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Is your Meat fresh?

Meating with the fresh meat in today’s time, when adulteration is the common practice is very difficult. It is the quality only on which everything is dependent. From a technical point of view characteristics of a good quality food that consumers deem acceptable are external characteristics such as color, shape, size, etc. are all things that have to do with appearance. Texture and flavor are two other quality characteristics.

Internal characteristics have to do with the chemical, physical and microbial content of the food.

Meat quality is normally defined by the compositional quality (lean to fat ratio) and how palatable it is by factors such as visual appearance, smell, firmness, juiciness, tenderness, and flavour. If you are looking for fresh meat in Noida or Delhi Ncr then you must go through the following checkpoints before buying any type of meat.

1. Identification through visual inspection

The visual identification of quality meat is based upon its colour, marbling and water holding capacity. Marbling is small bands of fat that are found within the muscle of a meat and can be seen in the meat cut. Marbling has a valuable effect on juiciness and flavour of meat. Meat should have a normal colour that should be uniform throughout the entire cut. Beef, lamb, and goat should also have marbling throughout the meat.
2- Smell of Fresh meat

 The other factor to check the quality of your meat is the smell of the meat, it should have a decent smell & this smell will be different for the variety of species like Goat lamb, chicken fresh meat etc. But will vary in a slight manner. Any type of rotten or strange smell of meat should be avoided for use.

 3- Firmness of fresh meat

 Meat should appear firm rather than soft.  When handling the retail package, it should be firm, but not tough.  It should give under pressure, but not actually be soft.

 4- Juiciness of fresh meat

Juiciness depends on the amount of water retained by a cooked meat product. Juiciness doubles the flavor and helps to soften meat which makes it easier to chew and stimulates saliva production in the mouth. Water retention capacity and lipid content determine juiciness of fresh meat. Marbling and fats around the edges of meat helps to hold in water. Water losses are from evaporation and drip losses. As the age of the meat increases its juiciness also increases because meat aging can increase water retention and therefore increases juiciness.

 5- Tenderness

Tenderness of a meat has been linked to several factors, like the animal's age, sex or the muscle ratio or muscle location. One of the important ways to tenderize meat is by aging. Three main factors on which the tenderness of meat depends are :-

(1) The degree of contraction of muscle sarcomeres,

(2) The integrity of the myofibrillar structure and

(3) The connective tissue content.

 6- Flavor of fresh meat

Flavor and aroma are interlace to create that oozing sensation which the consumer experiences during eating. The taste of the meat relies on the smell through the nose and on the testbeds of the tongue which gives different sensation like salty, sweet, sour and bitter on the different regions of the tongue. The flavor of the meat is affected by the type of species which is cooked, it’s diet, cooking method followed and method of preservation (example- smoked or cured).

All these characteristics play a very important role in shaping up your body’s health. Similarly, if you want to buy any other fresh items, keep check on its origin and the way they are made to determine whether the food you are eating is palatable or not?

Because eating a quality and healthy food is what our body requires each and every day for its proper functioning. Eating fresh and good quality meat helps our body in various ways like: -

  1. Consumption of fresh goat meat lowers the risk of having inflammation in blood vessels and helps stabilize heartbeat.
  2. There is Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) in goat meat which is a cancer- preventive fatty acid which can reduce the risk of cancer.
  3. It consists of Vitamin-B which helps in burning body fat.
  4. It contains a high amount of protein with lower saturated fat.
  5. Fresh goat meat may prevent anemia and help in blood circulation, hemoglobin levels.
  6. It contains High level of calcium which is good for bones.
  7. Its low potassium and sodium properties are useful for controlling blood pressure and kidney disease.
  8. It contains a variety of natural, healthy fats with oleic acid and omega-3.

 fresh meat

You must be wondering about the benchmarks that a meat needs to have, if it needs to be fresh and of best quality?

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Now you also have the luxury of having the fresh, juicy & tender meat.


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