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Everybody is fond of Sword and Shield, and the credit for its enormous popularity goes to Game Freaks. Although, the starting period of the game underwent a bit of controversy due to the exclusion of national Pokédex. However, they have erased that fact from the minds of fans by immersing the Pokémon world in a whole new sea.

The inclusion of the new Pokémon are one of their major factor for great success and players are pretty keen about attaining them. One of that Pokémon category that is luring them a lot is the Legendary Pokémon who is also a new aspect of the Pokémon world exclusively included in Sword and Shield.

In this article, we will discuss one of that legendary Pokémon who has attained a lot of hype in no time, Dreepy. Players are pretty keen about catching this legendary Pokémon, and below, we have provided a specific way of locating and catching it in the Galar world. Make sure that you read the article cautiously to get rid of making any sort of mistake.

Locate Dreepy and Drakloak

It is the most irritating and intricate to find and catch Pokémon in the Galar region, and it is pretty favorable for the players if they knew about the location of Pokémon. First, we need to tell our readers about the evolutionary trait of Dreepy, Dreepy– Drakloak– Dragapult. Players can easily locate the first two in the Outrage Lake that lies in the Wild Area. So, the players must have a Rotom bike with a water upgrade.

Once players catch one Pokémon among both of them, then they can easily evolve them into the preferred choice. The only prerequisite for this task is that players need to gain a win over the gym leader of Circhester City alongside needs to explore Route 9. After equipping the water upgrade in the bike, players need to head straight to the Outrage.

They need to use the map to detect the route towards the Lake, and players need to be pretty fortunate for spawning Dreepy or Drakloak because they have very least spawning rate; 1%. Although it is a workaround so we have also obtained a resolve for this problem, and it can be easily fixed by altering the weather condition.

We all know that weather conditions are pretty essential for the spawning of Pokémon, so players need to reset the weather condition to enhance the spawning rate of Dreepy and Drakloak. Before proceeding towards that process, first, we need to know about the favorable weather condition of Dreepy and Drakloak spawning, and they are Thunderstorms and fog; 2%. Players need to change the date and time settings of their Nintendo Switch device, and the weather condition on 1st November 2019 was pretty favorable for the spawning of Dreepy and Drakloak.

How to Catch Dreepy and Drakloak

The process for locating and catching Dreepy and Drakloak is a bit intricate rather than other Pokémon, but a proper strategy can transform the intricacy to ease. Players need to know that there are two essential methods that players need to adapt to catch Dreepy and Drakloak. First, players need to initiate with the aspect of inflicting damage. In such a case, players need to inflict any of the encountered Pokémon by poisonsleepparalysisfreeze, and burn.

It is recommended to go with the option of paralysis, freeze or sleep because they are pretty efficient and easy to use. The second method is to use a special poke ball because this poke ball has the potential of enhancing the catching ability. Players should go with the option of Dusk or Ultra balls, and players need to know that Ultra balls can be used any time, whereas Dusk balls are only useful during night. Once the player successfully catches Dreepy or Drakloak; then they can go with the option of evolving them to keep their hands on Drakloak.

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MiaMinton Jan 16 '20 · Tags: pokémon sword, shield

A couple of months have been passed, and players are now familiar with the Galar region and its aspect in Pokémon Sword and Shield. We all are familiar with the fact that there are several new features added in the Galar region, including the retaining of several Pokémon of the previous generation. However, these Pokémon’s are identical from its predecessor. They have attained a new appearance along with different powers and abilities.

The Anime franchise features these Pokémon, and they are the only whom every fan of Pokémon franchise is being related to. This intriguing initiative has acquired several new gamers to this game, as players are pretty keen about getting an older version of Pokémon in this new version. Corsola is one of that Pokémon whom several players are eager to obtain.

 Corsola came into existence in Johto region and is a Pokémon of Misty in the fifth season of anime. It was a Water/Rock-type Pokémon in the previous generation, but now in the Galar region, it obtains the ability of Ghost-type Pokémon. This is also a reason behind its emerging demand among the gamers of this game, and below, we have discussed specific ways that can prevail you with Corsola in Pokémon Sword and Shield.

How to Get Corsola?

Players must be aware of the fact that Galarian Corsola’s rise in Shield version and trainers with Pokémon Sword has to locate and trade with the owner of Pokémon Shield. The only possible way to get a Corsola in Sword and Shield is by using the ability of the Cursed body. In the wild area, you will encounter Corsola with the ability of Weak Armor. To obtain one with a Cursed body, then players need to play Max raid Battles that occurs in the Giant Mirror section of the wild area. This will enhance the spawning chance of Cursola, which is a predecessor form of Corsola and contain the ability of Cursed Body.

Make sure that this Raid battle requires a minimum 5-star requirement to run it into a Cursed body, and it doesn’t matter whether it has strong or weak body armor. Now, players need to breed Cursola with another Pokémon of Shield. Ditto will be the best Pokémon to get a Cursed Body Corsola, but it will acquire some of the hatched egg to complete this process.


Although getting a Galarian Corsola is a hard task to do compared to other tasks in Pokémon Sword and Shield, such as attaining a Shiny Pokémon or evolution process of several Pokémon. We hope that this blog has served your purpose, and you have successfully attained a Cursed Body Corsola. Make sure you read and follow each step mentioned in this blog carefully.  If you are new to this game and would like to witness its gaming essence, then you can play it on Nintendo Switch.

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