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Adding and editing text is Photoshop can be a really handful, but with the right approach you can ace it easily. You don’t have to use an abundance of features to add or edit the text in the Photoshop. In this article we will tell you some simple and straightforward steps that can help you edit or add text in Photoshop

1) Adding Text in the Photoshop

You can see a toolbar on the left part of the Photoshop windows, which includes a horizontal menu of features and tools that you can manipulate on your image.

Here are the steps on how to adding text in the Photoshop:

  1. Tap on the “T” icon and tap T on the keyboard.
  2. This action will choose the standard to horizontal word typing toolset as default.
  3. Now tap on the arrow that appears on the bottom-right edge of the T icon that you need to change the word editing tools.
  4. It is open in a left hand menu with another option, including text mask and vertical text.
  5. Choose an option that you wish to switch on it.
  6. Now choose the area on the image where you want to place the text.
  7. Tap the field to insert a text box in the position.

2) Editing Text in Photoshop

The new version of Photoshop includes “Lorem Ipsum” as placed the text in the text box. This feature allows you to preview the used font and colour. If you are sure with it, then you need to delete the demo text and write here what you wish to write or insert on the place.

Here are the steps on how to edit text in Photoshop:

  1. If you wish to reset the formatting, then you need to insert the text box.
  2. The options tab appears on the top of your screen and previews the formatting option.
  3. Turn on from the vertical and horizontal format, choose your text box, and then tap the T icon along with the vertical and horizontal arrows.
  4. Choose a new text or front emphasis that appears on the bottom of the menus.
  5. Further on the right, hit the arrow text large and small “T” icon to choose a new font size in the bottom down menu.
  6. Tap the arrow showing near the double icon to launch the bottom down menu and replace how smooth or crisp you wish with your text.
  7. You might be choose color and text alignment in the menu and icon that appears on the left side of the text.
  8. If you wish to “wrap” the text into another shape, then tap on the T along with half-circle in the far-right of the options menu.
  9. In the “Wrap text” menu, choose the bends and style you wish to text then tap “OK.”

3) Deleting Text Photoshop9

Here are the steps on how to delete text on Photoshop

  1. Whenever you wish to delete words in Photoshop, choose the text field until the blinking cursor popup on the screening the word layer. Then tap backspace to remove text.
  2. To delete the text field, you need to archive the “layer” panel. This is usually shown in the right. Although, If you can’t view the “Layers” panel, then hit Windows and the tap On Layer or F7.
  3. Photoshop layers are different features that canvas you image, separate from other segments, text, and shape are stacked on the top of first of the columns. It also allows you to make change your aspect and images when you’re leaving the other material alone.
  4. A text layer has a T icon, and it also stands for the same text in the “Layer panel.”
  5. To delete a layer completely from the canvas, right-tap in the layer panel and then choose “Delete Layer.”


If you unknowingly deleted a layer, you only need to tap Ctrl + Z+ (Cmd + Z on MacBook) to recover. You can also tap Edit and then tap on Undo to restore a delete layer.

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