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Sleep mode helps the user to reduce the power consumption of their system when not in use. In case you need a break from the system display, then you can place it into the sleep mode. When you wish to go back to the system display, it is easy to wake up the Windows PC.

Here’s how to stop your mouse from waking up Windows PC.

Steps for Stopping Your Mouse From Waking Windows

•    Go to the “Mouse” by clicking on the Control Panel. Follow the steps listed below to do this procedure:

1.    You have to open the mouse settings for completing this procedure.

2.    Press on the Start menu.

3.    Choose the Control Panel option.

4.    After that, search the Mouse in the middle of options.

5.    The additional way to complete this procedure, you need to tap on the Start menu.

6.    After that, enter “mouse” by going to the Search programs and files section.

7.    Whichever option you choose, the Mouse Properties menu gets open on display.

•    Choose the Hardware option located in the Mouse Properties menu. Here are the steps mentioned below to complete this procedure:

1.    In case you wish to use the multiple peripherals, choose the mouse option.

2.    If you have the touchpads, then you have to do this procedure carefully.

3.    Tap on the Properties option.

4.    Now, you will get a window which shows the device type. Ensure that you have chosen the General option.

5.    Choose the “Power Management” option.

6.    Unselect the “Allow this device to wake the computer” option.

7.    Press on the OK button.

This procedure will not change other functions of the system. The mouse still wakes up the Windows PC in case you perform any other thing in it. In case you wish to turn off the waking up feature completely, then disconnecting is the simplest option.

What If You Want to Enable the Mouse from Waking Up Windows PC?

You can follow the same steps as mentioned above in case you wish the system to give a response to the mouse while putting it into the sleep mode. You have to do this procedure in case you have brought a new mouse, and it does not wake up the system screen by default.

It might be possible that the system does not give a response to the USB device while putting it into the sleep mode To solve this problem, you have to click on the system BIOS and adjust some of the options. The other solution to this problem is to check whether the drivers are active or not.

To fix this issue, you need to go through the steps mentioned below:

•    Tap on the Start option.

•    Enter “Device Manager.”

•    Search the “Mice and other pointing devices,” and after that, you need to right-click on that option.

•    Choose the Properties option.

•    Choose the Driver option.

•    Tap on the Update Driver button.

•    Press on the “Search automatically for updated driver software” option.


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