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Imran shahid
Social media marketing essentially is all about engagement through sharing, which for business means targeting your product range, your articles, or your services at engaging a potential consumer or client base. Collectively, products, services and articles are known as content, and it is through offering quality content that success through your channels can be achieved. Social media marketing has around 900 million users globally, and covers every topic range you are able to think of. As well as engaging a potential consumer and client base or readership, social networking can be relevant to search engine optimization. Social media marketing is a unique format because it can help you promote your content right to your audience, and in transform it generates traffic via people sharing your quite happy with others, and through SEO. Perhaps moreover than this, however, social networking having its online reviews helps a company build trust, and just about any brand you are able to think of uses social networking with this reason. Think about this: you come across two companies offering the same services; social media one has 250 Facebook likes, one other 43 - which one would you opt for? So no matter whether you're an online retailer, an affiliate marketer, offer a service such as for instance tuition, or run a news site, social networking can help you build your organization online. Google estimates that by 2015, UK consumers could have purchased £40bn of products and services online.
Imran shahid

Social Media Marketing is apparently the most recent buzz word for anyone looking to boost their online presence and sales, but is Social Media Marketing (SMM) all it is cracked as much as be?

S.M.M companies are actually springing up all over the place today and they're telling anyone that'll listen about how exactly incredibly important social media marketing like Facebook twitter and YouTube are to your company but, for the common small to mid-sized business, does marketing to social networks really surpass all of the hype? Is spending a small fortune on hiring a SMM company really worth it? And has anyone really done their research with this before they hired someone to create there Facebook business page? Some SMM companies are creating things such as Facebook business pages (which are free) for $600 to $1,000 or even more and telling their clients they don't need a website because Facebook is the biggest social network on the planet and everybody includes a Facebook account. Now while it may be true that Facebook is the biggest social network on the planet and yes, Facebook's members are potential consumers, the actual question is are they really buying? Social media marketing companies are typical too happy to point out the positives of social media marketing like how many individuals use Facebook or how many tweets were sent out a year ago and how many individuals watch YouTube videos etc. but are you currently getting the full picture? I once sat next to a SMM "expert" at a small business seminar who was simply spruiking to anybody who came within earshot in regards to the amazing advantages of creating a Facebook business page for small company (with him of course) and selling on Facebook. So, intrigued by these social media "experts" advice I looked him through to Facebook only to get he'd only 11 Facebook friends (not an excellent start). So being the study nut that I'm, I decided to take a good explore SMM in regards to selling to see if it really worked, who made it happen benefit and when it did why did Social Media Marketing benefit them? And should business rely so heavily on social networks for sales ?

Shakeel Ahmed

One of the most critical purposes of social media is to create an online presence. People can connect with current and potential customers by posting content on different social media networks. 

It’s hard to keep up with the ever-changing social media landscape. With so many social media networks and so many types of content, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the constant need to post & Social Media Management Tool

Managing multiple social media networks for a brand isn’t an easy job. We agree. But to maximize your efficiency, posting on all social media at once is not always the answer. There’s a right way to post on all social media at once.

Pattern Drive

Facebook and LinkedIn both can be called as the powerhouse of advertising for businesses. Their features are different from each other depending on the target audience. Their purpose is social media advertisement, their genre is different.


For a long time, reciprocal links have remained at the forefront of most inbound linking strategies. This is going to have to change. Google now discounts all reciprocal links. The algorithm has been altered to identify the exchange of links by two parties for the purpose of increasing their number of inbound links.

The concept of reciprocal linking defies Google’s original intention with the algorithm. Quality content should attract links. The exchange of links is nothing more than a mutual agreement to unjustifiably promote others’ content with the end goal of promoting your own. Google doesn’t particularly like this (see Link Schemes).

Some even claim that Google is now able to identify three-way linking schemes (i.e. website A links to website B, who links to website C, who links back to A). Whether this is true or not is hard to say. One thing is for certain though: inbound linking strategies should NOT be centered around reciprocal linking. This manufactured form of link creation is not well-received and is ultimately a waste of time. Instead, focus on creating unique, high-quality content in a given niche. The links will ensue.


First date with a match is special. It's the most important occasion where one gets to know the other person, form a meaningful bond, and feel cheerful about the future prospects. Have you also been looking for an ideal first-date place in Delhi? Well, we've got you covered. Check out these ethereal places in Delhi and make a long-lasting impression on your partner:

  1. Rose Cafe, Saket

Situated in Saket, Rose cafe has earned quite a reputation for its romantic interiors and dreamy vibes. If you've matched with someone on the Woo dating app and have been considering asking them out, this cafe will surely brighten your prospects. The food goes well with its ambience and your date will probably thank you for your choice. The Victorian decor is beautiful and this place is situated in a quite colony.


  1. Magique, Garden of Five Senses

Garden of Five Senses is famous for its impressive flowers and pleasant environment. A candlelight dinner at Magique restaurant will add the charm of scrumptious food to your thoughtful choice. Walking through this beautiful area and dining in the lap of nature is a classic way to pass on the message of love. Try this plan for your first date in Delhi and enjoy one of the most special moments with your match. 

  1. Amour Bistro, Diplomatic Enclave

This place is a treat for the eyes, heart, and taste buds! The interiors are magical and promote deep conversations while the food will have you drooling over the presentation. Amour Bistro is a perfect place if you wish to talk, bond, and initiate a meaningful bond with a like-minded individual. It's an ideal choice to kick-start a fabulous date and make a lasting impression. 

  1. Hauz Khas Fort and Village, South Delhi

Hauz Khas is the perfect place for history buffs. If your date is an architect, or harbours an interest in historical monuments, this spot is the best for you! One added advantage to choosing this setting is the Deer Park that's right next to it. You can choose to take a stroll in the breezy environment near the lake. There are a plethora of good restaurants to choose from as well. 

  1. SKY Lounge, Connaught Place

Every person in Delhi has been to Connaught Place at least once in their life. CP breathes a charm to India's capital city and is another optimum choice for history lovers. The colonial architecture of this area serves as a pleasant environment to connect with a match. SKY Lounge is an unique place located in CP as it offers LED-lit furniture and as the name suggests, the thrill of dining at a considerable height! Choose this setting for your first date and get ready to sweep them off their feet. 

  1. Indian Habitat Center, Lodhi Road

Art lovers would love nothing more than a quaint date at this place. Situated in a serene area, Indian Habitat Center offers a sneak peek into India's art, talent, and calibre. Is your match into paintings and visual arts? Take them to this place and watch them hop with joy. This spot is also home to the All American Diner that takes one back to 1960's! The food is droolworthy and the decor serves as an icing on the cake.

  1. Ice Lounge, Saket

Does your match on the Woo dating app love mountains? Help them relive the magic of snow in the Ice Lounge! The freezing temperatures would give you the rush of being in a scenic mountain range while you enjoy tasty drinks and food. Let your date know about all the adventures that you can have together by choosing this place. 

  1. The Garden Restaurant, Lodhi Garden

Have you ever dreamt of dining under a canopy? If your answer is affirmative, this option is the way to go. Take your match to this dreamy place and watch them light up with happiness. Dating in Delhi offers this unique place for people to visit and have a great afternoon meal under the winter sun. Brighten-up prospects with your date and revel in simplicity at the Garden Restaurant.

  1. Potbelly Rooftop Cafe, Shahpur Jat

Potbelly Rooftop Cafe is situated in Shahpur Jat and offers a pleasant ambience. The place provides a rooftop dining experience where you can connect easily with your date. Expect a lot of laughter, privacy, and beauty at this place. Take the plunge and visit this cafe to enjoy a scrumptious meal. 

  1. Tonino, Mehrauli

Is your date fond of Italian cuisine? Tonino is the perfect place to combine your love for food and romance with your match! It's situated in Mehrauli and easily accessible to everyone. Prepare to have some memorable moments with your match while dazzling your evening with mouthwatering food. 

Which of these places would you love to visit for your first date with a new match? Let us know and have a great time with your partner.


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When it comes to meaningful relationships, a lot of time has to be invested along with the efforts. From talking endlessly to finding similar interests, it is all about finding a rapport with your match. Have you also been looking for subtle signs that can prove your match's interest in you? Here are some points that can surely help:

  1. They want to get real with you

While online dating in India comes with its inhibitions that make it arduous to share all details at once, after a point, every person opens up to a certain level. If you've already met your match once or twice and they seem excited to share their achievements, opinions, likes, and dislikes with you, it shows that they're into you. They wish for you to know the 'real' them behind all the small talk.

  1. They try to make your day better

There are many ways to cheer someone up. From simply talking to them and letting them vent to meeting them and eating their favourite food, anything can work for different individuals. If you've had a difficult day recently and your match has made small efforts to help you through it, they're putting efforts for you. This shows that your match is into you. 

  1. They wish to maintain a pleasant image 

We've all grown up listening to the idea of romance. However, a like-minded individual would understand and respect your boundaries. When a person is really into you, they try to showcase all their positive traits to attract you more towards them. If a match has been working hard to display their uniqueness, they're definitely serious about this connection. 

  1. They make efforts to spend time with you

It can't always be possible to hang out with your match but a person who is into you would try to make plans often. They would respect your schedule and privacy for certain. However, a match who's interested would also wish to take things forward actively. Spending time can include lunch or dinner dates, video calls, voice calls, or even watching a movie together online.

  1. They are clear about their attraction towards you 

A like-minded individual who values you will wish to keep you engaged. If they are into this connection, they will display honesty and integrity. This includes showing you that they like you. While some people are more direct in their approach, others would do subtle things like always making sure that you're safe, asking you about your day, remembering small details about you, and more.

  1. They respect your decision-making process

Making one's match feel valued is important but so is giving them time and space. A good match would want you to take things at your pace. They won't rush you into making important decisions like meeting for the first time. They would respect and understand your personality to let you feel the comfort of making decisions about them. This is also an important indicator of their nature. 

  1. They walk the extra mile with you and for you

Two people can fall for each other even when they have different interests. In this case, a real match will try to understand your hobbies. They will read about those topics or watch shows related to them. They would want to keep the connection strong and for that to happen, they will educate themselves about your likings. Similarly, they will also feel elated when you do the same for them. They will make sure to let you know about their gratitude for your efforts. 

  1. They are honest with you

A genuine match would want you to like them for their real personality. This is why, they would prefer to be honest with you. They would share their interests, hobbies, and more with you to help you understand them better. Similarly, they won't ask important questions when asked. However, there's a limit. One must respect their match's boundaries while asking questions and exercise good judgement during the process. 

If your match has displayed these signs, congratulations! They're into you and wish to take this connection forward. Dating is not such a hard endeavour, given that we practice carefulness. Woo dating app prioritizes your safety and wishes for you to have a pleasant experience on the platform. 

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Dating is a sensitive endeavour and there are a plethora of things involved when it comes to picking a like-minded match. With Woo dating app

 one can enjoy premium features with ease and take a meaningful connection to the next level. However, there are a few things that you should know about your match before you commit to date. Check out this list for some pertinent questions to ask them:

  1. Are you looking for a long-term bond?

Being on the same page as your match carries paramount importance. To clear things first, it's sagacious to ask them if they're looking for something serious or a casual dating bond is what they need. Asking this question would make you better equipped to take it forward in a suitable manner that doesn't compromise with your principles.

  1. How much time are you willing to devote to a connection? 

Asking this question will save you long fights over who is not giving time to whom. One act of honesty would really help you figure out if this person is truly your potential match. If they are, you'd evade all unpleasant surprises as you'd have a fair idea about their schedule. 

  1. What made you pick me as a match? 

This question can do wonders if asked at the right time. The perfect moment to ask it is when you're expecting to get together with a like-minded individual. You should look for a detailed and honest answer from your match as it would tell you about their likes and preferences. This can also help you figure out their values and the things that matter the most to them. Make sure to genuinely thank them for their heartfelt answer. 

  1. What is your biggest pet peeve? 

One can't truly know a person until they know what ticks them off. This is true in all cases related to dating because it's a personal experience. Getting to see the vulnerable and emotional side of a person comes with a responsibility to respect their boundaries. If you know what irritates them, you'd be mindful of averting that action from taking place. This would give you an insight into their character and you can share your pet peeve with them as well. 

  1. What are your priorities? 

Your match's behaviour in life would be attentive towards their priorities. This question would prepare you for what comes next - dating. Their answer can also tell a lot about their attitude towards growth, family, friends, career, romance, and more. If their response satisfies you and sounds like something that you can get on board with, then you can easily accept the offer of dating them. Bonus points if your priorities are similar because your wavelengths will match on another level as well. 

  1. Is there a chance of you relocating to a new place? 

While distance might be able to rekindle the flames of romance for some people, it certainly is a tough spot for new couples. If you're pondering over dating a match, ask them this question to avoid any shocks later. Starting a relationship is as important as maintaining it and this question will help you decide whether you have a future with them or not. 

  1. Does social media matter to you? If yes, how much? 

We live and date in the age of digital interactions and networking. Knowing a partner's view on social media is as important as knowing about their career and family. This can help prevent tussles over why one of you has kept your bond a secret or disclosed the same on social media channels. If their preference clashes with you, this question can give you a chance to find the middle ground and create healthy boundaries.

With a leap of faith, one can easily form a meaningful bond with a like-minded match and these questions will help cement the same. Have you tried them yet? Let us know. 

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TikTok is the world's driving stage for short recordings. Its main goal is to spread imagination, information, and significant minutes in regular daily existence to the world. TikTok permits everybody to become makers utilizing their cell phone legitimately and is focused on building a network that urges clients to share their interests and communicate imaginatively through their recordings. On TikTok, individuals make remarkable substance, post it, purchase TikTok supporters, increment perceivability, and get popular. In any case, how accomplishes TikTok work, and for what reason is it a key promoting apparatus if your objective is that of the youthful? We should see it beneath.mostly people buy tiktok custom comments by their own words.
victorsaloon Nov 23 '20 · Tags: social media

In today’s business world, digital marketing has taken over the marketing industry. Companies are fast dropping the established ways of traditional advertising to include the use of social media to market their brand. While this is certainly not a bad strategy, it is easy to sometimes forget that traditional method of advertising. Digital Marketing is fast-evolving, too, and could be combined with digital marketing marketing measures to bring about better results.

Howdigital marketinghelps in growing business

  • To drive traffic to your social media pages, include your social media URLs in your printed materials. Like business cards, magazines, labels, etc. The more places you make your social media available, the more people see it.
  • Social media pages don’t always give you the desired effect when it comes to brand visibility. Particular posts and contents that attract high commitments do so for just a short time. To bring about best results, you can direct traffic from your social media to your prints that produce a much constant effect.
  • Talking face-to-face and giving out prints to possible customers is still a very effective way of marketing your brand. It affords you the opportunity to create a personal connection with your customers. It can help you see their feedback as you talk. You can promote your social media on your prints for better results.
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