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Pokemon Go’s latest 2020 event is just around the corner and players are already preparing for the journey. Although most in-game events take place worldwide and anyone can take part in it.

Also, there are a handful of locations always present that special host events for gamers who are capable of reaching particular cities. The Safari zone Liverpool event is one of the fast-approaching to it feels like users have other things to consider.

In the Pokemon Go, the users will have to gain a city explorers pass in order to access some additional items by using the Safari zone feature. However, the pass is not required to take part in the event. It just adds a number of other activities and value for users who are focusing around for the entire weekend. 

Moreover, gamers will need to spend 8$ to access the city explorer pass. So, it is probably a convenient sell for players who were preparing already their journey to Liverpool during the event anyway. Taking into consideration the value of similar tickets from the past, it will be expected to be a prominent item.  There is a trick to buying the ticket available, so make sure to review the listed guidelines carefully and easily grab the opportunity to reach high.    

How to Purchase City Explorer Pass in Pokemon Go

In order to buy the city explores pass, players will need to purchase it along with the Safari Zone Ticket.  As we know, these Safari zone tickets went live on 14 February 2020 on Friday at GMT 8:00 am in a first-come, first-served way.

Also, early access tickets will be available at 18$, and general admission tickets will be available at 12$ in the game. The in-game city explorer pass will be accessible by spending $ and only alongside a Safari Zone ticket. Users cannot buy it when a ticket order is placed and is not eligible for transfers or refunds.

Pokemon Go:  City Explorer Pass Rewards

At Iconic city locations, players will have to accomplish ten city explorer raids in 72 hours time, and it will be selected with the City of Liverpool partnership.  Gamers can only access these raids by city explorers.  Make sure to have at least half hatch distance when Eggs are sited with the city into the Incubators. The latest field research missions will be given by PokeStops all the way through the city.  

In case, the standard Lure Modules will be placed with the city by the City Explores, and then it will last four hours. All players will take advantage of such lure modules in four hours, not just the city explorers.  Also, the developers have enhanced the incense duration inside the city.

The city explorer pass will be available full weekend for potential players to experience such fascinating gameplay. So, users may desire to keep hunting down from now an amazing Unova Pokemon in the Pokemon Go game. It is a better sign that players are trying to focus on improvising battle raid rosters by making it their primary objective. 

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