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Mahmudul Hasan

The holiday season is approaching, and many of us are looking for a special yet affordable way of expressing their feelings of care, love or appreciation to their friends and family abroad. There are many good ideas for a special gift, but a nice flowers bouquet is always a good solution which will surely be appreciated.


Recently, there seems to be an abundance of new online Israeli flower shops, all aiming at the target market of Americans who wish to send flowers to their friends or family in Israel. At the same time, a new study shows that in nearly 70% of online flower deliveries, the item did not match the order, and a different bouquet was received.


Being an online florist in Israel for the past few years, I believe there are a few points to emphasize for anyone who is looking to shop for flowers and get their money's worth.


So... following are the things you should pay attention to when you send flowers in Israel, the safe way:


1. Picture quality and realism - In order to make the bouquets appealing, you will find that at close look some of the bouquets have been manually processed in a picture editing software. It is not an easy thing to notice, but if you look closely at the image of the bouquet, it will seem "unnatural" in away. Of course that in this case, there is not a chance that the same bouquet will be delivered because it does not exist.


2. Picture uniqueness - Some of the online flower shops are just online merchants who have a deal with an off-line florist. In those cases, you will find the same pictures in more than one website, and the bouquet price will usually be higher since there are more "mouths to feed" in the chain.


3. Who is the shop owner - as in any online deal, one should check and see that the flower shop owner identifies himself (usually in the "about us" section), and is willing to support the transaction in an accessible customer service phone number.

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