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Codexxa Business solution

Codexxa Business Solution is an best IT company in Pune & Mumbai that offer an extended array of services including Website Design, Mobile App development, MLM software and Digital Marketing Services for enterprise. Our purpose is to provide IT solutions for every business to thrive.

Our in-house is backed up by skilled professionals that help enterprises to be the best competitors in the realm of their respective business world. Solution oriented, we are determined to break down the complex problems and assist our clients with the best IT services.

Website Design & Development: Static website & Dynamic website with Responsive, Mobile website and E-commerce website.

Our Services include but not limited to:

       E-Commerce Website Development

       NodeJs Development

       Python Development

       Joomla Development

       Magento Web Development

       Laravel Web Development

       Wordpress Web Development

       Drupal Web Development

       Shopify Development

       E-Learning Application Development

Our address :-   501, Vedant A, La Ratan Ln, opp. to KFC, Baner, Pune, Maharashtra 411045

Call us at:- : +91-8857853138/ +91-9049336383

Email us at:-

Visit us at -

Digi Chirag

Having a good up-to-date business website with relevant and upcoming trends is a plus. As it will not turn obsolete too soon and looks far more appealing than a normal website. Our website designing company in Chandigarh affirms quick success with a subtle poise to embark a greater web presence. A great web design assures buttery navigation, and the user gets to answer his pain points in the FAQs you have provided and you are seeing great conversion rates then you are definitely doing something right.

On the other hand, keeping up with the upcoming design trends is rather a difficult medium, where frequent changes might affect your UX a lot more than expected. Especially for a small-time business, this technique falls short as it lacks in budget big time, and it might not suit the industry your business belongs to. However, familiarity with your web designs may breed contempt for most businesses but also confirms brand assurance without fudging on eloquent website design services.

Modular web designs with the dark mode are one way of expressing websites, but there are more ways to add more substance to your website than investing your hard-earn money with printed media to do the deed. Nowadays, most businesses are using story-telling modes to express designs in a subtle way without the need to use mundane captions;” About Us’. Moreover, we use subtle design trends that focus on adding dynamic backgrounds or dominant headers that include high-quality videos or rich photographic content.

Is it important for your website to follow web design trends in 2022?

It might sound a bit eccentric. But in a competitive world, a business’s website needs to be completely interactive, mobile responsive, design-focused to keep up with consumer needs and pain points. So you need to collaborate with a great website designing company in India to affirm great success with a strong web presence assuring worldwide success. Winning your opponent is not enough, sharpened design trends offer worldwide success and earn you a name in your industry from the comfort of your home.

Feeling Confused? Let GNEC Media help you…

Web design can feel like a painstaking process especially if you have 0 knowledge in this field. It is important that your website meets customer expectations but stands apart from competitors by offering something different. GNEC Media has years of experience in web designing and has created more than 1000+ websites for businesses from different sectors. If you would like to find out more about re-design or design then contact us at DigiChirag.


Most companies today, whether they are selling products or services for maximum profits, rely on both inbound and outside marketing. Creative web design companies can help with all of this and more. 

Digital marketing is essential if you want to attract the most customers to your business. A website is the most important thing you can have for this. A website allows you to present your business online to the large number of people who are online. 

Creative website design is possible by a company that can help you get the maximum number of customers for your products or services.

More revenue

You can have a website that attracts and engages potential customers by investing in website design. Creative web design companies can help to increase revenue. 

Your website will allow you to showcase the products and services of your company to customers. Customers will feel more trustworthy when the products are prominently displayed. This makes it easier and more convenient for companies to turn leads from visitors to their website. 

It is a great way for businesses to generate a lot of revenue, since the internet hosts the largest number of potential customers. You can also look for the best web design company via

Get to know your customers better

Website marketing agencies will first evaluate your customers and determine the market for your products and services. A creative web design company can help you to get a better understanding of the market and consumer needs. 

This will allow you to adapt your products and services to meet the needs of your customers. This will increase your company's revenues and help with its overall growth. It is only half of the battle won when you invest in a website that is creative.

If you are not seeing the expected growth in your business or company, it is time to review your website and determine if it should be updated. If it is, it is time to begin looking for a web design company. You can also check out hereto get more information aboutthe web design company.

Freelancer group


The online presence of any business is necessary for its growth in this digital world. Earlier, businesses used to market their products and services through newspapers, magazines, and brochures. But these methods are outdated and SEO services have taken their place in the current times. You can book cheap and affordable SEO services for your new business.

Hiring SEO services will increase your website’s rankings on Google engine. In this blog, we will see why SEO service is more affordable than other digital strategies.

How do SEO services prove to be affordable for businesses?

Today, every business and company choose SEO services to promote its brand. Optimizing your website is very necessary for running any business. However, you must consider some factors before choosing SEO services such as:

1. Look at your budget

Starting a new business includes many expenses. Before investing in SEO, you must set a particular budget. Keep in mind that the results of SEO are not quick and you may get benefits in the long run. If you have a small budget, choose SEO services according to your budget for your business.

2. Check SEO results

Investing money in SEO services is not enough. You have to also check the results of SEO services on your business. Several tools help you to track SEO results on your website. One of the best tools is Google Analytics. It is free of charge tool to check SEO results. If you have a high budget, you can also invest in other paid tools that show precise SEO services.

3. Avoid spending too much on SEO

SEO services are indeed necessary for the business but they should not break your budget. Being a startup, you have to save funds for use in emergency and uncertain situations. You can get cheap and affordable SEO services in your city easily through social media sites and search engines.

Benefits of choosing affordable SEO services

There are various benefits of choosing affordable SEO services such as:

·       You can get a good return on your investment.

·       Cheap and affordable SEO serviceswill increase traffic to your website.

·       These services can increase sales of your business within a short period.

If you want to hire cheap and affordable SEO services, you can search these services online. You can also get the contact details of these services on social media platforms.

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Web Development Company in USA

Businesses these days need strong strategies and marketing campaigns for successful operations. A website is the first step to build a reputable website. In other words, it is not just a website but an identity of your brand and business.

One of the best ways to get a professional website is to hire a web Development Company. Choosing the best web Development Company in USA will help you to run your startup or small business.

Services are offered by web Development Company

Web Development Company offers many services and products for different companies.  The different services offered by web development company are:

1. Software development

2. Data Analysis

3. App development service

4. Cybersecurity

5. UX and UI design

6. Testing and QA

7. IT Outsourcing

8. IT Support

How does a web Development Company help the companies to develop?

Web development Company develops many apps, websites and software solutions. The role of a web Development Company is of much significance. It helps the companies in different ways such as:

·       Engaging websites

These companies develop responsive and engaging websites that attract more customers. Professional designs of websites increase traffic and sales of the company.

·       Increases business visibility

Web developers design some of the best websites. Web Development Company helps make your small business more visible online. Customers will know your brand, products, and services through your website.

·       Brand engagement

A good website will build trust in the minds of the customers. It also helps your company to grow at national as well as international levels. This will lead to an increase in the sales of the company and build the image. Moreover, the web development company will build an effective branding strategy.

·       Lists all the information

Website is a good way to include all the information of your company. It establishes the credibility of your company in front of the customers. Web Development Company helps to promote your brand and products through images, animations, and videos. Customers will gain key information about your company on the websites.

How to find the best web development company?

It is very easy to find the best web Development Company in USA online these days. You can find these companies on search engines such as Google and Yahoo. Apart from that, you can also visit the official sites of these companies and fill the online form. You will get free quotes to compare the prices of different companies.

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OpenXcell is one of the main web, programming, andAndroid app development company situated in the United States and India known for giving forefront arrangements and drawing in versatile clients.

Hourly rate: Rs. 1,831/hr

Workers: 250 - 999

Area: United States, India


Utility has some expertise in working with imaginative accomplices to make customized versatile applications and web programming, going from new businesses to Fortune 500 organizations.

Hourly Rate: Rs. (10,990 – 14,580)/hr

Representatives: 50 - 249

Area: United States, Canada


Cubix is a main portable application, game, and endeavor item improvement organization that has some expertise in complex venture level applications, business knowledge investigation, and coordinated web and versatile arrangements.

Hourly Rate: Rs. (1,831 – 3,590)/hr

Workers: 50 - 249

Area: United States, United Arab Emirates

Advertisements N Url

Advertisements N Url is a perceived industry pioneer in the portable application improvement field, with customers in India, the United Kingdom, the United States, and the United Arab Emirates. The honor winning portable application advancement organization, which was set up in 2015, expects to give useful, energizing, and all encompassing IT arrangements by joining front line innovation, disparate idea, and a customer first methodology.

Hourly Rate: <Rs. 1,831/hr

Workers: 250 - 999

Area: India, United States

Swenson He

Swenson He is a devoted gathering of qualified and talented experts who make custom portable and web application arrangements. They give item guidance, specialized system execution, and continuous help for big business and upheld new companies as a full-administration organization.

Hourly Rate: Rs. (10,990 – 14,580)/hr

Workers: 10 - 49

Area: United States, Canada


RipenApps is a portable application advancement organization that is forefront. Created by industry specialists to help new companies, business people, and visionaries in the advancement of incredible versatile items.

Hourly Rate: <Rs. 1,831/hr

Workers: 50 – 249

Area: India, United Arab Emirates


One of the main blockchain programming firms, with more than 50 million dynamic clients and an industry-driving client achievement pace of 97%.

Hourly Rate: Rs. (1,831-3,590)/hr

Workers: 50 - 249

Area: United States, India


SPEC INDIA is an ISO/IEC 27001:2013 guaranteed association with more than 30 years of involvement. Custom programming advancement, web and versatile application improvement, business insight and investigation arrangements, mechanization and security testing, heritage programming movement, item designing, and IoT arrangements are a portion of our fortes.

Hourly Rate: <Rs. 1,831/hr

Workers: 250 - 999

Area: India, United States


NIX is a full-cycle custom programming improvement organization settled in Florida. They give extensive innovation arrangements going from the portable application and web creation to complex business frameworks, with a labor force of throughout 2000 full-time designs ready.

Hourly Rate: Rs. (1,831-3,590)/hr

Workers: 1,000 - 9,999

Area: United States, Israel


SKP Global

In this point in time a majority of the It companies are outsourcing their web development offerings to nations like India. There are various motives for doing this. This guarantees that you could avail qualitative offerings at less costly costs. It assists within side the comprehension of TOI, in addition to guarantees that there may be ok scope for a pliable engagement model. It is vital to research the blessings which can be connected with outsourcing web development services.


There are numerous motives as to why a web development agency that is primarily based totally in India is entitled to efficient outsourced initiatives from different countries. A majority of the It companies have in the long run comprehended that it's far feasible for them to save cash with the aid of using availing the offerings of a web development company that is primarily based totally in India. Moreover, that is additionally useful for them because the people, whom the paintings is outsourced to, are pretty professional and there isn't even a language barrier, whilst the paintings is outsourced to those companies.


There also are extra blessings which might be entailed while a company makes a decision to outsource its web development services. These include:


Prior to this, the number one middle of interest changed into on economizing; but the leader motive in this point in time as to why corporations want to outsource their offerings is because of the provision of proficient employees. This may be mainly attributed to the truth that as the same old of coaching is high; it ends in professional employees who're able to undertaking any challenge which is ready earlier than them.


The benefit of outsourcing devoted outsourced offerings has brought about manifold benefits, and that is which includes an almost on the spot cognizance of ROI. The manner of outsourcing consists of fanatical time traces in addition to extreme observance to assignment agenda, due to which product launches are carried out in a well-timed manner, with the result that the IT company can begin to recognize ROI speedily.


Moreover, numerous Indian web development companies are adhering to a rigorous in addition to strictly process orientated dedication model. This basically interprets to the reality that it does now no longer count number whether or not the organization is a brand new one or a reputed organization, because it turns into viable to sell timelines which might in the end choose up the pace.


Furthermore, numerous outsourcing web development companies additionally goal to clear up infrastructure troubles. This could make it feasible for the IT company to pay attention on simply its important gifted areas, even as the secondary troubles are resolved via way of means of the corporation to whom the offerings had been outsourced.


There are manifold web development companies which can be located in India and that they focus on dedicated niches of a desire of enterprise verticals. Thus, no matter your unique specialty or which elegance your product is a component of, the outsourced corporations can supply qualitative outsource web development services in chennai.This is viable because the body of workers encompasses talented employees who own an optimal stage of expertise inside the sphere of area with methodological capability.


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