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The Witcher 3 grants the players to lay their hands on the centerfold character, Geralt, who intends to save the world. There are a wide variety of options for the players to customize Geralt to play the game more conveniently. This article will favor you to understand the customization aspect of Geralt alongside why it is so important for the game. Make sure that you read every bit of this article carefully to avoid any mistake.

Pure Alchemy

It is one of the most prominent builds of this game because it is the one that handles the bombs and potions. The build is largely based on ingredients, and Signs alongside Swordplay is also essential for the success of this build. The build is pretty fun for the gamers as it helps them to sneak out their enemies easily. Here are some of the essential elements that can make this build more strong and powerful; here are they:

  • Hunter Instinct and Side Effects: The Side Effects allows the potions to inflict more damage by providing extra effects to it. Whereas, Hunter Instinct increases Adrenaline points, which results to lure victory towards you.
  • Delayed Recovery and Protective Coating: Players should go with these two also because they are pretty essential for defensive aspects. Delayed Recovery enhances the potential of potions, whereas Protective Coating favors providing strength to Geralt.
  • Frenzy and poison Blades: Players should include this element in this build because they are pretty essential to improve this build. The Poison Blades inflict damage through oils, whereas Frenzy has the ability to stop or slow time.
  • Adaptation and Killing Spree: Adaptation has the potential of enhancing decoction effects whereas, Killing Spree provides great support against enemy lineup.
  • Endure Pain and Refreshment: Both of them are also essential elements for this build, and players should include them in Pure Alchemy. The Endure Pain enhances the surviving potential of the potions, whereas, Refreshment avail the players with a quick restoration of Health.
  • Efficiency and Fixative: The Fixative provides a rise in oil charges, whereas, the Efficiency provides a raise in the handling ability of Bomb.

Pure Signs

Here are the tips that players need to consider for making this build more better than its original mold. Below:

  • Quen Shield and Igni Shield: Quen and Igni are proved to be a prominent shield of Geralt, so it is necessary to upgrade them.
  • Puppet and Shock Wave: Both of them are pretty essential against foes. Puppets can inflict damage to foes by blast whereas; Shock Wave can provide severe burn to them.
  • Supercharged Glyphs or Pyromaniac: Pyromaniac can burn the enemies to inflict them with heavy damage, whereas, Supercharged Glyphs does damage less in comparison of Pyromaniac.
  • Melt Armour or Exploding Shield: Both of these are the defensive elements in which Exploding shield favors to resist the attacks of smaller foes, Whereas, Melt Armour grants the Geralt with a damage dodger in almost every situations. It is recommended for the players to go with the option of Exploding Shield if they are looking to dodge; otherwise, players should go with Melt Armour in the situation of attacking.
  • Firestream and Aard Sweep: Firestream can transform igni into a dominant sign of damage, whereas Aard Sweep helps in gaining control over crowd’s mind.
  • Active Shield and Magic Trap: Magic trap can possess attacks contains effect over distant range whereas, Active Shield is beneficial for the restoration of health.
  • Sustained Glyphs or Delusion: Sustained Glyphs helps to update the sign of yrden, whereas, Delusion occurs whenever gamers intend to defeat a significant or final foe. It also facilitates the players with various dialogue options.

Pure Combat

Pure Combat is about improving the combat abilities of Geralt. Here are some of the choices that players can make to improve this build of the game. This offers the option to customize several adrenaline points alongside defensive skills. Here are they:

  • Strength Training and Muscle Memory: Strength Training gives rewards for executing powerful attacks, whereas, Muscle Memory favors the players to execute standard attacks.
  • Resolve or Arrow Deflection: Both of these abilities are prominent for surviving in the pure combat build. Resolve favors to secure adrenaline points, whereas, arrow deflection protects Geralt from the attacks of foes.
  • Crushing Blows and Precise Blows: They help in enhancing the damage output.
  • Whirl & Rend: Rend is a great resistor of attacks, whereas Whirl is a powerful damage inflictor.
  • Sunder Armour and Crippling Strikes: Both of them favor to dodge the heavy sword damage, and thus, it is necessary for this build.

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Kellie Minton  is a self-professed security expert; he has been making the people aware of the security threats. His passion is to write about Cyber security, cryptography, malware, social engineering, internet and new media. He writes for Norton security products at


The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt came into existence in 2015 since then it remains in the talks of gamers due to its advance game mods. Although the game is four years old, it still keeps on creating difficulty for gamers to understand its Graphical mods as well as Cosmetic mods.

We all know that these mods are quite beneficial for the sake of the game, and thus several users of this game have created several useful mods. Here in the article, we will discuss these mods alongside all the necessary information that is a prerequisite to making this gameplay easy and efficient. We have not ranked any of these mods, and the list below is written in random order.

HD Reworked Project

This game mod is one of the popular among gamers, and thus gamers have downloaded it around 2 million times. This game mod is favorable in making better of the game’s graphics by reworking on textures and models. HalkHogan created this game mod in November 2015, and recently, in 2019, an update of this mod has arrived. Players can also see a trailer of this mod on YouTube to know its specs more clearly.


The mod was created Aleks Vuckovic, a famous user who wants to bring a change in the gameplay of The Witcher 3. The mod facilitates in bringing the gameplay to more reality alongside relatable to lore whose prerequisite is a key. Besides that, the mod also enhances the gameplay experience and has successfully brought a prominent change in monsters and enemy humans. Players can also watch this game mod interface on YouTube.

Henry Cavill and Anya Chalotra

It is one of the latest game mods for this game and thus lies in Cosmetic Category. The name of its creator is Adnan, and the mod brought the essence of Netflix in the gameplay. Players who want to check out this Netflix resembling gameplay mod can watch it on YouTube.

First-Person Geralt

The mod was created by a famous modder known as SkacikPL, and it facilitates the game to being played in a first-person camera. Several gamers are not being satisfied with the third-person camera specs, so for those players should try out this mod. They can know more about this mod by watching it on YouTube.


The modder of First-Person Geralt also created this mod, aka SkacikPL, and it can enhance the area of the game. Precisely, the game mod grants the player more space that was being deducted during the base game alongside that the mode grants player to discover the Devils pit less used Caverns. Players can do a lot of activities in this extra area, such as Fighting, crafting, and eating. Besides that, there are several more benefits of this mod, which can be witnessed by anyone on YouTube.

The Witcher’s Shield

Two modders, ScoutBr0 created the mode, and erxv, to provide an improved shield to the gameplay of The Witcher 3. The shield is equipped with lots of amazing aspects and obtains a combat mechanics too, which usually hinders the coming arrows from the front side. Players who want to attain this mode can watch it illustrated description on YouTube To further more knowledge about it.

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Kellie Minton is an avid technical blogger, a magazine contributor, a publisher of guides at and a professional cyber security analyst. Through her writing, she aims to educate people about the dangers and threats lurking in the digital world.

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