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Preliminary findings for scratches, contamination, air bubbles, streaks on the lenses, and look at the outer product packaging in the sunglasses. Ordinary sunglasses must be marked with the item name, shade, diameter, quality, manufacturer's name and trademark. sunglasses online UVB and CE indicated sunglasses can ensure a certain degree of UV protection.

Lenses should be level and visibility should be better. Sunglass lens fabrics are window and resin, and the best sunglass lenses must also be polarized lenses. Polarized lenses can effectively remove reflections and harmful sun rays, and also have anti-glare, anti-dressing and other characteristics, and are the most popular glasses.

The shade of your glasses should not only be determined by your skin tone, face shape, clothing, etc., but also by where you are leaving. In general, dark, tan and grey filter systems are good: grey contact lenses absorb any shade spectrum evenly


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