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A new challenge known as A Thousand Year Slumber has arrived in Pokémon Go. Gamers across the globe are super-excited as Nintendo is continuously providing new events and challenges in it. This new challenge will not only offer candies and level inflation but will also grant the gamers to catch Jirachi. Those who are not familiar with Jirachi; it is a legendary Pokémon which is quite rare and potent. If you intend to catch Jirachi through A Thousand Year Slumber, read the below-written workaround carefully.

About Jirachi

 Before proceeding further to the following process, gamers need to know about Jirachi. Jirachi is one of the most unique Pokémon of Pokémon Go, which came into existence in the franchise video game, Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire. The mythology of Pokémon’s world has a massive description of Jirachi; several Pokémon experts stated that Jirachi is sleeping from the past 1000 years.

Once the time interval of 1000 Years is over, gamers, aka Poké masters, have the chance to catch it. However, the chance can only be granted for seven days after that, Jirachi will again start sleeping for the next 1000 years. Thus, this fact and story make Jirachi as one of the rarest Pokémon of the Pokémon world. A Thousand Year Slumber Challenge is an excellent opportunity for gamers to add Jirachi to their lineup.

How to Complete A Thousand Year Slumber Challenge

There are seven stages that gamers have to surpass to complete the A Thousand Year Slumber Challenge alongside to catch Jirachi. Each stage except the last stage contains three small tasks that gamers have to accomplish. These tasks are quite easy to complete, and players will get super-exciting rewards for each of them. Below we have brief out about all the stages alongside their small tasks and rewards.

First Stage

  • The gamers first have to make three new Pokémon friends; then, they will encounter Feebas as a reward.
  • The players have to spin at least ten Gyms and PokéStops; then, they will encounter Jigglypuff as a reward.
  • The gamers have to Catch at least 25 new Pokémons; then, they will get 1000 XP as a reward.

Reward: The gamers will get a Magnetic Lure, Mossy Lure, and Glacial Lure after completing this stage.

Second Stage

  • The gamers have to Catch at least 90 Pokémons using Hoenn Pokedex; then, they will get a 1500 XP as a reward.
  • The players have to evolve Feebas; then, they will get a 1500 XP as a reward.
  • The gamers have to Catch at least 3 Whismur; then, they will get 10 Whismur Candies as a reward.

Reward: The gamers will get 3 Incense, 2000 Stardust, and 10 Pokeballs after completing this stage.

Third Stage

  • The gamers have to obtain at least three candies while walking with your buddy Pokémon; then, they will get a 2000 XP as a reward.
  • The players have to execute at least three best throws consecutively; then, they will get a 2000 XP as a reward.
  • The gamers have to obtain the picture of Loudred; then, they will encounter Snorlax as a reward.

Reward: The gamers will get 2000 Stardust, three pieces of Star, and 20 Silver Pinap berries after completing this stage.

Fourth Stage

  • The gamers have to send at least ten gifts; then, they will get a 2500 XP as a reward.
  • The players have to powerup at least one Pokémon  for ten times; then, they will get a 2500 XP as a reward.
  • The gamers have to catch at least 50 Steel and Psychic Pokémon ; then, they will get a 2500 XP as a reward.

Reward: The gamers will get a raid pass, Charge TM, and Fast TM after completing this stage.

Fifth Stage

  • The gamers have to win at least five new raids; then, they will get a 3000 XP as a reward.
  • The players have to beat at least seven trainers consecutively; then, they will get a 3000 XP as a reward.
  • The gamers have to fight at least three times with team leader; then, they will encounter Kricketune as a reward.

Reward: The gamers will get 3000 Stardust, 20 Ultra balls, and three rare candies after completing this stage.

Sixth Stage

  • The gamers have to spin a PokeStop for at least seven days consecutively; then, they will get a 4000 XP as a reward.
  • The players have to execute at least three throws with Curveball; then, they will encounter with Bronzong as a reward.
  • The gamers have to capture at least five photos of Psychic and Steel Pokémon ; then, they will get an encounter with Chimecho as a reward.

Reward: The gamers will get 5000 Stardust, ten pieces of the Star, and ten silver Pinap berries after completing this stage.

Once the gamers have completed all the tasks of the stages as mentioned above, then they will get successfully unlocked Jirachi. After that, they will get Jirachi as a reward.

The gamers who haven’t play Pokémon GO can obtain its gaming experience on Android and iOS.

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Alessia Martine

Pokémon Go is a famous augmented reality game that was released in 2016. Since then the game has persisted to achieve new milestones. All the credit for its enormous success goes to Nintendo who keeps on including new events and updates in it. Thus, nowadays a new event is going on in the game known as Sinnoh Throwback Challenge. This event contains various tasks and several essentials rewards are linked to it. Below we have specifically mentioned all the tasks and the rewards that gamers will get after accomplishing them.



First Task

  • This quest requires from the gamers to execute at least three Great Throws.
  • This quest requires the gamers to include an Electric Pokémon to their lineup.
  • This quest requires gamers to recharge their Pokémon for at least 3 times.

Rewards: The gamers will get one Razz Berry along with two Pinap berries and an encounter with Shinx.

Second Task

  • The gamers have to include an Ice-type Pokémon to their lineup.
  • The gamers require to earn one Candy while walking with your Buddy Pokémon.
  • The gamers need to Evolve one of their Pokémon.

Rewards: The gamers will get two Razz Berries along with one Pinap berry and an encounter with Abomasnow.

Third Task       

  • The players are required to include a Steel-type Pokémon to their team.
  • The players need to take a screenshot of a Steel Pokémon from the Pokedex.
  • The players have to provide their Buddy at least 3 Treats.

Rewards: The players will get one Razzberry along with two Pinap berries and an encounter with Shieldon.

Fourth Task

  • The gamers have to win a battle against a veteran trainer.
  • The gamers are required to include a Ghost-type Pokémon in their team.
  • The gamers need to utilize three berries to catch a Pokémon.

Rewards: The gamers will get two Razz berries along with one Pinap berry and an encounter with Drifloon.

Fifth Task

  • The players have to add a Ground-type Pokémon to their lineup.
  • The gamers need to attain ten Candies while walking along with your Buddy.
  • The players are required to include a Water-type Pokémon to their team.

Rewards: The gamers will get one Razzberry along with two Pinap berries and an encounter with Prinplup.

Sixth Task

  • The players need to hatch an Egg.
  • The players have to execute at least three Throws.
  • The gamers have to include a Fighting-type Pokémon to their team.

Rewards: The gamers will get two Razz berries along with one Pinap berry and an encounter with Monferno.

The gamers who are keen to play Pokémon Go can obtain their gaming experience on iOS and Android devices.

Sam John  is a self-professed security expert; he has been making the people aware of the security threats. His passion is to write about Cyber security, cryptography, malware, social engineering, internet and new media. He writes for Norton security products at


Devin Smith

"Lunar New Year" event is going to happen this year, and players are waiting for various  Pokémon in the area around Pokémon Go. Most of the gamers are desiring to get "Gyarados" and especially shiny ones. This is a rare flying and water type Pokémon having various features according to its design and attacking powers. As usual, this Pokémon is extremely hard to catch, but with the launching of the Lunar new year occasion, it will be very easy for every trainer or gamer to catch. They have to search in the wild areas of Pokémon Go.

The rare and gamers' favorite or desired creatures require more time to catch as they are a rare and very difficult task to catch. This great opportunity provides a good chance to catch this shiny Pokémon.

Gyarados Evolution Process

The common method of getting this rare monster is through evolution from "Magikarp," and the players have to need to collect at least four hundred candies to perform the evolution process. Gamers are advised to tap on the "Appraisal" tab to get the most desired and possible Magikarp just before selecting one for this process.

Players have to search Magikarps, and even shiny Magikarps in the surrounding area of Pokémon Go during this event. It is like a golden opportunity to find their desired monster as shiny Gyarados. Magikarp will be roaming or wandering in various regions of Pokémon Go, and then the players can snag their desired ones.

For the evolution process from a Magikarp to Gyarados, the gamers will need to get about 400 candies, and thus, they have to struggle to get the same. One can get the Shiny Magikarp for the evolution of Shiny Gyarados in that region. They have to use "Shiny Magikarp" for converting it into Shiny Gyarados.

Raids for Catching Shiny Gyarados

This unique and rare creature can be obtained through raids, and one could get this elusive Pokémon in the fourth level of the raid. This Pokémon will be a level of the raid rotation during the event. Players are advised to take their friends and take down this monster during the raid as it will appear in the fourth raid.

In the raid, players can use various attacking Pokémon that are capable of fighting or battling against flying and water Pokémon as this rare monster having water and flying moves. Gamers use electric or shock, giving Pokémon to beat and tackle down it down as this creature becomes weak against electric attacks. There are various electric creatures such as Zapdos, Luxray, Raikou, Electivire, and much more.

Energized Spawn Rate

This rare monster Pokémon can be found flying over the wild areas during this event as this is a flying and water-type Pokémon, but it lets the players struggle a lot to catch it. So the gamers can focus in the sky to find the shiny Gyarados. The theme of this ceremony is red, and the chance of flying and water  Pokémon will increase to be sparkling throughout the event as the color of this Pokémon is also red.

Schedule of the Event

This Lunar event will be live up to 1: 00 PM on the 3rd of February, 2020. There will be various things that gamers are desiring to take advantage of this event. So, the player is looking for this great opportunity to avail of these chances.

In the event, Gyarados is the main attraction for the gamers to find and catch this rarely found creature. The wild area is open for the users to catch this water and flying  Pokémon. The  Pokémon also attracts the gamers by its design and powers.

 Pokémon  Go is still progressing from the year 2016 when it came the first time for mobile users. The game cannot be considered as a "Stand-Alone" game; on the other hand, numerous gamers are experiencing this game on mobile devices. Various other users take it as stand-in between the common  Pokémon  games as many are enjoying this game on core games.

This event of Lunar New Year provides a boost towards the success of this game as this provides chances to catch some of the rare  Pokémon  that looks hard to find.

Devin Smith is a creative person who has been writing blogs and articles about cyber security. He writes about the latest updates regarding and how it can improve the work experience of users. His articles have been published in many popular e-magazines, blogs and websites.



Pokémon Go provides various interesting features alongside numerous powerful and dynamic creatures. The popularity of this game has not decreased with time. Apart from the popularity of this game, Niantic decides to introduce such type of game based on Harry Potter with the name “Harry Potter Go. It also got a little bit of popularity but nothing compared to the greatness of Pokémon Go.

Gamers want to grab all the powerful and energetic Pokémon by including almost the variants and species of shines. Some shining creature appears and can be caught through particular events and Pokémon special occasions. These shiny creatures are often introduced for the gamers by special tournaments or accidentally.

Here, we are going to provide the best shiny Pokémon of Pokémon Go. Take a look through the list to know more about these shinies.

  1. Shiny Detective Pikachu

Niantic added this hat-wearing “Pikachu” in Pokémon Go after getting unprecedented popularity and success of the movie “Detective Pikachu.” The Pikachu is wearing Ash’s hat throughout the release theme of Pokémon Go. It became one of the rarely seen creatures throughout the game.

This shiny monster can only be captured through the Pokémon augmented reality camera that provides a photobomb effect to this hat-wearing shiny creature. It can’t be found in the wilds like other hat-wearing Pikachus and various other monsters.

  • Santa Hat Dressed Pichu

It is the rarest version of baby Pikachu and it can only be found in various Halloween events and is also known as Witch hat Pichu. If the gamer wants to add this lovely creature in its Pokedex, then he has to wait for Halloween event. The shiny Santa hat looks very dynamic and cute, that’s the reason that gamers want to grab it to add to the list of shinies.

This “Witch hat” lovely creature can be caught only after hatching of eggs of about 2KM, and these specifications made this Pokémon very rare to locate and catch. The Santa and Party type hat dressed Pikachu is one of the hardest find versions of Pokémon monsters.

  • Shiny Clefairy

“Clefairy” is one of the most-demanded shiny creatures among Pokémon lovers. This shiny Pokémon appears in the special fest of “Pokémon Go.” However, it was removed further from the Pokémon Go by Niantic. It’s just like “Shiny Abra” that was also removed for some reason. Those gamers are lucky who caught this lovely and rare Shiny Pokémon prior to deletion from the game.

Clefairy is back for the gamers to add this creature into their Pokedex. This can only be possible by searching “Cleffa” a shiny Pokémon. Then the gamers have to evolve this creature to get shiny Clefairy. It can’t be found in the region and wild areas. On the other hand, shiny Cleffa can only be caught by the egg hatching process.

  • Shiny Zubat

It is also one of the rarest found Pokémon in Pokémon Go. “Zubats” can be found in various regions of wilds, and caves. While encountering Zubats in caves, the games should be very careful as the group of Zubats will attack you to make you flee from their region. These things make this creature rare and hard to catch.

There are various other methods that players can use to find and grab this shiny monster. They can use various research encounters, egg hatching techniques, and wandering in wilds to perform search operations.

  • Shiny Lunatone

This shiny creature is also rare to locate and catch. Lunatone was introduced the first time after the last year’s event of “Equinox.” The Solrock and Lunatone were free to capture, but the shiny editions of these monsters were not in the game of Pokémon Go. These two are particularly regional creatures. Lunatone was found somewhere in the regions of Africa and America, whereas Solrock was in the Asian regions, including Australia and Europe.

During the event, both exchanged their locations, and when the event completes, they become available for the first time in its shiny forms.

  • Shiny Abra

It’s one of the rare and unprogrammed Pokémon as it was not made to be introduced for “Pokémon Go.” Abra faced programming error in teleporting the game to various consoles and platforms, but gamers were desiring to get this rare creature. Gamers were lucky who grabs this Pokémon for their Pokedex to increase the Pokémon strengths.

Gamers use one throw to catch this rarely seen monster, and it’s their luck if they got their desired one. The encounter swings between hopes and doubts to get this monster as it is said that this Pokémon knows various techniques and powerful moves.

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Kellie Minton  arrived on the cyber security scene in the early 2000s when virus and malware were still new and slowly evolving. Her longtime affair with writing with an interest in the cybersecurity industry, combined with her IT degree, has contributed to experience several aspects of security suite industry such as blogging at  .


With the introduction of Research tasks, the developers have offered the “A Mythical Discovery” particular task. Gamers will locate this in the binoculars shaped like icon on the screen. First of all, you will identify your Field Research tasks and then progress to get a Legendary Pokémon. Here is how you can do it:

Way to Catch Mew in Pokémon Go

There is a total of eight quests that you need to complete as requested by Professor Willow. So, remember to complete each of them and unlock Mew Pokémon. Also, gamers will earn a significant amount of XP along the way and rewards. If you are getting close to the completion of every single-player task, make sure to crack a Lucky Egg in order to avail double XP. Here is the list that players will need to catch the Mythical Pokémon Mew in the game.

Mew: Quest Stage 1/8 (500 XP) –

Undoubtedly, this is one of the most comfortable stages that you can complete in your Poke-sleep.  

  • Catch ten Pokémon.
  • Spin Pokestops five times.
  • Move five Pokémon.
  • Rewards: 1 Incubator, 10 Great Balls and 3 Lures.

Mew: Quest Stage 2/8 (1000 XP) –

In this stage, you will have to walk at least 6 km with your friend with the lowest candy making distance equipped. Players can utilize Magikrap Pokémon to cover 1 Km distance in no time. In case you got any incubators, try to use it in order to cover more 2 km distance easily.

  • Hatch three Eggs.
  • Get two cadies traveling with your friend.
  • Make ten great throws.
  • Rewards: 3 incense, 2000 stardust, and 20 great balls.

Mew: Quest Stage 3/8 (1500 XP) –

Unless you are a beginner, reaching to the level 15 should be the priority. Otherwise, you need to complete the other tasks, i.e., taking part in 2 raids and gym battling, should support to earn enough XP. Ensure that to crack the Lucky Egg every time and makeup to 10000 XP in a raid. Note, there is no need to worry about win or catching the Pokémon; players just need to take part in it.

  • Fight in 2 Raids.
  • Fight in a gym x2.
  • Reach fifteen levels.
  • Rewards: 2 Star Pieces, 1 Quick TM and 1 Charge TM.

Mew: Quest Stage 4/8 (2000 XP) –

Even if you are playing the game casually, you need to get at least 50 original Pokémon access the quest for the Silver Kanto medal. Other than that, evolving 20 Pokémon should not challenging either if a player is more focused on Pidgeys for a Pidgey evolution party. Use a Lucky Egg active for once, and you will earn double XP conveniently. Try to pair up with Pokémon Magikarp or another one and reduce the distance effortlessly.

  • Attain a silver Kanto medal.
  • Get five candies by traveling with your friends.
  • Evolve twenty Pokémon.
  • Rewards: 3 Lures, 20 Great Balls and 4000 Stardust.

Mew: Quest Stage 5/8 (2500 XP) –

Now, things will start getting interesting as players need to catch a Ditto in the Pokémon Go game. Thereafter, get an excellent throw and complete the quest without even worrying about finding the Pokémon, just make 20 great throws. 

  • Make twenty Great throws.
  • Get ten Ghost Pokémon.
  • Get a Ditto.
  • Rewards: 1Lucky Egg, 1 Premium Raid Pass and 15 Revives.

Mew: Quest Stage 6/8 (3000 XP) –

For this quest, you need to evolve a Magikarp Pokémon and battle in ten raids that will definitely support to reach level 25 in the blink of an eye.

  • Evolve a Magikarp.
  • Reach 25 levels.
  • Fight in ten raids.
  • Rewards: 3 Incense, 6000 stardust, and 5 Rare Candy.

Mew: Quest Stage 7/8 (3500 XP) –

You are so close now to complete the Mew quest. All you need to do is catch fifty Pokémon with a berry and make a curve throw.

  • Attain a gold Kanto medal.
  • Get fifty Pokémon with a berry.
  • Make one great curve throw.
  • Rewards: A Legendary Pokémon Encounter, 8000 Stardust and 20 Ultra balls.

Mew: Quest Stage 8/8 (4000 XP) –

Unlike a raid, do not worry as Mew cannot flee that will give enough time to catch. So, give your best shot and get the Legendary Pokémon conveniently.

  • Catch Mew.
  • Rewards: 20 Mew Candy, 10000 Stardust and 1 Super Incubator.

Way to Catch Mewtwo in Pokémon Go

Previously, Mewtwo was a regular ex-raid Mythical Pokémon in the game, whereas it has now been swapped with Deoxys. However, such legendary Pokémon is not available for now, but it is worth to wait for its return in the Pokémon Go. Besides that, the best way to Mewtwo is by using Houndoom, Gyarados, and Tyranitar with a dark moveset. Most importantly, it is weak against dark, ghost and bug, so, make sure to build better tactics to catch it with no problem.

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Kellie Minton  is a self-professed security expert; he has been making the people aware of the security threats. His passion is to write about Cyber security, cryptography, malware, social engineering, internet and new media. He writes for Norton security products at

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