions and hidden capabilities of the two-handed weapons they use so they can more efficiently get the majestic vitality and POE Orbs and POE Chaos Orb and POE Items. Officials have reminded players before that it is best to prepare for Buy POE Currency. The mysterious and interesting Harvest League awaits players to enjoy!

Two days later, GGG will officially launch the POE Harvest League. Players may want to preview the relevant knowledge about the new league before the rise of the new league. We well know it is well that POE update every three months to represent the rise and fall of the league. What players now know is that they can plant seeds in Harvest League to kill the monsters they produce. They can use the magnificent vitality gained to make a variety of POE Items for sale to get POE Currency.

Harvest shifts players' attention to creating unique items. It is also the league with the greatest strength improvement since POE released the league model. Although many players already know most of the news of the league, this article will bring more detailed information.

Players can harvest many monsters as long as they work hard in the Sacred Grove. They can earnestly search every area in the harvest league to get various seeds. After a planting cycle, it will produce monsters from the crop. Players can kill them to gain vitality and unique items to make crafts or enchant equipment.

Players need to design their gardens carefully so that the seeds can grow in a good growing environment. Players of any level can take part in the new league to optimize their garden. The nutrients needed for seeds are unique vitality rather than ordinary water. They can pay attention to whether the monsters they kill have dropped more advanced seeds. More advanced seeds require a better planting environment. In this way, players can gain more vitality. Players can become landlords in Harvest League by going back and forth.

The most attractive thing players want to do is that they can exchange Path of Exile Currency and POE Items and POE Exalted Orb by making crafts in the new league. Players get advanced seeds by killing monsters to gain more majestic vitality. It facilitates ordinary players who have no economic strength and the game situation has become balanced. GGG has said a few days ago that players can Buy POE Currency a little in case they need to enter the game.

One thing players need to know is that when they enter the Harvest League, they need to optimize their existing skills. Every player can't wait to enter the game and have fun. They also reserve a bunch of POE Currency for the new league in advance so that they can start planting seeds directly after entering the game. This article mainly introduces how the existing skills in Harvest League have changed.

The biggest change is in brand skills. Players can now quickly return the brand skills after releasing the brand skills, and the brand skills will not refresh the duration of the new skills on the way back. Players will also show the accompanying spell effects while releasing Arcanist brand skills. Like a popular virus, hard-working brand skills do not cause violent damage to the enemy at the beginning, but gradually erode the nearby enemies. When it leaves the target, it will cause serious damage to the target. Players can upgrade the skill damage effect by combining multiple brand skills.

Slam Skills will provide greater range of damage and a more useful engine system. New Slam Skills with a wider range of damage replace the old skill mechanisms. Players lose a chance to sprint every three attacks. POE also added a new superb skill named Earthshatter to the game. Players can use it to send skills and damage in five directions at the same time. It will immediately burst into a huge explosion effect if it collides with other slamming skills.

Fans of POE are looking forward to these tempting skills. They all hope to complete each challenge individually with the help of skills. It not only helps them get all POE Exalted Orb and POE Items alone, but also helps them to improve their combat experience and enhance their combat strength. As mentioned earlier, players who want to enter the POE Harvest League should reserve some POE Currency for backup. They have to hurry and go to Buy POE Currency if they don’t have enough funds. The release date of Harvest League is getting closer!

POE team is about to release a new league players love that. Although players do not yet know how to play, the official has revealed a lot of information about the skills and modes of the new league on social media. This article will introduce players to some important parts of the new league. It is best for all players to prepare some POE Currency in advance to prepare for the start-up cost of the new league.

Players are now roughly aware of the game mechanics in Harvest League. They need to find the seed cache from the map of the new league and successfully plant them in the sacred jungle to get many powerful monsters. The more the players kill these horrible monsters, the more vitality they gain. They can use their enormous vitality to make various recipes. Although the operating principle of the game mode is a bit confusing to players, players are best to try their best to adapt to the new league in order not to break away from the game trend.

The best part of the new league is that no matter what level of players you are, you can make a fortune by making beautiful crafts in the game to make a fortune. The purpose of the game team’s development of the new league is to balance the economic gap between the players who are too high in economic level and the vast majority of ordinary players. At present, the goal of the new league has achieved initial results.

Everyone already has a basic understanding of the new league. There will be many new things waiting for players to experience. As mentioned earlier, it is best for players to have more Path of Exile Currency and POE Chaos Orb. Because when the new league players need the help of POE Items to start planting seeds. If there are still players with insufficient funds, then they have to pay close attention to Buy POE Currency. The fascinating new league adds unlimited fun to the boring life of players!

Players are sad about the ending of the POE Delirium League Challenge. But what makes them happy now is that they are about to usher in the Harvest League developed by GGG. The POE game team has long reminded players that they should prepare more POE Currency for the new League. Players work hard in the new league to reap the vitality produced by the horror monsters. They can harvest POE Items through battle while planting crops.

They can find seed caches that can generate the most basic level 1 seeds in various areas of the expedition. After completing the above steps, they can upgrade the level 1 seed to the level 2 seed, and the players will harvest more and more things in the loop and become more valuable. Players can also pick up Lifeforce dropped from monsters so they can customize to take part in the battle. The quality of seed planting is directly proportional to vitality.

The vitality gained by players after killing monsters is an iconic item in the Harvest League. They can use their vitality to make all kinds of exquisite and expensive handicrafts. Players can also complete more tasks than usual with the support of immense vitality to get more resources and Path of Exile Currency. Although players do not yet know exactly what they should do, players can be sure of is that they can have more opportunities to make money in Harvest League.

Harvest League is very easy for players of any level to get started. No matter what, players get valuable POE Orbs and Chaos Orb and POE Items through their own efforts. It is the most friendly league choice for novice players. Hardworking players will never need to Buy POE Currency as long as they insist on farming. Every diligent player deserves the greatest vitality and the most perfect gaming experience.
The developers of the Path Of Exile are preparing for the upcoming Harvest alliance next week.

Harvest hopes that through the introduction of POE Currency, players can obtain resources for farming and manual systems to change RPG in a unique way. According to Grinding Gears, players will be able to build their own farms, called "Holy Grove". Here, players can plant various monsters that can be destroyed and turned into vitality.

Lifeforce will act as a production resource, enabling players to build different things. For example, if the player has enough vitality, they may be able to sacrifice the map to obtain three missions from Alva, convert a pile of motor oil into other types of motor oil, and so on. As a result, players are motivated to continue planting and harvesting monsters to gain enough vitality to make this kind of production.

This brings great potential to players at any stage of the game. New players can use better resources to upgrade faster, intermediate players can access more valuable tasks with less effort, and eventually players can accumulate valuable currency to upgrade their equipment.

Of course, it remains to be seen how convenient this will be. Some fans expressed concern that this farming technique would result in a lot of farming. It is unclear how much vitality is needed for production, and how much vitality is obtained from living things. It's not even clear what the time requirement is, whether it requires hands-on operation or something that happens passively in the background.

There is no doubt that this is definitely a league, it will bring great changes to the players, but whether Buy POE Items will bring addictive game fun, or whether it will be boring, it remains to be seen.
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