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Resetting helps in troubleshooting many minor and even severe issues. Chromebook devices are especially known for their simplicity, low cost, and ease of use. Even though Google Chromebook laptops are not as complex as devices with other operating systems, such as Windows, macOS, or Linux, but they may still get into the problem occasionally.

Resetting Chromebook to its factory settings could be helpful in many cases, but you should also know that doing so will erase all your data from it. If a problem doesn’t leave your Chromebook or you’re planning to give it to someone, then you can go for resetting your Chromebook.

Here is how to reset a Chromebook laptop

Things to consider before you reset your Chromebook

·      Files stored locally on your device storage and the settings you’ve done in your laptop will be removed and can’t be recovered once the device has been reset.

·      Only go for power washing your Chromebook if it is stuck in a problem that does not resolve even by applying very effective fixes.

·      All your essential information and settings are synced to your Google Account so that they will remain safe.

·      Make sure to back up the files and data on your Google Drive or other cloud storage. You can also use external storage to backup your important data.

·      All the accounts you’ve signed in to your Chromebook will lose their logins, and you need to log in again once you reset your Chromebook.

How to reset (Powerwash) a Chromebook laptop from Chrome browser

There are many tasks you can perform on a Chromebook laptop using Chrome browser. Here is how can you powerwash your Chromebook through Chrome.

1.   Before you go ahead, make sure to read the above points and perform the necessary steps for keeping your data safe.

2.   Start the ‘Chrome’ browser.

3.   Click on the ‘Three dots’ round button just below the closing (X) button. As you click it, a dropdown menu will come out.

4.   Find ‘Settings’ in the menu and click on it. Doing so open the Chromebook settings for you on the screen. You can also access the Chromebook settings by selecting ‘Settings’ direct from the taskbar menu.

5.   Now, go to the bottom of the settings page and open the ‘Advanced’ settings.

6.   Scroll on the Advanced Settings screen and look for Reset settings section.

7.   Now, select the ‘Powerwash’ option from the Reset settings section. Here you can also read what powerwash will do in the small text.

8.   Restart your device dialog will come up on the screen, click on the ‘Restart’ button to begin power washing.

Now, your laptop will shut down and restart with powerwash complete. You’ll soon see your Chromebook as you have started it for the first time. Sign in, when asked and follow the screen directions to set up and get started with your Chromebook.

How to reset (Powerwash) a Chromebook laptop from the Login screen

With Chromebook and Chrome browser settings, you’ve one more method to initiate the resetting the process on your Chromebook. You can instantly reset a Chrome OS device direct from the login screen by pressing a key combination. Here is how.

1.   Start your Chromebook.

2.   When you reach on the login screen, press the ‘Ctrl + Shift + Alt + R’ button together on the keyboard.

3.   Reset this Chrome device window will appear on display, click on ‘Restart’ button to begin power washing your laptop. Now, your laptop will shut down and restart with a new window.

4.    Click on ‘Powerwash’ option when it appears.

5.   Click ‘Continue’ on the Confirm Powerwash window. Before this, you can also check the ‘Update firmware for added security’ option to update the firmware.

Your Chromebook will be now reset and start as you started it for the first time or with the new firmware. Now, sign in, when asked and follow the screen directions to set up and get started with your Chromebook.

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