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​OP indicates Overpowered within PUBG. Whilst playing various Multiplayer Fight Royale video games especially PUBG, the game enthusiasts used a number of abbreviations from the phrases for example op which means in PUBG. The explanation for using various abbreviations from the phrases is perfect for making the actual chat within the game far better and fast. When this comes fully from associated with OP, it means Overpowered. In addition, you may also say which OP is really a state or even condition whenever any participant reaches its peak when it comes to infinite endurance, power as well as luck such as none additional players within the game. The gamers not just used this particular term with regard to weapons but in addition for the gameplay for appreciating this.

The phrase OP isn't just used within PUBG however people utilize it in additional games too. If somebody is utilizing powerful weapons in PUBG Cellular like AWM or even M416, you may also say AWM is actually OP as well as M416 is actually OP (overpowered). Likewise, in the situation of gameplay, one may also say that the gameplay had been OP in the event you grab your own Chicken Supper. Also, whenever you got good quality clutches throughout solo versus. squad, your own teammates may say OP.

OP complete form within PUBG:

When somebody asks concerning the full type of OP within PUBG Cellular or OP which means in PUBG Cellular, there’s the only real one-liner which means this form can be used when a person overpowers the actual enemy. So long as many Multiplayer Fight Royale game titles are overtaking their users’, similarly, their users will also be finding the simplest terms as well as phrases with regard to chatting as well as making the actual gameplay simple. Not just OP however different gamers use various terms as well as phrases within online game titles. For example, when someone really wants to appreciate additional gamers whilst killing the actual enemies, he/she may use the phrase OP because of its performance within the game. Quite simply, OP complete form means you're appreciating the actual weapons utilized in the online game.

Different kinds of OP:

It might appear weird for you to know that there are also kinds associated with OP within the game. But that’s a real possibility that we now have some kinds of OP when you are playing game titles especially Multiplayer Fight Royale game titles including PUBG. If you feel strength and capacity to destroy your own enemy may be the only stuff that make the character OP, you're wrong. You will find other circumstances or states too where we are able to use OP. a number of its kinds are the following:

Intelligence: Intelligence may be the power or even sharpness of the mind or you may also say the actual IQ degree. Intelligence is really a common kind of player’s OP. It may be used with regard to characters or those who are way as well smart when compared with their opponents.

Luck: Oddly enough, it is really a unique kind of player’s OP that isn't liked along with intelligence or even strength. Additionally, it seems weird for you while scanning this blog publish. For example, in video games, you could get rare products, weapons as well as escape through damage simply through your own luck.

Feeling: It may be considered since the most effective OP within the gameplays. Furthermore, it boosts the power associated with player who's already powerful, powerful as well as intelligent. For instance, a leading man gets much more aggressive, strong or even powerful whilst seeing the actual villain inside a video online game.

OP along with other terms complete forms within PUBG Cellular:

As everyone knows, abbreviations tend to be shortened types of content such because OP. Furthermore, it is very important to understand these terms’ type for efficient communication. Listed here are the essential terms as well as abbreviations together with their complete forms utilized in several games:

OP: this means overpowered. This abbreviation can be used when a person overpowers the actual enemy with no extra work.

GG: it means Good Online game. Basically, it’s stated after particularly after winning a game title. Also, this shows appreciation and to thank the champion.

AFK: it's abbreviated as From Keyboard. This term can be used when the ball player is from the gadget while playing the overall game. In the situation of PUBG, you are able to say AFM which means Away Through Mobile.

FPP: this means the First-Person Viewpoint. TPP: it's the which means of 3rd Person Viewpoint. Although both terms we. e. TPP, as well as FPP, are utilized while talking about the settings within the game.

HEWLETT PACKARD: it indicates Hitpoints or even Health Factors. Basically, this is actually the amount associated with healthy participants have whilst playing. In addition, it means the most damage it's possible to get in the enemy.

DC indicates Disconnected. Since the name indicates, it implies that the person went from the game because of several reasons for example server break or a poor internet link.

BRB: BRB means being back. It implies that the person by using this term is going to be coming as time passes and he/she is from the game for any duration from the game.

GLHF: it merely means Best of luck Have Enjoyable. Commonly, this is actually said before the beginning of an online game. Moreover, it's been said with regard to wishing everyone the best of luck and with regard to having wholesome gameplay.

ITY: it means Thank A person. Similarly, GLHF does mean the same. It delivers the motion of gratitude towards the other participant.

In the conclusion, PUBG offers made internet gaming well-liked, especially regarding Mobile video games. The conditions or slangs such as OP aren't only utilized by the gamers in games for efficient communication but in addition for looking cool before other gamers and their own teammates. Consequently, people are utilizing many conditions and abbreviations inside the game with regard to effective conversation.

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Devin Smith

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds revealed a new video about the tournament in Sanhok. In the category of battle royale games, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has a huge fanbase. Since the launch of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, the genre of battle royale has undergone a massive transition. The rapidly increased popularity of the game has enhanced the competition between players. Battle Royale genre has also helped the mobile gaming community.

Several games use various elements to make the visuals attractive, and now PUBG has been focusing on cinematic features. The following narrative and cinematic features will help gamers to engage at deeper levels. For some people, games like Fortnite and Warzone have overshadowed PUBG, but still, it offers some iconic features. In their recent 7 minutes video, they included some gaming mechanics who were facing some challenges while playing the game. Indeed Fortnite also loves challenges, but PUBG has done it in a uniquely cinematic way, which is something new and commendable.

The video showed the point of view of a PUBG worker. The worker in the video felt that the PUBG world is real and the rest is fictional. That battle royale match was similar to The Hunger Games, but the footage represented something new. It focused on some gambling elements and a team that’s trying to resolve the faulty system that allows the gamers to comment and watch live streams. After the incident, the team receives a lot of abusive comments because the system doesn’t work properly and shuts down. Before the system shuts down, a squad goes off the track and kills one member of the system management team. So the remaining players are tasked to locate all four rogues.

The following lure is related to the return of the remastered Sanhok map that is all set to arrive in Season 8. The excitement of players for Season 8 is very high because there are several interesting items and maps coming along. Remastered Sanhok will have some new locations and improved buildings. The chances of getting sales revenue boosted after the release of Season 8 are positive.

PUBG earned its popularity by providing great features, items, quests, challenges, graphics, and optimization. Indeed PUBG is a perfect game for many. In every season they release new skins, challenges, weapon skins, and a lot more things to unlock. Royal Pass encourages players to focus on the challenges more because by finishing the Royal Pass missions, players can earn great premium items.

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Billy Mark

PUBG Mobile Players received a ‘minor update’ on Thursday, and the latest 0.14.5 update brings the latest Royal Pass Season 9. It include  a few minor improvements like a redesigned of missions’ page, an upgraded Royal Pass sharing page, and a new season timer section as well. Creator Tencent Games says that it  requires only 0.2GB of space to update the game latest version and most important update is that players on different versions won’t be able to invite each other. Thereby, it is recommended to update as soon as possible to enjoy the game.

PUBG Mobile 0.14.5.png

PUBG Mobile game update

The PUBG Mobile 0.14.5 update is rolling out as we speak, and it should arrive in your Google Play Store and App Store listings soon. Royal Pass Season 9 have a new warrior theme with armored wardrobe, updated excited missions, and valuable loot as well. Rewards include a chance to win a journey to PUBG Mobile Club Open (PMCO) 2019 Fall Splits Global Finals as part of the Global Treasure Hunt Challenge.


Billy Mark is a self-professed security expert; he has been making the people aware of the security threats. His passion is to write about Cyber security, cryptography, malware, social engineering, internet and new media. He writes for Microsoft products at

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Billy Mark

The host of Season 9 champions and Creator’s Cup main event, Raleigh Major, announced that Rainbow Six Siege is all set to get a royal battle pass. This is similar to what PUBG and Fortnite do to earn revenue, but Ubisoft’s revelation received many negative reviews. The mixed reviews were the result of Six Siege already being an expensive game, which charges for annual seasonal passes. The reveal at the Raleigh Major 2019 received somewhat adverse reactions as seen at the live stream on Twitch.

Rainbow Six Siege Will Be Getting A Battle Pass - :

1.    The First Battle Pass

The first battle pass in Phase 1 is going to be free as it is a test. It will be released in the upcoming third season named Operation Ember Rise. It will be in the form of Mini battle pass that will balance things along with optimizing the monetization.

2.    Phase 2

Season 4 will get a full-fledged royal battle pass which will contain both premium and free tracks. There will be more story elements injected into the story as the game does not allow a solo player campaign, and will never get any either. Alexander Karpazis, the Presentation Director, described it as a New Monetization Product. Ubisoft wants the no-paying users to receive rewards as well.

Rainbow Six Siege will be getting another product for monetization. It will be esports skin provided by the pro teams. It will be a part of the Phase 2 Pilot program which is to be launched on September 19. The objective previously was to introduce weapon skins exclusive to the pro teams. This decision is taken to provide revenues to the pro teams so that they can build a career in esports. The revenue sharing will be 70-30 with the teams getting 30%.

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Two premium paying transactions along with recycled skins, are not set very well with the players as evident from the initial reactions.

As of now, Ubisoft is charging separately for different versions of Rainbow Six Siege game. Also:

  •        Premium weapon and character skins
  •         New operators
  •         Charms
  •        Elite skins
  •        Loot boxes available during events.

The most recent example of loot boxes would be the Showdown mode with Old West theme.

It is yet unknown as to whether the royal pass will be included in the seasonal pass or not. It can be a good strategy in the regards of loyal players, but it can backfire with the players who do not have the time to complete weekly challenges. The addition may entertain the long-running players, but not so much for people who just play occasionally for fun. However, the feeling of missing out may play some part in favor of Ubisoft. It may go either way in the long-run for Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege.

Billy Mark  is a creative person who has been writing blogs and articles about cyber security. He writes about the latest updates regarding and how it can improve the work experience of users. His articles have been published in many popular e-magazines, blogs and websites.


PUBG is a popular smartphone game trending at the top in many parts of the world. Thousands of new players play the game with some serious battle and shooting skills. Most of the players know how to handle big guns in the game, but it takes smart strategies to earn chicken dinner in the game. Chicken dinner is a reward for skillful and the well-performing players. It takes a bit of experience to take down enemies on the suspected spots in the game. Here are some tips to help you with bridge camping in PUBG.


Arrive First

Always arrive first to occupy the bridge for camping. But before proceeding, do not be stupid enough to assume the bridge isn’t preoccupied. In the game, graphics and the bridge are designed in the most tricky way by which it always looks approachable. It is best to observe from a distance and wander around the bridge secretly to make sure the bridge not occupied. After successfully occupying bridge for your camping, you get the highest vantage point. The game consists of story type mission which looks quite real.

Shoot The Enemy When They Have No Cover

In case the bridge is preoccupied with the enemy, make a strategy to shoot them from a bare distance. Besides this, some crashed vehicle works as a cover for players on the bridge. If you start shooting without hitting your mark, then your enemy gets time to take cover behind the crashed vehicles. It will require planning, strategy, and shooting skills to occupy the camping bridge to have your chicken dinner successfully.

Be Vigilant On The Map & Stay On The Right Side

In the game, players must always keep an eye on the map to be on the right side. The map alerts players to cross the blue zone successfully. The closing blue zone on the map encourages players to go on the bridge and get to safety. In the game, players get high points by entering on the bridge from the front side, but it takes them to the face to face encounters with enemies.

Do Not Stay At A Place For a Long Time

In the game, it’s best to move from one place to another constantly. Sticking around for too long has a great risk, which leads to an encounter with the enemy. Moving is the best strategy for survival in PUBG. The same goes for bridge camping, it is fun staying on the bridge in the game, but the risk increases with time. It is ideal not to stick around at a place for too long.

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Billy Mark

Respawn recently introduced Apex Legend, a new free to play battle royale style game which performed unexpectedly well as more than 2.5 million players have accessed this title since its launch.

Apex Legends proved to be a very indulging game and provided fans of battle royale games to experience new dynamics for this genre.

Apex Legends -billymark007Source :

This newly introduced title received a lot of attention and love from the community and streamers as it stood on the top of Twitch with more viewership as compared to other battle royale titles like PUBG or Fortnite.

It was more interesting to see a tweet posted by the creator of PUBG Brendan Greene, as everyone was expecting to see a backlash from him.

But instead, he congratulated the developers of Respawn and appreciated them by stating Really Great Job for the developers of Apex Legends.

It didn’t take long for Respawn to revert the compliments to the PUBG creator, as they thanked Green by posting a tweet and proclaimed that Apex stands on the shoulders of such giants, and indeed PUBG has shown the world a true path for battle royale style genre.

It was quite pleasing to see two competitors to acknowledge each other with kindness and uplifting the sporting spirit instead of indulging in fights over petty issues.

Greene even included a heart emoji suggesting he is not cringing or unpleased with the outstanding success of their competitors. Instead, he depicted that they are more dedicated to uplift battle royale style genre and provide the community with much more entertainment and fun.

In the past, things were not much pleasing as PUBG threatened the Epic Games to sue them for using similar concept art and in-game mechanics for their Fortnite title.

Rather players and community members were expecting similar reactions from the Tencent Gaming for the Apex Legends, but it was quite a relief by seeing a complimentary post from PUBG and not any hate posts.

Currently, a very high degree of competition is rising amongst the developers, and PUBG is suffering a bit to sustain against the horde of similar game types.

Games like Fortnite and Apex Legends are turning out to be great alternatives for the PUBG, and it is astounding to see PUBG be comfortable with such ongoing scenarios.

Experts suggest that players are now having multiple options for the battle royale genre and it is a smart choice made by PUBG not to demote their goodwill amongst the fans.

Instead, they seem to be confident in their development team, and Tencent is quite sure of sustaining amongst the new competitors with their original content, and now they are setting trends that other titles are following.

Billy Mark is a Microsoft Office expert and has been working in the technical industry since 2002. As a technical expert, Billy has written technical blogs, manuals, white papers, and reviews for many websites such as
James Thomas

In the XBOX version of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, a new update is released with several other features and items. The XBOX players might be unhappy with these late updates, as these are already available in the computer versions. The computer version had Halloween themed skins and new weapons. The update took longer to come and hence the PUBG Company is giving the free items to its players who will log into the game now.

As mentioned above, the game has added some new weapons like MK47, Beryl M762 which a player can collect or get from Erangel, Sanhok or Miramar maps. The Beryl M762 gun is an assault rifle in the game with 7.62mm ammo, but the weapon blows low damage to the enemy, still manages to have higher fire rate than any other gun like AKM. Another gun, MK47 Mutant is an ideal mid to long range combat assault rifle with an ability to shoot a single shot and two-round burst as well with 7.62mm bullets.

As the new items are included in the game, there are new vehicles in the Sanhok map. So if the player wants to travel through the hills and forest covered terrain of Sanhok map, a two-seat scooter with increased turning circle or a new Tukshai with the three-seat vehicle will be the ideal automobiles. The updates don’t end here, as this update contains the most fantastic part of the game. The Halloween-theme has been added to the game to give thrills and chills to the player while and after playing PUBG.

In November, the Halloween theme will be available for the players to play the thrilling game. Other items will be available, but the player will need to buy those items and Halloween costumes from PUBG store. It may look like a pain, but these items will be worth buying from the store and you can continue playing with them.

The Patch Notes are also now updated in the new version.  The training mode is added in the game with a 2×2 Training Mode map in size. Also, the players are now allowed to join through the matchmaking by clicking the Training Mode option from the lobby. The session will start only when more than five players are available in the queue. Still, if there are players less than 5, the game will continue but after a while.

As the previous version of the PUBG game has lots of errors and bugs, the new update have been released after fixing the issues. The PUBG Company has revealed the game will face the issues; still, there are some bugs which are fixed. The Lost Connection to Host was an error which used to appear in the game, but the company is working on it to remove it from the game. Some other fixes are done like the Stun grenade doesn’t reflect its in-game effects and the characters are actually moving fast. All these and other bugs are fixed as according to the game developers.

The game play seems to have changes in it like the Bluezone effect is modified. The camera angle is positioned right above the game character’s right shoulder or left shoulder. The position of the camera view can be reset through the settings in the game. Not only that, but the camera position will automatically move to the direction of the last leaned.

James Thomas is a self-professed security expert; he has been making the people aware of the security threats. His passion is to write about Cyber-security, cryptography, malware, social engineering, internet and new media. He writes for Norton security products at

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