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Alison Williams

With over 550 million active users every month, it has established a considerable presence in an already competitive environment. And, as is the case with all social media networks, this provides businesses with a one-of-a-kind marketing opportunity.

Today, I'll discuss how your business may benefit from TikTok.

Perfect Ideas To Boost Your Business

Now, I'm going to show you how to utilize TikTok to maximize your business's visibility. Bear in mind that, like with other social media networks, outcomes vary and that various types of content are more effective for specific businesses.

Here are the perfect strategies for getting the most outstanding results with TikTok:

1. Utilize Your Phone, Not Your Camera

If there is one thing TikTok is not, it is professional cookie-cutter content development. If you need to be popular on the network, you must be unique and honest.

The primary allure of the platform is that it can be used entirely from your phone. While you may make content using video from a high-end camera to increase the presentation value, this type of content does not blend in with the rest of the platform's content.

The primary allure of the platform is that it can be used entirely from your phone. While you may make content using video from a high-end camera to increase the presentation value, this type of content does not blend in with the rest of the platform's content.

Most consumers are interested in seeing how creative content creators can leverage the same tool, a phone, which is ideal for small companies operating on a small budget. It equalizes the playing field and provides an opportunity for everyone to become viral.

Thus, attempting to differentiate oneself from the herd in this aspect is not an intelligent idea.

2. Show A Pet

Including your pet in videos is amongst the hottest styles on the platform. Attempting to terrify them has resulted in really humorous videos that have gone popular on the internet—and being stranded at home because of COVID-19 has increased their popularity even further.

However, pets have found their way onto social media, which is highly likely to become the standard. If your family owns a pet, you should benefit from the current trend by creating some amusing clips of your pet.

If you don't already have one, I strongly advise you to consider getting one, as #dogs and #Cats are the 47th and 51st most popular tags, respectively. And also, buy TikTok heartsafter uploading your pet video content on TikTok, which helps quickly skyrocket your TikTok content across the world. However, most of these videos would end up with the hashtag #cute, which is currently the sixth most popular.

3. Utilize the Appropriate Hashtags

Without question, the hashtags you select are the most core part of reaching the right audience for your videos. If you employ rare or unique hashtags, it might significantly reduce your videos' number of views.

As a result, you should aim for the most prominent hashtags relevant to your video.

It is frequently advised that businesses develop their unique hashtag to assist followers in rapidly discovering content. Additionally, it would be best if you took advantage of the fact that you may utilize numerous hashtags. Include your unique hashtag as well as a common one. Avoid over-optimization.

4. Content Created by Users(UGC)

If you offer a product, try requesting that consumers create TikTok content when wearing it. User-generated content (UGC) is a term that refers to this type of content and has become a mainstay of social media platforms.

Major companies, with Nike as the king, are profiting on this notion. If you search #Nike on TikTok, you'll discover millions of UGC fans performing various activities with or to their sneakers.

Bear in mind, however, that the majority of businesses lack Nike's reach. Therefore, if you are a tiny firm that is just getting started, UGC cannot be your exclusive content source.

Alison Williams Sep 16 '21 · Tags: tiktok, socialmedia
Emila John

TikTok was launched in 2016, and it has skyrocketed to become one of the most trending social media networks. It is very popular among teenagers and the younger generation. TikTok has more than 850 million users every month. Over 150 countries are using TikTok to expand their brand reach and awareness. Are you curious about how to become famous on TikTok in a short time? In this article, we'll share some unique tips to become popular on TikTok. 

Tip 1: Consistently Post High-Quality Videos

In any social media platform, posting content regularly is a key to getting more likes and views for your TikTok. It's great to post at least one post per day but to get better results, to post 3 to 4 times every day. If you post more content in your profile, you will get more views and followers for your videos. 

Also, you can buy TikTok followersto increase your video followers count and make your profile attractive. Importantly, simply posting videos frequently will not help you become famous on TikTok. Make sure to create high-quality content to attract more followers to your account. 

Tip2: Identify Trends And Join On Them 

It's great to be creative and unique to get more followers to your TikTok account. Tab the TikTok for your page to find which content is trending on the platform. Keep an eye on challenges that are related to your business to expand your brand reach. Also, you can participate in the popular TikTok challenges to boost your follower's growth on the platform. To engage your audience, participate in entertaining events to make them connect with your account. 

Tip3: Collaborate With Other Brands 

One of the pro tips to become famous on TikTok is by collaborating with other brands on the platform. Partnering with influencers helps you to get more real followers to your account. When you get more audience to your profile, you can easily improve your business on TikTok. If you are a small business, you can partner with micro-influencers to get better results for your business. Additionally, many people like to buy products with the recommendation of influencers. Collaborating with other brands is a great way to increase your brand awareness to a broader audience. 

Tip4: Engage With Your Audience

Another exciting way to boost your followers on TikTok is by interacting with your audience. Communicating with your followers will make them emotionally connect with your brands. Post funny videos and encourage your followers to comment on your TikTok videos. If you reply to the comments, it makes your other followers comment on your videos. Also, you can post short videos and how-to videos to give a clear picture of your brand or business. You can post question-type videos and encourage your audience to answer those questions through comments. 

Tip5: Promote Your Videos On TikTok 

Sharing your TikTok videos on other social networks is an important way to boost your popularity on TikTok. When you share your content on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, you can get more followers to your account. Instagram reels recently introduced a reels feature in the app. Did you know that reels are similar to TikTok, so you can post your videos on Instagram reels to attract a new audience to your TikTok profile? Make sure to add a call to action in your video to direct your other network followers to TikTok. 

Tip 6: Use Trending Hashtags

We all know that adding a hashtag in a video will increase the video visibility to a wider audience. If you aim to be popular on TikTok, you need to use trending hashtags in your videos. If you are trying to increase your brand reach on TikTok, then you can use branded hashtags. It helps people to find your content who search for similar ones. These are the six golden tips for getting famous on TikTok. 


Currently, TikTok is the world-famous short form of video-sharing social media platform. Do you know the daily active users of TikTok? Well, it has 12.6 million daily active users and nearly 1.1 billion monthly active users. TikTok is the most downloaded app in recent days.

Usually, people wish to get more likes, shares, views for their content. It doesn't matter which social media they are using. They want to get their content famous among their followers. To gain engagement with your content on TikTok, first, you have to understand how that particular platform works, especially you need to invest your precious time to get aware of the TikTok algorithm. See what kind of content is mostly liked by your audience or what kind of videos are pushed by the TikTok algorithm.

In this article, you're going to engage with some crucial tricks to heighten your engagement rate.

Username Must Be Easy & Memorable

Catch your audience's attention by creating an easy and attractive username for your TikTok profile. Pick an easily spellable name, or your real name is better, which helps to recognize you. Try to use the same username and profile picture for all social media networks you are using. This is because it makes your other media fans easily identify your account and pull them for your TikTok account. Don't forget to add your other social media links to your profile. Ensure your Tikok profile is impressive enough to build a strong TikTok profile with numerous followersand make your profile seem more authentic and credible.

Be Out Of The Box

TikTok is the place for creating unique and fresh content. It's all about showing your creativity in your videos. Through producing quality and captivating content, you can entice lots of audiences. TikTok is full of entertainment, so when your videos are more entertaining, you can get several TikTok likes and views on your videos. Hence, pay attention to more amusing content like comedy skits, bloopers, share any funny moments, do more hilarious videos. You can even come up with an educational or tutorial form of videos that look unique when you share your information about your business.

Jump On Trends 

Staying top on trends is a mind-blowing strategy to get tons of engagement rates and pay ways to obtain instant views. This strategy does not only work on TikTok but on all other social media platforms. Usually, people like to engage and love to watch trending content. Creating content around trending topics is actually a good idea to engage with existing followers and entice many new audiences. Visit the "for you" page and "discover" page to see what kind of content is trending on this platform, along with seeing which hashtags they use in their videos. You can easily rock with trending content if you put your own idea or creativity in that content.  Posting content incorporating the latest trends can help you grow your business on TikTok in a much faster pacethan posting content with basic edits and filters. 

Consistency Is Important 

When you post videos regularly with the same consistency, you could reach a massive audience to your account. It is better to plan and schedule the videos for perfect timings, which helps to keep your audience fresh and engaged. Even if you get less engagement, you can increase your engagement rates on your first videos by posting frequently.

Make Use Of Hashtags. 

Include, right hashtags in your videos to bring more engagement rate and content visibility. Hashtags help to divide your content based on topics, so it assists you to display your content in front of people who search for your content.


I think now you have some idea to increase your engagement rate. Try to understand the algorithm and begin to create fascinating content to gain more followers and expand your reach.

AnneJoseph Jun 1 '21 · Tags: tiktok

The coronavirus pandemic effects have been devastating for many organizations, which resulted in mass layoffs, massive pay cuts, cost-cutting, and even complete company shutdowns in some extreme cases. However, not all businesses have necessarily suffered during the lockdown period. Upcoming social media platform TikTok has been registering tremendous growth, especially across western Europe. This is large because populations have been cooped up during the COVID-19 lockdowns and have sought alternative entertainment sources.

Reports from Martechlive suggest that nearly a quarter of all Britons use TikTok each month, with 17 million hard-core users spending more than 60 minutes per day on the social media application. Despite threats from U.S. President Donald Trump to ban the app and India, where the government barred it from citizens’ phones, TikTok has recorded phenomenal growth elsewhere in the world. This growth is recorded to be an equivalent of a UK contingent that is half the size of Facebook’s local following while requiring only three years to achieve it.

TikTok’s European Success in Numbers
The U.K.
• 17 million users
• 65% of female users
• 66 minutes per day
• Accessed 13 times per day
• 82% of users over 18 years of age

• 1.2 million users
• 56% of female users
• Accessed 17 times per day

• 11 million users
• 60 minutes per day

• 9.8 million users each month
• 30% aged 18 to 24

• 10.7 million users

• 8.8 million users

As per a forecast by eMarketer, a market research company located in the U.S., TikTok would not reach 12.5 monthly users until 2023 in the U.K. However, social media consumption has significantly increased during the lockdown, and younger generations consume more content from TikTok than televisions. The current scenario has people hungry for entertaining and lively digital content, and TikTok has played a big part in serving such content.

Earlier in September, TikTok announced that it had reached over 100 million European monthly active users, equaling the same number in the US, which was called earlier this year. Around two-thirds of the audience from France, Spain, and Italy are over 18 years old, compared to 76% in Germany. TikTok’s global user base was at the 690 million marks as of July 2020 and can only be expected to grow at an even faster pace in the future.

Gregory Andersen
Tiktok made a real revolution in the world of the Internet, instantly gaining overwhelming popularity. This app is used by millions of users, young and old, who watch videos and create their own. Quite a rapid surge in popularity has given rise to many entrepreneurs’ questions about making apps like TikTok and its cost. In this article, we will answer all these questions and tell you everything you need to know about the TikTok-like app creation. Without further ado, let’s begin.

Full guide

Gregory Andersen Dec 28 '20 · Tags: tiktok

There are multiple options to help when it comes to downloading videos on TikTok. If the users get the opportunity to Save videos on the platform, it will make a huge difference to the users’ experience.

Seeing the popularity graph of TikTok, it is not surprising that downloading and sharing videos viral on TikTok through other social media platforms have been increasing on a large scale. Also, since the people find content and challenges on TikTok relatable and so the downloading and sharing of the videos is rising. Moreover, it is very simple to download any TikTok videos, and there are multiple ways to do so.

TikTok has witnessed huge popularity all across the world, and with time its demand is still growing. The number of app users is limitless and has continued to increase users, even amid the ongoing Covid-19 outbreak. As more and more are forced to stay inside amid the current health outbreak, they choose social media platforms to socialize with their friends and relatives along with entertaining themselves. Among various social media platforms, TikTok is far ahead in terms of user numbers and popularity. People use the app normally for dance and music challenges along with collaborating for duets. But, the app has also improved itself by spreading messages related to topical and world events. For example, the users have witnessed various challenges that emerged, highlighting the current events such as washing hands frequently or checking your privileges over the last few months.

Since the nature of TikTok is collaborative, sharing the content on the platform makes the user experience significant. It will impact the user experience hugely if the users will know about saving videos on the app. If the users once learned to save videos on TikTok, they can use the saved videos later for the duet and send it to their family members and friends. The functionality of TikTok is very much versatile and offers many ways for the users when it comes to sharing content and videos both outside and inside the app.

Different Ways to Share & Save TikTok Videos

The users of TikTok can share their videos with their family and friends in many ways. For example, they can go to the bottom of the screen and click on the icon Share. Once the users click on the Share button, it will open a menu. Further, the list will provide users with the option to share their videos with their friends and other users through direct messages. The users can copy the video link and send it to their friends and loved ones in the form of a URL. The URL creates a link redirecting the users to the TikTok when clicked on it.

For the users who want the exact copy of the TikTok video to share, send, or to keep with themselves even then, the process is easy. First of all, the users will need to tap on the screen while holding it. Then, they will be redirected to the pop-up with several options. The users will need to tap on Save options appearing in pop. Once you tap on the Save option, it will download your video to the storage of your device. Alternatively, the users can get the Save option at the bottom row in the share menu where they can copy the URL.

If you have not enabled the option of saving video, you can use a third-party app to save your video. If you are an Android user, go to the Google Play store and download Video Downloader for Social Media- No Watermark app, which has been developed by Avalon Inc. The iPhone users can also search for the same app in their App Store. However, the app has a downloader plugin for TikTok, which can make the process much easier. Apart from these, there are also some other options which can be used to save the videos, but if some user has turned to the Save option of their video, then it should be respected by other users. If you have a tap on the sound to be used even then, other users can make the same videos, and it can be downloaded and saved further.

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Angel Smith

Source: TikTok: Find & Use The Filter ‘Where is Your Soulmate’

If you are fascinated by the TikTok videos ‘Where is Your Soulmate,’ then you can also make your video. Here are the instructions you need to follow.

TikTok is popular among a large number of users all across the globe. It has been designed in such a way that you can make short videos and make it viral in just a few minutes. Those who know the right formula can become a big star with a huge fan following on this platform. However, the ways for making videos on the popular filter ‘Where is Your Soulmate’ is quite different from that videos users often make on TikTok but not so complicated. If you are also among those wondering how to make videos using the popular filter  ‘Where is Your Soulmate,’ then it is not so difficult. But, you should have an account on the Instagram app after getting it downloaded.

The filters featured on Instagram are wildly popular among users. Many users often create their videos and share them on the platform. Many other users copy these videos by using similar filters and upload them on the platform. In this regard, the working methodology of filters is very much the same as the way used by the TikTok videos and challenges to go viral. On TikTok also, the users make and share videos, and when these videos become viral, many other users copy and use the same style and music to upload their version based on the same viral videos.

Now, the main reason why Instagram matters here is being the originating point of ‘Where is Your Soulmate.’ So, the people looking to upload their videos of Soulmate will need to have their account on Instagram. Besides, the users will need to have the app downloaded on iOS or Android to download the filter and video. The users who don’t have their user account on Instagram may run into several issues as the screen is not available on TikTok.

Find and Use the filter ‘Where is Your Soulmate.’

Considering the fact that the users have downloaded the Instagram app on their devices and logged in, they can find the filter by using the search bar. The users will need to search for the profile page of Erika Sacks. As Erika has created the filter and so one you will be redirected to the authentic page, it will become easy to access the filter. The users will need to click on the icon appearing as the smiley face to access all Sacks’ filters. Further, you will need to scroll down and search for Soulmate Radar. Once you found the filter, then click on it to see how the videos of the filter work. Then, you can tap on the option appearing as “Try It,” which will further launch the camera of your device. It will provide the users with a way to test the feature for themselves.

Now, the users will need to record and test the feature to get these videos further on TikTok as they can’t download the filter on TikTok. So, the users will need to make the videos on Instagram, along with testing it. Later, the users can upload these videos on TikTok by using two options. As the first option, you will need to download your video from Instagram Story while sharing your videos on it. As the second option, the users will need to download their newly recorded videos without sharing it on Instagram. The users can download the videos by clicking on the icon of download appearing at the top screen.

Regardless of the options, you are choosing, the users get their videos downloaded to the local storage of the device. Here, the users will need to enable the option Save to storage in the Settings section of Instagram. Now, the users can upload the same recorded and saved video to TikTok like any other video. Also, you can make many other tweaks to your video, including adding songs.

Cynthia Strickland is a creative person who has been writing blogs and articles about cybersecurity. She writes about the latest updates regarding and how it can improve the work experience of users. Her articles have been published in many popular e-magazines, blogs, and websites.

mahmud gazna

Bikin konten video, editing sebelum posting, sampai beberapa kali kamu harus sulit-sulit menentukan prime time, adalah beberapa strategi yang mungkin kamu lakukan saat ini.

Atau, justru kamu cuman bikin video terus posting di sembarang waktu?

Faktanya, ada beberapa hal yang udah kamu lewatkan. Konsekuensinya, kamu harus benar-benar menyesal kayak sekarang kan?

Udah capek-capek bikin konten dan editing, tapi followers nggak nambah-nambah.

So, coba deh cara ini biar kamu bisa dapat followers tik tok gratis!

Atau mau dapatkan follower tiktok berkualtias ? kunjungi web

Follow dan Unfollow

Sama sih kayak cara menambah followers Instagram, kamu bisa melakukan follow unfollow.
Artinya, follow mereka yang punya niche sama kayak kamu. Tunggu respon mereka.
Kalau emang mereka nggak follow back, artinya mereka nggak tertarik sama konten kamu. Jadi, unfollow aja mereka.
Kayaknya sih simple banget kan ya. Tapi, strategi ini udah terbukti berhasil.
Cara kerjanya juga mudah banget. Mereka yang kamu follow pasti dapat notifikasi kalau ada kamu yang follow mereka.
Terus, mereka bakal kepoin kamu dan buka profile Tik Tok kamu. Kalau mereka tertarik, 90% pasti follow back.
Oh iya, jangan lupa buat melakukan interaksi atau engagement dengan mereka ya. Comment, likes, sama share video mereka adalah cara terbaik buat berinteraksi dan engage.
Optimasi Profile

Semua aspek di Tik Tok itu punya kontribusi buat popularitas kamu. Termasuk aspek dan elemen yang paling kecil sekalipun.
Foto, nama, username, sampai deskripsi yang kamu sediakan di profile punya pengaruh yang kuat banget buat mereka yang visit ke tik tok kamu.
Jadi, kita sarankan buat melakukan optimasi dan revisi tentang semua aspek yang ada disini:
Foto: Foto yang professional dan nggak kelihatan alay dengan angle dan mode yang tepatNama: Gunakan nama asli, kalau perlu kombinasikan sama nama niche yang kamu pilihUsername: Pakai aja username yang singkat dan jelas, jangan alay dan terlalu panjangBio profile: Bikin deskripsi secukupnya ya, yang penting udah mewakili semua aspek penting yang jadi fokus kamuMeski kita sarankan buat bikin deskripsi dan profile yang singkat dan jelas, tapi tetap aja kamu harus bikin se-spesifik yang kamu bisa.
Contoh, kamu punya fokus di cabang olahraga Yoga. Begini aja masih kurang spesfik kok. Kan masih ada cabang lainnya, yaitu Yoga Aerobic dan NonAerobic.
Ikutan Challenge Viral

Salah satu cara yang paling penting dan berhasil buat menambah followers tik tok gratis nggak lain adalah dengan ikutan trending. Termasuk challenge-challenge yang lagi viral.
Eits, tapi jangan pernah coba-coba buat ikutan challenge viral yang berbahaya ya. Contoh kayak Skullbreaker Challenge. Selain bahaya buat kamu sendiri, bahaya itu juga bisa menyebar ke fans kamu.
Nggak usah khawatir kehabisan ide tentang challenge. Ada banyak banget challenge viral yang bisa kamu ikutin, mulai dari Any Song dari Zico, Yummy dari Justin Bieber da lainnya.
Jangan lupa, pakai juga hashtag yang lagi trending. Dengan begini, konten kamu bisa tersebar lebih luas lagi.
Study case yang kita lakukan ke beberapa akun artis Tik Tok, cara ini punya efek dan power yang luar biasa. Cuman dalam waktu beberapa hari aja, followers bisa meningkat drastis.
Selain itu, challenge ini juga bisa bikin kamu terinspirasi buat mencari lagu yang lagi trending. Jadi, kamu bisa lebih tau dan kenal tentang style-style yang lagi trending di kalangan fans kamu.
Lakukan Kolaborasi

Apa kamu yakin dan PD banget kalau jadi solo dan single player itu bisa maksimal hasilnya?
Kalau emang kamu udah besar dan populer sih nggak masalah. Tapi kalau kamu masih dalam tahap merintis, jangan sungkan buat collabs sama Muser lainnya.
Bikin konten video dengan teman yang punya talenta dan popularitas sama kayak kamu atau jenis collab lainnya bisa bikin impression positif ke kalangan fansbase kamu.
Tapi, ingat satu hal penting! Lakukan kolaborasi dengan Muser atau Tik Toker yang setara sama kamu. Faktanya, mereka yang udah populer biasanya nggak mau collabs sama kamu yang masih merintis.
Jadi, pilih partner kamu baik-baik ya. Yang pasti, mereka yang nggak terlalu perhitungan dan mau tumbuh bersama serta punya niche dan karakter yang sama kayak kamu.
Kalau udah nemu, langsung aja bikin konten duet atau collabs dan sebarkan video itu di prime time ya. Biar makin banyak yang lihat.
Posting di Social Media NetworkKita beberapa kali mengingatkan kalau mengandalkan satu jenis social media aja nggak bisa maksimal.
Faktanya, ada banyak banget social media dengan mereka yang konsen ke salah satu atau dua social media aja.
Ada yang demen banget main Instagram tapi nggak suka main tik tok. Ada yang suka nya lihat video di YouTube, tapi nggak suka nonton story di FB.
Jadi saran kita sih, bikin video teaser tentang konten yang kamu share di Tik Tok ke Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, dan bahkan social media lainnya.
Dengan begini, mereka bakal tertarik dan penasaran tentang konten yang kamu share di Tik Tok.
Me-manage beberapa social media sih emang keren banget buat menambah presence kamu di dunia online. Apalagi kalau semuanya aktif dan update, kamu bisa menjaring traffic dari berbagai social media.

mahmud gazna Jun 21 '20 · Tags: tiktok, follower
Ana freya

TikTok is one of the world's fastest growing social media devices, with more than 800 million active users worldwide. For what originally looked to be a knock-off version of Vine, the app proved to be much more than just a place to play for lip syncing and dance.

TikTok 's site covers a broad variety of subjects from 15-second beauty tips to coverage of presidential elections in 2020. If you can imagine it's actually on TikTok already. It's no wonder that Gen Z is considered the birthplace of the new app, because its design style is as peculiar as its consumers. Check Tiktok influencer earning here.

But don't be fooled, there is an abundance of valuable opportunities for businesses and content creators alike in the video sharing application. In fact, Tiktok is the latest and biggest place for building a strong brand personality and reaching a wider public.

Know how to effectively promote your brand on TikTok by taking a few easy measures to push a higher level of website traffic, and maximize ROI.

What Is TikTok?

First of all, TikTok is a social media device, which can be used to build and upload short videos. To produce high-quality content and perform well on the platform it's important to understand the many features of the app.

TikTok is all about creating fun content which is visually appealing. By having an comprehensive music library that is compatible with Apple Audio, the app allows users to incorporate audio and special effects to their videos.

Users can also connect with other users, check out what's happening, and invest virtual coins that can either be bought or donated. The higher the commitment (i.e. likes, views, and comments) the better chance a post will be spotted on the trend page of the platform.

Although there is no rulebook, TikTok isn't the best place for excessively serious content. Make sure to take a peek at the discovery page for applications to see what other companies did before taking your own videos.

You'll find that the forum is dominated by lip syncing, dance and comedy sketches. TikTok's top-performing videos will captivate or surprise viewers in less than 15 seconds-surely not an simple feat.

How to Promote Business on TikTok?

It's time to get creative now that you know how to use the platform. TikTok content can be quite confusing, since it is often loud and chaotic. There's a purpose to the madness though.

But if there are a number of outliers, most TikTok videos suit a handful of molds. From awkward videos of reaction to over-the-top skits, here are all the ways people use the platform and how your brand can do it too.

Hashtag Challenge

Hashtag competitions on virtually any social media website are a big deal and TikTok is no exception. Launching a hashtag challenge is a fantastic way to boost engagement by inviting the public to participate in creative content development on behalf of the brand.

The launch of a brand-sponsored hashtag challenge can be accomplished by simply buying a custom banner through the Discover page to promote your challenge. When users click on the banner, they will be promoted to watch the video that illustrates or demonstrates the problem in your business.
A successful hashtag challenge, participants around the world often receive millions of videos. A good example of a recent hashtag challenge for the brand is the # inmydenim challenge for fashion retailer Guess. The business urged TikTok users to post a video of them going from rags to affluent ones – of course in their Suppose attire.

Other popular brands include Samsung, who has used their # GalaxyA hashtag challenge to encourage users to advertise the newest features of the phone.
This is a perfect platform for luxury designers to highlight a range of clothing, and for electronics firms to highlight a new innovations and touch a broader audience.

Influencer Collaboration

This one is a no brainer, particularly on TikTok. It's no secret that influencers essentially run the social media platform, with millions of followers racking up many of the most prominent performers. Brands that are serious about doing this on TikTok need to consider working together.

Bang Energy, a sports energy drink company that partnered with the well-known influencer Danielle Cohn, is a popular example of influencer marketing on TikTok. In the sponsored video, the American actress, model, and social media influencer managed to rack up almost 250,000 likes out of her 17 million follow.

It's important to understand how to collaborate with influencers on TikTok if your company is trying to achieve any real exposure. And, with the help of an easy-to-use influencer fraud tool, make sure you protect your brand perception and budget by avoiding influencer fraud.

In-Feed Video Ads

There are a number of ways to promote the platform's TikTok videos, one of which is in-feed ads. The selected video will appear in a user feed's For You section and can be interacting with just like organic content.

The main aim of these Tiktok Advertisment type is to move clicks to an internal or external website. This feature has been used by companies like Facebook and Apple, hoping to draw the attention of TikTok users to their call to action.
Considering that TikTok is currently the world's most downloaded app hitting 1 billion downloads in 2019, this method of reaching viewers is a vital part of any strategy for campaigns. Indeed, Maybelline, a global cosmetics company , recently launched an in-feed ad campaign that received nearly 50,000 likes and 3,000 reviews in one day.

To learn more about the evolution of the social media platform, understanding the real deal behind TikTok and exploring the facts and figures that make this platform an integral part of your marketing plan, is important.

Branded Lenses

This one is super cool and if your business has the marketing budget, go for it.Brands will now work with TikTok and create a 2D or 3D filter which users will seek to share. Additionally , businesses who want to build their own plugin will also be leading at least 10 days on the Discover page.

This is a smart way for brands to communicate with users of TikTok and to increase group interaction. Your team will more than likely be able to sit back and watch user interactions skyrocketing, whether it's a funny lense or a gamefied filter.

Brand Takeover 

This one's name says it all, because brands have the chance to take over TikTok for a whole day. With embedded links to internal or external landing pages, the company account can create images, GIFs, and videos. This content will be displayed in feeds of users before they see any other content of the user.
Since TikTok only makes one advertiser per day for this format, the social media network exclusively guarantees five million daily impressions from this advertising process. 

That's a hefty ROI rate from a 3- to 5-second video. The cosmetic beauty line Too Faced is a recent example of a brand that has experienced major success using TikTok's takeover feature. The business got 7.6 million ad views and 1.3 million clicks after a single day of running their ad. Needless to say, a big success has been the goal of the company to break through the noise and encourage Gen Z females and shop the look. Not only did the brand exceed their own expectations but it also raised the bar for beauty competitors all over the world.

Follow TikTok Trends

TikTokers are known for avoiding conventional commercials. This can probably be attributed to the overwhelming young community age of the platform, which is 41 per cent between the ages of 16 and 24. TikTok is a place where brands can interact more informally with the users. The type of content should reflect that of a particular customer, and should not be blatantly commercial.
Brands who can generate native advertisements and involve audiences are likely to see higher outcomes. It can of course be a struggle to remain true to the brand identity while conforming to TikTok's craziness. But here are a few surefire ways to catch user interest while staying native to the site.

Demonstrate a Product 

TikTok is a great platform without making it too gimmicky to show off a product or service. Simply incorporating products into an already entertaining video will allow users to enjoy the post without feeling that unwanted advertisements litter their feed. The popular online store, Fashion Nova, does a fantastic job of making their TikTok account funny and relevant while displaying their line of clothing. Users can find attempted videos, comedy skits and even collaborations with Cardi B, the brand ambassador herself.

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Inspire Users

Viewers may not know your brand is cool, so it's your job to show them. Using TikTok, your brand can inspire users to use your product in all manner of ways. For service-based businesses (like the slightly lower Burger King example), it's about creating videos that show the value of what you're providing.
Other examples of user-inspiring brands can be found in the makeup sector. Companies such as Kylie Cosmetics, Urban Decay, and Mac Cosmetics all made an effort to share everything on TikTok, from casual to creative makeup looks.

User Experience

As stated briefly, the TikTok platform is practically designed for users to share their experience with specific products. To their marketing advantage, brands can use the best times to post on TikTok. From unboxing videos to product reviews, users of TikTok are dying to give unfiltered opinion to the brands.
While a brand may need to contact an influencer to secure a review of the product, tons of users prefer to try out items themselves. This chain of events typically lands the brand as a trend on the Discover page.

Have Some Fun

Unlike some of its predecessors, TikTok is a place where brands can let themselves loose and have fun. Hopping on current patterns, such as duets or dance partnerships, is not unusual for companies. It's a simple way of mixing in user feeds and flexing a stronger brand personality. By trying out the paper towel challenge, Burger King has given fans a good laugh. The trend is made by TikTokers who put a paper towel in water and the full statement gets through more words to the surface.

The Takeaway 

Starting a page on TikTok may feel daunting. The social media platform has taped into a unique subculture that many of us needed to rethink what makes content engaging. The platform, however, is home to millions of users from around the world making TikTok the place for both users and brands alike. If TikTok hasn't been tried by your brand, you 're not too late to build loyal follow-up and develop meaningful content. With a creative twist on content and an energetic attitude, your account can be on its way to building a loyal track and driving meaningful traffic through it.


Both TikTok and Instagram offer fascinating features based on music. However, it is difficult to decide which one is the best when it comes to karaoke and singing.

TikTok and Instagram offer karaoke and singing features; however, both apps may differ in terms of user experience. It is necessary to understand the difference between fundamental features to find which app is the best in terms of music-related features. The free media sharing social networking app, Instagram has over one billion users making it equally popular with businesses and people. The social video and photo-sharing app owned by Facebook is used by the users massively for sharing their videos and experiences. Recently, Instagram is taking all the necessary steps to compete with its several other social media service rivals, which include TikTok also.

If speaking about TikTok, it was formerly known as, a massively famous app for short videos. Also, the app has recently touched the whooping number of two billion downloads establishing it as one of the most successful social media services. Although the social media platform is top-rated among the users and is famous for viral videos and challenges, the platform is still doing everything to reach a vast audience. It can be anticipated with the fact that the social media service has introduced some more features, including mobile games.

The two applications are quite different in the way they are providing services, but both are still giving tough competition to each other. The two platforms are always busy in introducing new features every year to attract a wide range of subscribers. For example, a year ago, Instagram added a new feature of on-screen lyrics for supporting a new layer of stories. TikTok also, without wasting much time, introduced some new features making sure the rival Instagram couldn’t pull ahead. Looking toward the features introduced by the two apps, it isn’t easy to choose the best one while talking about karaoke and singing.

TikTok or Instagram: Which One is the Best When it Comes to Music Features?

If speaking about Instagram, the app allows the users to add their favorite music through a song catalog, including Justin Bieber, Drake, and Bjork. The users can easily adjust their places on the screen while scrolling through songs and lyrics. The app may mute the video of the person along with replacing the sound. Also, the users are not allowed to save music, and they will need any other video editing software for creating a suitable karaoke video. It means the co-watching feature of Instagram allows the users to hold only short sessions of karaoke. On the contrary, TikTok has made it much easier for users to sing and add music. Additionally, the users can adjust the volume of the song through the controls along with using other in-app built features of editing for creating transitions and fun effects.

TikTok was always a dedicated app for music, whereas this factor is, to some extent, missing on Instagram. The social networking site seems quite supportive of images that could not be used for karaoke sessions. However, Instagram took the help of Billie Eilish concerning the campaign of the Instagram Music, but TikTok has included the music of the artist in its library of songs. Now, the users can use Instagram Music for supporting the brief video and pictures, but the feature of on-screen lyrics is only an endeavour to compete with the music rival app, TikTok. So, the users who are interested in singing and participating in karaoke will need to choose TikTok.

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