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Extrusion Laminating Machine. One of the most commonly used type of machines for the laminate production. It consists of a tank, a head, rollers, resin bed (the part that catches the liquid), and a tumbler (the part that rolls down and rolls up). Use the two roller heads to feed the resin roll. Then, this double sided extrusion laminating machine operates with UP, PP or PET coating resin, it may laminate whole item with following layers, such as BOPP board, PET board, aluminum foil, cloth, non woven fabrics, leather, paper, etc Stretch film making machine

Generally, the process of extrusion laminating machine starts by dipping the two pieces of plastic in the resin bed. After that, place the head over the hot piece of plastic then push it down to the two pieces of plastic. This movement causes the hot plastic resin to adhere to the two pieces of plastic. After that, this type of machine will roll the plastic up and down.

There are two types of extrusion laminating machine - the wet and dry type. In the wet method, the melted plastic is forced to flow into one side of the head and then the other side of the head. This type of process produces a non-twisted plastic material. But, in the dry method, the melted plastic stream flows into the first side of the head and the opposite of that, the plastic stream flows into the second side of the head. extrusion laminating machine

Meanwhile, the extrusion laminating machines are designed for two pieces of plastic. First, place the first piece of plastic on the rollers then pull the trigger to the side. Then, the plastic will be pushed into the other side of the head to create a non-twisted layer.

The next feature of the extrusion laminating machine is its ability to produce high quality and consistent results. Actually, this machine is equipped with high speed rollers that can easily cut through various thicknesses. Thus, you don't need to do your task repeatedly because the results will always be consistent. Plus, the process will be done at a high speed. In fact, this is the reason why many businesses and big corporations use this machine.

Another feature of the extrusion laminating machine is its ability to create a dry composite. Dry composites are those products that are composed of one or more layers of polymer. Although this dry composite can also be formed using cold roll forming methods, it is still much easier to apply this composite using this laminating machine. The result will be a perfect and consistent dry composite.

Lastly, the extrusion laminating machine is also known to have higher durability than other machine types. This is the reason why many industries and businesses are now turning to this machine for the production of their products. Indeed, the durability of this lamination machine is a lot better than other types. Moreover, the parts of this machine also perform well and have long service lives. Super Speed Stretch Film Making Machine

Finally, the process of laminating can also be automated. This is possible because this machine has a CNC or Computer Numerated Control system. This control system can help increase the speed and accuracy of the manufacturing operation. Therefore, this particular product can offer you a variety of benefits and advantages. Hence, if you want to get the best results out of your products, you should consider purchasing the Extrusion Laminating Machine.

However, there are also some disadvantages associated with this particular type of product. One of these is that it is mostly used for large orders. The production output from this type of laminating machine is usually higher than other types. As a result, the overall cost of this product becomes more expensive. Hence, this tends to become more expensive in comparison to other types of air bubble machine.

There are also some parts that are made of exotic materials and are more expensive. This means that the Extrusion Laminating Machine can be more expensive compared to a typical strapping machine. In addition to that, this type of laminating plant does not really fit with small projects that do not require intricate details in their production. Although this kind of laminating plant is most commonly used in industrial projects, some companies also use them in order to produce some parts that need to be mass-produced. tandem extrusion lamination machine

Overall, the Extrusion Laminating Machine has been developed to produce two pieces of plastic at the same time. However, they do not always produce the same results. When it comes to making two pieces of plastic from the same mold, the best thing would be using the strapping plant rather than an extrusion machine.


When looking at Extrusion Laminating Machine options, there are a few features that you should be paying close attention to. The first and foremost factor that you have to decide is your budget. You must ascertain that you can afford the machine and also pick a supplier that has good quality. The price is a direct result of how much work it will perform as well as the material quality of the coating that is used for this process.extrusion laminating machine

Cost effectiveness is one of the most important factors in purchasing any laminating equipment. If you are on a tight budget, then the best option available to you is Extrusion Laminating Machine. It has been proven to be cost effective and will save you money. Another factor to consider is the thermal insulation that is used. This aspect is important if you wish to get an excellent finish and want to make sure that no heat is wasted during the coating process. There are a few laminating equipment that use thermal insulation but they do not perform well.

The basic model of Extrusion Laminating Machine consists of two plates that are slid side-by-side and positioned over a heated plate. The heated plate acts as an extrudate stream and the double-sided adhesive release papers are used to adhere the coated object to the two plates. There are also some models that have a feed roller that rolls the material to the areas needed for coating. This particular model is called a feed roller feed and is also known by the names feed wrapping, feed tray and feed barrow.

Bubble film machine

There are two primary factors that affect the overall performance of the machine. The first factor is the feed rate or the amount of paper rolls that the machine can produce in a given time. The second factor is the extrusion flow rate which is the rate at which the heat generated by the extruder heads will move the paper roll through the feed tube. Both of these factors can be adjusted to meet the specific requirements of different customers.

There are four types of laminating machines available in the market today. These are single-sided, double-sided, solid-coated and multi-layered laminating machine. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. The use of multi-layered laminating machine is ideal for situations when a thick, heavy document is to be produced. Usually, this is used for heavy commercial printing projects like catalogs, shipping labels, shipping documents and other packaging materials.

Single-sided extrusion laminating machine is suitable for laminating light and thin paper rolls. This type of processing machinery is used for thin or light paper production in the home and small commercial businesses. Single-sided extrusion also produces quality results as it does not require the use of an extrude tool during the process.

On the other hand, a co-extrusion laminator is more suitable for heavy-duty and thicker documents. With co-extrusion equipment, the aluminum foil need not be rolled or folded before feeding the document into the machine. Instead, the user should manually feed the product description into the feed tray of the machine. In addition, the machine will use a ribbon for the co-extrusion process.

Stretch film making machine

A bubble film laminator is also used in the case of bubble films and thick plastic bottles. A wide variety of packaging materials may be processed with this type of machine. It is also ideal for packaging electrical components, chemicals, and food products. bubble film machines are also used to manufacture packaging materials like bottle tops, caps, and liners. Therefore, these machines offer excellent value for money if you are looking to purchase a co-extrusion, single-sided, or double-sided extrusion laminating machine for your home or business.


When you think about the stretch film machines that your favorite department store has, and also realize that you have no idea what they do or how they work, you are likely wondering if you should buy a stretch film machine of your own. There are several factors that must be considered when you decide to buy your own machine. While the cost may seem minimal, you will need to consider how many rolls of film, what type of material the film is made from and how big or small your budget is.Stretch film making machine

The three main types of stretch film that you can buy are in-demand, hand wrapping and standard roll. There are some model rolls that come in much smaller 3,500 ft. strips, however most machine stretch film comes in 5,000ft. rolls. These machine stretch film strips are typically designed for use on various other types of stretch wrap machine. These may include roller, hand wrap and wrapping machine machines.Bubble film machine

When it comes to purchasing a stretch film machine, there are several companies that manufacture these items. Some of these companies are JML film winding, Velux films winding, K&N roll forming and Automatic stretch and wrap units. These companies all manufacture their own unitized pallet loads and other packaging products. When you buy an automatic unitized pallet load or wrapping system from one of these companies, you are usually getting a high quality product for a more affordable price. If you are looking to buy a unitized roller or wrapping machine, you may want to look into a company that makes both roller and wrapping machines.extrusion laminating machine

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