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zubair hassan

Today, we have become a smartphone society, and most of us own a personal smartphone. The digital or online world has a strong reality, and our phones are one of the primary ways to get online and connect to the online world. It's getting harder every day to think about a life without our phones. The cost of an average smartphone isn't very cheap, though. It typically ranges from 200 US dollars to 1000 US dollars. It verily depends on the features and functionalities of the smartphone, but it does cost a considerable amount to get a good phone.

Most people get worried when they come to know that they have to change their phone for some reason because it costs them a high amount of money to get a new phone. Moreover, they might need to transfer the data from the old one to the new one, and all of this may create a fuss for some non-tech-lover kind of people. This urges a need to take good care of phones and keep them maintained. The blog entails some easy yet important smartphone maintenance tips for you. Here you go!

Get a Phone Case

A phone case is the basic smartphone protection gear. The true importance of a phone case is understood only by those who lost their recently-bought expensive smartphone, all for not getting a case. Yes, once someone loses their phone for not having a case, they can clearly understand why a smartphone case is very important. So, make sure you get a case for your smartphone. Also, choose a case that is not only cool, but it does the job well too. Obviously, the basic purpose of a phone case is to protect your phone.

Install a Screen Protector

Most of us have already faced an incident where we get our smartphone's glass cracked. So, it's not very hard to understand that most smartphones have a fragile screen that needs to be taken good care of. Make sure you get a strong screen protector that covers it all well. Moreover, while getting a screen protector, make sure that the touch screen works well with the protector because sometimes it gets really annoying when the touch screen doesn't work smoothly due to the protector installed.

Don't Leave your Smartphone Unattended

It's important to keep your phone with you when you are outside your home. Many times people are careless about their phones, and they forget where they keep the phone. It could fall down or get hurt by anyone. It may also result in your phone got stolen. So leaving your phone unattended, particularly in public, isn't safe at all. Take good care of your phone and don't leave it anywhere when you are not at home.

Avoid Extreme Temperatures

So, mostly our phones are safe when we are at home. However, even some areas at home aren't safe, and you should keep your phone away from those places. You should not place your phone near the stove as high temperature can be dangerous for your phone's life. Extreme temperatures, either too hot or too cold, can be bad for a phone. Make sure you don't leave your phone in the microwave refrigerators. Obviously, you don't want explosions or your phone to be frozen so, be mindful where you keep your phone even at your home. Also, don't leave your phone near water or liquid substances.

Take Care of the Battery:

Phones battery is a major component of your phone, and it has to be healthy for your phone to work efficiently. For this, it is important that you don't leave your phone on charge overnight. As soon as the battery reaches 100% charging, plug it off. Also, don't use your phone if the battery gets too low. Put the phone on charge when you see the battery going down to avoid it getting off from low battery power. If you take care of your phone's battery, it will last long.

Update your Mobile Apps:

Keep your mobile app streamlined and updated. Keep checking timely if any app needs update or storage to work properly. Also, keep your phone secured by keeping a passcode or lock. You can also keep a lock on different apps on your phone. Since people are getting concerned about their phone's data and privacy, many mobile app development companies are adding the app's security lock feature within the app. WhatsApp offers a fingerprint lock feature for those who want to keep their conversation private in case others get hands-on their phone.

Clear the Clutter:

As the mobile needs an update, it also needs your time to check if there are unnecessary data on your phone's storage. Keep clearing the clutter from your device's memory to help it work efficiently without hanging or lagging. Keep checking your mobile app if there are high amounts of unnecessary data in the storage. Remove it before it causes the app to hang during use.

These are some of the smartphone maintenance tips that should be followed to help your phone get longer and better life. Most of the above-mentioned tips are quite common and simple but overlooked by many people. To conclude, make sure you get a good phone case, screen protector, avoid extreme temperatures, take care of the battery and update all of your apps on time to get your phone working efficiently and smoothly.



Alessia Martine

Having good Wi-Fi with the proper signal can move faster than physical speed. You can hear the radio, watch videos, music, and many more things if you have a fast Wi-Fi on the internet. However, if you are not getting a proper Wi-Fi signal, there’s no advantage of having fast internet. The problem happening from the Wi-Fi signal can be solved if you make some right steps toward the router. So let’s improve the signal of Wi-Fi to make it work faster.


Check into the Software Side

On the path of doing Wi-Fi work properly, check the software version if it is up to date or not. If the software is not updated, then update it as soon as possible. The software of router and smartphone needs to be updated for better connectivity. Check if you are not using a VPN because it can slow down the speed and strength. If you are using any of these things, so just stop it.

Every router has a different way of connection. Some router can connect with the mobile device directly, and some need to connect through the web. So keep checking the latest update of router and device. If there is an automatic update feature available, then just enable it, and you may not face signal issues in the future.

Eliminate the Interference

The next mode of the problem can be your device cover. Your smartphone case can be the reason for slow signal strength because there are thick metal exists in cases. It stops the signal antennas to work properly. Most people don’t know about it; neither look into this situation, so if your smartphone case is not right, just change it. Smartphones can use 2.4GHz and 5Ghz signals. You need to set the signal to 5Ghz and try to move less if they are so many walls in your home.

Test Out the Connection

If several Wi-Fi networks are available on your side, verify that you have connected to the right Wi-Fi. Avoid connecting with a weak signal.

  1. Try to connect with a 5Ghz signal, but it is not available then at least use 2.4Ghz for some better connectivity.
  2. Disconnect with the connection and connect with it again. It will resolve and refresh the IP, and your problem might get solved.
  3. Restart the device to refresh every setting with a signal.
  4. Make Some Right Changes with Router
  5. You can try an app “Wi-Fi Analyzer” that will show the problem happening with your Wi-Fi.
  6. Turn off the router by unplugging and plug it again to begin the connectivity from the beginning.
  7. Make sure the antennas of the router are pinned in the right direction.
  8. Put the router higher than furniture.
  9. Make sure the optimal cooling of the router is on to keep it cool.

Upgrade the Router

After trying every major point and if your problem is not solving, the final step you need to take is now to upgrade the router. Changing the router is never a preferred choice, so if you have any other option, just try it. If there is any hardware issue in the router, then you need to check it up, just replace the router. Sometimes in a big house, the signal doesn’t reach every corner, so choose a router that has higher signal strength. There are several types of routers available in the market to try.


Devin Smith

Google is one of the largest leading tech firms in the industry. It always keeps on finding some new ways to keep its users on their toes. It has always something new to offer to its users. And keeping in mind the entertainment of its users, it has also launched its new feature of using 3D Animals on the screens of your smartphones. Google is not just a search engine, but it is more than that.

As you already know that it owns Youtube, Google Maps, Google Play, and many more. Apart from that, it has a bunch of extra features ranging from useful tools to simple, fun applications. Estimating its users, it has now crossed more than 2 million monthly users.

And now speaking of this Google’s amazing feature of using 3D Animals on the screens of your device, it’s a feature that is designed to keep its users entertained. This feature allows its users to project 3D animals like Tiger, Duck, Penguin, and more through the screens of their devices. You can watch augmented reality (AR) animals right at your home on your smartphone’s screens. To keep the kids engaged and entertained in your house amid the lockdown due to the current circumstances of Coronavirus, this is the best option that you can opt for. Today we will tell you more about this amazing feature of Google and will guide you the steps to use this.

How to Project the 3D Animals On Your Smartphone’s Screen

To entertain and engage yourselves, a lot of you people might be browsing some entertainment apps like Houseparty, TikTok, and many other apps. While some others might be streaming movies and shows or playing online games to kill the boredom of their quarantine period. There are other people also who are trying this new feature of projecting 3D Animals on the screens of their smartphones. Do you wanna try this? Wanna know how to use this feature? No worries, this article will let you know the ways through which you can use his feature and keep yourself and your kids entertained. Here’s how to use this feature:

Step 1. To use this feature on your Android phone screen, firstly, you need to open Google Chrome on your device. iPhone users can use this feature on Safari.

Step 2. In the search tab, type the name of the animal that you want to view in the 3D version.

Step 3. After typing the name of the animal in the search bar, Google will display the result in the normal version.

Step 4. Scroll down your screen until you see the option of “View in 3D” on your screen. Tap on the option. And Google will display the results. You can zoom in and out the animals on your screen, you can move them.

Step 5. In the 3D option, move your smartphone across the corners of your room, let the Google lens scan the surroundings of your room before displaying the 3D version of the animals on your smartphone screens.

Now you will be able to view the 3D animals on your screen. Move them, zoom in or out the image as per you like. Now you can imagine the real animals roaming in the areas of your room. How incredible is that? Right? What else do you want for your kids as this is the most fantastic and new way to teach your kids about some wildlife. So, go now and try out this great feature of Google and let yourself and your kids get a new experience of entertainment. 

Note- if you want to try out this great feature of Google’s using 3D animals on your PC, then, unfortunately, this feature is only applicable on your smartphone’s screen. But we hope that Google will make this possible and launch this feature soon to use it on the PC screens as well. 

This great feature of Google will definitely amaze you, and we hope after trying out this, you will be curious to share it with your friends.

Devin Smith is a creative person who has been writing blogs and articles about cybersecurity and utility software programs. He writes about the latest updates regarding and how it can improve the work experience of users. His articles have been published in many popular e-magazines, blogs, and websites.


Lucas Smith

You must feel annoyed when your smartphone refuses to open the apps that you want to run, or your camera refuses to take pictures because not much space is available on your device. Each one of us often struggles with these problems. No matter how much storage space we get on our phone we always end up complaining about a shortage of memory storage. So, what do we do in these situations? How to free up space on your phone so that you can take pictures and install all other apps that you want? How to deep clean your phone? No worries, here we will suggest you some of the tips to deep clean your phone and make the best use of it. You can easily clean up your phone and free up some space by clearing out hundreds of megabytes, or gig by deleting the unused items and documents, clearing cache from your phone. And in case if these tricks don’t do you well. Here are some other tips to clean your phone. Read the full article to help yourself clean your device. 

Tips and Tricks to Clean Up Your Smartphone

Delete the Unused Applications

Every smartphone user has a lot of applications that they don’t use on a regular basis. Then why keep those apps on your phones when you are not using it? Like photos and videos, these apps also cover up a large amount of space on your phone. Deleting unused apps not only clears up your phone but will also improve the functioning of your smartphones and this will also allow your battery to last for a long time. To delete the unused apps in Android Phones, go through the following steps: 

  • Go to the settings menu on your phone and select apps.
  • Tap on the app that you want to delete.
  • Tap on uninstall and select ok. 

To delete the apps in the iOS devices, follow the steps given below:\

  • Go to the settings menu.
  • Choose general and tap on the storage option.
  • In the storage menu, select the app that you want to delete
  • Press ok

Or you can press x to delete the app as well as the data of the app. 

Clear the Cache On Your Smartphone

Most of the android apps use cached data to give you a better experience. It saves a lot of time and data while using a website or running any app. But, it’s not deniable that it covers up a lot of space on our phone and makes it slower. But, it’s best to clean it up to make your smartphone perform better. In the Android Phone, you can clean up the cache on the individual apps by going through the settings menu, selecting storage, and choosing cached data to clear. However, in the case of iOS devices, its steps vary as per the application that you want to delete. 

Deleting the Downloaded Items

Whenever you click on any link on the web browser or in your mail, that item gets automatically downloaded on your device that can take up a large amount of space. When those items are not of your use, then you must delete those items to free up some space on your phone. Deleting these files is one of the most effective ways of cleaning up your phone to make your smartphone perform better. Here are the steps to delete these downloaded items from your smartphones:

  • On your Android Phone, find files or my files.
  • Go through the categories and delete the items that you don’t want to keep on our phone.

The steps of deleting these items in iOS devices are a bit different:

  • On the iOS devices, you can delete the downloaded items using safari. 
  • Go through the setting and click on safari.
  • Tap on download and select the items that you want to delete.

Delete Unused Contacts

Out of all the contact numbers on your smartphones, with how many people you are in contact with right now? It’s time to delete the contact number that is of no use to you anymore and free up some space on your smartphone to make it function better.  There might be a lot of numbers that you don’t even recognize. So, what’s the use of keeping those numbers in your phone. So, go on and delete those numbers from your phone and make space on our phone.

Delete Text Messages And Voicemails That Are of No Use to You

You might not be realizing the fact that how much the old messages and voicemails acquire space in your smartphone. The pictures of food or brand new dresses that you send to your friend for their approval are of no use now. Take some time and go through these pictures and delete the ones that are of no use now. 

The aforementioned tips and suggestions will definitely help you to deep clean your phone and will improve the functioning of your phone to give you a lot better experience. So, go now and try these tips on your phone now.

Smith is an inventive person who has been doing intensive research in particular topics and writing blogs and articles on and many other related topics. He is a very knowledgeable person with lots of experience.



There are various kitchen appliances out there, but the most trendy and versatile among those is the “Instant Pot” that can perform almost the task related to your cooking various dishes. Instant Pot is a time saving, easily cooking device that provides various other features while cooking or baking bread. It can steam vegetables, cook rice, boil eggs, and cooks even poultry of meat in a very easy and accessible way.

It became popular with a pre-installed tab for cooking dishes, and a timer is also there to provide you with scheduled cooking experience. One can use his own smartphone to handle this pretty cooking appliance with just a nominal effort.

Here is how to connect and use Instant Pot with the help of your handheld device:

Using Official Instant Pot Application

The official application is available for your Instant Pot that provides 1000 plus recipes and dishes with several tips and tricks. One can attain the benefits of using the appliance and get answers to all his/her query in a straightforward manner. The application provides the latest ideas of cooking new dishes and how to schedule your timing for a particular dish. Now, with this app, you can cook a meal in about 30 to 40 minutes that you used to cook in one or two hours.

There are numbers of pre-made dishes available in the dishes section of the app, and one can avail of the benefits of using this appliance with ease.

Apart from these features, one can fetch various information such as the latest and trending recipes in current days. There were lots of personal blogs, articles available through Instant Pot recipe sites such as,, etc.

Connecting with Instant Pot Social Community

Users of Instant Pot are very passionate about this kitchen device as it stands clear on their expectations and desires. They used to cook all the things in this Pot ranging from a hard boil egg to meat or poultry. So, it is recommended not to ask anyone to have Instant Pot about the disadvantage of the device; otherwise, you may face defensive answers.

There is an interesting thing related to this Instant Pot is the associated social community that will help you when you stuck in a problem. You can ask them about your query, like how long it takes to cook corn on the cob? Or how to boil brown rice in this device? The answers will be very straightforward and quick. If you wish to share your views along with your recipes that you have made recently for your community members, then you are most welcome. You can add your comments and the success story of your dish.

In the Instant Pot socialized community such as Facebook, you can ask any type of quest that mingles in your mind for some days. Facebook has a separate Instant Pot social community where 2.7 active members are there, and it’s growing. It’s the best platform for beginners, one who doesn’t know basic ideas for cooking. You can ask basic questions also such as how long potatoes take to boil. What tools are required for setting up Bluetooth?

Using App for Storing All Your Recipes

There are numbers of recipe organizing applications out there, and one can install it as per the preference where you can get all the details with just a single tap.

One of the most appreciated application is the “Paprika” that allows the users to organize their desired recipe as per their desire. One can apply copy-paste from one site to this app. For example: if you have got a recipe from a site and you wish to copy-paste it to Paprika, then you can do so. All the details will get automatically stripped to your application. This app is also beneficial for Instant Pot recipes that are mostly found in various sites and blogs where experts are out there to help and support them.

Paprika helps users to store recipe ideas and other recipe details related as per the user’s choice. You can organize all your recipes in one place by arranging then alphabetically. To view the recipe details on your smartphone, you can use a stand for a comfortable viewing experience.

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Smartphones have changed the face of parenting. It has given a new dimension to everything now. All the information about all the topics is usually available on the internet. YouTube can make your children learn alphabets very quickly now.

Along with the efficiency, comes the risk of hacking. Hackers love to hack smartphones because they want to get access to the private information in it.

With the advent of Android and its availability at low prices, PC is less preferred; almost everyone wants to own a smartphone because of the simple reason that it is easy to carry and has several applications.

In a house, there are a number of smartphones under one roof, the risk of hacking is multiplied, piracy is havoc for parenting. No application provides 100% guarantee to protect your device, but below are some quick hacks which are available to minimize the risk;

  1. Begin thinking like a hacker: Start thinking like a criminal and find out every possible way to hack the phone, then feel like the protector and methodologically lock each door of entry. Get to know about your thinking capacity to save your device from danger.
  2. Never use simple passwords: Avoid use passwords like 12345 or ABC. Use complex passwords like Texas$85/.
  3. Try using MFA (multi-factor authentication): Try using passwords like your fingerprints, facial or iris detection. You can even consider getting a password manager for protecting your device.
  4. Do not go on trusting every application: All the apps are created differently; many of them don’t go through security. Predators can infect such applications which can affect your phone system. Before installing any app in your phone, get complete knowledge about it, read about its functions and reviews. Even some legitimate apps can be detrimental for your device. To remove an app’s access, go to apps and notifications on Android and make changes to the app permissions. On iOS, go to settings, select privacy and make changes.
  5. Take updates seriously and don’t click on any suspicious links: Some bad actors want to demolish your system while other want more downloads of their application. Don’t forget to reap the advantage of antivirus programs and cover all the family devices.
  6. Turn off the Bluetooth if not in use: Bluetooth opens your phone to all the vulnerabilities in the environment. It is a welcome door for predators, many times, they get a quick and easy access via Bluetooth. Unfortunately, the victim doesn’t realize when their privacy is at stake.
  7. Try to lock all the critical applications and log out of accounts if not in use: Try locking applications on your device; this will help you in keeping your privacy in check. Don’t get greedy with the availability of free WIFI; hackers can be your uninvited guests. Disable auto-fill if possible. Use your account with extreme care.

With the use of these simple techniques, one can minimize the risk of hacking. Parenting comes with significant responsibilities, follow it with some extra caution.

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Karen Minton is a creative person who has been writing blogs and articles about cybersecurity. She writes about the latest updates regarding and how it can improve the work experience of users. Her articles have been published in many popular e-magazines, blogs and websites.

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