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Brandlift is the expert in printing and we have been serving the Sunshine Coast for years. With our range of knowledge, we can handle all your printing needs from start to finish. We offer a product range of all your printing needs from business cards to flyers, catalogues and images of and more. Our team are passionate about our work, and have been in the industry for many years. We provide a variety of Printing Sunshine Coast services to help you run your business at its best. We can print full-colour offset or digital on legal documents, brochures, leaflets and posters.
Phoebe Jacobson

Sublimation printing is a new technology that allows for high-quality digital printing on nearly all materials. With sublimation, you can print on anything from paper to fabrics to metal - even food! This technology has many benefits over traditional printing methods, such as lower costs, increased print quality, and a lack of limitations on what can be printed. With our new technology, we have the potential to revolutionize the printing industry.

Whether you're looking for a printer for your business or looking to upgrade your current one, this is the perfect fit. Our sublimation printers are designed to produce high-quality prints that can last up to 150 years. We have a great selection of inks and toners, as well as paper, making it easy for you to get started right away. Visit this website

Pleasant Printing Company
With abundant options already seeping into your mind, it’s quite natural to have a confusing order of priority. You can pick and choose custom flyer and brochure printing services based on a variety of aspects, but it’s crucial that you round off on important ones. Let’s begin!

It’s easy to walk into a printing services company that offers these services offered. However, after exploring through a list of limited options, you may want to check another. This process prolongs until you find the right one, which could be, by the end, tiring for you.

With online Flyer and Brochure Printing Services available, your adventures on the Internet can properly take off with style. Indeed, not only a large range of options keep popping to attract and win your attention, it saves ample time and costs.

Whether you wish to have 8.5 x 11 or 8.5 x 14 sized brochures, your decision to have them printed in the first place is an effective step for marketing. With the variables like paper thickness, folding type, proofing and shrink wrapping, your approach to make a personalized brochure becomes perfect. You also get the options to choose the pantone colors or provide any custom ones too.

Having doubts about the quality and bleed is quite natural. We recommend you to request a sample and evaluate for yourself. In custom brochure painting, you will have direct access to a variety of use cases and samples to discover. Clear and authentic references can guide your way to find the ideal brochures for a specific marketing strategy or plan.

Browse through different choices available in the marketplace. As it makes way for some more time in hand, you can see through other possibilities for experimentation too. Check with the printing company to know more.
Butterfly Graphics and Printing
Butterfly Graphics and Printing is all you want from a wholesale printing. We are known for our excellent-quality design and print services, highly professional printing solutions, and unbeatable prices. Our mission is to help resale businesses grow no matter what the size or budget. We only accept orders from print resellers such as graphic designers, printers, marketing agencies, print brokers, copy shops, photographers, mail centers, etc., and offer comprehensive solutions for their marketing needs. We are ready to assist you with every print essential that your brand needs to stand out above the rest. Our websites offer a wide selection of materials and products as well as various print options, turnaround and shipping options, price matching, local delivery to eligible companies in the GTA, and communication channels to stay in touch with our customers. To turn heads and create quite an impact, eye-grabbing, professional signs, banners, displays, or other physical forms of advertising are still a must for any business. People's minds are directly affected by what they see. We want to make sure that your message gets seen and is impressive and memorable enough to yield expected results. We are honoured that our customers find us reliable and purchase from us with confidence. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can contact us for help, guidance, or no reason by calling at +1 905-943-7770 or email us at
Monica Kilgore

In addition to protecting soap, containers provide an eye-catching and attractive look. There are several manufacturers utilizing these trunks asa packaging solution for their cleanser items. There are numerous materials available on the market that can be used to make cases, including cardboard, kraft, and corrugated paper. All of them have their own advantages that make them ideal for use as wrapping solutions.

You may wonder, how can you determine which is the best material for your soap products so that they are completely safe? The answer to the question is quite obvious; cardboard is excellent for trunks because of its durability and reliability. Cardboard soap boxes are perfect for packaging soap due to their several features.

Here Are Some Reasons Why These Paperboard Trunks are The Perfect Fit For Your Business:

Their Durability and Reliability are Unmatched:

Whenever you want to have a wrapping solution for your soap items, the main concern is how much it could provide protection to them. It becomes even more crucial for you to have strong and powerful containers for your soaps if you have an online business so they are completely safe and can be safely delivered to your clients. Since your goods are what symbolize your brand's reputation and values. For this reason, you have to choose the box that is highly suitable for the cleansers.

Soap cases made from cardboard are sturdy and are able to withstand external pressure without damaging your goods. This is because they are dedicated to providing great customer service and delivering soaps safely and effectively. 

A Cost-Effective Solution for You:

Boxes made from plastic material are expensive as well as can be recycled. They are also harmful to soap due to their material that is not of premium quality. Due to this, manufacturers avoid utilizing these containers. On the other hand, cardboard material is produced from natural resources, and it is eco-friendly in nature. Containers made from this material are inexpensive as well as more efficient for soap products. Due to their green-friendly nature, they also prevent the cleansers from any dust particle that could make them unusable.

Long-Lasting Cases That Can Withstand Any Pressure:

Though plastic-made trunks are hard and can provide some safety to your items, their material makes them not as reliable as they could be if you are storing a large number of soaps within the plastic box for shipment purposes. They must be stored in that container for a long time, but because the plastic hardens with time, it could easily break and let the products out. It would never be a beneficial or effective method for you. 

Cardboard cases, on the other hand, are soft and flexible. They can withstand the outside pressure as well as environmental conditions without providing any harm to your cleansers. You would benefit greatly from this in terms of shipping your items easily and delivering them safely and securely to your customers.  
Utilizing these cases, you can provide an excellent shopping experience to the buyers and please them with premium-quality packaging. They are also budget-friendly for you and prevent you from spending extra cost on any other costly trunks that are also not suitable for your soap items.

Lightweight Cases:

Packages that are easy to open, attractive, as well as light in weight are always in high demand from customers. The use of a container that is too heavy and difficult to transport just for small soap items is a bad idea. This is why you must select a packaging solution that is lightweight and provides the customer with ease of handling. The lightweight and easy-to-handle nature of cardboard trunks make them an excellent choice for shipping purposes. They are ideal for small soaps since they make them look attractive as well as convenient for clients.

Printing Distinctive Designs is Easy:

For promoting a brand, you should pick boxes that can provide superior printing quality so you can include your logo, some catchy patterns, and information about the soaps you are selling. Some of the packaging solutions out there are present that could not give appropriate print results and ruin the details. This could leave a bad impression on your business on the buyers.
The soft texture of cardboard boxes makes them an excellent choice for printing any detail in high quality. The new customers will find it easy to use because they can access all the information about the products onto the cases. Additionally, you can tell your story, values, and ethics to buyers to let them know how you are perceived in the market. By doing this, you will build trust between your company and your clients, and they will be more likely to purchase soap from your store. 

Design Unique and Stylish Trunks:

Soaps are small items, and they need to have attractive packaging to make them visible to the buyers. People always go for the products that are presented in stylish and classy manners. By utilizing the customized feature of cardboard boxes, you can add a unique color scheme, different designs and make your packaging appealing to the consumers. 

This can help you to attract more potential customers to your soaps and generate more sales. A consumer can easily determine if they should purchase from your store simply by looking at how the products are presented. By using paperboard cases to make your goods more astonishing and leveraging can provide you more benefits.

Visualize Your Soaps:

In addition to making your soap items easily identifiable to the buyer, you also need to make your cleanser items visually appealing. You can achieve this by using cardboard window cases to keep your items visible. The window is a visible part on the upper side of the box. It may be a circle, rectangle, or square as per your products’ demand. There is a specific space inside the container that is the same as the window where your item will be stored. Such packaging is more astonishing for the buyers, and they are more likely to buy such items.


To thrive in an increasingly competitive environment, tech companies are forced to squeeze the most out of their marketing budget. There are many actions that a marketing department can undertake: advertising in mass media such as radio or television, organization of events, sponsorships, digital marketing... always with the goal of getting a good return on the investment made.

Large companies have a great capacity to devote human and financial resources that drive large and expensive marketing campaigns but SMEs, on the other hand, often face budgetary and staffing constraints that prevent them from competing at the same level.

One of the techniques that can be used in a marketing plan is Presence Marketing whose objective is, as its name suggests, to strengthen the brand's presence in the customer's mind. And this is where planner and notebook printing comes in as an excellent solution for tech companies.

Why you should use diary printing as a marketing strategy

If you want to stand out in a world of digital information overload like ours and get top-of-mind in your field, the smartest thing to do is not to do what everyone else is doing (!)

Diary printingis one of the "secret weapons" that paper-based marketing provides you with.

Indeed, printing corporate planners will allow you to stand out in this confusing, fluid and changing environment that is so characteristic of today's business world.

Diaries have a number of advantages as a marketing item that make them very interesting... let's see them:

First of all, by using diaries as a basis for your marketing you will achieve:

1. Attract more attention from your target audience.

In an environment where all brands are oriented towards digital marketing actions, you are going to attract attention by printing notebooks and diaries: dare to be different!

2. Impact your future buyers

The impact of a well-designed and well-printed diary or notebook is spectacular.

Think that a diary or a corporate notebook is able to activate several senses at the same time: sight by means of the product's design, touch and smell thanks to the texture and smell of the paper... all this results in an overall aesthetic sensation that is able to convey your company's values using a physical object... neuromarketing studies highlight how important it is to activate as many senses as possible in order to influence the buyer's mind. 

3. Add value to your customers

Both diaries and notebooks are objects that have an undeniable practical utility: by using them as a marketing element you are not only advertising your brand but you are really adding value to your customers. And that is a fact that they will not forget at the time of making decisions...

4. To be remembered at the time of the purchase decision

Think of diaries and notebooks as objects that many people use on a daily basis: users will have the diaries/notebooks in their work environment, so your company logo and contact details will be visible and easily accessible to your potential customer throughout the year.

As a consequence of all of the above, you will have positioned yourself as "top-of-mind" in the minds of your buyers and therefore, at the moment of deciding on one brand or another, they will be more likely to choose yours.

Some things to keep in mind when printing diaries or notebooks

So you've decided you're going to print diaries or notebooks.... Wise decision! Here are the steps to follow to make your corporate diaries/notebooks a success:

Steps 1 and 2 are only applicable to diaries, so if you want to make notebooks, you can jump straight to step 3 ;)

1. Concept (i.e., the type of diary: daily, weekly...)

The first thing you need to be clear about is the type of diary you are going to make. There are several types of diaries, depending on the way the calendar information is presented. For example, although it is most common for a diary to cover from January to December of the same year, this is not always the case with a school diary, which usually begins and ends on the dates on which the school year begins and ends.

In addition, you will have to decide whether to opt for a daily or weekly diary, i.e. whether each page will display the information on a day-by-day or week-by-week basis:

·         Daily diariesusually present a day's information on one page, usually showing time slots within the day (distinguishing between working and non-working hours) and sometimes include an additional space for notes..

·         Weekly diariesusually display a week's information on two diary pages, so that when you open the diary you get an overall weekly view. Weekly diaries do not allow as much space for writing but have the advantage of having fewer pages and are comparatively cheaper to produce.

2. Content

At this point you know what kind of diary you are going to make. The next step is to put together the content for your diary.

Yes, you could print diaries simply by adding next year's calendar but that will not help you to be different... if you want your diary to be memorable, apart from this basic and essential content you should include at least some more pages, specific to your diary, so that your users can find some practical use in them.

For example: for an industrial company it might be useful to include several pages with equivalences of measurement units.

And of course these additional pages can also be useful to showcase your products with eye-catching images...

These additional content blocks are usually added at the beginning or at the end of the diary, although they can also be interleaved with the calendar pages.

3. Design

Design is key. We recommend that you hire the services of a good graphic design professional and tell him/her your idea: Based on your company's profile and target audience, your designer will develop several design proposals from which you will have to choose the one you consider the most appropriate.

Keep in mind that we are talking about a presence marketing tool, so it is important that the design can be associated with the company's corporate image, especially by choosing colors and logo. The idea is that your brand be present in your client's day-to-day life.

The most effective way to do this is by including your company logo on the front and back cover of the diary or notebook, and even on the inside pages as a watermark. And don't forget to highlight your contact information!

4. Kind of product

 Here we look at the diary and notebook as objects. There are several decisions to be made about the:

·         Cover type (hard/soft).

·         Binding (wireo/spiral, color of rings)

·         Format

·         Paper

·         Printing

·         Finishing ( lamination, UV)

Cover type

Covers (front and back covers) can be hard or soft. Hard covers are made from pieces of stiff cardboard lined with paper.

What are their advantages? Basically:

- They convey a greater sense of solidity.

- They better protect the inner pages, so they allow a more intensive use of the product, but they have the small disadvantage of making the final price a little more expensive.


Binding has a great influence on the final appearance of the product. Although you can find paperback or hardcover bound diaries on the market, that is, bound as if they were books, the truth is that the most practical type of binding to be used for a notebook or diary is undoubtedly ring binding. Why? Because both types of binding allow you to turn the pages 180º, so that the notebook or diary remains completely open without any difficulty.

There are two types of rings: the single ring or spiral ring and the double ring, also known as Wire-O. Both fulfill their purpose but possibly Wire-O binding conveys a more aesthetically pleasing sensation.


Regarding the size of your diary, we recommend you to choose a format convenient for the user. Keep in mind that this is an object that takes up a considerable physical space on a desk but nevertheless we want it to be used frequently... our recommendation is that the size of your notebook or diary should not go beyond a DIN A5, that is, 14.8 x 21 cm.


It is important to keep in mind that users will be writing on the pages, so when choosing the most suitable type of paper we will have to choose one that allows easy writing on it. In this case we recommend the choice of an offset type paper as opposed to others (such as coated).


When we talk about printing, we mean whether the pages will be printed full color or black, or any other color. Full-color printing allows for more attractive designs but has the drawback of a higher cost, so it is very common to find diaries printed using just one or two inks. It is a matter of taste and budget.


What is finishing? It is any process that is performed on the covers of diaries or notebooks after printing, with the purpose of improving the aesthetic qualities of the product and conveying a sense of higher quality.

Although there are many different finishings that can be applied to diaries and notebooks: (stamping, embossing, lamination, die-cutting, etc., etc.), the most common (and which do not particularly increase the final price) are lamination and UV varnish.

Lamination (glossy or matte) consists of a layer of transparent plastic material that is placed on top of the cover paper. The purpose of lamination is to protect the paper from continuous use, and also to obtain a glossy or matte effect, depending on the type of lamination.

UV varnish is usually applied only after lamination, and its purpose is to contrast and highlight some of the elements in a design. For example, a very common combination would be to matt laminate the cover of a diary, and apply glossy UV varnish to a part of it (only the company logo for example) in order to highlight it from the rest of the design.

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Our way of reaching out to others and pouring love through cute presents is to offer gifts. If you are looking to give your friends or family members anything of interest, then printed gifts are an amazing customizable present. Dubai banner printing and t shirt printing Dubaiare also included in this group.

Gifts Personalized

Jewellery printing has gained a lot of popularity with the coming of 3D printing and its new technology and is going to grow further. It includes a number of other ways of printing, which is its added value. Lost-wax casting was the popular method of making jewellery items.


There are many pillars of business success chief among which are printing, marketing and signage. They can be regarded as the 3-in-1 business success factor because they are interrelated and work together to ensure that businesses thrive and achieve the goals for which they were set.

Optamark understands the importance of these 3 factors in business growth and development and as they have done for years, continue to strive to ensure that quality printing marketing, and signage projects are not only accessible to large, medium and small-scale business but are also delivered in time. At Optamark, we are in the business of providing quality printing, marketing, and signage services to ensure that your brand gets the needed visibility.

What’s more, to enhance your experience with us and to make our services more conveniently available to you, we have launched our online portal to your advantage.

The Optamark Portal…

Our Optamark portal links you directly to Optamark graphics services, with personalized features that help you gain access to our various services. On the portal, you can easily request for any of our printing services and other various marketing materials of your choice.

The portal is so user-friendly that it gives the same effect as though you were speaking directly to one of our seasoned customer care agents. Its self-explanatory structure ensures that you never have to get hooked or at sea at what the next step to take is.

All you need to do is login into the secured portal, state your needs, and watch us do the best we can to ensure your maximum satisfaction.

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Good things come in small sizes. That is a saying that suits entirely when it comes to a business card. With the world going through a transition of making their businesses as paper-free and wireless as possible, a business card still has its reputation and possesses a class of its own.

The purpose of the business card is to capture the people’s expectations and fulfill their requirements, in seconds, to convert them into potential clients or business partners. A Business Card Design primarily contains the primary details of the Business Representative, like Name, Company Name, Contact Number, Contact Email, Types of Services, and much more.

Yes, a business card is different, which respects the type of business, stakeholder’s personal preference, and the creativity of the business card designer. The basic psychology of the potential client pretty much remains the same as what they are expecting. All of this will be covered on how to make your business card a weapon of converting an acquaintance into a client.

8 Steps for Designing a Business Card
Prior to starting any process of the Business Card Design, you must first have an idea in your mind about how your Business Card will look. Once you have decided upon the essential elements of a business card, like Logo, Brand Colors, and Contact Details to share, you ready to have the Business Card Designer have your Business Card prepared.
1) Shape
You can either go for the default and commonly used rectangular-shaped Business Cards. If you want to break the stereotype and give something different for your potential client, you may opt for a different size.
The die-cutting technique has really increased the possibilities of shapes that can be used for business cards and print them in bulks. If you want to show more creativity, you may shape the business card to a relevant object of the business. For example, a person who owns a car showroom, ask the business card designer, for the business card, shaped like a car.
It would help if you also decided, whether to the orientation of the business card in horizontal or vertical. It would help if you designed the business for the content you have in mind. You must know which part of the information will be written where.

2) Size
You can experiment with being creative with an unusual size for your business card, but make sure not to overdo it. An essential factor is to not place the relevant elements of information at the edge of the card. The elements should not be way too much on edge, as they are likely to be trimmed off when presenting the bulk of the business cards.
You will also want to keep in mind the amount of content that you have to write on your business card. The size must be with respect to the content you have in mind. This should ensure that there is not much empty space on the business card, nor is there much filled up space.
3) Graphical Representation
Your logo is amongst the first thing that catches the eye of the viewer, looking at your business card. Make sure it is developed by an expert graphic designer to get the praise of the viewer at first glance. This is the primary graphical element on the business card.
Secondary elements include the icons of information like Contact, Email, or any other graphic to engage the audience and present a decent look and feel for the business card viewer.You might also want to decide to have the logo on one side or both. It is advisable to have it on both sides. The Placement of the Logo and other graphical is also vital, placing it in a way that you should not look very much, nor look very less.
4) Text
Your business card is a reflection of you and what you want to see to the business card viewer and possible next client. Irreverent information is best avoided since space is already limited. Some of the element that is a must on the front side of your business card
Name: Very much necessary.
Company: This has to be there.
Job Title: Must be clear to the listener, person of what authority they are
talking to.
Phone no. Most Commonly and easy way of communication.
Email: The Professional channel to communicate and must there.
Address: This is required, if you have a company, for freelancers and new entrepreneurs, with no workplace. 
Slogan: Use a catch phase or punch to increase the interest of the potential client.
5) Typography
For making the text on your business card more readable and attractive, you may want to use the different types of Typography. Factor which 
you would want to keep in mind are
Size: The size of the text in the typography should not be too large, nor should it be so small that it is unreadable.
Font: There are certain fonts specific types of content. You have to be vigilant about which font you use on for which part of the content, and is it looking presentable.
6) Finishing Touches   As you approach the final stages of designing a Business Card, you should start to think about what you want with the business card in hard-copy. It is the feel of the business card in the hand of your potential client. Finishes include Metallic Ink, Foil Blocking, Latter Pressing, and many others.
You need different Printers for each finishing, and most printing presses do not have the right resources to accommodate your need. In which case, you should have your business card printed from KwikKopyPrinting, as it will provide your will with the best quality business cards, with the finishing of your choosing.   
7) Designer
If you truly want to have the perfect design for your business card, with respect to your interests and type of business, contact an expert business card designer, with your ideas and have it designed. To serve this purpose, KwikKopyPrinting is awaiting your arrival. Like a printing press, KwikKopyPrinting is full of expert business card designers, along with an efficient infrastructure of latest technology machines for business card printing.
8) Finalize
Double-check on each minor detail on the business cards, for accurate uses of all the elements and its placements. Also, check the content presented in the business card for accurate information and no writing errors. Only after confirming everything, approach towards the process of printing it out in bulk. For this purpose, KwikKopyPrinting is at your service, for excellent printing services.

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Everyone loves the outdoors. It does pay to get out of the house every now and then so that you can unwind. Being cooped up whole day inside the house can be uncomfortable, that is why everyone yearns to travel and see new places once in a while.

Of course, one needs to get out of the house as well in order to take care of some obligations. Everyone would have to get out of the house in order to bring their kids to school. They also need to drive them to school if they don't trust school buses or such a service is not available in their area.

This means that the outdoors represents a good media in itself which companies can take advantage of. How do they do that? They use media such as grand format and large format printing outdoor advertising. These are advertisements, like their name suggests, that are posted outdoors rather than being posted on the Internet, or being ran by media such as the TV, radio or the newspapers.

So why is outdoor advertising becoming popular among businessmen? Of course, that's because it has a lot of perks that businesses can enjoy when an outdoor advertising campaign is launched by them. Here are some of them:

They can effectively reach out to their target audience. As mentioned earlier, everyone needs to get out of the house every once in a while. So, even if they didn't hear about the business through the radio or TV, or read about it through a newspaper, they can still be informed about the business through billboards, building wraps, fencing wraps and other forms of outdoor advertising.

No one can ignore outdoor advertising. Let's face it. You cannot ignore outdoor advertisements. People can't simply ignore billboards, because it's big enough to be seen from far away and arouse a motorist's or pedestrian's curiosities. People can't resist but look up at these billboards to see what they are about. The same goes for building wraps and fencing wraps as well; they are so obvious that people can't help but look at them each time they pass them by.

People can see the advertisements 24 hours a day. Billboards, fencing wraps, and building wraps are posted 24 hours a day. No matter what time of the day a person passes by, he is still bound to see these advertisements along the way home or to the office. They are like silent salespersons, and they cannot be ignored or refused because they are just there, speaking their message.

Outdoor advertising is pretty flexible and reusable. Last but not the least, you have a very flexible and recyclable medium for advertising if you use outdoor advertisements to your advantage. As long as you design ads that will remain relevant to whatever advertising campaigns you may have in the future, rest assured that you don't have to spend money on new advertisements being made. Instead, all you have to pay is the advertising fees associated with posting your ads.

Are you in need of an large format printing [] solution for your business? Why not try our outdoor advertising products? We won't let you down.

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