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Shyla Abramson

Are you facing any roofing issues? Then we’re just a phone call away for this services. We only use the very best products on our customers’ roofs—and the rest of their homes. Our DFW roof repair  company belongs to the longstanding  work ethic, along with customer service, which has earned us the trust from homeowners, multi-commercial properties, realtors, and businesses. Feel free to visit our website.


Shyla Abramson Aug 12 '20 · Tags: repair, roof
ServiceMaster Restoration by Century

It is an unfortunate reality that many homes and business owners will have to deal with some form of water damage at some point in their lives. The effects caused by this water damage can be extensive. Structural damage, harmful pollutants, and mold damage are three of the biggest dangers that property owners face from water damage. To maintain safety and clean living conditions, it is critical that water damage is cleaned up in an efficient and quality manner. The best way to ensure that is to hire a cleaning and restoration company you can trust. ServiceMaster by Century in the Galveston area is one such company qualified and prepared to aid you in the restoration and cleanup process after any water damage disaster. Below are three of the hazards water damage can bring to your home or commercial property.

Contaminated Water

Flood damage cleanup in Houstonsometimes contains contaminants that can go as far as to seriously endanger the lives of those exposed to it. Flood water often mixes with sewage. There are a host of deadly, diseases that can be found in sewage or otherwise contaminated water. Three of those diseases are cholera, typhoid, and dysentery. Each one of these can be deadly. If your home floods, you need to take extreme caution going back into your home after the flood. If you must go in, wear protective clothing and a surgical mask to protect yourself from any contaminants.

Structural Damage

Floodwater can have a very devastating effect upon a structure. In fact, water traveling at 10 miles per hour has the same force as wind traveling at 270 miles per hour. Thus, floodwater of this kind can cause serious structural damage to your home. Also, standing water, if not taken care of quickly, can erode the foundation of your home and cause serious, permanent damage.

Mold Damage

Mold is one of the most common results of any kind of water damage Repair in Katy. It is so difficult to get every last ounce of unwanted water out of your house after a disaster that almost always there will still be moist spots throughout your home that will be breeding grounds for mold growth. The effects mold has on people tend to vary. For those who are sensitive to mold, it can cause minor symptoms such as nasal stiffness, throat irritation, coughing, and eye irritation. For those more seriously affected by mold, they may experience more alarming health risks such as upper respiratory tract symptoms, bronchitis, and even the development of asthma in those who didn’t previously suffer from it.

It is important that you are aware of the three threats posed by water damage up above. Underestimating the dangerous consequences of water damage puts your family and those in your commercial property at unnecessary risk. Don’t hesitate to call the pros if you find your property harmed by water damage. The pros at ServiceMaster by Century in the Galveston area are here for you to clean up your home after any water damage disaster.

ServiceMaster Restoration by Century

Fire damage can occur at a moments notice, and from countless causes. The best fire protection for your property is prevention. We at Service Master Restoration by Century promise that by implementing the following suggestions in your Galveston home or business, you can help prevent fires and respond quickly if they do occur.

Install smoke alarms throughout your property. Every level of your building, inside and outside sleeping areas, should have smoke alarms. Be sure to check your smoke alarms regularly. If they are not working correctly, change them out. You should also change the batteries at least once a year, before they run out. Most smoke alarms expire after 10 years. If yours are older than that, install new ones. Working smoke alarms reduce the chances of fire fatality by nearly 50%. They are critical for warning when fire is present, and are the first step in the evacuation process, so be sure that they are working correctly.

Create and practice a fire escape plan with everyone in your building. An effective fire escape plan should have 2 exits out of every room. Designate a safe meeting place outside that is a safe distance away, and in a place that is easily seen and accessible. Practice the escape plan regularly so that everyone in your property is aware of how to get out if a fire occurs. Having a practiced escape plan in place will greatly increase the chance of a safe and fast evacuation for all inside.

Keep flammable objects and materials in safe places. Keep matches high and out of reach of children, and valves on gas tanks turned off when not in use. Do not leave space heaters on in unoccupied rooms, and keep them at least 3 feet away from any flammable items. Keep candles at least 12 inches away from anything that can burn, and always blow them out when leaving the room.

Do not over plug outlets. When too much current is running through a single outlet or extension cord, they can overheat and fires can occur. Do not plug multiple appliances into the same electrical socket. If you have multiple cords that need power, use a surge protector. If cords feel hot after being plugged in for extended amounts of time, unplug them until they cool down.

Be aware and cautious in the kitchen. Kitchen fires are leading sources for house fires, and most can be completely avoidable. Do not leave a hot oven or stovetop unattended, and keep a fire extinguisher on hand and easily accessible in the kitchen. Be informed on how to handle grease fires, and keep things like baking soda or flour near the heat source when cooking with oils.

If there is a fire in your home or building, get out, stay out, and call for help immediately. Do not go back into the home or building. Wait until professionals arrive and deem the area safe before returning.

Fire damage is often complicated, and fire damage restoration involves restoring damage from the fire itself, restoring items affected by smoke and soot, and even restoring water damage caused by firefighting efforts. Service Master Restoration by Century provides full restoration for commercial properties and buildings damaged by fire. If you are looking for flood damage cleanup in Houston, contact Service Master Restoration by Century. Our experts are fully experienced to provide the services of water damage repair in Katy.

Challis Restoration Services

You did it, you created an oasis for just you: your hobbies, your interests, your friends, your passions. Whether you use it every weekend, or only for the Super Bowl, outbuildings need to be protected from water damage. Floodwater or a broken pipe can cause extensive and irreversible damage. Floods or disasters can ruin your space by 1) wiping out belongings and 2) permanently damaging floors and walls to your Davenport establishment.

It is important to take the time to flood-proof your outbuildings. Floodwater can cause permanent damage to furniture, books, documents, and other water-sensitive items, and it can cause the wood to swell and warp. If water is not immediately removed, we at Challis Restoration know that mold and other microbial organisms can begin to grow.


Prepare Before A Flood Or Heavy Rains

You should also work to flood-proof your home and external spaces before the rainy season. For example, if the space is below ground level, install a sump pump and backup power source. Add backflow valves to toilets and drains.

Once a flood warning has been announced, immediately gather the emergency supply kit and pay attention to the TV or radio for updates. If possible, make sure to bring in any outdoor items such as grills, furniture, and trash cans. Securely tie down large items. Carry every valuable thing in the space to the highest floor in the house, especially that big screen T.V.


After Water Damage

After the flood, call your insurance provider as soon as possible. Take pictures of the damage and make sure to keep accurate records throughout the repair process. After the appropriate steps have been taken, the cleanup process should begin. For safety reasons, the electricity to the entire house should be turned off. Floodwater needs to be removed immediately to prevent the growth of mold and other dangerous organisms, so it is a good idea to call in a professional to handle the extensive cleanup process.




Is It Covered By Insurance?

You’ll want to notify your agent about your new structure, of course, but most homeowners policies will cover buildings on your property that aren’t attached to your home, like a gazebo, shed or detached garage through “other structures protection.” Typically, the standard coverage is for 10 percent of the amount of insurance you have on your home. So if your home is insured for $300,000, your shed and other structures would be insured for 10 percent of that, $30,000.

Total coverage is for all of your unattached buildings, including fixtures like fences. So if the addition of the shed now brings the value of your outbuildings to more than 10 percent of your standard coverage, you may want to increase the total of your homeowners  insurance policy.

Plus you may want to be careful about what exactly you store in your shed and consider what perils your policy covers. To properly protect certain high-value items like a billiard table, you can purchase additional coverage that protects the specific item for its appraised value. Enjoy your new building, but don’t keep valuables in your shed.

If you’ve experienced a major spill in your hideaway, call us as soon as possible. The concrete floor can sustain water damage, staining, and other problems if the water remains for too long, and the walls can lose some structural integrity as well. The longer you wait, the worse the damage will get.


Call Challis For Your Water Damage Needs

The team at Challis Restoration in Davenport knows the restoration and recovery process – from first-aid measures and emergency response to technical services and total reconstruction. With over 25 years of experience, contact us if you have any questions regarding water damage cleanup, storm damage restoration, sewage damage repair, or flooding cleanup.

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