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Billy Mark

Red Dead Online Mode was initially not a part of Red Dead Redemption 2 title, and the game only featured the single player mode during the launch.

Still, the developers at Rockstar kept players busy with a variety of modes like the Battle Royale style Gun Rush and other minor tweaks and fixes with regular updates.

The latest post on Rockstar Newswire has hinted fans with a new update for the Red Dead Online. The upcoming update is said to bring new content and items for fans to enhance their in-game experience.

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A most significant change in the Red Dead Redemption 2 update is associated with the griefing players and destructive tendencies online. Developers at Rockstar Games have taken notice for this issue and has come up with a solution to reduce the visibility of player blips for long distances.

By doing so, players map location would not be visible for others until they are within 150 meters range. Which means players can only locate another player once they both have a distance of 150 meters or less between them.

This feature is included in the game with a motive of preventing players from getting targeted again and again from far away distances. Also, a new system is introduced which would highlight the extremely violent players.

Players who intend to play rash and create hostility for others by killing them or their heroes in free roam mode would now be highlighted on the map. Such players will be denoted as a dot on the map, and gradually will become darker in shade, with color switching from blue to red.

And now players can even choose to use the Parley or Feuds options in Red Dead Online. Players can choose the Parley, which would stop the attacker from attacking for 10 minutes but it can be used only if you get killed once.

The Feud can be used to resolve the dispute by entering a deathmatch, which has limited time and can help in ending arguments for once and for all. With the new February update, gamers would also experience the new Bounty Hunter and regulations for players.

Any player who has a high amount of bounty on their head would be libel to be targeted by the NPC bounty hunters. Also, unlawful behavior would result in a reduction in honor reduction. The amount of honor reduced will be based on the insanity of crime committed.

The new update would also include new XP and gold nuggets which players would receive by completing daily tasks and challenges. Let’s see what more content would players get to experience with this new February update.

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