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Billy Mark

Nowadays tablets are getting famous because they have multiple uses. It has many functions that help its users. Many of the people have come across some tablets that can surely replace a laptop. But is this enough reason to go for it? Some laptops also have many functions that help their users. So if someone asks you whether using a tablet is better than the old laptop, then what will your answer be?

In this blog, you will get a comparison between tablets and laptops for knowing their difference between both of them.

Know whether you should buy a laptop or a tablet

The presence of a keyboard

The first difference that comes on top is the presence of a keyboard on it. For instance, Tablets have a touchscreen user interface, so a problem occurs at the time while writing a long mail, after all, there is no keyboard on it. Having a detachable keyboard can solve this issue. An external Bluetooth tablet may help, but it will get a bit more expensive because of additional charges. As a result, the laptop is recommended for those who write more and tablet for the people who do interaction work.


Tablets are lighter as compared to laptops, so I highly recommend them to people who keep traveling from one place to another on most of the time.

Battery life

Tablets are preferred more as compared to the laptops because the battery power of the tablets is better. In simple words, the number of time charging is required of a tablet is less as compared to the laptop.

Data Storage

The storage space of a laptop is higher than the tablet. So those people who require to store plenty of items on it prefer generally going for a laptop.


The computing actions are better performed in laptops rather than the tablet. For instance, graphics performance work. This type of work is more suitable for laptops.


The degree of cost varies gadget to gadget, so it will not be possible for allocating any specific amount to any of them. So a tie is there whenever it comes to the price of laptop or tablet.

Standalone gadget

For having a backup, the tablet needs cloud storage. When it comes to applications and data, the laptop is considered a way more ahead.

Hope you have been able to decide according to your suitability whether you should go for a laptop or tablet.

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