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A water cooled chilleris mainly used for maintaining the temperature of machines and appliances. They can be used for multiple purposes like injection moulding and cooling down chemicals, food and beverages, and tools. They can keep the medical equipment in order and maintain milk’s temperature before it reaches the market. A chiller also assists the brewery, meat and poultry, and pharmaceutical industry. In order to know why a water-cooled chiller is beneficial for your industry and business, read further!

Pros of Water-cooled chiller

1.Longer Lifespan

Since water-cooled chillers are not placed outdoors like air-cooled chillers, they are not exposed to sunlight, snow, dust, ice, heat that reduces their life expectancy. This is why they stay functional for an extended period and do not require quick replacement like air-cooled chillers.

2.Energy Efficient

The water-cooled chillers have a film coefficient 10 to 100 times better than that of air-cooled chillers. It lets them transfer heat more efficiently, making them an energy-conserving option. So, if you are looking for a chiller that will function continuously, you should go with a water-cooled chiller for incurring low costs.

3.Quiet Operation

Unlike air-cooled chillers that feature ducts and vents, the water-cooled chillers function quietly. They use water to dissipate heat, and its flow doesn’t result in the same noisy expansion and contraction. Thus, these chillers are the best option for facilities that require calm and quiet like hospitals, schools, and workplaces.


In the case of water-cooled chillers, no toxic chemicals are used in the process. Instead, the system makes use of water to get rid of heat. It makes them safer for factories and workplaces, where people work around chillers or come into contact with them.

5. Closed Spaces

Air-cooled chillers use air to remove heat that makes it necessary to put them in open surroundings where fresh air is available. But this is not the case with water-cooled chillers that can be conveniently placed in indoor spaces. This advantage makes such chillers appropriate for companies that do not have access to an unlimited outdoor area.


Although water-cooled chillers have several advantages, this does not mean that they are perfect. These chillers have their own set of problems that can make them an inappropriate choice for your business. These include issues like high maintenance, a requirement of a mechanical room, reduced efficiency in humidity, complex installation process, and unsuitability for drought-stricken areas.

So, these are the main advantages and disadvantages of water-cooled chillers based on which you can decide their suitability for your company and industry.

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