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Part's of Netizens couldn't hold on to experience to go between this present reality and the virtual universe of Pokemon, particularly here in the Philippines. John Hanke the author of Niantic, the game engineer expressed that he would rather not limit the game's accessibility. The game was delivered generally in the European nations, but they absolutely fixed some server issues determined to send off this game to around 200 nations.

Find Pokémon in reality with Pokemon Go!

The 26 nations in Europe which Pokemon Go was sent off, incorporates: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Greenland, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, and Switzerland. Who can say for sure? on account of the huge measure of players locally, I don't figure Philippines will be disregarded as well as other Asian nations who has enormous number of players anticipating this game.


Pokemon Go is again running amongst trending video games, thanks to Niantic’s perseverance that frequently adds new stuff to it. Several new Pokemons, updates, and features have been included in the game in the past few months. More importantly, the list of newly added Pokemon contains names of various Legendary Pokemon, and precisely, it is the most significant factor that is intriguing gamers towards this game.


Nowadays, players are after a specific Legendary Pokemon known as Giratina which has recently stepped into Pokemon Go. However, most of them are mentioning over social media threads that they are unable to find Giratina. Thus, here in this article, we are going to provide help to them in finding and catching Giratina with ease. Additionally, we suggest all the gamers who are reading this article to be attentive because the whole process is a bit complicated.

How to Find and Capture Giratina in Pokemon Go

Before jumping onto the primary process, let us first brief our gamers about Giratina a bit. He is a Legendary Pokemon that has been retained into Pokemon Go through generation 4th video game; Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. Furthermore, the archaeologists of the mysterious Pokemon world have regarded Giratina as the Satan of the Poke universe. Giratina lives in a shady parallel world known as the Distortion World. Thus, it was nearly impossible for the gamers to even encounter him in the game however now it is possible, thanks to Niantic who have added it recently to the game.

How to Catch Giratina in Pokemon Go

At first, gamers need to know that the only possible way through which they are allowed to catch a Legendary Giratina is Raid Battle. Hence, players need to partake in the Raid Battle of Giratina; however, it hasn’t arrived. For over a month, Raid Battles in Pokemon Go are hosting Mega Evolved Pokemon. However, it is expected that Legendary Pokemon Raid Battle will have arrived in the game from next week and Giratina will be the first one hosting it.

Players should start preparing for that battle and deploying FairyDarkDragonIce, or Ghost-types Pokemon will be extremely beneficial against Giratina. Furthermore, players need to attain a Premier or Curve Pokeball because Giratina is a Legendary Pokemon, and it won’t be caught through a normal Pokeball.

Moreover, it is expected that upcoming months such as October and November will be crucial for the gamers of Pokemon Go; as several new events and updates are about to be added to it. So, all the gamers should keep playing Pokemon Go without missing a single event of it.


Mega Evolutions have managed quite well to intrigued gamers towards Pokemon Go. However, it's been a month since the Mega Evolution update has arrived into this game and now players are asking for something new. The assumptions and anticipations of the gamers are quite clear that soon Legendary Pokemon’ Raid Battle will be induced in Pokemon Go.

Besides, the following article is here to help the gamers about a Legendary Pokemon known as Giratina that is assumed to be entered in Pokemon Go’s premises soon. We have briefed about all the necessary information required to find and catch it in Pokemon Go in the coming days.Gamers can play Pokemon Go on their iOS and Android devices.

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Ava Williams is a trained expert who works with the development team with feedback from customers to make it to expectations. He lives in New York and In addition to his work, he also writes for his personal blog


Things have changed a lot in Pokemon Go after the inclusion of the new Mega Evolution update. Now, various unique aspects, Pokemon, and features have been added to the game, and in this article, we are going to brief the gamers about one of these features. The feature is known as Mega Energy, which is an essential resource rather than a feature, and gamers can Mega evolve their Pokemon through it. Below we have provided a proper workaround through which players can find and attain Mega Energy in Pokemon Go with ease.

How to Find and Use Mega Energy in Pokemon Go

First of all, gamers need to know that Mega Energy will only work on a few Pokemon. Now, players need to know that there are two methods through which they can use Mega Energy. More importantly, the gamers can obtain Mega Energy through Mega Raids. Thus, gamers require to take part in these raids, and when they succeed in completing them, they will be rewarded with Mega Energy. In addition to this, the gamers who will knock down the Raid boss will get more Mega Energy. Alternatively, there is an easy way to gather Mega Energy by accomplishing a specific project known as a Mega Discovery.

Furthermore, players need to know that Mega Energy will evolve their Pokemon at a particular time. The time duration is depending upon the amount of Mega Energy used. Moreover, players need to tap a specific button located beneath the Power-Up icon to activate Mega Evolution through Mega Energy. The Mega raids are the best way to gather Mega Energy because it is relatively easy to accomplish, and it would offer various rewards alongside Mega Energy.


Gamers can Mega Evolve their Pokemon through Mega Energy, an essential resource recently introduced by Pokemon Go. Gamers need to participate in the Mega Raids to obtain Mega Energy for specific Pokemon, and later on, they can Mega Evolve their ideal Pokemon using Mega Energy. In this article, we have provided all the requisite information on Mega Energy. All the gamers who want to know how to find and get Mega Energy should assist this article. We hope all the gamers who have visited this article will find worth reading it.

Players who want to obtain the gaming experience of Pokemon Go can attain it on iOS and Android devices.

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Abigail Smith

Mega Raids are finally available in Pokemon Go throughout the world. Currently, with the help of Special Research and Mega Raids, trainers can earn Mega Energy. The bosses in Mega Raid battles are Mega Blastoise, Mega Charizard, and Mega Venusaur. All these three Pokemon belong to the starter category of the “Kanto” region. Mega Raid battles are slightly different from normal Raid battles. In Mega Raid battles, trainers have to battle against Mega Evolved Pokemon that offers rewards like Mega Energy.

Sources :- Pokemon Go: All Major Counters of Mega Blastoise , Blog-antivirus

However, winning the Mega Raid battles is not as easy as regular Raid battles. Trainers have to make a strong team with friends to defeat the Mega Pokemon. If trainers win the raid quickly, they can win a high number of Mega Energy. A thing to remember is that not every Pokemon evolves in Mega form.

The entire three starters Pokemon in Mega Raid are quite powerful, and they all belong to different types. However, Blastoise is a Water-type Pokemon, and it is the toughest Pokemon for many trainers. To defeat the Mega Blastoise, you have to prepare with some strong trainers for Raid battle and choose those Pokemon, which are strong against Mega Blastoise. The best option to defeat the Mega Blastoise is to use the Grass and Electric-type Pokemon. So here is the list of Pokemon that you can use in the Mega Blastoise Raid battle.

Best Mega Blastoise Counters

  • Shadow Raikou – ThunderShock/Wild Charge
  • Shadow Zapdos – ThunderShock/Thunderbolt
  • Shadow Magnezone – Spark/Wild Charge
  • Zekrom – Charge Beam/Wild Charge
  • Mega (or Shadow) Venusaur – Vine Whip/Frenzy Plant
  • Shadow Mewtwo – Psycho Cut/Thunderbolt
  • Tangrowth – Vine Whip/Power Whip

All these above mentioned Pokemon are very strong against Mega Blastoise, and also popular among trainers. Most of the trainers have registered Zaptos, Raikou, and Mewtwo. If any trainers don’t have the above mentioned Pokemon, they simply have to use their most powerful Electric and Grass-type Pokemon and prepare for battle.

After successfully defeating the Mega Blastoise, trainers will get Mega Energy of Blastoise to help this Pokemon turn in Mega form. Remember that Blastoise’s Mega Energy can be only used on Blastoise; it can’t be used on any other Pokemon. On the first attempt, trainers have to use 200 Mega Energy, but it will drop down to only 50 Mega Energy after that.


The Mega Evolution theme will completely live in September. Niantic might reveal several new species of Pokemon along with some Mega forms of existing Pokemon. However, things will get clear when Niantic launches new content in September.

Abigail Smith is an inventive person who has been doing intensive research in particular topics and writing blogs and articles on Blog-antivirus and many other related topics. He is a very knowledgeable person with lots of experience.


A new challenge known as A Thousand Year Slumber has arrived in Pokémon Go. Gamers across the globe are super-excited as Nintendo is continuously providing new events and challenges in it. This new challenge will not only offer candies and level inflation but will also grant the gamers to catch Jirachi. Those who are not familiar with Jirachi; it is a legendary Pokémon which is quite rare and potent. If you intend to catch Jirachi through A Thousand Year Slumber, read the below-written workaround carefully.

About Jirachi

 Before proceeding further to the following process, gamers need to know about Jirachi. Jirachi is one of the most unique Pokémon of Pokémon Go, which came into existence in the franchise video game, Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire. The mythology of Pokémon’s world has a massive description of Jirachi; several Pokémon experts stated that Jirachi is sleeping from the past 1000 years.

Once the time interval of 1000 Years is over, gamers, aka Poké masters, have the chance to catch it. However, the chance can only be granted for seven days after that, Jirachi will again start sleeping for the next 1000 years. Thus, this fact and story make Jirachi as one of the rarest Pokémon of the Pokémon world. A Thousand Year Slumber Challenge is an excellent opportunity for gamers to add Jirachi to their lineup.

How to Complete A Thousand Year Slumber Challenge

There are seven stages that gamers have to surpass to complete the A Thousand Year Slumber Challenge alongside to catch Jirachi. Each stage except the last stage contains three small tasks that gamers have to accomplish. These tasks are quite easy to complete, and players will get super-exciting rewards for each of them. Below we have brief out about all the stages alongside their small tasks and rewards.

First Stage

  • The gamers first have to make three new Pokémon friends; then, they will encounter Feebas as a reward.
  • The players have to spin at least ten Gyms and PokéStops; then, they will encounter Jigglypuff as a reward.
  • The gamers have to Catch at least 25 new Pokémons; then, they will get 1000 XP as a reward.

Reward: The gamers will get a Magnetic Lure, Mossy Lure, and Glacial Lure after completing this stage.

Second Stage

  • The gamers have to Catch at least 90 Pokémons using Hoenn Pokedex; then, they will get a 1500 XP as a reward.
  • The players have to evolve Feebas; then, they will get a 1500 XP as a reward.
  • The gamers have to Catch at least 3 Whismur; then, they will get 10 Whismur Candies as a reward.

Reward: The gamers will get 3 Incense, 2000 Stardust, and 10 Pokeballs after completing this stage.

Third Stage

  • The gamers have to obtain at least three candies while walking with your buddy Pokémon; then, they will get a 2000 XP as a reward.
  • The players have to execute at least three best throws consecutively; then, they will get a 2000 XP as a reward.
  • The gamers have to obtain the picture of Loudred; then, they will encounter Snorlax as a reward.

Reward: The gamers will get 2000 Stardust, three pieces of Star, and 20 Silver Pinap berries after completing this stage.

Fourth Stage

  • The gamers have to send at least ten gifts; then, they will get a 2500 XP as a reward.
  • The players have to powerup at least one Pokémon  for ten times; then, they will get a 2500 XP as a reward.
  • The gamers have to catch at least 50 Steel and Psychic Pokémon ; then, they will get a 2500 XP as a reward.

Reward: The gamers will get a raid pass, Charge TM, and Fast TM after completing this stage.

Fifth Stage

  • The gamers have to win at least five new raids; then, they will get a 3000 XP as a reward.
  • The players have to beat at least seven trainers consecutively; then, they will get a 3000 XP as a reward.
  • The gamers have to fight at least three times with team leader; then, they will encounter Kricketune as a reward.

Reward: The gamers will get 3000 Stardust, 20 Ultra balls, and three rare candies after completing this stage.

Sixth Stage

  • The gamers have to spin a PokeStop for at least seven days consecutively; then, they will get a 4000 XP as a reward.
  • The players have to execute at least three throws with Curveball; then, they will encounter with Bronzong as a reward.
  • The gamers have to capture at least five photos of Psychic and Steel Pokémon ; then, they will get an encounter with Chimecho as a reward.

Reward: The gamers will get 5000 Stardust, ten pieces of the Star, and ten silver Pinap berries after completing this stage.

Once the gamers have completed all the tasks of the stages as mentioned above, then they will get successfully unlocked Jirachi. After that, they will get Jirachi as a reward.

The gamers who haven’t play Pokémon GO can obtain its gaming experience on Android and iOS.

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