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No Fear Of Lockdowns And Curfews

It is unbeatable how convenient online shopping is compared to running a store offline. Comparatively with shopping in-store, when shopping online, customers don't have to worry about maintaining social distance or any covid protocols because they can shop while sitting on their sofa.


Customers don't need to travel to the store because they can place an order from the comfort of their homes. Longline queues are not required, and cash is not needed as they can make the payments online. Also, they no longer need to enter card information separately for each purchase because modern browsers securely store the information.

Now, I am better prepared for any future curfews and lockdown restrictions in the future. The online store is now my rescue to beat the insecurity of losing my business growth numbers.


Availability 24/ 7/ 365

Another great benefit that I have over an offline store is that it (online store) doesn't close after limited hours.


Further, I don't have to worry about factors like:

 Store open and close timings

 Covid compliances in-store

 Impact of curfew on the store

 Availability of staff

Another best part is that even when I am asleep, my store would be attracting buyers from other time zones. And, gone are the days when I have to worry about the limitations of not opening the store on weekends or the complications of managing long queues of customers during festival sales.


Also, unlike weekends and half days, I don't have to wait to go on a holiday trip. As I can easily operate my store from any corner of the world. With my E-commerce system, my website can operate round the clock and provide shoppers with accurate product details, warranty policies, product reviews, and product descriptions to make a more informed buying decision.


But with an offline store, this problem always tipped the scale in favor of the online store. With my online store, I can sell anywhere in any part of the world 24*7.  


Multiple marketing opportunities

With my offline store, the marketing opportunities are limited and traditional. So this got me thinking that how I will market my business online to increase my sales and brand awareness? And that's where my e-commerce partner helped me to perform incredible SEO optimization to increase organic reach for my website.


With my online website, I reached more audiences and have more leads for my business. Also, slowly and gradually, my business ranked higher in search engine results.


In addition to organically marketing my business, the eCommerce platform also helped me leverage several marketing options. And, now I know how to promote it on multiple social media channels and marketplaces like Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Instagram, all of which were easily linked with my website.


Attract new customers at an affordable price

Online selling gives me the advantage of expanding my business and reaching a new audience. It is easily done with better SEO practice that helps in better Google ranking, enhancing branding, and providing better customer relationships. All this is done with a low-cost investment as compared to an offline store. A physical business is more expensive to run, whereas an online business has lower overhead costs.


A centrally managed management system on an easy ecommerce platform helped automate inventory management and reduce inventory management costs. Also, any overhead costs incurred in setting up the business were covered by the additional profit I made by reaching more customers.


Better scalability

Another great advantage of selling products online is that it offers better and enhanced scalability options. This was yet another doubt I had in mind when planning to start my online journey. And this concern was smoothly resolved by my online e-commerce growth partner. They helped grow my business by broadening the product line, targeting more audiences, and adapting to consumer and customer demands with detailed product listing and selling in multiple places.


With online commerce, I can grow my business without changing my location or having to expand into a larger shop as I might have to with a. Also, I can add more product lines, add more payment options, and ship to more locations.


Better customer interaction

With online selling, my business has done better and increased customer engagement. Over the years of running my offline store, I now know that customer experience is of the utmost importance.


That is why I was determined to put together a website with an engaging interface which helped in great customer satisfaction. With my personalized eCommerce website, I captured and shared data like customer names, birthdays, and brand preferences on my POS and eCommerce system. Using eCommerce features like social media integration, live chat, and automated email campaigns, I increased conversion rates by engaging customers and delivering a compelling user experience.


Throughout March 2020, many businesses were forced to shut down in response to a global lockdown temporarily. The restrictions are being eased gradually, but the future remains uncertain.


You must be wondering who I am. Well, my name is Ratan Kumar, and I own a silk saree store in Varanasi. This Banarsi Silk Shop has been in my family for almost 100 years and was founded by my great grandfather. Our shop is famous for its brocades, fine silks, and opulent embroidery, all made of gold and silver.


In the wake of the covid outbreak, I wanted my business to thrive in the 'new normal' environment. With all these COVID restrictions, my silk sarees store was not performing well as sales and profit dropped drastically. After that, I decided to take my Silk Saree offline retail store online to sell silk sarees.


Not just this, but the reopening of businesses was subject to tedious and frustrating social distancing policies, mask-wearing, and limits on the number of individuals allowed into a space. All these points indicate that it will take a long time for retailers like me to recover from such a loss.


But that got me thinking that due to covid-19, people are increasingly turning to online shopping. And the reason was clear - traditional shopping is turning scary, unsafe, or becomes time-consuming because of numerous safety checks. And now, this new Omicron variant is raising more questions about the saree industry in eastern Uttar Pradesh.

That's when I thought, why should I bear so much loss, debt, and disappointment? Wouldn't it be better to take a more creative and practical approach to revive the business?


I definitely had done my fair share of research and found Covid-19 made the transition significantly easier for several online marketplaces like Amazon and other online retailers. And the best part was that consumers already welcomed them with open arms.

Also, I read in the Internet Revenue Association, online revenue grew 44% in 2020 and increased 6.8% in Q3, 2021. In the post-quarantine world, this trend is likely to continue. Even when retail businesses reopen fully, online shopping will retain its advantages. Considering all of these factors together, I thought now might be the best time to start selling clothes online or expand my e-commerce business.


But, Why Was I Nervous?

While I was thinking about expanding my local and global sales by moving my business online, I had several doubts.


First, I wasn't clear about how to do it and faced challenges along the way, like how I would be able to manage the technical aspects of starting an online store. It was my lack of understanding about how I will promote my online business and what would be the next step to sustain. All these thoughts made me hesitant to break into the e-commerce space.


However, I researched online and found a good eCommerce platform that helps retailers start their online business with no-code websites. And the best part is, one doesn't need to hire a developer and pay hefty fees for launching an e-commerce site. Not just did the platform help me start my store for free, but it also made it easier to market it later on popular social media platforms, allowing my business to become a successful brand.

Now that making a website was easy, here are some of the other benefits that intrigued me about moving my retail shop online.



Along my journey, I have learned that today's businesses can no longer afford to ignore e-commerce as it has become a necessity. It is relatively easy to start an e-commerce company, even if you own a physical store. For me, it was a huge relief as I started my online website for free without having any technical and online selling knowledge. As a result, I can rightfully say that I am now prepared to face any future pandemic challenges.

Also, with an online store, now I have plenty of opportunities to sell my sarees in the global market. Additionally, I have multiplied my online sales by 30% in just six months by displaying a wide variety of sarees online and implementing a solid online selling business plan.


Most of the new startups and aspiring entrepreneurs are fueled and inspired by these numbers. However, taking the most of it is still a dream of many of them. To help you with the same and learn the key considerations to grow your clothes business globally, We decided to list them for you.

Keep scrolling to learn about these basics and how you can implement them to grow your clothing business.

Pick a niche

The clothing industry is vast with numerous sub-segments. Even if we’ll go with gender and age-specific bifurcations, you can have a good number of choices. Acknowledging this, when you plan to grow your clothing business, the first thing to consider is being niche-centric. Do not try to have your hand in everything. This will also help you focus better on your target audience and define a strategy to grow your business.

Let’s say, for example, you are willing to sell clothes for men. This can be further bifurcated in traditional wear, formal wear, and casual wear. In each of these, the target audience and approach are distinct. When we talk about women's wear and the one for kids, there’s an entirely different list. This is why you must have a defined niche for your clothing business.

Create a website

Your brick-and-mortar store would surely be gaining a lot of traction, but expanding with another physical outlet may call for humungous investment and efforts. This is why numerous brands and startups choose to create an online store rather than expanding a physical outlet. Even you probably have had thought once in while to start your online store and could have stopped considering the technical expertise it may require.

But wait, this isn’t the actual scenario. You may start selling clothes online with zero investment and in just five minutes. You read that right. This can be attained by doing free registration on Builderfly. The platform offers you numerous tools to customize your website and has a filtered list of leading payment and delivery partners. Once you create your free online store with Builderfly, you get to access its tools that will help you grow clothing business online.

Market your brand smartly

Be it a physical store or an online brand. You need to have a strong marketing strategy in either case. And in today’s digital world, marketing goes online. Perhaps this is what gives creating an online store a firm cover. While promoting your clothes business online, you can give your audience a digital landing page where they can come and buy your products.

Researchers have proved that there are more chances of turning your campaign’s target audience into a buyer if you have a website. Also, you need to keep in mind that you define the target audience wisely in your campaign. Experiment with ad timings and days and keep a close eye on analytics. This will help you learn the performance of your marketing campaigns and you’ll eventually be able to make better decisions.

Builderfly marketing tools and channels offers you a various techniques to promote, grow and upscale your online business. Not just this, it also allows you to promote your products using an inbuilt email marketing tool. Also, you may always have a command of real-time analytics.

Gift of music

Music has bliss in it. It is believed that kids that start getting inclined towards music from a younger age have a better IQ and perspective towards life. Not as a career, but a hobby perhaps. To spark this light, a light musical instrument as a gift this Christmas can be a wonderful idea. You may gift your child a small piano, guitar, flute, or something alike. This should depend on either your child’s inclination or what you presume they’d love.

Experts believe that with the moving time, parents are getting inclined towards creativity and wish their child to be a good dancer, actor, or musician. Having said this, market analysts believe that this Christmas, most parents will invest in buying a musical gift for their kids. The kind of gift may vary from age group and budget, but you should be prepared with this category in your online store.

Sports toys

Sports has always been at the top of kids' love lists. Not just them, even parents what their kids to get involved in one or another form of sports. Especially after seeing today’s kids getting engrossed in smartphones or TVs, parents want their kids to get physically active through sports.

While sports toys are getting preference, particularly for boys, they have been the first preference for numerous parents. An analysis reports, that this Christmas, parents will be going with indoor sports pertaining to the fear of the recent pandemic. They want their kids to be active in sports, but simultaneously prevent them from getting any form of flu or infection. Indoor versions of cricket, basketball, Fussball, table football, etc may notice a huge hike this Christmas.

Tech games

In our last point, we talked about kids being stuck to mobile phones. I understand this title might sound contradictory, but we are here going beyond smartphones. We are talking about battery-run toys that can perform a variety of tricks. Just a press of a button and there’s a tech wonder entertaining the kids.

The segment includes the option to both indoors and outdoors and preference varies with usage, child’s age, and budget of buyers. The safer side insists on keeping the options. RC toys are one of the leading players in this segment. Classier customers may even seek for Play station and video games. Now that’s where I contradicted, but when it’s about class, everything’s good.

The gifts fall in a little higher price category. This is why it is recommended that you sell toys and games online through an online store. It’ll help you reach the right audience with ease.


This one’s the most pocket-friendly and eventually most bought gift for kids. Also, puzzle games help in increasing the creativity and mental health of kids. It is also an indoor game that helps parents stay assured of their kids’ health.

Puzzle games are available in all budgets and difficulty levels. This makes them further flexible and friendly for sellers like you. You may choose to have a defined number of all categories. Once again, going online with your toys and games store can give you more exposure, and chances of making more sales will perpetually increase.


India is a leading market for Gems and Jewellery. As per a report by, there are over 2.5 million registered Jewellery shops, around 1,00,000 gold jewelers, and 4,50,000 goldsmiths in India. 96% of these jewelry shops are family-owned businesses.


According to a report, India’s Jewellery market volume amounted to 451 million units in 2020 and is expected to reach 511 million units by the end of 2021. These are a mixture of Brick and Mortar and online sales. According to the World Gold Council, if we talk about the online jewelry market, the industry will notice a significant push in the year 2021 and the years ahead.


The market has huge scope and is anticipated to grow exponentially in the coming days. However, while the big players have sufficient resources to grow their presence and leverage the benefits, the starters and independent sellers might face a little struggle. Just in case you fall in the latter category and are wondering how to start your Jewellery business from home, this blog may serve the purpose. So keep scrolling to explore further.


While big retail outlets will expand the online presence on one side, new players will also join the race. The same could be noticed when independent jewelry designers, who can’t invest in creating a retail outlet, are starting to run their jewelry business from home. Here, we’ll today learn about ways to start selling Jewellery from home and grow your business.


Starting a jewelry business at home is indeed a smart idea. This is a lot more cost-effective which can be eventually utilized to grow your digital footprints and revenue. You should keep in mind certain things if you are willing to start your business from home. There are ample resources available online to educate you about the same. Also, you may choose to take guidance from an expert. This can be done with a platform provider like Builderfly. They always have support experts that carry years of experience in the industry.


I hope the facilitated information helped you learn about ways to start and grow jewelry business online. Just in case there’s anything else, please feel free to leave your question in the comment section below. I’d be happy to answer.

Market and Promote

There are two ways to promote your home-based business. First is the traditional way, word of mouth, and second is the innovative and digital medium through various online marketing campaigns. I would say you should count on both. While word of mouth can be attained through your social circle and eventually the satisfied customers you attain, the latter will require a little analysis and management.


Digital marketing comprises various tactics, including social media campaigns, Google ads, email marketing, etc. Each marketing strategy has its own set of perks and considerations to attain them. I won’t say there’s rocket science behind it, but at some point, you might require guidance in context to things that should be kept in mind while promoting your online jewelry store.


The first step soon after getting thought to start selling jewelry from home is to give your product a name. It’s similar to opening a brick-and-mortar store. The way you give your shop a name, you have to give your home business a name. However, you’ll have to be more creative here compared to the name of your physical store. Create a catchy brand name that clicks instantly to your target audience.


You may choose to include your name or have additional keywords to it. This will help your brand name be easy to recognize. Since you do not have a physical outlet, your brand name and your service will only help you grow your business in the future.


I’m sure you are well acquainted with the process with which you’ll run your business. The modus operandi and takeaways largely rely on whether you are a supplier, wholesaler, or create them by yourself. Before you start selling, you should have a clear picture of the entire process in mind and have it handy. This will help you conceptualize the entire sales process, which will eventually help you deliver the demand effortlessly.


Seamless deliveries will ensure getting you better goodwill with your home-based jewelry business. Your buyers will show more trust, and this will eventually increase your sales over time.


Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram have proved to be an impeccable tool for numerous independent sellers selling products from their homes. You do not require any physical outlet to start selling jewelry on these channels. All you need is a merchant account. Once you create it, you have to upload your products and share them with your circle. You should be good at selling jewelry on social media.


Remember, both brands and startups leverage these social media platforms, and the key to growing on them is to have a clear idea about your target audience, their likes, and interests. While creating a merchant account will be the first step, you’ll eventually need a strong marketing strategy to grow your business.


Another way to sell jewelry online is by creating your own online store website and mobile apps. Perhaps this is much more profound than selling on social media sites alone. This is because by creating an online store, you can give your home business far more exposure compared to a physical store or social selling. There are numerous ways you can create an online store for your home-based jewelry business.


One such way is by creating a free online store with Builderfly. With all the latest advancements in technology, you can now create an online store for your jewelry business at zero cost. Tools offered by Builderfly can further back this. Depending on the industry you choose, the strategy may vary. We recommend you do good research before finalizing the right platform to create the first free online store for your home-based jewelry business.


The process of sell and purchase performed electronically is called e-commerce or simply ecommerce. The most popular electronic mode of transaction is the World Wide Web (WWW) and the second most popular model is mobile apps. These transactions using the Internet are also called online transactions. The E-commerce industry has seen immense growth since it's inception in both turn-over terms and number of users terms. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic in the year 2020, the e-commerce business still surviving. Even a few categories have witnessed the sells growth in the online business. It looks like the right time to start an e-commerce business.

Following are the benefits of an e-commerce business:

1. The ease-of-doing-business

2. Lesser establishment cost

3. Lesser management cost

4. Trade beyond the geographical border

5. Easy customer access

6. Round-the-clock orders


Above all, the scope of e-commerce is brighter. As of now, only 10% of global offline retailers are practicing e-commerce business. In this way, the customers of 90% offline retailers have still to shift to online. It's a huge growth the e-commerce business is eyeing. The globalization of the market has a good contribution to the growth of e-commerce. eBay and Amazon are the older players in the e-commerce market.


Let's understand first, how does e-commerce work? A customer browses through the catalog of an e-commerce website or e-commerce mobile app. Then the customer selects products to purchase and adds them to the shopping cart. The customer checks the order details and then checkout to pay online. E-commerce seller receives the order and confirms it to the buyer. The seller packs the product from inventory and processes it through a shipping company like FedEx. Shipping company collects the product parcel and ship to the customer's address. In between, an online FedEx tracking service is available to the customer through the link provided. The customer receives the product ordered and write a review for the product and seller's service.


It’s easy to follow the business processes. If you too believe that it interests you then you can certainly go for it. There is no need to put a second thought on it. The business scope is vast and offers a good return on investment. Start to sell products online with our best wishes.


An ecommerce builder is a tool that enables you to create webpages without any coding knowledge. It is a software or a set of tools, developed by skilled IT professionals to help people who do not know how to code, design or build their own online stores and websites. It comes with a pre-set code, predetermined functions, in-built templates that can be put together by just drag and drop option, to get a final result. Some of the most popular ecommerce builders are WIX, Shopify, Builderfly, Squarespace, and BigCommerce.

Advantages of ecommerce builder


The main benefit is obviously the price. With a very small investment, you can have an online store up on the web and can build your online presence.


When hiring an ecommerce design company, it will generally take 4-6 weeks from start to launch which is a very time-consuming process. But with ecommerce builders, you can get your new store up within a day or a few minutes.

Decent design

Many of the current ecommerce builders offer decent and professional designs and templates. You can simply choose the template from thousands of ready-made themes and can design your store beautifully.

Know Your Customers Closely

The integrated in-built tools within these online store builders give you the ability to track and manage your customers. This kind of tool also enables you to know customer’s buying behavior, what motivates them to buy your product, their interests, and other demographics. So, once you know these factors, you can simply collect data from the Internet and thus it can ultimately reduce your efforts to finding customer’s interest.

Saved time

Is your time worth anything to you? When you opt for an ecommerce builder to sell online, you are buying your life back, or at least many hours of it, by simply using the easy-to-use and useful features and saves countless hours banging your head against a wall or teaching yourself a new technology that has nothing to do with your profession.

Modern Payment Options

After the news of Bitcoin, So many ecommerce businesses think what will be the future of online payments.

But, ecommerce builders provide you with the latest payment options and help online businesses keep pace with the best payment options and decrease the chances of losing a customer.

For example, online store builders like Builderfly allows you to integrate with top digital wallets like PayPal and Amazon Pay. This way you can always satisfy customer’s requirements.

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