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Brick and mortar businesses are struggling in the current economy. With many people unemployed, demand for construction services goes down. It becomes much harder to attract customers to your business when you must compete with low prices that online retailers offer. However, there are ways to attract new customers without spending too much money on advertising; public relations marketing can help building contractors increase their customer base at a minimal cost. Find out how PR efforts may benefit your brick-and-mortar business below:Are you looking pr agency delhi

Public Relations Marketing Can Help Building Contractors - Public Relations Benefits

Create positive media coverage by offering expert advice on home improvement topics . Your local newspaper or community magazine frequently runs articles regarding how homeowners should maintain or improve their homes. You could submit an article about the best ways to select paint or tools that have a long lifespan, for example. Not only will you be providing advice that customers are looking for, but your article might also generate additional business through referrals.

Produce press releases on company milestones . If your building contractor has recently finished an important project, completed construction of a new facility, rolled out a brand-new product line or moved to larger offices, write up a press release. Send it to all local media outlets and ask them to cover the news. You could even create an online media kit (e-commerce software) with photos and logos to make submissions easier. Put together packages like this for other special occasions as well; you'll attract more media attention than if you were simply releasing a single news release.go For THe delhi pr agencies

Public Relations Marketing Can Help Building Contractors - Public Relations Benefits

Produce press releases on community milestones . If you develop a close relationship with your local media outlets, they'll be more likely to put the spotlight on your company and its activities. Send out press releases about new construction projects or renovation initiatives in the city. You could even organize an event like Habitat for Humanity's "A Day of Caring"/dayofcaring) where volunteers help build houses; contact the local newspaper ahead of time to get coverage for this undertaking which would garner positive attention for both Habitat and your business (if you volunteer). Keep in mind that you should do things like this throughout the year; press releases that only come out when employees are solicited to volunteer for one day aren't likely to get much attention.Visit Here for the pr agencies in delhi

Public Relations Marketing Can Help Building Contractors - Public Relations Benefits

Link your online and offline marketing efforts . One way you can make your public relations efforts more productive is by creating a web presence. If people who read about your business in an article or press release want more information, they can visit your website for further details. This will also give them a chance to contact you directly if they have questions which could lead to sales later on. It's important to note that many companies do not have websites yet; 86% of small businesses don't currently use their websites as part of their online marketing plan. If you're wondering why you should get a website for your business, the following article explains how to incorporate an online presence into your marketing efforts:

Why You Need Professional Small Business Web Design Services

Public Relations Marketing Can Help Building Contractors - Public Relations Benefits

Make use of social media . You can also boost the exposure of your public relations efforts by promoting them through sites like Twitter and Facebook. Many people who follow your company on these platforms will see updates when you release press releases or share articles with others.Here you go For THe best pr agency in delhi

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