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It is well known that the computer is just a machine and can break at any point, but one should keep certain aspects in mind while planning to repair their devices by themselves.  The use of computers is on the rise, and many users may desire to accesses the interiors of their computer cabinet.

But to do so, an individual should consider some essential tips that may come in handy while working on your computer. Below are some of the tips and tricks that every individual should follow while accessing their computer and ensure their security.

Use your judgment

Some may consider our first tip to be quite obvious, but it is far better to intimate an individual before any mishap happens. Never ever pick up or move your CPU while the computer is running as it can result in electric shock due to static charge on your body. Moreover, by shaking or mishandling a computer while in use can result in hardware damage or misplacement of hardware inside the device.

Make sure the computer is turned off, and the power cord is removed from the switchboard before touching or opening your computer cabinet or any other hardware.

Do Not Touch!

If you don’t have any in-depth knowledge of computer circuit board or inside of the computer, then it is best recommended to not directly touch any circuit board r component inside the computer instead taking professional help can suit you better.

 Still, if you are well versed with the interiors of your computer cabinet then make sure that the power is switched off before you touch any components of the motherboard. The best means to ensure that no power supply is received by your computer is through switching off the power supplying unit of the computer which is designated to canalize power to all the components of the computer.

Discharging is mandatory

Even after switching off the power supply of your computer it is very much possible that some electric current is still present inside your CPU, so before getting any closer to the computer cabinet it is best recommended to touch any metal item.

By touching a metal item like a door handle, one can discharge all the static charge from their body and safeguard themselves from an uncertain electric shock. Moreover, if you have worn any woolen cloths, it’s better to remove them as wool tends to store static charge which could be devastating while working on a computer.

Avoid liquids and solids around your work station

Well, we cannot predict the future, but what we can do is take some precautions to undermine a safe working environment. One should absolutely avoid eating or drinking around their workplace as an accident may happen, and results could be irreplaceable.

If accidentally some liquid spills around your working space then immediately try to remove any hardware around it to avoid any potential damage to your device and try to use a dry cloth or tissue to soak the spilled water and make any further mess.

By referring to the above-mentioned tips and tricks, one can ensure a proper and safe working environment for themselves and always remember to focus at a single task at a time as trying to do multiple things at a time can result in some unwanted problems.


Mia Davis is a creative person who has been writing blogs and articles about cybersecurity. She writes about the latest updates regarding and how it can improve the work experience of users. Her articles have been published in many popular e-magazines, blogs, and websites.

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