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The COVID-19 pandemic has certainly caused a global health crisis. It has affected around 214 countries and territories with two international conveyances. Till date there have been over 38.5 million affected cases at the global level and the death count stands at 1.1 million. There are cases where a person affected by COVID is dying because of nervous breakdown and other mental problems. Apart from this, countries had imposed nationwide lockdowns in order to curb the exponential growth of the coronavirus. Although, the lockdowns might have helped in some way, it is true that till date we haven’t been able to bring the situation under control.

Lockdowns imposed by governments have forced people to stay at their homes and have tried to impose social distancing norms. As a result, there are many people who are stuck in different cities are not able to reach their natives. Also, a huge number of people have lost their jobs as the recession period continues to navigate through this COVID period. People, not being able to get out of their homes are getting frustrated and stressed. As a result, they are ending up with mental breakdowns and other mental ailments. People’s lifestyles have changed as they are working remotely from their homes. The pressure of meeting sharp deadlines along with maintaining household chores is causing people to breakdown mentally. Hence, it is very important to take care of your mental health during this pandemic. Certainly, you need to take precautions against the deadly coronavirus by following the lockdowns and social distancing norms but it is also important to maintain your mental health in order to survive this pandemic. Below are 7 effective strategies that one can follow to keep his/her mental state healthy.

1. Maintain a proper routine and meditate: Meditation gives peace of mind. Try to take deep breaths after certain intervals and engage yourself in free hand exercises and stretches. Also maintain your daily routine in such a way that you sleep timely and have your meals at the right time. Try to have a balanced diet. This would not only regulate your stress and keep you mentally healthy but also will help you in building up your immunity. So take up your sport shoes and start working out. Planning to buy new sport shoes? Look for Level Shoes Coupon Codes to get some amazing offers on sport shoes.

2. Maintain connections: Talk out more often with your loved ones when you feel depressed. Thinking too much alone might build up to mental stress and headaches. Rather, call your loved ones and feel free to discuss the situation and talk out your emotions

3. Keep a backup plan ready: While planning for anything, keep a backup plan ready. Cancellation of plans can add a lot of stress. To avoid that, always take cancellations into account and be ready with a plan B.

4. Distract yourself from news and social media: It is important that you take regular breaks from news or social media. Switch to your hobbies and try to spend more time on the things that you always wanted to do but didn’t have much time to start. Maybe if you are passionate about music, listen to music of your favourite genres.

5. Try not to think much about profits and try not to take bold decisions: The pandemic has had a huge impact on the global economy. There is always an uncertainty with every single thing so taking bold decisions might hit you hard if things don’t work out. Rather try to slow things down and take decisions wisely.

6. Do not indulge in intoxicating activities: People not able to cope up with challenging situations take up intoxications as their solution. Limit taking intoxications like alcohol or tobacco as excess of these would cause nothing but harm to your body by reducing your immunity levels and making you more vulnerable to the coronavirus.

7. Spend Quality time with your family: Try not to stress yourself out by watching movies, playing games and communicating with your family. Remember, family is your best medicine to mental stress. Maybe do some online shopping with your family. 

If you feel anytime that your stress levels have exponentially grown, seek immediate medical assistance. This pandemic has really caused a crisis situation in the world. Researchers have been working all day and night attempting to discover a vaccine. Well, obviously this situation has to end but when does it end, is a matter of time.

saamya Nov 22 '22 · Tags: covid, tips, metal health

Assuming you have consistently longed for impeccable, skin break out and flaw free lovely skin, it tends to be yours now. Attempt these 10 straightforward magnificence hacks to handle your skin burdens and give your skin that brilliant normal look you have generally wanted.

Remember to adhere to the brilliant guideline of eliminating all hints of cosmetics before you head to sleep. With cosmetics on, your skin isn't allowed to relax. It obstructs the skin for the time being, along these lines prompting flaws, beauty hacks and whiteheads. Continuously eliminate your cosmetics with a gentle oil, for example, olive oil with a cotton ball dunked in it. This will get you freed of soil and cosmetics. It is likewise fundamental to peel your skin each more than once per week. This will eliminate any dead cells amassing from the skin surface and clean the pores, accordingly leaving you with flaw free clear skin. A glue of pecans with yogurt is extraordinary for shedding the skin normal way.

Long-term sun openness can prompt age spots, wrinkles, and other skin misfortunes right off the bat throughout everyday life. It is fundamental to apply a sunblock of at minimum SPF 15 to impede UVA and UVB beams. Ensure that the sunblock is non-comedogenic and non-acnegenic. Try not to skirt the sunscreen on the off chance that there is no apparent sun. Intelligent surfaces, for example, ocean side, snow or ice can hurt the skin with stowed away sun beams.

Normal activity is pretty much as fundamental as some other movement. Be it running, running, cycling or yoga, any type of activity that expands the blood flow and speeds up the it is essential to clean course of the body. Notwithstanding, remember your beauty hacks skincare system later or before an exercise. Prior to going out for work out, apply toner to limit oil creation. Likewise, after an exercise, peel and apply a gentle lotion, for example, shea margarine or olive oil.

Eat new and occasional food varieties. Stay away from weighty carb-loaded and oil food like fries, colas, or some other unhealthy food. Keep in mind, the type of food you eat will affect you general health. Incorporate a great deal of new produce like crude vegetables, organic products, and nuts. An eating routine plentiful in minerals, nutrients and low in fats and sugar will give you brilliant skin.

Rest is a significant variable that any don't think about worth recalling. Get somewhere around 7-8 hours of sound rest. The body needs its portion of rest to revive and recover. Not getting more than adequate rest will show on your skin making it look dull, hanging and with dark circles. It is fundamental to apply a decent saturating cream before you resign to bed. While you are resting, your body utilizes this lotion to recuperate and fix the skin.

Hydrate yourself. 60% of our bodies are comprised of water. At the point when the water level goes down, your skin feels dull, dormant and comes up short on flexibility. Drink somewhere around 8 glasses of water. Have foods grown from the ground high in water content, for example, oranges, lemons, cucumber, watermelon and so on. To treat puffy eyes, utilize rose water all around your skin as a cotton ball plunged in it or as a spritz. It keeps up with the pH equilibrium of the skin and reestablishes its hydration.

Follow a skincare system that is as near nature as could really be expected. Veils and packs comprised of more full's earth, turmeric, camphor, sandalwood and so forth have incredible advantages. Spoil yourself sometimes to a face rub or a spa. Oils like coconut, oil, almond or even mustard give a supporting sparkle to your skin. Rub for 20 minutes and wash off.

Clean up with tepid water rather than heated water. Heated water will in general strip the skin of its regular oils. Pick a beauty hacks cleaning agent that contains alpha hydroxyl corrosive or beta hydroxyl corrosive. After a delicate face wash, apply a salve containing benzoyl peroxide to battle skin inflammation. Try not to contact your face often or pop pimples. These will abandon scars and skin inflammation marks. Clean with rose water and spot a cooled sack of green tea for 10 mins.

It is generally a superior plan to interface with nature and to your foundations. Ayurveda is known to be an Indian mantra for all sicknesses and wellbeing prosperity. It has a ton of excellence privileged insights concealed inside it. A straightforward breathing strategy can assist you with disposing of poisons and give you brilliant skin. Whenever your body is together as one with your psyche and soul, you feel empowered and it shows all over.

Follow sound propensities, for example, yoga, reflection, a lively walk and so forth. Limit pressure by rehearsing pressure the executives. Practice your direction to great wellbeing and brilliant skin.

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Gemini is a popular cryptocurrency exchange platform that helps you to buy Bitcoin, Ether, and other cryptocurrencies easily and securely. On this platform, there are several cryptocurrencies available like Bitcoin, Ether, Cardano, Dogecoin, XRP, Polkadot, and so on. You can buy a Bitcoin if you have registered for a Gemini login account and sufficient USD in your Gemini account.

So, if you have also registered for a Gemini account and looking to buy Bitcoin with the Gemini app then this post will help you a lot to complete the purchase process for Bitcoin. The process to buy Bitcoin with Gemini mobile app is easy and quick. Make sure to add USD to your Gemini account if you have not added it yet.

Method to buy Bitcoins with Gemini App

Using your Gemini Login credentials you can access your account. You can ignore the Gemini login process if you are already logged in to your Gemini account. You may need to download and install Gemini mobile app if you have not installed it yet; look at the steps:

  • Using your smartphone, visit the App/Play Store.
  • Then, type Gemini in the search bar and look for the Gemini app.
  • Once you find it, click on download and install it on your device.
  • After finishing the installation process, launch Gemini app on your device.
  • Now, head to the Gemini login page.
  • Enter your username and password details for your Gemini account.
  • Click on the “Login” button to access your Gemini account.
  • After accessing the account, look for the “Buy” option and click on it.
  • Now, choose Bitcoin from the drop-down list of cryptocurrencies.
  • Then, fill in the fields like currency pair, order type, price, and quantity and click on Buy.
  • On this page finalize the payment to buy Bitcoin.
  • Finally, you have purchased Bitcoin with the Gemini app.

Also, If you want to know how to sign up for an Uphold Account, then browse Uphold Login.


To sum up, we have explained the process to buy Bitcoin with the Gemini app that is simple and quick. Approach the steps carefully that are mentioned in this post to complete the process to buy Bitcoin. You can add USD to your Gemini login account if you find insufficient funds to buy Bitcoin. The process to add USD to your account is simple and you can transfer funds from your bank account to your Gemini account easily. 

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McAfee WebAdvisor, as the name suggests, is a program that is designed to serve as a protective shield to safeguard your online identity. While you are surfing the web, you do not want your social identity to go into the wrong hands and you also do not wish that your data gets leaked. So, you would want to install a program on your device that helps you achieve that privacy that you have been looking for. Thus, keeping that in mind, McAfee experts suggest you install one of its antivirus solutions, McAfee WebAdvisor.

If you do not have the slightest of details of this product, then the following sections will guide you on how to use this product for maximum efficiency. 

Notable features of McAfee WebAdvisor

In this section, we will have a look at what this product has to offer us and why should we use it for the safety of our online data. 

·         Prevents you to click on a suspicious link and going to harmful websites

·         Provides protection while you make searches from your browser

·         Whenever you download a file from the internet, you get the much-needed security

·         If you are using a Firewall on your device, you can also review its status using the WebAdvisor 

·         The product is quite easy to use and good for beginners

Enabling McAfee WebAdvisor on Google Chrome

1.       Open and run Google Chrome on your device

2.       When the main interface opens, navigate to the upper-right corner of the page

3.       Now, click on the “Customize and Control Google Chrome”

4.       This option would become available only when you click on the "Menu" icon

5.       Now, click on the "Settings" menu and then choose "Extension"

6.       Next up, you need to move the McAfee WebAdvisor 

7.       And then, click on the toggle button available next to it


By following this procedure, you will be able to add McAfee WebAdvisor to your browser as an extension. This would enable the functions that are there in the program and will ensure to offer you a safe web browsing experience whenever you are online. 

Also, If you want to know about how to purchase a Microsoft 365 subscription, then visit

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McAfee, since its inception, has focused on two specific goals- fighting against cybercrime and adding to the welfare of society. It has been doing it successfully till today by providing highly advanced security software (mostly antivirus software), and by several CSR (corporate social responsibility) initiatives across the world. Here, in this read, we’ll be discussing a very significant web link-

McAfee is the most reliable brand that ups the surveillance on the data you’ve published online or has a digital version. And the web link will help you with the process of activating your subscription using a retail card. Once you’ve completed the procedures, you can spend more time online with strong protection protocols put in place by McAfee solutions along with minimizing your digital footprints.

Steps to activate your subscription

Given below are the steps that you’d have to undergo for the McAfee subscription activation:

1.       Use a web browser for getting into

2.       Feed-in your registered email and associated product key.

3.       Put a hit on the “Next” link after ensuring the data validity.

4.       Keep up with the displayed prompts to finish the activation.

Note: You can get your McAfee solutions in-store and from its official site online, and the product key will be unique to each unit, which holds a lot of significance at the time of activation.

Steps to activate your retail card subscription

Listed below are the steps to activate your subscription using your retail card:

1.       Pay a visit to McAfee’s official page.

2.       Get inside the “Account” option key.

3.       Choose the “Redeem your Retail Cark” key.

4.       Look for the product key on your retail card.

5.       Copy-paste it to the associated space on the page.

6.       “Submit” it and provide the email registered.

7.       Go “Next” and select the appropriate options.

8.       Now, put in the activation code with the same email.

9.       “Submit” the data and ensure the email validity.

10.   Navigate the received email for verification.

Note: You can install the software on your devices post-activation for a better McAfee protection experience. You can also choose to go to and follow the instructions (step 8 onwards).


McAfee provides the best-in-class products to work as the protection wall against cybercrime and its services are stretched globally. This read is specific to helping you with activating your McAfee subscription on Thus, give above are the elaborated steps for the same with and without the process for retail card redemption.

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McAfee offers security solution software to its users. This security solution software program that is also known as the McAfee Total Protection program protects your mobile or computer from several malware and viruses. After installing the McAfee Total Protection program on your device, you can surf the web without worrying about your online security and privacy. To install the McAfee Total Protection software on your device you need to provide the product key by visiting the webpage.

After providing the product key on the activation page, you will be allowed to download the desired product that you have purchased on To access the McAfee activation page you may need to log in to your McAfee account. Let’s move forward to discuss the steps to install the McAfee Total Protection software with the product key.  

Way to install the McAfee Software with Product Key

Make sure that your device is connected to an active internet connection and you have the details like product key and login information of McAfee account as these are primary requirements to complete the installation process of the McAfee Total Protection program.

1.      Using your device, visit the page

2.      Now, on the activation page, log in to your McAfee account

3.      After logging in to your account, you will be asked to provide the 25-digit product key

4.      Enter the product key carefully in the corresponding field and tap on the ‘Submit’ button

5.      Now, find the ‘McAfee Total Protection Program Download’ link and tap on it

6.      Then, wait for a while and let the browser finish the downloading process

7.      After completing the downloading process, locate the downloaded file on your computer or mobile

8.      For computer users, right-click on the file and select the ‘Run’ option

9.      Follow the instructions to install the McAfee Total Protection software on your device

10.  Finally, you have completed the installation steps for the McAfee Total Protection program


To sum up, install the McAfee Total Protection on your mobile or computer and start surfing the web without fear of online fraudulent activities. The easy and steps to install the McAfee security solution software are illustrated above in this post by us. Make sure to enter all the details correctly that are asked on the webpage to complete the installation process of McAfee security solution software quickly. 

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Have you recently purchased a Microsoft Office product and wondering how to register or link it with your Microsoft account? Well, in that case, you should not get worried about doing this because this instructional guideline is going to help you. To register your product with your Microsoft account, it is important to go to and create a new Microsoft account.

However, if you already have a Microsoft account, you do not need to create a new account in order to register the Microsoft product that you have purchased.

In fact, if you do not have an account and you do not want to create a new account beforehand, then also you can begin with the registration process. In that case, you shall be asked to sign up for a new Microsoft account during the registration procedure.

Here's how to register your product

After successfully installing the Microsoft product on your device, you can proceed with the product registration procedure by following the steps that are mentioned in the section below:

1.       First, open one of the preferred Microsoft applications on your PC

2.       Now, you need to click on the "Help" option

3.       Followed by this, select "Activate Product"

4.       Then, click on the "Activate by using the Internet" option

5.       From the available drop-down choose your country and click "OK"

6.       Wait for the communication process to complete

7.       As soon as the process completes, you will see a confirmation on your screen

8.       Click on the "Ok" option on this message prompt

9.       Now, your screen will display a form which you need complete

10.   In the end, you just have to submit the application form

During the process, you will be asked to share your account login credentials. You do not need to re-apply these steps for each Microsoft Office product you have on your device. This is because this process needs to be done once only for one of the Office apps you have and the rest of the apps will get activated automatically.

To Conclude:

Whether you have a single Office product such as Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, or a complete Office suite, you need to activate or register it at Therefore, it is essential that you read through this post carefully, bookmark it, and learn the complete Microsoft Office registration process. 

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If you pre-own Microsoft Office software on your device and you are installing a new Office product on it, then you are sure to come across certain hurdles in your way. This usually happens when there are two similar programs available on the same device or when you try to install a conflicting program on it. And hence, Microsoft Office is not an exception here. Many Office users have reportedly faced Microsoft Office error 0X4004F00C while trying to activate Office setup via In most cases, users are unaware of the reason behind this error. Thus, to know more about this specific error code and how to get rid of it, you may continue to read this article further.

Let’s go through this article and gather all the necessary information to get past any such activation error.

What is Microsoft Office error code 0X4004F00C?

Whenever this error code appears on a user’s screen while he is activating Office, then this is usually a result of the previously available MS Office tokens. dat file of any pre-installed Office program. These files store your product key letting the program know that your device already has an existing version of Office.

But, the good news is that you can easily fix this error by following some simple solutions that we have listed in the following sections.

Ways to fix the error

  1. Disable/turn off the Windows Firewall

If you have an active firewall on your device, then it may restrict the downloading process of certain programs. Thus, you may try to disable this firewall using the process given below:

  • Open the Control Panel on your device
  • Now, locate “Windows Defender Firewall”
  • Navigate to the left pane
  • And tap on “Turn Windows Defender Firewall off”
  1. Repair and Reinstall

Repairing the Office files would help you to fix this error. Perform the following steps to do so:

  • From the Control Panel, go to the “Programs and Features” section
  • Locate Office installation and right-click on it
  • Then, tap on the “Change” option
  • Select “Online Repair” and wait for it to end
  • Restart your device and reinstall Office via
  1. Disable proxy servers

If these two methods failed to help you, then you should disable the proxy server settings on your device by navigating to the “Network Internet” Settings menu.


We are sure that after following the above instructions you will be able to get rid of the Microsoft Office error code 0X4004F00C. In some cases, renaming the tokens. dat file would help. However, oftentimes, you need to put in extra effort to resolve this issue.

Eliana Jones Jun 25 '21 · Tags: guide, microsoft, office, tips
Eliana Jones

A question that pops up now and then in the recent digital era- What is ransomware?

Well, it is a malware or a type of cyber threat that has grown rapidly in the last few months. The hackers encrypt and hold important data and information to pressurize the victim to pay the ransom.

The victim can be a person, a family, a group of people or an entire organization. The data is held captive with no permission of access to the owners. The victims are demanded a certain amount of money in return for access.

According to McAfee, it is not enough to just buy an antivirus solution and installing it via

This is because when an organization is attacked with ransomware, every individual related to it gets entitled to worry. As in this technology-dominated world, data is stored and can be shared very easily.So let’s see what McAfee professionals have to say about it.

How to know about The Risk of Exposure?

As a consumer/client of an organization, you trust them with your personal data. You trust them with maintaining confidentiality. But, when such a thing as ransomware comes into the picture, it might be difficult for you.

They issue public reports, publish social media posts and make public statements to let you know about the kind of data that might be at risk, which is the best way to know that your data is now, officially, at risk of being exposed.

But with that transparency, you might find it less difficult to believe in them.


Apart from getting the best McAfee antivirus and installing it through, here are a few tips that might help you secure your data:

·         Maintain a backup of all your data

·         Maintain online safety with browsing

·         Ensure using secured networks only

·         Keep changing your credentials

·         Incorporate password manager software

·         Never settle on paying the ransom

·         Enable multi-layer authentication programs

·         Ensure a comprehensive security solution

Note: When talking about comprehensive security, is the best way to go and choose from a wide variety of virus detection methods.

CONCLUSION offers you the best solutions and helps you install your antivirus program software into your systems.

However, McAfee knows that ransomware attacks do not just affect one person or an organization. It affects and everyone related to it, and that is why they have recommended eight very significant and easy tips to safeguard yourself from these attacks.

And never paying the ransom is one of the primary goals as there is no guarantee of total security even after it is paid.

Eliana Jones

We’ve all heard stories about accidents and sufferings because the individuals in the driver’s seat were on phone. Not talking over the phone, but texting. 

And because their important conversation over the chat couldn’t wait, the victim's family members keep praying and waiting for their fast recovery.

One of McAfee’s Family Safety Evangelists took the opportunity to suggest a few settings and applications that can help in avoiding these uncertainties. After all, she pointed out, safety is more than just installing your antivirus software through

Let’s get you familiarized with what she had to suggest to everyone to avoid the lifelong guilt and burden of hurting another.


McAfee thrives on the foundation of togetherness and delivers exclusive products and services with the sole hope of a united world that can fight against everything wrong.

They started with fighting cyber attacks and authorizing users to activate their antivirus subscriptions via Today, the organization with its stakeholders, offer suggestions to several online and offline real-life issues to make the world a better place to live in.

Here’s what you can do to avoid the text-and-drive accidents from ever happening:

  • Put the phone away

The easiest way to choose from getting distracted is putting your phone away so you cannot operate it.

  • The operating system shortcuts

Manage your iOS and/or Android smartphone settings to let your phone auto-reply to texts while you’re driving.

  • DriveMode

Install the software that launches automatically whenever it senses that your vehicle is at a speed of more than 25 miles per hour (mph) and responds to all texts/emails.

  • DriveOff

Get this application on your Android phones to shut off applications and block any incoming texts or emails while you are driving at more than 10 mph.


If it cannot wait, get this app that would read out your text messages in real-time and will respond without you touching the phone.

Note: These ways are easy and extremely free. So, you get customized experiences from your smartphones and avoid accidents at all times.


On one hand, getting your McAfee antivirus set up on will provide safety to your online or digital life, and on the other hand, the suggestions above will provide safety in real life.

Yes, there are ways to take precautions and avoid accidents, whether it is about avoiding cyber threats, or life threats.

So, adjust your settings, get that software, and install that application. One tiny initiative can save lives and save you from a lifetime scar of hurting a fellow human.

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