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Pervaiz Ahmed

In the healthcare industry, wearable electronics such as smartwatches have rapidly become indispensable. Smartwatches are useful for monitoring your heart rate, sleep habits, and physical activity. Doctors can also use that information to inform their patients so they can gain insight about their health and make changes that will improve their overall well-being.

In addition, they provide access to hundreds of fitness, dieting, and mental health apps that help us maintain a healthy lifestyle more conveniently than ever before. Read on to learn how smartwatches are making a positive impact on our health.

Smartwatches Encourage An Active Lifestyle

Do smartwatches increase people's activity levels? A recent survey found that 57% of smartwatch owners started working out more after buying a wearable device such as a Fitbit or Apple Watch. So, in short, yes. Fitness apps make it easy for anyone to jump-start a fitness routine that suits their needs.

Smartwatch Allow You To Record Your Diet & Calorie Intake
 Meal planning, calorie counting, and developing healthy eating habits take a lot of planning and attention. Fortunately, smartwatch apps can track and log your calories intake for each meal, which is a great way to monitor your intake.

In addition, smart watches can also monitor your heart rate and blood pressure, which makes them more convenient for patients. Currently, smartwatches come with a complete medkit, which makes our lives easier.

From Where to Get These Smart Watches

I'd always recommend when it comes to buying products online; they're a leading Pakistan-based e-commerce site that always has your interests at heart. They offer very reasonable smartwatch price in Pakistan with lightning-fast delivery with return policy (in case any inappropriate delivery ). See here their complete catalog of smart watches and shop it now.


This SmartWatch is upgraded with the latest algorithm based on the half-wave Fourier transform which 24 Hour record heart rate changes. Lenovo E1 has 7 Sports mode such as Walking / Running / Cycling / Skipping / Badminton / Basketball / Football.

best smartwatch under 5000FeaturesWater-ResistantYes (IP67)SensorsHeart Rate & SleepModes07 Sport ModesSmart NotificationCalls, Text & Social MediaOperating SystemAndroidBattery Frequency10 Days (180 mAh)

Anish Sep 3 '20 · Tags: smartwatch

Samsung racks up a significant part of the global market and is a giant in the department of tech and electronics. The multinational giant manufactures decent and effective smartwatches as well, and a good example of this is the Galaxy Watch Active 2. It is insanely difficult to garner customers in the smartwatch market as a single manufacturer dominates it. Even then, the organization has managed to gain control over 11.1 percent of the global market share. This is a significant feat seeing how they are only behind Apple. Samsung’s share is a bit less than a third of Apple’s, and that is a commendable feat as well.

Samsung adopts a similar philosophy as its mobile counterpart when it comes to smartwatches; provide varieties and do not be scared of attempting distinct changes. Its primary rival Apple offers annual improvements to their watches and makes the products better, one piece at a time. The Unpacked event, which provided S10 way back in February, presented the line of Galaxy Watch Active line as well. The Tizen-powered watch is not only simplified but way cheaper as well. The clock is available at a price of 200 dollars, which makes it distinct among the competition.

It did not take Samsung much time to come up with the second version of Galaxy Watch Active, as it released the 2nd Active Watch within six months of its predecessor. The watch comes with stunning upgrades like a larger 44m version, enhanced heart rate monitoring (with beta ECG sensor in work), and an LTE model. The watch maintained a streamlined design, which brings a refreshing change from its alternative bulkier options.

The company made an odd decision to remove the rotating mechanical bezel that was their essential difference from the competition. It may be the result of keeping the hassle limited to a minimum. The rotating automatic bezel was unique and could give competition to even Apple’s crown. Active 2 tried to adapt to the haptic feedback and put in features accordingly. You can swipe over the outer edge of the device simulates the wheel’s clicking. The feature works efficiently, but unfortunately, it is unable to make up for the lack of rotating bezel.

The most recent Apple Watch has an always on-screen option, although that can take a heavy toll on the device’s battery. You can get over two days of life with a single charge. There is little to no chance that a third-party with giving the two giants any competition in the near future. The Active Watch 2 would have fared even better if it was more aggressively priced. There are alternatives available for the users in this price segment like Apple Series-3 and Fitbit Versa 2; however, Galaxy Active Watch 2 seems a superior option than both.

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The Samsung Galaxy S2 is among the most popular Android smartphones of all time, and certainly the most successful phone for Samsung  smartphones. However, this is not their highest spec handset. Along with the Galaxy Note, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus has the highest specs when it comes to several of its features. In this article I will compare some key features of the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the Samsung Galaxy Nexus so you can decide which is the better smartphone.

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus was a collaboration between Samsung and Google to showcase the latest v4.0 of Android, dubbed 'Ice Cream Sandwich'. The Samsung Galaxy S2 however ships with the previous 'Gingerbread' version installed. The Galaxy S2 supports an update to the new version of the software, but because the Nexus was the first phone to have this version as standard, Samsung ensured it has the hardware to do the job  .

The screen is arguably the crowning feature of the Galaxy Nexus.,Even to this day, it has one of the highest resolutions of any smartphone. At 720x 1280, it is only now being matched by newer phones. This gives it the ability to display HD videos as well as photos and games it top quality. The Samsung Galaxy S2 has a qHD screen resolution (480x 800), which although impressive, is still ay short of that of the Galaxy Nexus.

Probably the most disappointing feature of the Nexus (on paper at least) is its camera. With a resolution of 5 megapixels, it is below what you would expect from a phone with a brand new operating system and high definition screen. Despite its seemingly low resolution, the camera is still able to capture video footage in 1080p high definition, which is a feature shared with the Samsung Galaxy S2, although this is to be expected as the device has an 8 megapixel camera.

Both handsets are matched on several features; they both have a 1.2GHz dual-core processor, so you can expect great performance from both devices. Equally impressive is their data download speeds when browsing the internet over a g3 connection; at 21 megabytes per second, they are among the fastest web browsing phones available marketing.

The Galaxy S2 was released in April 2011, whereas the Galaxy Nexus hit the market in November 2011. By the time the Galaxy Nexus was released, momentum had already picked up in sales of the Galaxy S2, which explains why the Galaxy Nexus was not as successful, despite several moreappealing specifications. Both handsets are superb in their own rights though, and whichever you choose you are unlikely to be disappointed. If you are in the market for a Samsung smartphone though, it may be worth waiting a little longer, as their latest flagship is due for release later this year. The Galaxy S3 is rumoured to sport a 12 megapixel camera and quad-core processor among its key features and looks set to be one of the biggest tech releases of 2012.

Billy Mark

Smartwatch is a great gadget and quite in trend. It will allow you to make calls, check messages, and it also offers fitness tracking features. But do you know how it works on Android? Here are the steps to connect a smartwatch with an Android device.

Smartwatch with an Android Device - :

Necessary Set Up

Here is the process of the pairing of the smartwatch with an Android device. Follow the instructions carefully.

  •     First, you will have to go to your notification panel on your Android device and turn on Bluetooth.
  •     After that, select “Make your device discoverable” and click on OK.
  •     Then you can press and hold the power button until the pairing screen will come with a watch and a mobile icon on it.
  •     Thereafter you can click on “Search for Bluetooth devices” on your Android phone and choose the smartwatch option.
  •     In the next screen on your Android device, you can see the code.
  •     Now, match this code with your smartwatch and then click on the checkmark to confirm on your smartwatch.
  •     After that, tap on pair on your Android device to hook up the two devices.
  •     Now, you have paired the smartwatch with your phone.

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Increasing Speed of Smartwatch

Here is the process of increasing the speed of smartwatch. Follow the instructions carefully.

  •     First, you will have to go to Google Play Store on your Android device.
  •     After that, you can go to the search section and type “SpeedUp,” click on search.
  •     Then click on the SpeedUp app and install this application on your Android device.
  •     Now, turn On Bluetooth on your device.
  •     Thereafter ensure your device is discoverable.
  •     After that, you can open the SpeedUp smartwatch app.
  •     Then click on “Search smartwatch” option and search for SpeedUp smartwatch.
  •    Ensure that your smartwatch is enabled.
  •     Now, you can see all the Bluetooth devices’ names. Tap on smartwatch’s Bluetooth name and tap on “Bond.”
  •     When the pairing code message comes, tap on tick mark on the smartwatch and then tap on “Pair” on the phone.
  •     After that, click on “Activate Notification Service” and in the next screen, choose “Accessibility” and then click on “Just once.”
  •     Then click on “SpeedUp Smartwatch” to turn it on. A new message comes and asking “Use Smartwatch?” You can click OK.
  •     Now, you can get notifications on your smartwatch.

Get Smart Connect

Here is the process of using smart connect. Follow the instructions carefully.

  •     First, you will have to visit the Google Play Store on your Android device.
  •     After that, go to the search section and type “Smart Connect” app.
  •     Click on this application and install on your Android device.
  •     Then turn on your Bluetooth device.
  •     Tap on “Make device discoverable” and the OK.
  •     Press and hold the power button of your smartwatch.
  •     Now, you can pair the smartwatch with your Android device.
  •     Open the Smart Connect application.
  •     Turn on smartwatch connection. It will start syncing with your Android device.

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