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The VOOPOO Drag mod is a 177-watt, TC box mod that utilizes dual 18650 batteries. It features temperature control with adjustable wattage and variable voltage. The device also includes a large, OLED display, and dual 18650 battery support. The unit uses a micro-USB port on the front to recharge. The fireware is upgradeable, which is a great feature for people who are constantly changing their vape tanks.

The voopoo drag kit  is an impressive device that is designed for advanced vapers. It uses dual external cells and offers 157-watts of output. It also includes a fire button that is responsive, and features an app that lets you customize your settings. The VOOPOO Drag mod is packed with features that make it one of the most interesting mods on the market. It is the perfect tool for advanced vapers who want to experience high-level cloud production.

Its wattage adjustment feature is another great feature. Unlike other mods, the voopoo drag kit  allows users to control the wattage output. This option is especially useful for high-level vapers. Higher wattage means more flavor and cloud production, so higher wattage is better. It is possible to set the wattage range to up to 157W. The VOOPOO Drag is one of the few mods with such a high wattage limit.

The voopoo drag kit  has dual external cells for increased power. The device can fire at 130 watts. It is compatible with atomizers that have a resistance of 0.10ohm. The device has three temperature control modes - mechanical, variable, and super. The VOOPOO Drag features a USB port for easy charging. Moreover, the software interface is more user-friendly than other mods, and users will find it much easier to use than a traditional USB charger.

The VOOPOO Drag 2 mod is designed to improve on the original Drag. Its body is made from zinc alloy and resin panels, which are lighter than the original version. The voopoo logo is etched on the back panel. The VOOPOO DRAG has two screen layouts. You can choose which one is the best for you. In addition, the VOOPOO Drag has a 510 gold-plated center pin.

The voopoo mod  is a box mod that looks like a tank. Its front side is made of carbon fiber, and the back side is made of resin. The front panel features the name DRAG, while the bottom has two lines of needle-styled venting holes. The fire button on the VOOPOO Drag 2 is located on the side. Its 510 connector is fixed with two screws, and the device also has a USB port on the bottom.

The voopoo mod  has a 5-to-157W output range, and its custom Gene chip is the fastest in the world. Its firing speed is 0.025 seconds, which is unmatched in any other mod on the market. This means you can use bigger and thicker clouds with the VOOPOO DRAG. You can find a variety of coils on the market and choose the one that is right for your needs.

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voopoo drag kit  is a quality Juice brand, and its VOOPOO mods are a solid buy. Although they are more expensive than some other e-cigarettes, their coils are reasonably priced and can be highly customizable. You can save money by buying a VOOPOO mod instead of buying a VOOPOO kit. However, if you're looking for something more affordable, you might want to check out the VOOPOO Drag 2.

The voopoo drag kit  is a rugged device with a zinc-alloy chassis and a leather cover. This e-cigarette has overtime and short-circuit protections, and it uses a built-in 2500mAh battery. It is compatible with the VooPoo PNP coils. The Drag X is one of the best VOOPOO mods, and it should be on your short list.

The Drag Max continues the Voopoo Drag series. This mod features a slightly raised section where the tank connects, leather covers on the sides, and TCR settings for three different metals. It is also 25% lighter than the original drag and is fully adjustable. This mod features a 510 connector and a 3.5mm 510 threaded connection. It has an intuitive button system, and is compatible with both SMPS and TC batteries.

The voopoo mod  is VooPoo's most popular mod. This device is highly portable and compact, but still packs a punch. The Drag X Plus has the same features as the original Drag X, and it uses a dual 18650 battery. The Vmate mod fires at 200W and the Drag 2 is capable of reaching 117W. The Vmate weighs just 102g, while the Drag 2 weighs 158g. The plastic battery panels are flimsy and have a cheap feel.

voopoo drag kit  has several different models that offer great performance. The Drag X Plus is the best choice for people who want to vape discreetly. This dual 18650 device has a powerful, durable design, and is compatible with a variety of voltages. It's a perfect vape for your daily use. The Drag X Plus also has a very small size and can easily be transported. Its sleek appearance is another great feature.

The voopoo mod  is Voopoo's best voopoo mod, thanks to its compact design and impressive power output. The Drag X Plus is a great choice for mouth-to-lung vaping, and the Drag X Plus is an excellent choice for direct-to-lung vaping. Unlike some other vaporizers, it uses low resistance coils, which make it ideal for direct-to-lung use.

Choosing a pod mod can be overwhelming, so it's important to choose the right one for your needs. The Drag Mini Platinum is a smaller version of the VooPoo Drag 2. It features the same user-friendly features as the larger Drag. It also has an internal battery, with a capacity of 4,400mAh. There's no need to worry about charging your mod. The Volt is portable, easy to use, and portable.

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The VOOPOO DRAG is the heart of the DRAG UForce T1 Starter Kit, featuring the popular VOOPOO Drag Mod and the UForce T1 Sub-Ohm Tank. While not the most sophisticated vape, the DRAG features everything you need to vape on the go. It is also compatible with the PnP Coil Series and boasts a generous 4.5ml capacity for e-Liquid.

The DRAG is made from carbon fiber and zinc alloy and has seven colors. It has a large V-shaped LED light that gives off the best cloud experience. The VooPoo X-217 has an elegant design and boldly printed VooPoo logo. It's not a perfect vape, but it will give you a great vaping experience. It's worth a look.

The voopoo mod 's design is quite impressive. It has a 510 thread base and a transparent pod. Its two-way convection airway structure and aerodynamic simulation make the atomizer a perfect choice for a variety of vape tanks. In addition to being stylish, the TPP atomizer has a convenient filling system, with a bottom fill system. This system allows for the most flexible way to fill oil.

The DRAG mod comes with a dual 18650 battery holder and an incredibly sleek design. The X-217 features a V-shaped LED light that doesn't scratch, and has seven colors. The DRAG mod is also made from textured leather and resin. You'll love the VOOPOO DRAG kit! You'll be blown away by the performance of this device.

The voopoo drag kit  is a hybrid of a PnP and MTL devices. It comes with a 4.5ml PnP Pod Tank and a 510 threaded base. The 510 threaded atomizer has a magnetic bottom and a 4.5ml capacity. Its unique 510 threaded base allows it to stay attached to a Pod Tank.

The voopoo drag kit  classic design includes a fire button above the LCD screen, two adjustment buttons beneath the screen, and a micro USB port for charging. The design is simple and uncomplicated, and it uses two 18650 batteries. The battery is a good length for a day. It's easy to control and offers a variety of modes, so there's no need to worry about how long your device will last.

Unlike many other vaporizers, the VOOPOO DRAG is not limited to a single atomizer. Its dual-mode system allows you to switch between different atomizers in a matter of seconds. With the Drag X starter kit, you get a 4.5ml PnP Pod Tank. The 510 threaded adapter is easy to attach and detaches from the Pod Tank.

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Vape are non-combustible cigarettes. The effects of vapes are similar to ordinary cigarettes. The biggest difference between them and traditional cigarettes is that they are not burned and have no tar, carbon monoxide, nitrous acid, and other toxic substances. At the same time, there is no second-hand smoke that has a great impact on the surrounding people. Here is how to choose vapes.

1.the amount of smoke. The structure design of the entire vape, air intake, air flow channel. Excellent vape design can ensure a large amount of smoke, and secondly, it can ensure a stable amount of smoke. In this regard, Vapeciga vapes have done a very good job. They now all use disposable atomizer cartridges, which emit large amounts of smoke and are very stable.Such as MBR Plus and HEBAT V2

2. The length of battery life. The battery is connected to the atomizer, and the atomization of the liquid requires a lot of energy, so the length of the battery's service life is a measure of whether an e-cigarette is excellent.

3. The appearance of the vape. A good product has a refreshing appearance, rigorous design, and exquisite workmanship, which can give people a pleasant feeling and help successfully quit smoking.

4. Taste is the defect of playing vapes, but now more and more attention has been paid to vapes in USA in recent years. The taste is also closer to real smoke. For example, vapeciga's voopoo mod and voopoo drag kittastes are closer to real smoke. The mint flavor, flue-cured tobacco, and fruit flavors are generally preferred by women.

5.after-sales. This is a very important part of vapes. Many inferior products may be broken in a few days.

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Milly Jones

I was very impressionable in childhood, and everything around could grasp my attention and get deep down my brain. I had a lot of idols, whom I was so much fond of, most of them were movie stars, famous performers and successful sportsmen. I could spend hours copying their moves, gestures, mimics. The only person who made me forget about all them was my father, who was bearing the palm for me. He was very strict, but fair, always kept his word and knew the best solution to the issues that had ever come across his way.

I was only twelve years old, but already had a very clear idea of the good and the bad things. Unfortunately, I adopted these notions from the surrounding world and from the people I knew. Putting as much efforts as possible into the childish analysis for the better understanding of the world, I was still under the great influence of the people around me, one of whom was my father. Despite my love to analyzing and distribution of all the facts into the tiniest constituents, I fully trusted my dad and never doubted any of his actions or decisions. He was my all-time role model. Thus, his actions could cause only admiration and the wish to follow him on my behalf.

My father did not hide anywhere while smoking. He always did it outside, but never bothered to find a discreet place where other people or I could not see him. His cigarettes were rather pricey and exclusive, and they made me inhale the air after every puff my father let out. I liked this smell, hardly comparable to any other smell I could introduce myself into. Cigarettes that other people smoked awfully smelled, making unpleasantly nauseous feeling. My father trusted me, but despite this, he never left his cigarettes anywhere around so I could even get a close look at them. But one day things went totally wrong, breaking the usual calm routine of our family and caused a lot of further changes.

I woke up on a bright Saturday morning, when the sun was up high, shining brightly and nothing pointed to the events that took place in the next few hours. My father was an early bird, so naturally he was up for a few hours already. I did not know if he was still home, or maybe at the neighbor’s house, where he went sometimes to have a few words with our neighbor and friend about the current events in the world and smoke a cigarette together, standing on the porch. After I returned from the bathroom, I went to the kitchen and poured myself a glass of fresh pomegranate juice, I took out of the freezer a minute before. I pooled the stool close to the dining table and froze in astonishment. I put the glass on the table to be sure not to drop it. I pinched myself on the hand to make sure I was awake. It was there, right next to me. The thing I have never dreamed to see so close, and to hold it in my hands. The pack of cigarettes was lying on the kitchen table, right in front of me. I caught myself on a thought that my dad is staring at me and shaking his head in disapproval of what I am doing. But the room was totally empty. I was doing my best to make my steps as quiet as possible, checking every single room in the house. It was deserted, nobody except me was around. I went to the living room window to had a look at the neighbor’s porch to find it was empty as well. It was my time.

I made a last quick look around, picked the pack, took out one cigarette and put the pack back on the place it lay before. I wanted to make sure my father will not notice anything. Then I went to the backyard, to the far end of it, where a few old trees were interconnected with bushes. I ducked behind one of the trees, pulled out a lighter out of my pocket, and copied my father’s moves I’ve seen a million times before. In the next moment all my dreams were ruined, as instead of joyful feeling I was choking with smoke. I could not understand anything. Why would my father smoke the cigarettes knowing about the bitter and unpleasant taste they had? But I had a firm persuasion to finish off the cigarette I had stolen and I had tried to inhale as much smoke as I could. In a minute my eyes were full of tears, and I felt somewhere between fainting and throwing up. I threw away the cigarette and ran back to the house, being afraid to be caught.

After two hours had passed I recovered enough to repeat my experiment. I did not even notice my father in the far end of the kitchen, while stealing another cigarette from the pack. I realized that he knew where I was and what I was about to do. When I was going toward the secret place of mine he grabbed me by the collar. I held my breath. I have never seen my father so angry before. He was not simply furious, but outraged. I remembered that day for the rest of my life, and I’ve also got a physical mark as well. The line, going across the top of my hand, is still light and visible, after many years after that.

That day I was frightened my father will never forgive me for what I have done. I was crying hard, more from the feeling of guilt than from the physical pain. Years have gone, most events from my childhood vanished from my memory, but I do not forget the moment described above. I made good conclusion for myself so my life is absolutely tobacco free. Whenever I start thinking about the possibility of trying to smoke, I just look at my hand and remember my father and the lesson he taught me.

The article was created and submitted by the writer from - Milly Jones.


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