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Kathy Brook

A special occasion like wedding doesn’t seem to be as a complete one if you have not appointed a professional videographer for the day. You might have done all those necessary arrangements for the day but this is what you have missed completely. Once the wedding will be over, there will be no proof in your hand that you have celebrated that occasion in the most distinct manner. However, wedding videos and photographs are not all about having the proofs. These elements mean a lot than this! If you are looking for the wedding video Hertfordshire that is created in the most professional manner, then Shrigley Wedding Films is all set to bring it for you.

Since the inception, this wedding video service provider has covered several wedding occasions. They have create a satisfied client base which also helps them to be hired for such a precious occasion more frequently than the other videography services operating at this part of the world. So, if you are in Hertfordshire or nearby locations, then you are not too far located from such a service provider who can make your wedding a more memorable occasion for just anyone who is going to attend it.

When it comes to hiring the best wedding videographer, you can become bit confused. As there are several to choose from, this can become bit tough for you to choose the right service provider for the day. Well, there are a few steps that can be taken to select the right videography service provider for that special day in your life. The very first thing that you need to look for is the time they have spent in this profession. If the service provider is a new name in this business, then you need to think about hiring them twice of thrice before you can actually take the right decision. You also need to look through their portfolio. This is what going to give you a proper idea about the type and quality of video they can produce for you. This might also help you to choose the right style of wedding video that you would like to receive as the final outcome.

Once you are done with these steps and selected a few videography services, you should call them and arrange a person to person meeting. During this session, you can mention more about your needs and preferences related to the wedding videos that you would like to receive. A professional wedding videographer Hertfordshire offers a great importance to the listen to the needs and preferences of the client. This helps them to arrange things in the right manner so that top quality videos can be delivered to the client that can meet his or her expectations in the best possible manner.

The wedding video Hertfordshire that you are going to receive once your wedding is over are going to be of top quality. These videos can further help you cherish those wedding moments with your family and friends.

Wedding videodelivers by Kathy Brook will remain there for a long time. He is also a professional wedding videographer Hertfordshire.


Large video files can be irritating you when you have shot 4K videos from your phone that has a large size and is difficult to send through the mail. If you have some old videos that you want to get back on your device and convert according to your device format, then it is pretty straightforward. Here you need to use some troubleshoots and install some third-party applications on your device.

There are many tools and applications available for converting video in any format for different devices. One of the most popular and useful tools is “any video converter,” which is available for Apple Mac and PC. It has many tools, including cropping, color adjustment, unique effects, and support for large file formats. If you want to change to your video or want to convert your videos in the new format, then this article will help you to do it quickly and simply.

1) Choose Video to Convert

After installing video converter tools or applications on your device, you need to choose which video you want to convert. You can use three methods, first Add files, second tap the button that appears in the bottom of the screen and third dragging video files in the application of the tools. You can also add videos online by the URL into the video converter application.

When you add any video in the application, you will see all the information on the videos like its video quality, audio format, and also subtitles. You can also add many files to the converter.

2) Select Device Presets

In the profile, you can see a drop-down option. This feature enabled you to select the last format and quality and also organized different kinds. Here you see an Apple tap that except full service and various settings on Apple iPad and iPhone. There is also a tab for Android user for game Console and also available for the old phones that cannot handle new video or HD vireo resolution.

3) Pick Export formats

You don’t need to select any particular device; you only need two tabs for exporting your video and audio, respectively. In this article, we will discuss many options for exporting video formats, including MOV, AVI, and WMV files.

Follow the steps:

  1. To select a format, just tap on it.
  2. If it has features, you can choose a theme by tapping on its icon in the result of the videos to be converted. For example, if you are converting to a phone format, then you can see the logo of a phone.

4) Apply Effect

If you want to change video settings like brightness and contrast, then you need to tap on the film frame icon. You can also add watermark and crop the video, and there are you fins range of effect distortion and blurring. You can also find your original clip and a real-time popup of your change on the right of the computer screen.

5) Process the Video

  1. When you have selected quality and format that you want to use, then tap on the “Convert Now.”
  2. Video converter will show progress on the screen as it converts.
  3. Time taken depends on the video quality and file size more substantial or more prolonged, it may take up to 3 minutes depending on your video length.
  4. It takes less time on Mac on the comparing of Windows PC.

6) Play Converted Video

After completing the conversion, the video converter moves into its previous location. If you tap on the history icon that appears on the left toolbar, then you need to tap on the magnifying glass to show the converted video file in its folder. Now you can preview and open any video that you have converted.

Elisa Wilson is an avid technical blogger, a magazine contributor, a publisher of guides at and a professional cyber security analyst. Through her writing, she aims to educate people about the dangers and threats lurking in the digital world .

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Billy Mark

Want to set your favorite video clip as wallpaper in your phone? Live wallpaper is the only way to get this done. It is one of the great features that exist on Android devices. It really makes your device’s screen looks incredible and gives a great feel too. Some Android devices come with a number of preloaded live wallpapers. Maybe you don’t like them and want to set your own video clip. Worry not; you can create a live wallpaper of your video and set it as wallpaper in your Android and iOS device, here is how.

Mcafee ActivateSource :

How to create and set a video as wallpaper in Android

There isn’t any inbuilt feature in Android that can create live wallpaper, but yes, there are a lot of third party tools available on Google Play Store you can use to create live wallpaper for free. Therefore first, you have to install an app on your Smartphone. Try VideoWall or Video Live Wallpaper to create live wallpaper on your Android, here is how to install and use it.

  1.    Tap on the ‘Play Store’ application icon.
  2.     Use the PlayStation search bar to find the app.
  3.     Search and select the ‘Video Live Wallpaper’ app.
  4.     Download and install it on your device.
  5.     Open the app on your Android after installation completes.
  6.     Now, click on ‘Choose Video’ button.
  7.     And ‘Allow’ Video Live Wallpaper to access media files stored in your device.
  8.     You’ll see videos stored in your device on the screen.
  9.     Search for a video that you’d like to set as live wallpaper on your Android.
  10.    After that, set the starting time and ending time by using the bottom slider. Drag the slider and select what you want to see in your video wallpaper. You can also see how it plays on your Android display by using the preview button.
  11.     The preview button is at the top near the right corner, tapping on it will play the selected section. View your video wallpaper and check if you want any change in it.
  12.     Tap the ‘Settings’ icon on the preview screen to edit the video. You can also adjust the audio or enable/disable it from the preview screen by using ‘Scale fit’ setting.
  13.     If your video is okay and you want to set as wallpaper, tap on ‘Set wallpaper’ button.
  14.     Then choose where you want to see it, on the Home Screen or Lock screen or both depending on your device. Some phones don’t have or allowed to change the lock screen wallpaper.

Your created video wallpaper will set as live wallpaper on your device.

How to create and set a video as wallpaper in iOS

In the iPhone and iPad, placing a video clip as wallpaper is simple. You don’t have to install an extra tool or go through that lengthy procedure as Android. After iPhone 6 and 6S+ all iPhones support a Live Photo feature. You can record a video clip with Live Photo feature and quickly set it as live wallpaper for your iPhone. Here is how.

  1.     Record a video clip that you want as live wallpaper.
  2.     After that, navigate to ‘Settings.’
  3.     Go to the ‘Wallpaper’ section.
  4.     Then tap on ‘Choose a New Wallpaper’ option.
  5.     And select ‘Live Photos.’
  6.     Select a live wallpaper or live photo that you want to make your wallpaper.
  7.     Adjust the wallpaper preview and tap on ‘Set’ to proceed.
  8.     Choose where you want to see it, on the Home Screen or Lock screen or both depending on your device by selecting the appropriate option.

Live wallpaper has been set successfully. You can check it by closing all the apps and locking your iPhone.

Billy Mark  is a creative person who has been writing blogs and articles about cyber security. He writes about the latest updates regarding and how it can improve the work experience of users. His articles have been published in many popular e-magazines, blogs and websites.


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