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Richard Simon

Tokyo is the biggest tourist attraction in Japan. It is filled with natural wonders and historical and cultural sites and is also a place with many modern infrastructures. Tokyo Private Tours offers you a chance to guide and suggest you in a way so that you can visit all your required tourist's places. Tokyo is a city that has hundreds of places to visit.

However, it can only be done if you stay here for a few days and maybe even a month. Making a Tokyo Tour is a bit expensive, as the city itself is very large that makes it a bit expensive to live in and travel.

It is really a difficult task to cover all the tourist spots in the city. You can find a number of exhilarating, famous and must visit tourist locations you to look upon.

  1. The Imperial Palace

Located in the Marunouchi district of Tokyo, the Imperial Palace is a wonderful piece of Japanese architecture surrounded by parks, walls, and moats, and it dates back to the 17th Century.

The Imperial Palace is the home Japan's royal family, who are still staying there. The entire area is also surrounded by water and bridges, which really offers a beautiful view and hence is a major part of Tokyo Private Tours.

2.      Shibuya

The Shibuya is a place made for shoppers, gamers, and culture and tradition enthusiasts. It is actually the IT hub of Japan. Shibuya has got international attention because of its largest intersection in the world. The Shibuya crossing has become the representative of Japan, and that's why it became the most popular spot amongst tourists.

The Japanese sword museum, a statue of Hachiko, the dog, lots of latest shops and complexes, bars, and clubs are also available in the region. It is a great place to spend your nighttime outdoors. Your Tokyo Tour is incomplete without visiting Shibuya.

3.      Tokyo Skytree

Tokyo Skytree is one of the latest engineering achievements of Japan, and stands at a mesmerizing height of 634 meters. Located in the Kanto region, it is the tallest tower in Japan and was primarily made for television and broadcasting purposes.

You can see two decks on the tower that offer phenomenal views for miles and miles in every direction. It is actually a site meant for thrill-seekers of Tokyo Private Tours. A large shopping center, a complex, and an aquarium is also located at the bottom of the tower

4.      Tokyo DisneySea

It is actually a theme park filled with mythical and fictional wonders. Tokyo DisneySea has a lot to offer about the ocean and sea themes like the mermaid and Disney's Mediterranean Harbour. Spread across 176-acre land, it is an impressive site for children and adults.

The final thoughts to ponder!

These are four must-visit places in Tokyo. Although there are plenty of cultural and traditional sites filled with wonders, these are the top four sites that a tourist should never miss while visiting Tokyo.

Travelling and Tourism are very easy in Tokyo, thanks to its communication and subway. However, if you still need any help or suggestions on Tokyo Tourism, we will be glad to hear from you.

Richard is a wonderful author and content creator. He wrote many articles till date which are widely popular among the people. He has also shown his interest in “Tokyo Private Tours products. His contents are very much adored by the audience.

Sherra Finale

Sometimes, various reasons like weather conditions, change in your schedule or many other reasons can interrupt your travel plans. WestJet Airlines provides you the backup so that without any confusion you can easily change your flight on WestJet. If you think ”How Much Does It Cost To Change A Flight on WestJet” then this article will help you know the same.

Firstly, yes you can change your flight with WestJet Airlines and can make further bookings as well. There are various things which are coming to your mind about changing your flights with WestJet, Not to worry, following are some of the frequently asked questions you can go through and get to know more about WestJet Flight change.

Can you change your flights with the travel agents?

If you want to change your flight you can't do it online, you can easily get in touch with your travel agents who will help you to change your flight without any trouble. And yes the price differences will still be applied on your flight ticket according to the kind of a flight you book.

Sherra Finale

Suppose you are in doubt and now want to contact the service person at the airlines or know how you will contact the customer care service of the airline. Here are some ways by which you will be able to ask questions from the customer service person of the airline.

Some of the alternative ways to contact the service person of the airline are as follow-

By making a phone call-

If passengers are available for phone calls, they can call the customer service person of the airline through the phone calls. There are many questions passengers may have and want to ask from their service person. They will tell you solutions to every question you will ask. It is the direct medium of contacting the service team, and they are available 24*7.

By sending Emails-

Suppose the passengers are not comfortable talking to a customer service person through live chat or phone calls. In that case, they can send them emails on their official email Id. The customer service assistant will reply to your email soon with relevant solutions to the questions you have related to the airline. You can go through the homepage of their website for the official email ID. 

Social Media-

You can also contact the customer service person and ask their social media handler questions. There is a feature of direct messaging to the service person of the airline. It may take some fay to reply to them but will reach their customers and solve the issues created during booking flight tickets. 

Does American Airlines have a live chat?

Suppose passengers want to contact the airline's Customer service team and cannot reach them through phone calls. In that case, American Airlines has the facility of live chat for their passengers to get in touch with the live person at the airline. If passengers want to get in touch with the live chat option, they need to follow the steps given down-

Go to the internet browser and log in to the airlines' official website.

Now there will be a Contact Us option. Click on the option. After that, a box will appear on the screen. Type the issues you have with the airlines while traveling or with the flight tickets. 

The customer service person will respond to you with the relevant answers to solve the issue created.

In this way, the airlines provide the service of live chats to their customers to contact their customer service person.

Does American Airlines have free messaging?

There is a medium of different applications and software through which you can contact the airline's customer service team. There is no such facility provided by the airline. Still, they can connect them through their official website or social media and by reaching through sending emails. These are the mediums that will help the passengers to message them for free. 

Does American Airlines have a virtual assistant?

Yes, American Airlines has a virtual assistant to reach their passengers. Many passengers have these queries about how they will reach the visual assistant of the airline. Passengers can talk to the assistant through the live chat method mentioned above and clear their issues. The virtual assistant is available 24*7 for a live chat.

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Lina Julie
You Can Book cheap flights to your destination.

Lina Julie Dec 16 '21 · Tags: fashion, holiday, travel
emam hossain

Regardless of whether they’re given a specific deeded week or an annual allotment amount of points, timeshare owners have to pay maintenance fees. But in a points-based system, these fees are not based on the needs of your home resort. They are calculated based on how many points you own. So instead of paying upkeep fees for a simple one-bedroom unit on the Las Vegas Strip, HGVC could be charging you a surplus of fees just because of the amount of points you’re allotted. 


The problem that this causes is inflation of worth. Even in HGVC‘s current system, not all one-bedroom units are created equal. If a unit is located in a more popular destination and at a better time of year, it will have a higher point value and thus higher maintenance fees. This is understandable when comparing a luxury two-bedroom unit in New York City with a similarly sized but more modest unit in South Carolina. 


But when maintenance fees are based on point quantity, there is no specific destination that’s linked to the fees you’re paying. So even if you own a large amount of points, there’s no guarantee that the fees you pay for the year are going to go toward the resort you decide to stay at. You could be paying a lot of money to keep up the appearances of a resort you never end up visiting. 


If HGVC doesn’t experience backlash about the new maintenance fees system, there will likely be backlash when HGVC attempts to transition deeded club members into a purely points-based ownership. Hilton Grand Vacations Club probably won’t make this transition all at once but rather over a period of time. 


Like other timeshare companies who have transitioned into exchange programs, they’ll probably start by ceasing to offer deeded How to sell a timeshare  weeks. Then, their booking system will start to favor customers with purely points-based memberships by increasing point values at deeded members’ home resorts. This may force deeded members to invest in more ClubPoints just to continue staying at their preferred destination. 


Whatever method HGVC takes for transitioning their customers into a purely points-based system, it’s likely to upset loyal timeshare owners who don’t want their membership benefits and the availability at their favorite vacation spots to change. 


Escaping the New Points System

Freedom concept - woman with outstretched arms outdoors

It’s not news that timeshare developers make unethical decisions for the sake of earning higher profits and increasing customer reach. After all, the timeshare industry is based on maximizing the amount of money a resort can earn by getting customers to stay for longer periods of time. 


It’s also not news that timeshare memberships change over time, with maintenance fees increasing and benefits changing for better or worse. But when your timeshare membership becomes something completely different than what you originally purchased, there’s cause for concern. 


If you are an HGVC timeshare owner with a deeded membership, unwanted change may be on the horizon. HGVC may start approaching you with requests to give up your deeded weeks in exchange for what they consider to be a more flexible points-based system. 


Even if you’ve enjoyed using the points that their current system gives you each year, know that a move to an all-points system may not be as enjoyable. You may eventually be forced to give up your deeded week and pay higher maintenance fees for properties you might not even get to stay at. But because Hilton Grand Vacations is a colossal timeshare developer with strict contracts, you might not have a choice in the matter. 


If this doesn’t sound like an ideal situation to you, Centerstone Group is here to help. We are a full-service advocacy group devoted to helping timeshare owners explore their options for exiting their timeshare contracts. If you feel that HGVC is using fraudulent or misleading practices to pressure you into giving up your weeks and using a purely points-based system, contact Centerstone Group for a free consultation.

emam hossain Nov 14 '21 · Tags: timeshare, travel
Halo Travel - Cộng đồng du lịch ẩm thực Việt Nam. Cộng đồng chia sẻ thông tin, cẩm nang du lịch, ẩm thực cho những người yêu du lịch, ẩm thực nơi kết nối giữa các công ty du lịch, lưu trú, ẩm thực với cộng đồng, giúp doanh nghiệp đến gần hơn với cộng đồng du lịch. Liên hệ với chúng tôi: Website: https://halotravel.vnFanpage:Địa chỉ: Tòa nhà văn phòng HCMCC, 249A đường Thụy Khuê, Thuỵ Khuê, Tây Hồ, Hà Nội, Việt Nam Điện thoại: +84888883346

halotravel Oct 26 '21 · Tags: food, travel, halotravel
emam hossain


Do you know your rights as a timeshare buyer? Do you know what you agreed to when you signed your timeshare contract? If the answer to both of these questions is no, and you’re finding yourself considering timeshare cancellation, it’s time to start looking over your contract and determining if this is an option. 

When you purchase a timeshare, it’s extremely important to read through your entire contract to assure you know your rights as a timeshare buyer. Specifically, you must make sure to thoroughly review the section discussing your time window for canceling your timeshare purchase. Though timeshare companies are required to list all information regarding Timeshare cancelation within their contracts, many contracts are so long and wordy that it’s almost impossible to find the actual information.


Have you found yourself in a situation where you are unsatisfied with your timeshare? You’ve had enough of your deceptive timeshare company’s scams but are worried that it may be too late to cancel your contract. If so, it’s time to evaluate your situation, learn your rights as a timeshare owner, educate yourself on your timeshare rescission period, and if necessary, seek legal help for getting out of a fraudulent timeshare contract.


When to Consider Timeshare Cancellation


timeshare cancellation: stressed woman reading a contract


Considering why you want to cancel your timeshare can help you determine whether buying it was your mistake or was a result of misleading and disingenuous business practices on behalf of your timeshare company. If any of the following factors led to an unwanted timeshare purchase, you may want to start planning your timeshare cancellation plan.


High-Pressure Sales


Timeshare salespeople are trained to incite a sense of urgency to purchase. They’ll insist that they’re offering you incredible deals on gorgeous timeshares that won’t be around for long. In reality, they just want to get you on the road to timeshare ownership by the time they finish their presentation. If you walk away saying “I’m going to think on it,” that can mean no sales for them. 


Companies employing a high-pressure timeshare sales tactic often spin or omit information in order to get you to sign a contract. Because of this, many timeshare buyers are not fully aware of what they’re signing up for. And before they know it, these buyers are agreeing to make a huge financial investment on a property they may not have even wanted. 


Contemplate how you would go about buying a real estate property. Before settling on a place, you would do your research, hire a real estate professional to represent you, look at hundreds of different options and areas, compare prices, and check out the property yourself. Investing in a timeshare property should be no different. 


However, many unwanted timeshare purchases are due to a lack of information and a pressure to act now. In reality, there is no reason to purchase a timeshare at the end of a presentation, a week later, or even a year later. There’s always going to be deals on timeshares and just because you missed one doesn’t mean hundreds of others won’t pop up in a matter of days.


Timeshare developers want you to make a decision right away with no hesitation whatsoever. Doing so, however, often leads to buyers’ remorse over making such a big, expensive decision. If you made a timeshare purchase as a result of high-pressure sales that neglected to give you an adequate explanation of your timeshare, and you’re finding that they left out significant information about the timeshare itself, canceling may be your best bet.


Unwarranted Fees


Timeshares are expensive, long-term investments that many people are not prepared to uphold. But when a timeshare salesperson insists on what a great deal you’re getting, it can be easy to justify the purchase. This shouldn’t be the case. 


Timeshare purchases should not be made impulsively. When you are pondering whether to purchase one, you should be given adequate time to evaluate your finances and see if buying a timeshare is responsible or will become a financial burden that you won’t be able to handle in the future. 


Matters can be made worse when a timeshare company neglects to discuss financing at length. They should be willing to show you a range of prices and options and discuss all the expenses and annual maintenance fees you’ll have to pay. The bottom line is, you should see your timeshare contract before agreeing to it. And your timeshare company should be more than willing to provide it for you. If your company has made no effort to show you your contract or even attempted to shield it from you, you’re definitely in a situation that warrants cancellation. 


emam hossain Oct 23 '21 · Tags: travel, timeshare

Spirit Airlines is a low-cost carrier of America, and it flies its aircraft domestically and internationally to over 83 destinations. They have been serving their passengers for almost ten decades now, and they have made sure that they keep themselves up-to-date and offer the best services to each of their travelers. This is why their services are available not only in their office but also online on their official website. Along with that, they have mentioned all of their policies, such as Spirit Airlines Cancellation Policy, on their website so there is complete transparency between the airline and the passengers. We have mentioned their cancellation policy in this article in detail and as easily as possible for you to not miss any point. Go through the entire article before making a cancellation with Spirit Airlines to avoid any additional charges.

Spirit Airlines Cancellation Policy

Before canceling a flight booked with Spirit Airlines, it is important that you must go through Spirit Airlines Cancellation Policy in detail to avoid a fee and to get a refund on your cancellation. We have discussed the policy in detail for you. 

  1. 24-hour cancelation policy: Under the 24-hour cancellationSpirit airlines Cancellation Policy, if you have canceled a reservation within 24 hours of the booking, then you can claim a full refund on your flight. Remember that the booking must have been made at least seven days before the departure date. Any reservation made at the last minute will cost you an additional cancellation fee and no refund on cancellation. 
  2. If you are cancelling a non-refundable ticket online, then you will have to pay a cancellation fee of $90 on each ticket. 
  3. In case you make the cancellation with the help of the live representative of the airline, that is, if you are canceling over a call, then you will be charged with a cancellation fee of $100. 
  4. You can make a cancellation on change in your flight booking till one hour before the flight departs. No cancellation or change in flight will be entertained by the airline by that time, and all your money will be forfeited. 

How to Cancel a Spirit Airlines Booking

If you are wondering how you can cancel a  booking online, all you need to do is follow the steps mentioned below, and you will be good to go.

  1. Visit the official website of the airlines.
  2. Go to the “My Trips” option available on the menu bar of the airline website. 
  3. Enter the details you are asked for, such as your last name and the confirmation code of your booking. You must have received the code via mail from the airline at the time of the booking. 
  4. Go to cancel my trip option available, write in front of you and click on that. 
  5. Once you confirm the cancellation, you can apply for the refund by filling out their refund request form, also available on their website. 

We also recommend you to check out Qatar Airways Cancellation Policy on their website to know more.

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Mille Boss

London is a charismatic city with a unique ethnicity. Every year tens of thousands of people pay a visit to London to witness the beauty of this city. But before taking flights from USA to London there are things you need to do. The most important of them is the packaging.

If you are unsure about what to pack on your trip to London, then you have landed at the right place. This article is the one-stop solution for all your packaging needs. This is a guidebook contains the top 12 travel packaging tips to visit in London that will help you enjoy your trip at the best.

Let’s know the top 11 travel packaging tips to visit in London

Foldable Umbrella

Sudden showers are completely normal in London. Thus, carrying a foldable umbrella might help you a lot. We recommend foldable umbrellas because they are small and easy to carry. You can keep them in your handbag or the pocket of your coat. And use them whenever you meet sudden showers.

Waterproof footwear

As discussed earlier, sudden rain showers are completely normal in London. And walking or traveling in wet shoes is a different nightmare, which we are sure you don’t want to experience. If you are visiting London during winters, then go for calf-height boots otherwise ankle-height shoes will do a good job during the rest of the seasons.


If you are thinking about picking 3 random tees and putting them in your bag, then you might reconsider your choice. In the UK, especially in London, people prefer to be well dressed and you cannot become a crowd by wearing a tee. So, take out your best dresses from your almirah and pack them to take them along with you. 

If you are traveling to London in winter, then carrying a warm hoodie, a few warm scarves, a few pairs of socks, and some thin warm sweaters would be an idle choice.

For your stay in London during the summers, you must take sunglasses, dresses, and ankle-height shoes. Always make sure that you have enough clothing to wear in layers. Thus, you can adjust your clothing according to the weather.

Daily Essentials

Things like toiletries or make-up products you use in your daily life constitute the daily essential part. Make a separate list of things that you use in your daily life, like toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo, and conditioner, and then tally the list with the products.

If possible, try to carry travel-friendly products to avoid spilling products in your bag. Also, before keeping these products in your bag, keep them in a separate zipped kit. This will save your garments and other valuables in case of spilling of products.

For make-up products, keep the essentials only. Putting 20 shades of lipstick when you only wear 5 of them is just going to increase the weight of your bag. So, instead of putting everything in your bag put the products that you use and will need on your trip.


Always carry a first aid box with you when you travel to another country. Keep medicines of headache, hangover, body ache, or sore feet into it. You can keep charcoal tablets to avoid digestive problems. If you are taking regular medication, then keeping it would be a necessity. Besides this, keep a few waterproof bandages.

You can also keep essential vitamins along with you. If you face a sleeping disorder, then bringing essential oils can help you a lot.


If you are traveling to London during summer, then carrying sunscreen with a good SPF is very important. Check the SPF of your sunscreen and make sure it is at least SPF25 + before putting it into your bag.

Dry Shampoo

There are few benefits of taking dry shampoo along with you. It saves your luggage from spilling accidents. And it is convenient to use. You can also take a leave-in conditioner instead of the regular conditioner along with you. This will help you save a lot of o time that you would have spent in the bathroom otherwise.

Neck Pouch or Money Belt

London is a safe country to travel but precaution is always better than cure. Thus, carrying a neck pouch or money belt will help you keep your belongings safe during your visit to London. Just put it on whenever you leave the hotel and put your cash and cards in it. And you don’t have to worry about theft anymore.

Passport Cover

A passport is the most essential document to travel overseas. And you cannot bear to damage it during your travels. The best way to keep your passport safe is to use a passport case or passport cover. Make sure that the cover that you are using comprises durable and waterproof fabric. It will keep your passport safe while taking flights from London to USA and anywhere else.

Separate kit for important documents

Documents are the most essential part and if you miss any you won’t be allowed to enter a foreign country. Thus, keeping them sturdy and safe is a big requirement. Also, it is always easier to forget one of the many documents need to board or de-board the flight. Prepare a list of essential documents that you be needed on your trip.

Now, use a zipper kit to put these documents separately. So, your documents will remain safe during your trip. And you won’t need to search your complete bag whenever you will be needing any of the documents. Just take out the kit and provide whatever documentation is needed by the authorities.

Also, you must keep a separate copy of documents along with you in your bag. It will help you in case you end up losing your kits. Keeping an e-copy of all the essential documents can also be beneficial.

A reusable water bottle

London has good quality tap water so instead of buying bottled water every time just use a reusable water bottle. There are many reusable water bottles available on market. And you can choose one of your preferences. Although brass water bottles and bamboo water bottles are quite popular these days. And they are good for the environment too.


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