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John Adams
Haikai Photo is specialized in event photography for businesses and institutions in Mexico. Companies and organisations hire our award winning team of photographers for all their corporate photography needs, such as business portraits, congresses, events, conferences and state visits.
We offer a reliable, top-notch, on-demand service for top brands. Our team is available for projects not only in Mexico, but also across Europe and worldwide. Get in touch with us today and see how Haikai Photo can put your brand in the spotlight.

Photography is one of the rare instances where artistic expression and corporate operations can work easily with each other. Our work has given us the opportunity to help companies find their voice and express themselves to both their internal teams and external stakeholders. Today we are happy to share Haikai Photo has just been named as a top event photography company by the B2B platform Clutch for the year 2022.
Our work puts human faces on these businesses and we have been justly rewarded for our efforts.
Clutch is a B2B review and rating platform that’s based in Washington DC. Their team uses a unique verification process that allows them to determine the legitimacy of any review’s sources before publication on the website.

The fact that Clutch recognizes the worth of our work enough to give us an award for it is a significant milestone in our history. In fact, here’s what our Founder had to say about the news when we received the confirmation from Clutch.
A huge honor to be recognized as a top event photography company for the year 2022

“It is an honor to be recognized for all the hard work and for our commitment to deliver only top-notch services for all kinds of projects, no matter what size or scope.” Theo Solnik, Founder of Haikai Photo.

However, what makes this accolade truly special is that comes from the feedback of our clients. If it wasn’t for their effort in sharing their thoughts about our work with the world, we wouldn’t be talking about this today. This is why we want to extend our sincere gratitude to all of our past clients and partners that helped make this a reality.
Our team has always been open to critiques of our work. These review efforts are merely an extension of that. We are open to working with anyone and encourage everyone to explore our website to peruse our work. Contact our team if something strikes your fancy and we can begin working together as soon as possible.
A photography service for world class brands
Haikai Photo is specialized in event photography for businesses and institutions in Mexico City. Companies and organisations hire our award winning team of photographers for all their corporate photography needs, such as business portraits, congresses, events, conferences and state visits.

A trendy procedure to instruct individuals is to utilize recordings. It is likewise the least demanding and most intriguing method for bestowing instruction. Utilizing vivified recordings is getting more well known. These recordings accompany exact clarification and brilliantly effectively educate the kids and adults the same. These are interesting to the point that you won't ever get exhausted while watching these recordings. The most amazing aspect of them is they finely exemplify subtleties into a couple minute show.


Normally, these recordings epitomize fantastic sound video quality and simplify show of the most troublesome pieces.


Making Explainer Animation Videos - Not an Easy Work


A decent movement video producer is high on request at both the instructive foundations and corporate houses. It's anything but a piece of cake to make this sort of video. In the event that show is extended and no fresh happy is there, the motivation behind making a video won't ever succeed. It is definitely not a simple to-accomplish objective thus skill is profoundly esteemed in such manner. Numerous experts unveil such a large number of subtleties however neglect to clarify the main snippets of data. That leaves the crowds exhausted and baffled.


Nature of Good Animation Making Professionals


Master experts have both imaginative firecracker and specialized expertise. The mix of these two characteristics assists the specialists with making recordings that are drawing in and useful also. They utilize pertinent pictures and easy to-fathom content to foster recordings. The experts additionally guarantee that the recordings are not extensive ones as no one loves watching a video running for a really long time. Web surfers favor short and immersing recordings to save their energy and time as persistence has turned into the most extraordinary quality nowadays.


More extensive Application of Animation Videos


Explainer recordings are broadly utilized in both training area and corporate circuit. In this age when innovation is the preeminent power, this sort best video production in new jersey video has turned into an incredible model of instructing individuals. These are intriguing to watch and effectively snatch consideration of the crowds. It is a creative and powerful method for articulating thoughts, techniques and business arranging. The showcasing specialists additionally utilize such recordings to advance the items. It is a general media promoting in an alternate bundle and has demonstrated colossally fruitful.


Such recordings are widely utilized in instructive field. Amusing pictures in vivified recordings interest the kids and make the method involved with learning more straightforward for them. An image is more fascinating than great many words. Larger part of individuals are not keen on going through the composed substance yet love watching recordings.




Achievement of these recordings to fill needs relies much upon how out of control they are. The out of control recordings with standout general media quality become a gigantic hit with the ideal interest groups. It is vital to recollect that explainer activity recordings will assist you with pulling swarm provided that they look proficient. For that reason, significance of employing a specialist can't be accentuated more. Just the accomplished specialists can make provocative recordings by investigating their inventiveness. On the off chance that you hand the errand of making explainer recordings to them, an impeccably completed project is an assurance.

Abeeha Apr 9 · Tags: videography
Kathy Brook

Wedding videography and wedding photography are different types of services offered these days. These two services have different intent as well as deliverables. Due to this reason, when you are hiring a wedding photographer or a videographer, you must understand what these services are and what sort of benefits you can receive. Having wedding photos is surely a great thing. These photos might be delivered to you on time so that you can cherish the wedding moments while seeing them.

These photos can be stored in the album so they can be preserved for a long time and your further children can even see them and make a picture of what sort of wedding you have in the past. But these photos are not going to bring the voice for them or the expressions. On the other hand, the cinematic wedding films can do this in an effortless manner.

Shrigley Wedding Films is the name that you should recon first while looking for the top quality wedding video. Wedding videoscan showcase the expressions and the voice. And that makes wedding video the first choice for many these days. So many couples have missed to hire the best wedding videographer and now they regret for their decision. But those who have not done this mistake are now enjoying their wedding moments time and again while watching those videos. Video contents makes you feel as if the occasion is going on live before you. This is something that you can really lack while watching the wedding photos.

There are forty-three muscles in the human face. And these muscles help us to generate twenty-one different expressions. And these expressions need to be captured in the video camera for sure when the wedding time is on. But at the same time we need to think about those micro expressions that can also appear on the human face. And these micro expressions can be seen right during the wedding occasion, when the happiness is followed by the tears. This is such an occasion when you can find happy faces and sad faces at the same time. There is hardly any other occasion, when these two human expressions can be seen at a time. In the wedding video created by the top videographer, these two expressions can be seen and felt easily.

Wedding video can capture both the smiles and tears and that makes these videos very different and unique than the wedding photos. This can be better understood with an example. For example, your sister and moms are crying and the wedding photographer has captured that moment in the camera. When the final photos come, you can only see that they crying but their voices or sound and expressions during that time cannot be felt. But this is not going to happen with the wedding video. You can clearly see them crying, can hear their voices and can feel their expressions. This is the biggest difference that cinematic wedding filmscan bring to the table.

Kathy Brook

Wedding day is over and now many couples are regretting about their decision to not to hire a professional wedding videographer. Well, these couples don’t have the chance to cherish those precious wedding moments. Some of them might have the photos of their wedding and they are somehow trying to satisfy themselves while seeing those wedding photos. As they lack the wedding videos, they are not able to feel the real vibe of that day. If you are getting married next, then it will always be suggested for you to hire the best Hertfordshire videography service so that you will not regret further about your decision.

If you are still thinking that whether or not hiring a cinematic wedding videographer can bring benefits for you, then you should read on! The number of couples who prefer to hire such a pro is growing day by day. They do prefer the presence of such a pro when the wedding occasion is going on. On the other hand, Shrigley Wedding Films is responding to its clients in the most professional manner, while deploying the best wedding videographer, they strive hard to meet their clients’ expectations and needs in the best possible manner. And this is what making such Hertfordshire videography service the leading name in this business.

Before you hire such a pro, you should know a few facts first. For the wedding day, you might prefer to hire a wedding photographer and a cinematic wedding videographer. But here you need to keep in mind that these two are different types of services and they come with different deliverables as well as intent. In the wedding photographs, you can only see the guests who have attended the wedding day and you can see the still picture of the rituals. The wedding videos can also do the same, but this helps you see guests moving around the wedding hall, the wedding rituals are going before you live, etc. Wedding videos can bring such a feel for you that the photographs cannot.

As far as the wedding photographs are concerned, they appear to be more creative. But the wedding videography can be documentary. There are a few big reasons that might suggest you why you need to pay importance to hire the Hertfordshire videography service now. The very first point that we need to address here is the voice. You might have hired the best wedding photographer who has delivered the top quality wedding photos. But where is the sound or the voice. These photos are not going to bring this for you.

Only the wedding videos are able to bring the sound or the voice. When your kids will see those videos further and they will get your voice when both of you were taking the vows together, your kids will also rejoice those moments. This is something you cannot get with the wedding photos. The cinematic wedding videographer can produce such videos in which you will see things that you may have missed during the wedding day.

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