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Unarguably, social media is the best way to build communities and to stay connected with the world. And when it comes to Twitter, then it is the most commonly used social networking platform that provides you with several useful options to personalize your socializing experience. But, sometimes, you might want to post something on any of the media without receiving any replies. And some of the people these days can be a bit less of socializers than they might be in person. And for those users, Twitter has rolled out a new feature. According to this new feature, Twitter users can now restrict the replies to their tweets. Isn’t it an amazing feature? It is the perfect feature for all of its users. With this new setting, now you can control who can reply to your tweets and who cannot.

Are you also a user of this fantastic social networking service? Want to know more about this excellent functionality? If yes, then, no need to go anywhere. Here, you will get to know everything about this new functionality. And along with that, in our following article, we are going to provide you with the methods to enable this setting as well. So, to get to the techniques, please read the entire article.

The Methods to Enable the New Conversation Settings in Twitter

As per the information, the company has been testing this feature by making it available to selected users for a few past months. And now, it is officially open to all the users. Anyone can easily enable this setting on their account. If you want to use this new feature, then here is a way to do that. You need to go through a procedure that includes some simple steps to follow. So, let’s see what the steps are. Let’s have a look:

The Steps to Enable the Setting on iPhone, iPad, and Android

Follow the steps given below to enable the new conversation settings on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices:

  • To start with the procedure, launch the Twitter app on your device and log into your account by entering your password and email ID.
  • And now, go to the compose Tweet button that you will find in the lower-right corner of your screen.
  • You can write your tweet if you want. And then tap on the “People You Follow” option placed below the message box. From there, you can choose any of the three options, including “Everyone can follow,” “People you follow,” and “Only people you mention.” After selecting any of the options, write your tweet, and hit the send button. And now, the people that you have chosen can see your posts.

The Steps to Limit the Replies to Your Tweets on the Web

If you are using Twitter’s web version to enable the setting, then here’s what you need to do:

  • Open any web browser that you use and head to the official website of Twitter”.
  • After reaching the website, sign in to your account with your login credentials and click on the “Compose” button located at the top of your screen.
  • Now, type your tweet that you would like to post and click on the “Everyone can reply” link. And from there, choose any of the options as per your preferences and hit the “Tweet” button to share your post with the selected people. 

So, these were the easy and convenient methods to enable the settings on iOS, Android, and Windows devices. Try these steps now and let us know what you think about this new feature. And for more details and updates like this, stay connected with us.

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Ava Williams is a trained expert who works with the development team with feedback from customers to make it to expectations. He lives in New York and In addition to his work, he also writes for his personal blog.

marierobert Aug 19 '20 · Tags: twitter
Devin Smith

Some recent reports have revealed that Twitter is striving hard to develop a feature allowing users to quote a Tweet with only a reaction. Here is everything you need to know.

The users of Twitter will soon become able to do something more than only to like the tweet or retweet it with comments. Twitter is working on to develop a new feature referred to as the new quote tweet that will be introduced with several reactions. Twitter is adding several modifications to its platform to enhance the user experience. The latest feature can be seen as a significant addition to the microblogging platform.

The social media giant Facebook began expanding its Like feature back in the year 2016. The social media giant provided its users to choose and react to the messages from a wide range of reactions. With the introduction of such a feature by Facebook, the social media sites become much more standard than ever before. For a long time, the standard social media practices involve Like, share and comment on the posts. But as long as people started using social media in more numbers, the users began feeling the need for some more features than only to like or comment on posts. For example, many users find that it is not appropriate to Like a post related to some of the negative incidents. Many users expressed their views that there should be features that can be used to show support to the posts associated with negative or sad incidents without adding a comment. So, almost every social media platform started adding expressing reactions such as sad, love, tearful face, etc. Different social media platforms added these reactions in the form of emojis that we often used in our comments.

Recently, Jane Manchun Wong has posted a Tweet and revealed that Twitter is doing everything to innovate the reactions. Ruther, He has discovered that the microblogging platform is experimenting with a wide range of responses. Twitter wished to introduce this new reaction feature to the users so they can respond to the Tweets using only a reaction. Also, the information tweeted by Jane Manchun Wong has been confirmed by the director product manager of Twitter. The director product manager of TwitterSuzanne Xie, has said Twitter is testing a new feature to be further used by the people while quoting their tweets with attached emojis.

Will Twitter introduce the new feature?

While it is true that the coders at the company are exploring multiple options to look into the new feature, it does not mean Twitter will implement it. Reverse engineering visible in this reaction feature is something that often developers and coders use to look through the software to find new features. Also, Reverse engineering is good when it comes to showing the users regarding whatever original is the company currently working on or trying to figure out. However, it is always the final version of the feature of the product. There are several possibilities as the company may decide to add the reactions. It is also possible that the company will use new emojis to add the feature. There is also the possibility that the company may scrap it entirely to take a new and different approach.

Apart from these, it is also true that the microblogging and social networking platform has never taken an interest in talking about its innovations or design modifications. For example, in the initial days when Twitter was launched the users were retweeting each other by copying and pasting the exact text of the post. Later, the company introduced an integrated feature for retweeting and till the feature arrived on the platform no one exactly knew about it. However, it is very interesting to see how the company is exploring many new ways to make its platform much more interactive along with improving the user experience. So, even if the company is working on the new feature, it can’t be said when it will arrive.

Devin Smith is a creative person who has been writing blogs and articles about cybersecurity and utility software programs. He writes about the latest updates regarding and how it can improve the work experience of users. His articles have been published in many popular e-magazines, blogs, and websites.


Devin Smith Jun 22 '20 · Tags: twitter, quote tweet
Twitter has always been one of the well known and most popular social networking platforms among its users. It’s slightly different from other social networking websites. It offers a lot of features to its users. It has managed to score a large number of users. It is estimated that Twitter has over 330 million monthly active users and 145 million daily active users. This social networking platform is mostly used by a lot of celebrities, along with some common users. Twitter has released its new feature of creating multiple timelines on its homepage for its users.

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marierobert Jun 1 '20 · Tags: twitter, twitter lists

Twitter is about to add a new feature to its service, and currently, they are still testing it. The feature will grant the users to choose their ideal audience who can repost or reply to their tweets. The following news has been issued by Twitter itself on 20th May 2020. The company stated that they are officially testing the feature using some of its employees’ Twitter account. In addition to this, they added that soon the feature would be included to all users on Twitter present globally.

The above feature will ensure and maintain a lot of etiquette on Twitter. As earlier, everyone has the right to reply to anyone’s tweet, which often led to a fight. However, after the following feature, the users now have the right to select the people whose replies they can accept. The feature grants the users to toggle the reply feature from everyone to either the people whom you have tagged or the people whom you have followed.

Twitter also took help from one of the leading news providers, Meet the Press alongside NBC News for testing of their new feature. Through their official Twitter handle, Meet the Press took the interview of NBC News’s Andrea Mitchell. In their tweet, Meet the Press has tagged NBC News alongside Andrew Mitchell and they have toggled the reply feature set to only tagged people. The interview kept going on over replies without any interference.

However, instead of this feature, the users have their own way of throwing their opinion to random people. Similarly, in the post-interview, they used the tweet messages feature to interrupt Meet the Press and Andrew Mitchell. However, both of them seem out to be unphased during the interview sessions.

Following the new interview trend, the CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, replied to the post-2019 February interview with Kara Swisher. He mentioned her Twitter account and added Kara to use the “reply to me” if they are ready for another interview. It was a clear intention of Jack to inform Kara along with the rest of its service users the feature is almost ready and soon it will be launched.

The limiting replies feature will definitely be going to stop the irrelevant fights through provocation that spread through unwanted replies. Alongside this, it will surely be going to make Twitter more personal than ever. Besides, Twitter in the past few months is trying really hard to overcome the bad influence and impact of the tweets of several negative figures over Twitter. Now we all need to wait to see what help will the limiting replies do in overcoming it.

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Daisy Martin  is an avid technical blogger, a magazine contributor, a publisher of guides at and a professional cyber security analyst. Through her writing, she aims to educate people about the dangers and threats lurking in the digital world.

karenminton May 25 '20 · Tags: twitter

Twitter is changing the retweet displays, a move that has been for over the past few years. This could improve how people interact on the platform.

Twitter is modifying the ways of displaying retweets along with comments. The changes going to be introduced by Twitter will address the long-anticipated issue. Twitter is the most popular platform for people to interact with celebrities and public figures directly. However, there are also some other social media platforms such as Instagram or TikTok, which people use to get in touch with their favorite celebrities. These platforms can be used to follow celebrities, but it isn’t easy to interact directly with stars. But, the uniqueness of Twitter is not without oddities, thus making it quite unintuitive. It is difficult to reply and engage with the conversation as each conversation is its tweet.

Fortunately, Twitter has paid to the issue and is taking steps to fix it, which is a big deal. According to a post on the official account of Twitter, the users of iOS can enjoy the feed of retweets along with comments. In simple terms, now onwards, you will be able to see and engage with the comments retweeted by the people. The users need to click on the button of the retweet appearing under the tweet to get access. The latest modification will remain enabled only for the users of iOS devices. However, the social media giant has announced it will soon roll out the plans for Android users. Also, the new updates will soon be rolled out for the browser versions.

Improving Retweets is going to be a big deal

Before the latest update of Twitter, the button of retweet count was almost useless for several years. Most of the people were not knowing whether the option was selectable or not. After clicking on the choice, a screen would appear displaying the name of every user who retweeted the specific tweet. There was an option to follow the tweets after clicking on the particular count button. Now, the newly introduced update will allow the users to see the comments along with the retweets. It is going to be an excellent experience for a large number of Twitter users. Moreover, the recent update has changed the way of interaction and engagement for better user experience. Now, onwards Twitter is going to become much more interactive and engaging for the users.

However, some users have still not got the update, and so they need to copy the URL of the original tweet and then paste it into the search bar of Twitter. It will help them to get a comprehensive list of comments retweeted by the users. However, it sounds cumbersome to some extent, and it is difficult as the people will need to go out of their way to go for an online solution. It is not surprising that such massively popular social media platforms often become the victim of their massive success. In such circumstances, these platforms leave the unsolved problems, which continue for years only because they do not affect their popularity and user bases. However, Twitter deserves appreciation for taking steps to sort out the issue and making its platform much more interactive.

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Daisy Martin  is an avid technical blogger, a magazine contributor, a publisher of guides at and a professional cyber security analyst. Through her writing, she aims to educate people about the dangers and threats lurking in the digital world.

karenminton May 20 '20 · Tags: twitter

Twitter has recently deleted the two tweets by Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro for spreading misinformation regarding the ongoing health emergency all across the world. Apart from eliminating the tweets of the Brazilian president, the social media giant has also removed the contents of the president of Venezuela and former mayor of New York City for violating the ban put by Twitter on the ongoing health emergency content. While removing the materials of the presidents of Brazil and Venezuela, it was said that the tweets of both are against the guidance provided by the authoritative sources of local and global public health information.

Meanwhile, a spokesperson of Twitter said in an email that the social media giant will continuously keep on reviewing the contents regarding emergency health outbreaks and will not hesitate to remove the tweets violating the rules of Twitter and spreading misinformation about emergency health outbreak. Further, the spokesperson said that the conversation of the current health emergency is going on all across the globe, and any misinformation will not only create panic among the people but also worsen the current situation. He further added that everywhere the government is promoting social distancing as it is the only solution to fight against the current health emergency. So, any content or tweet which has been posted on Twitter violating the measures of social distancing will be removed. The spokesperson of Twitter said that the social media giant is committed to remaining vigilant in such an emergency and focusing on protecting the conversation about public health. Twitter, by taking such steps, is helping the people to get the right information from only authoritative sources regarding the ongoing health emergency.

Amidst all, it has been revealed that the two Tweets of President Bolsonaro removed by Twitter included the videos in which he has endorsed the use of hydroxychloroquine as the potential treatment option for curing the ongoing health outbreak. Apart from that, president Bolsonaro was also seen as willing to end the current social distancing among the people. The Brazilian president said that he has come to know that the people of Brazil are eager to return to their work. Meanwhile, it is worthwhile to note that hydroxychloroquine still has not been proven as the potential treatment for curing the current health issue all across the globe. It is not the first time that the social media giants have removed such content spreading misinformation and violating the rules. Earlier, According to BBC News BrazilFacebook has also removed the video of President Bolsonaro, which was posted on Instagram and the leading social network of Facebook. While eliminating the videos of the Brazilian president, Facebook said that both Instagram and Facebook couldn’t allow anyone to violate the community rules of social networking sites. The social media giants said that such contents would not only spread misinformation among the people but also lead to harm to the people physically.

Furthermore, Twitter has removed the videos of the president of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, who was seen endorsing a brew which could eliminate the infectious genes of the ongoing health issue and save the people from the disease. Apart from these, Twitter has also removed the tweets of actress Alyssa Milano and John McAfee, who is a businessman and found spreading misinformation on the emergency health outbreak from their Twitter handle. The Twitter handle of the Federalist has been locked by the social media giant when it came to know that the federalist is endorsing to join a health outbreak party, which could expose a large number of people to such infection.

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Kellie Minton is an avid technical blogger, a magazine contributor, a publisher of guides at and a professional cyber security analyst. Through her writing, she aims to educate people about the dangers and threats lurking in the digital world.


“Twitter’s New Instagram Stories Like Feature Now Under Testing”

Twitter recently announced its new feature “Fleets” that will allow the user to upload pictures, videos, texts for one day. It’s like the story feature of Instagram that allows the same 24hrs visibility for the post. Twitter is one of the best sources to know about the latest incidents and what’s trending around the world. They are modifying the app to stay updated with the latest features.

Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat all have the stories feature, and now Twitter is looking for the same feature with a different name and some different features. Twitter is a big social media platform, and if they are releasing the Fleet feature, then it must be something more significant.

Currently, the Fleet feature is in testing, and a couple of users in Brazil are checking it. It is not released everywhere, but if it works well, Twitter will not spend more time to release it. Limited people are accessing Fleet feature; however, hopefully, soon it will be available for every Twitter user.

Unlike Snapchat, Instagram, Or Facebook, Twitter’s Fleet feature is quite different because, in Fleet, you have to slide upward to see more posts of the same user instead of tapping on the screen. After you make your Twitter account and follow some people who are active on Twitter, you can watch their stories from the top of the screen. If there are some Fleet posts, it will be indicated in the blue circle. After watch Fleet, it will turn grey, which means there are no more posts are available, and you have seen all posts of the particular person.

It’s a full-screen feature that accesses by just tapping on it. What makes it different from Instagram stories is that Fleet presented in vertical sliding and Instagram stories work in a horizontal way. In Twitter Fleet, you have to scroll for more posts, and Instagram Stories works by tapping on the screen for further posts. The process of adding images, texts, and videos are quite simple.

In order to make Fleet, you have to tap on your own profile picture where the primary option is making a text post. If you prefer to write text, then just remember, you cannot write more than 280 words in your Fleet. There will be no modification in the fonts, so your every text post on Fleet will be the same style of fonts. For quick writing and immediate posting, it’s a great feature because there are not many changes available if you are writing a post.

To make Fleet feature simple and easy, there are no stickers, sketches, or writing fonts available; however, you can post GIFs, videos, and photos. You can write on the image and then post it if you are expressing something to your viewers. The clarity of posts in Fleet is much better than Instagram stories, which is a good thing. You can check how many people have seen your Fleet after you post and can get the details watching the timing of every user. Just like Instagram stories, viewers can send some emoji reactions that will be received in your DM.

Because it’s a new feature, there is a lack of some more features that users will require. Currently, it’s on testing and looking for bugs if there is any. Every stuff that you will post on Fleet will be visible for 24hrs, but it will be possible if the company releases it worldwide.

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Kellie Minton  arrived on the cyber security scene in the early 2000s when virus and malware were still new and slowly evolving. Her longtime affair with writing with an interest in the cybersecurity industry, combined with her IT degree, has contributed to experience several aspects of security suite industry such as blogging at  .

Lucas Smith

You might ask yourself why would I need to convert my videos for Twitter. The answer is Twitter only accepts a particular video format, dimension as well as resolution. Twitter has its restrictions for uploading videos by clip length and size. And you should also consider the fact that most of the users will use their smartphones to watch your videos, so if you use the 4K resolution, then you can imagine what will happen. It is a pretty good idea to convert your clips in advance to avoid the errors and other technical issues due to video resolutions.

About the Twitter Videos

The things you need to be aware of given here. By becoming aware of these factors, you would be able to make a decision about how you would get your Smartphone videos compatible with Twitter.

Twitter allows users to send clips using the direct messages on their platform if you want to do so; however, some users love to upload their clips on their timeline so that the followers can see what they are doing or watching. You are also allowed to remove a clip from your Twitter profile after you uploaded it. Removing a clip is almost identical to removing an image.

You are not enabled to tag people in Twitter videos; however, you can tag other users in any of your images. There is a minimum resolution you can upload is 32 × 32, except keep in mind. It is too small and be supposed to be kept for fundamental animations such as pixel art.

There is the maximum allowed resolution is 1920 x 1200, but you could keep in mind that most of the Twitter viewers will be using their phones to watch your videos, so your efforts to upload the highest quality can be useless.

According to the Twitter team, the aspect ratio of the videos can be somewhere between 1:2.39 – 2.39:1. The maximum frame rate allowed from Twitter is 40 flips as well as the max permitted bitrate is 25 Mbps. For phones, Twitter is restricted to MOV & MP4 videos. On the internet, Twitter is compatible with MP4 and H264 with AAC audio encoding.

Converting to the Right Numbers

The statistics presented above in this article are to signify how you could make your videos ready for Twitter. But, many Twitter users try to upload their files directly on Twitter. Then they wait for Twitter’s error message or other issues with the upload. For illustration, In case a user uploads too large, then the files will be automatically trimmed down, and then it will be uploaded.

Ways to Convert Videos for Twitter


It is a handy online video conversion tool especially suitable for Twitter since it comes with a Twitter preset. In the software, the presets are the options list for choosing resolutions. The additional feature is that you might upload videos directly through a URL, Google Drive, and DropBox.

The utility also enables users to play with a couple of various configurations. For instance, users could choose between the default file size, video codec, frame rate as well as much other. Users can convert their videos into several formats; however, the main formats you should use while transforming videos for Twitter are MOV and MP4.


In case you wish for an incredible or more powerful converter, then give a try and see how powerful the program is due to being an offline software. The tool is entirely free for downloading and using. The app is indeed advanced and has several amazing features that surpass any other online converters, even offline ones like ForMat Factory. The drawback is apparent as it is an advanced editing software and needs a knowledgeable user with having sort of experience in order to access its conversion feature.

Users could try to learn the way to convert a file via it; however, you might miss the cool and advanced features of the software. Blender enables its users to convert, alter as well as decorate your Twitter videos to make them even more appealing.

Which of the Converter Beast is Great?

The first one,, cannot be considered a simple utility. However, the program is pretty quick and straight to access, and for daily use, we would recommend this one. Alternatively, the Blender is a heavy-duty app that is also very complex and difficult to understand. They both are perfect for making your videos ready for the Twitter timeline.

However, if your usage is simple and you want to make additional experiments on your clips, then head to the most comfortable option. Yes, the videos edited with Blender might appear much improved if you do a lot of work on them. Moreover, if you go for the Blender one, then you would be needed to download and install it before starting to convert a video through it.

Smith is an inventive person who has been doing intensive research in particular topics and writing blogs and articles on and many other related topics. He is a very knowledgeable person with lots of experience.



If you have been using Twitter for a long time, then you must know how frustrating deleting a tweet accidentally could be. Some missteps and you have deleted your tweet forever, or have you? Some services allow you to recover your deleted tweets. They cannot be restored to your Twitter account but can be restored nonetheless.


  1. The Standard Way

Even if it sounds creepy, Twitter keeps a record of all its users. The archive is not too hard to access. All you have to do is:

  • Open Twitter and Log In.
  • Tap on your Profile option on the top-right corner.
  • Choose Settings and Privacy there.
  • Locate Content settings.
  • Click on Request your archive.
  • There will be a pop-up notification telling you that Twitter has started preparing your archive.
  • You will get an email from Twitter informing that the archive process is done. Wait till then.
  • Press the Download Now button.
  • The tweets will be in zip format.
  • Extract them using third-party software.
  • Choose a location for the tweets.
  • Press Extract, and you will get your tweets back.
  • Snap Bird

Twitter’s native method is undoubtedly the safest way to recover your tweets; it certainly is not the quickest. Snap Bird is one of those websites that let you find out a specific tweet. It also includes other person’s tweets or your texts.

The website has its several plus points, with the only negative aspect being the security. The app asks for permission to your Twitter profile. This includes your tweets and texts. You have to log in to your Twitter account through the app to provide the access. If you do not have any problems with this, then this is a superior option for you to get your tweets back quickly.

  • Wayback Machine

This works not only for Twitter but for other sites as well. The Wayback Machine saves several states of websites for a period of years. There are over 370 billion pages saved there, and yes, Twitter is there too.

You can use the Wayback Machine:

  • Provide the link and click Enter.
  • The results will be in the form of a calendar. Click on the date you wish to choose from.
  • The website will take you to your desired site while also letting you change any date or website through its menu on the top.

These are one of the most reliable options for you to recover your tweets. The native method still is and most likely will be the safest method to retrieve the tweets. If you know how long before you posted the tweet then Wayback Machine might be an option for you since it has screenshots from the specific dates available.

Source :-

Kellie Minton  is a self-professed security expert; he has been making the people aware of the security threats. His passion is to write about Cyber security, cryptography, malware, social engineering, internet and new media. He writes for Norton security products at


Twitter allows you to retweet the tweets of other people. You can customize the Quotes as per your wish and start adding it to the debate. In this article, you will get to know how to view all the Quotes for a Tweet.


Steps to Find All User Quoted Tweets

•    Go to the internet browser.

•    Click on the Twitter application.

•    Search for the user whose quoted tweets you wish to view.

•    Start copying the Twitter account URL.

•    In case you already know the users URL, then leave this step.

•    Start pasting the URL in the Twitter text box.

•    Now, you will get all the tweets.

Steps to Find a Single Tweet Quotes

•    Go to the Twitter application.

•    Search for the tweet.

•    Search for the downward arrow in the tweet.

•    It is given in the upper right-hand side of the screen.

•    Press on the tweet quotes.

•    Choose the Share Tweet through option.

•    Go to the Copy Link to Tweet option.

•    Click on the Search option.

•    Start pasting the tweet URL.

•    After that, click on the Search option.

You can also find a single tweet quotes  through TweetDeck

•    Go to the TweetDeck.

•    Sign in with the username and password registered with the Twitter account.

•    Find the tweet.

•    On the other side of the heart symbol, you will get a symbol with the three dots.

•    Press on the three dot symbol.

•    Choose the “See who quoted this Tweet ” option.

•    TweetDeck will create a section now.

Quote a Tweet

•    Click on the Twitter application.

•    Search for the tweet which you wish to quote.

•    Go through it so that you will get the Retweet symbol.

•    Press on the Retweet symbol.

•    Now, you will get a new window with the tweet.

•    Click on the “Add a comment”  message.

•    On that window, you create a new comment.

•    Press on the Tweet option for sharing the tweet.

You need to follow  the same procedure on your smartphone application:

•    Go to the Twitter application.

•    Search for the tweet which you wish to quote.

•    Press on the Retweet option.

•    Choose the Quote Tweet option.

•    Create a new comment.

•    Press on the Tweet option when you want to share the quote tweet.

Tweet Sorting

•    Find the Profile symbol.

•    Choose “Settings & Privacy” option.

•    Go to the “Account” option.

•    Search for the Content option.

•    Now you will get the box which indicated the “Show the best Tweets first.”

•    Unselect the Show the best Tweets first option.

Source :-

Kellie minton is an avid technical blogger, a magazine contributor, a publisher of guides at, and a professional cyber security analyst. Through her writing, she aims to educate people about the dangers and threats lurking in the digital world.

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