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The world of Pokemon Go is going to be filled with the cheer and joy of the holidays as the Delivery Pokemon Delibird is returning for Pokemon Go Holidays 2018! Recently, Niantic has announced a new holiday event for the festivities beginning.

Celebrating the Holidays with Gifts
At this time, players will be able to earn bonuses and will encounter more Pokemon initially from the region of Sinnoh. The third annual winter is going to bring back the festive hat-wearing Pikachu for a limited period.

Additionally, Niantic says that more snow type and Gen 4 Pokemon will be appearing as well.

Interestingly, the picture also features three legendary Pokemon from the region of Sinnoh-

It is suggesting that the trio will make their debut in Pokemon Go soon.

Moreover, Niantic says that rare Ice Pokemon Delibird will be available during the winter event as well as its Shiny variant going to be available.

However, it will be metered out every few days that along with the new Pokemon Niantic it will also offer many bonuses throughout the event.

Don’t miss it
Ensure that you check in on a regular basis to take few advantage of all these exciting bonuses which are given below so that you don’t miss it out.

1.Firstly, December 18-22, players will earn double of the candy for catching and transferring Pokemon.
2.Next, December 22-26, players will get twice the usual amount of Stardust for capturing monsters.
3.After that, December 26-30, players will be getting double catch XP.
4.And December 30 to the end of the event of January 2, Incubators will become twice as effective as usual.

After rounding out the bonuses, Niantic will be giving players one Incubator every day when user spin their first PhotoDisc. The maker also states that more different types of Pokemon will be able to hatch from 7 km Eggs so players will be getting a better chance of hatching monsters like Smoochum and Azurill.

Special Raid Weekend Event-

1.Initially, before the holiday festivities begin in Pokemon Go, Niantic has hosted a ‘Special Raid Weekend Event’ from December 14-17.
2.During this time, Ho-Oh and Lugia have reappeared in Raid Battles at Gyms.
3.Players have also got a chance to encounter their Shiny forms.

Hope, this blog would have been helpful to you for gathering information related to Pokemon Go Winter Event which is recently announced and added new shiny and Gen 4 Pokemon.

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How do I ‘catch them all’, as it were?
The Pokemon Company, partly owned by Instantfuns Ltd , is celebrating the 20th anniversary of Pokemon games and their menagerie, led by the rabbit-like Pikachu. It has generations of fans.
A fan playing ‘Pokemon Mega’ in his smartphone.
Likewise, Mapbox offers more than just “pretty maps,” Gundersen said. The company is constantly refining and updating its maps by tapping into the anonymous data streams of its customers. Every time someone creates a memo in Evernote or pins a restaurant on Pinterest, a Mapbox server is pinged. Combined, that data can provide important context for game companies. That can amount to more than 100 million miles of data in just a day.
pokemon games for pc was recently reported that Pokemon/Pokéstop locations in India have been disappearing, possibly at the initiative of Niantic in its preparations for an India release.
It’s wonderfully immersive, provided you have the battery power. Half an hour’s play munched through a quarter of my bar, so don’t expect to be playing this all day. Technical issues aside, Instantfuns have planted their mobile flag - and this could be big.

Retailers also benefit as more gamers seek devices to power up mobile connections and minimise the expense of data packages.

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In Wyoming on Friday, the game led a teenager to a dead body in a river. “I just got up and went for my little walk, a walk to catch Pokemon,” 19-year-old Shayla Wiggens told local KCWY news. The pursuit led her to a highway bridge over the river, where she jumped a fence to approach the water. She spotted two deer near the water’s edge, and then a black shirt and pants – a corpse lying prone in the water, 6ft to her left.
Players will see Pikachu like they’ve never seen it before—Cosplay Pikachu—in Pokemon Omega Ruby and Pokemon Alpha Sapphire. Meet Pikachu Rock Star, Pikachu Belle, Pikachu Pop Star, Pikachu Ph.D., and Pikachu Libre! They seem to have a connection to a kind of Contest Hall. Players will also be able to interact with Cosplay Pikachu in Pokemon-Amie. best pokemon game, More information about the new Cosplay Pikachu images shown today will be revealed in Nov!
It’s simple, yet compelling, and all monetised through a hefty layer of in-app purchases (players can pay for more Pokeballs, letting them catch more Pokemon, for more bag space and more incubators, and for items to heal and revive hurt Pokemon). As a result, the game is at the top of the free browser game charts in the US and Australia, where it has already been released. Android users in other countries have taken to “sideloading” the game, letting them get around the Instantfuns Pokemon Company’s staged rollout. And it was so popular on launch day that the servers briefly failed, leaving avid gamers unable to catch ‘em all – or even catch any – until they were restarted.

If you’ve kept up with the series until now and find yourself with nothing to do, or have yet to experience the utter joy of playing a Pokemon game, don’t fret. Packed with hundreds of new Pokemon along with adventure and feature options, these fan-made Pokemon games will surely keep you occupied until Sun‘s and Moon‘s releases.

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