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What is Reddit?

The site Reddit is an accumulation of discussion boards and panels which are referred to as the "subreddits,” on a huge amount of topics and ideas where members are allowed to upvote and downvote the posts. Reddit contains an enormous user base with undoubtedly devoted individuals with around 430 million users on a monthly basis. For the fact, around 150 million page visits are counted for a single day.

Reddit has proclaimed itself to be the 'The Front Page of the Internet where the fact is almost true. With viral videos and stories you'll find on Buzzfeed and other viral sites mostly are a source from Reddit itself. Reddit contains people with raw information and discussions, hence sometimes serious news and discussions become important and are broadcasted as news headlines nobody knew about.

With Reddit’s immense popularity and with its influence on people, it’s very significant to understand Reddit’s reputation system for a chance, especially for its users, known as the “Karma”.

-         Whenever you submit a post or a storyline, it gets a bunch of upvotes. You’reawarded more Karma points.

-         And if your post is experiencing certain downvotes, you get fewer Karma points for sure.

-         In edit, Karma is an important area to configure as it a coveted metric that decides to increase or decrease the number of people who see your posts. This material is also a pride point for the users in their Reddit world.

-         If you experience more and more Karma points, then it’s positive that you’re on Reddit for a while and people like to support your posts and discussions.

What are Subreddits?

Subreddits are known as the themed boards for particular types of posts at a single place, but each with a sharp focus from the users. Whatever subreddits you subscribe to build up your Reddit homepage, it automatically gives you a collection of content and posts explicitly curated by you or like-minded individuals like you. Now, each Subreddit link contains a comment section for inculcating a discussion of sorts, where users can put up arguments, judgments, criticize the subject which is at hand. 

For instance, there are thousands of subreddits to discuss upon. If you observe someone refer to r/, then they’re talking about one address of a particular Subreddit, which is formatted like, hence upon signing up, each user is automatically subscribed to 29-30 default subreddits.

Some of the Subreddits include r/movies (for movies), r/aww (for cute animals), r/news (for current events and headlines), and more of them. As you scroll through the world of Reddit, you are bound to navigate newer subreddits by searching and exploring and finding links similar to these and other’s people’s posts. You can become a part of those lists if you willingly subscribe to them.

Mods– Mods are known as the Moderators by the Reddit community. These are volunteer moderators for each respective Subreddit of choice. Mods are responsible for creating and also maintaining the community guidelines and rules, where they are controlling a layout out of the Subreddit if it happens to troubleshoot any problems.

Who created Reddit?

It is known that Reddit is a massive community with huge groups of people, any news whether good or bad, is discussed there within individuals, so Reddit is a platform where people showcase their true emotions and viable discussions to a point where people hear it. While Reddit is a huge community, it was not a popular phase earlier. The story behind this site is quite interesting.

-         This site was originally made out by two college roommates, which grew into a massive platform that was later acquired by Conde Nast for 20 million.

-         We all know, the Reddit has been into struggles and immense challenges to get to where it is today.

The term Upvoting and Downvoting

On Reddit, users are allowed to ‘Upvote’ or ‘Downvote’ posts based on their liking in a subreddit based on their interests and side of explanations. If you know about democracy, then you might know, democracy can turn into something very ugly. Similarly, people lean onto the types of posts they like and dislike the posts they are not interested in.

The voting actually determines the place your post shown up on the platform, on each subreddit specifically at your homepage. Moreover, the topics that receive the most vote ranks above the subject which has experienced the lowest. Like in message boards, the subreddits have their guidelines which are set by the moderators or the mods. Sometimes, it is very important to pay attention to the rules and laws of each subreddit you take part in.

The moderators present in the Reddit platform have the ability to ban you for any reason they find suitable. Therefore, you’re advised to play safe and always play by the rules.

What are Subreddit Tabs?

There are several selection tabs you’ll observe on the top of each Reddit page. The respective tabs are marked as – Hot, New, Controversial, Top, Gilded, and Wiki. All of these tabs mean something and comprise different types of content. Here’s what they mean:

Hot– These posts are the posts that have been getting the maximum Upvotes and comments with recent updates on that subreddit.

NewThis particular section somewhat filters the posts by the time they’ve been submitted to the site by any user. If you’re somewhere curious about the current and latest posts on Reddit without thinking about how people are bound for voting and commenting, it all appears on the ‘New Tab.’

Rising The 'Rising' section is slightly different from the hot section. When the Hot section is compelled to show you where all the activity presently is. The Rising section shows you where the post is going to be placed next. Whichever posts are in the rising section, they are automatically in the early stages of exploding, so if you're looking for a conversation before your post, it might get lost in the group of an enormous amount of comments.

Controversial– Hot and Rising sections particularly show you where the conversation is currently placed. But the significant downvotes always matter in the rankings subsequently. The Controversial part shows the posts that are experiencing loads of activities by the users, it can be whether good or bad in terms but has to be popular in some or the other way. If a post is converging into a number of upvotes and downvotes, it will make a place in the Controversial section.






“Reddit will update its policies for political advertising”

Reddit has decided to track all spending made on political ad campaigns on its platform. Reddit has launched a new subreddit for keeping the record of all political ad campaigns that were run on Reddit since January 1, 2019. While announcing about the new Reddit brand, the company said that the users could find it on r/RedditPoliticalAds. Also, the company announced in its post that the viewers could find the detailed information of the individual who is advertising, the target of the advertising content, impressions and the whole amount spend on every political campaign. The company further said that it is introducing the new Reddit platform to update the information related to political ad campaigns. The motive behind doing so is to bring transparency into the political conversations advertised by the political campaigners.

The Political comments must be on for the first 24 hours

Reddit has recently updated the policies related to political campaigning on its site and said that the political advertisers would need to work with the sales team of Reddit for developing political ads. According to the updated policies of Reddit, the political advertisers will have to leave their comments only during the first 24 hours when a political ad campaign will go live. However, the company has said that the political advertisers will get the opportunity to make modifications in the advertisements posted on the site. According to the admin of Reddit, the political advertisers could get the freedom to remove their comments if they are not willing to show it under the advertisements.

While explaining the whole process, the admin of Reddit said that only the ads running on Reddit would be featured on r/RedditPoliticalAds. If an advertisement has been approved and then removed from the site by mistake, then the information regarding the removed will be visible on the new platform of Reddit, subreddit. However, such information will be visible with a message attached to it saying that the political ad was “Approved in Error”. Also, Reddit is going to join the social media giant, Facebook for developing a database for political advertisements. Reddit is not the single platform to take such measures regarding political ad campaigns as Twitter has also pulled itself out from the political ad campaigns on its site. Twitter, while announcing its decision to pull out from having any political ad campaign on its website, said that the company believes political message could not be bought and it should be earned. While announcing its decision, the company said that it had banned its site for having any political ad campaign all across the world. The company said that only those people or entities which are meeting the criteria laid down by the social media giant regarding political ad campaigns could only run the ads on its site. The same approach has been taken by the Reddit also while launching its new platform to keep an eye on the different political ad campaigns running on its site.

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