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Mahmudul Hasan

Tax problems abound these days, so if you find yourself in a spot with the IRS, then you are not alone. Owing money to the IRS is not a death sentence, although they can make you feel that way given the amount of pressure put upon you.


There are many solutions to getting rid of tax debt, and one such solution is to use the services of a tax relief company. But choosing the right type of company is sometimes a challenge. This article will show you how to make the best choice. Here are the three essential things to consider when making your choice:


1. Fees


There are countless horror stories of people who've been duped into paying over hundreds, even thousands of dollars to a tax relief the company, only to not get a sufficient level of service or in some cases, no service at all. To avoid this, you must look carefully at the fees policy of any company you engage in.


For instance, most services will offer a free initial consultation. When you come across companies therefore that want a whole lot upfront, before they have delivered anything, thread carefully.


2. Track Record


This is another important consideration and here's why: If a company hasn't been involved with tax relief for a reasonable amount of time, then it's very hard for them to deliver sound results.


The IRS can be a very tricky beast to deal with, and even tax experts sometimes have a hard time. A good threshold for looking at the experience level of a tax relief company is around 2 years. Anything less than that, and you might have problems.


3. Customer Support


If you've had any dealings at all with the IRS directly, you'll know how correspondence intensive the process can be. When looking for a tax relief company, it's important to only deal with those that have solid customer service and support. Nothing less will do. When you have someone dealing with the IRS on your behalf, you must be kept in the loop at all times; any wrong relaying of information could spell disaster.


Those 3 considerations alone can ensure your success in getting your tax problems sorted out. Stick with them as you seek a tax relief company, and you'll be well on your way to conquering the beast that is the IRS. And by the way, always use online companies - they are cheaper and are easier to engage with. Plus, online companies are available 24 hours a day.


How To Find The Best Tax Relief Company


Visit tax relief company for reviews of the best tax relief companies that can help you eliminate your tax debt. All three companies provide FREE quotes, with absolutely no obligation whatsoever. Having a specialist on your side can greatly reduce the stress, as they do all the negotiating and paperwork on your behalf.


If you're frustrated and overwhelmed with the mountain of tax debt you owe, there IS a solution. Visit tax relief plymouth to get started.

Mahmudul Hasan

OK, so you have IRS or State taxes you cannot pay or haven't paid. Depending on where you are in the process, you could be experiencing a tax levy, tax lien accompanied with interest, penalties and stress. IRS or State tax problems can seem complex but really you have two options in dealing with them.


1) You tackle the situation yourself or

2) You use a tax professional like a tax accountant, tax attorney, or tax relief company


In most cases, a tax attorney or tax accountant is the best choice if you have over 10k in back taxes, but self-help is possible by using the IRS or State website along with other sites. Much of the decision lies in a few questions you should answer:


a) How serious is the tax problem? Do you have more than 10k in back taxes?

b) Do you have time to research and negotiate with the IRS or State?

c) Do you have some small funds available for tax reduction services?


Before running to the tax accountant/attorney or deciding you can take this problem on yourself, consider and ask yourself a few things:


1) How serious is your back taxes problem? A serious tax problem could be defined as a taxpayer with over 10k in back taxes, accompanied with interest, penalties, a lien or a levy. If you have more than 10k in debt or you are experiencing a levy or lien, then it is in your best interests to work with a back taxes resolution company (considering their fees). They are staffed with attorneys and former IRS agents who can resolve and negotiate your debt down to a level most rarely obtain themselves. If you have less than 7500 in back taxes, using a tax resolution firm is not recommended because they can not save you enough to justify the service costs.


2) Do you have time to research and negotiate with the IRS or State? Realize that you will need to factor in the time and effort required to understand how your State and the IRS code works with regards to enforcement actions (lien or levy) if you decide to tackle the problem yourself. You will also need to learn how to effectively negotiate within this code by utilizing and researching the trusted tax solutions available. This is possible if you have time because there are many self-help information sites out there that can assist you. Considering question 1, in summary, if you have more than 10k in back taxes and limited time, you are more likely to save more and prevent credit degradation with a tax resolution firm.


3) Do you have some small funds available for tax reduction services? Many tax reduction companies charge differently. Some charge an upfront retainer fee, some only have a flat contingency fee, and some determine fees based on a percentage of savings. It is best to work with those companies that don't have a retainer fee and work on a contingency basis. In either case, if you don't have at least 1k in funds to get you out of your tax problem then your only choice is to tackle the problem yourself. Some firms will give you advice or a free tax consultation and that is always good to take advantage of to get you on the right track.


Overall, deciding to work with a professional or tackle the problem yourself can be complex. However, if you consider how serious your tax problem is, the time it takes to negotiate yourself, and funds available for services, many times you can decide what you need to do. If you need to research, go to the IRS website, and other back taxes help websites.


For self-help information and a review of other factors to consider when selecting a tax relief company visit our website.

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