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Gavin Garcia

The medical profession is highly competitive, and hence, along with the practice, creating your personal brand is essential. By leveraging digital PR tactics, you can initiate that critical two-way dialogue with your patients even before they visit your clinic. So, if you are a medical professional and looking to market your medical practice using digital PR, here are some of the ways to do it right.

1. Optimize your online presence

Create a website, social media profiles, and blogs to educate and communicate with your patients. Provide a brief overview of your medical career, publish relevant contact details, and establish an authentic social media presence. By getting your social media accounts verified, you can gain more traction and improve interactions with your audience. If you do not know how to verify your social media accounts, consult a media PR agency that provides social media verification services. Having an online presence also enables self-promotion through different forms of content. Publishing relevant medical content encompassing trendy subjects and offering medical advice can help create a catalog of educational content for prospective patients and readers.

2. Leverage the power of online reviews

Both negative and positive reviews have the potential to spread the name in the industry. But what’s important for doctors is to suppress negative reviews and push positive reviews for improving online reputation. Even a single negative review, if left unattended, can leave an impact on your medical practice. Approaching regular and loyal patients and requesting them to share positive reviews on different online platforms can help negate the effect of negative or fake reviews. A professional ORM agency can help you boost reviews and manage your online reputation through various tactics.

3. Social media ads

Social media has made the work of marketers easier than ever before. Through social media ads, it’s become possible for doctors to identify their target audience, send them targeted ads, and gain actionable insights from their interactions. When you hire a professional digital PR agency, you get the benefit of accessing all the relevant keywords and leveraging the right channels that would help garner attention for your medical practice. Importantly, digital PR professionals understand what kind of content can impact and work across social media.

4. By getting positioned as a thought leader

It’s easier to build trust among your patients and potential clients when you have established authority in the industry. Patients and followers are likely to consume and rely on the information you share if they know you are an expert in your field and any advice coming from you will be authentic. But considering the prevailing cut-throat competition, gaining an edge over other experts is not possible without targeted digital PR practices. A media placement agency can position you as a thought leader and promote your personal brand through media placements in top-ranking publications. When readers and patients notice your mention on such reputable news sites, they consider you as an influential personality. This, in-turn, improves your notability and credibility, which results in growth in your practice.

5. Approach influencers

Over 49% of consumers depend on influencer recommendations. Over 80% of marketers who used influencer marketing found it effective to grow business. Even doctors can team up with influencers to increase their reach and boost their personal brand. An influencer campaign can thus be a powerful tool to market your medical practice, and a digital PR agency can help you identify the right influencers based on their reach, influence, audience, and style. If you want to leverage influencer marketing, you can hire a digital PR firm with expertise in influencer marketing.

6. Securing media placements

Getting featured on high-ranking news websites like Forbes or USA Today can help doctors gain credibility in the medical industry. A media placement agency can help publish authored articles, participate in interviews, and feature profile pieces that improve reach and visibility across different media outlets. Getting even a single article featured on a site like Forbes can lead to local magazines and newspapers picking up your news, thereby improving online exposure. If you are wondering how to get featured on Forbes for attaining maximum reach, approach a media placement or digital PR agency for further guidance.

Digital PR offers a host of tactics to market your medical practice. Thus, hiring an experienced digital PR agency can be helpful and convenient.

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