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Subraa Singapore

Before you hire a website designer for your next web design project, you must be aware of the essential input you must provide to your web designer to kickstart the website design. Knowing what you require from your website and how you want it to be built matters, if you are unsure of what to expect from your website, then speak with Subraa, your freelance web designer in Singapore now to get a clear idea of what to expect and what is preferred for your business. Learn more about Subraa at


Code refactoring is the process when the code is edited and cleared without changing its functions. Code refactoring increases readability, makes code more productive and maintainable, and also improves testing and QA. This process helps to avoid bugs in the future and reduce costs by editing code in advance.

At Weingenious Technocrats, one of the top 10 it companies in Surat, we have observed that when developers often have to upgrade or deal with a functioning system built by another or even several other teams while paying attention to the clarity of code. In such cases, refactoring is very useful. It helps to prevent the code rot and programming discrepancies, resulting from wrong classifications, code duplication, and different styles of code writing by several developers.

Ashish sharma

1. Nature: Web design is very creative in nature while web development very technical in nature. In Web design, more importance is given to design while in web development more importance is given to technical aspects.

2. Use: Web Design is used for designing a website. In Web designing, it is decided how the website looks and what should be the layout of the website while web development is used for making a website run nicely and provide the functionality to a website.

3. How it is seen by the user: web design is the front-end of a website that’s why the user is able to see it nicely while web development mostly is back-end work that a user is not able to see.

4. Web Development is very Essential: Web development is very essential for a website to working and without web development, there will be no use in having web design because the structure of a website is created using HTML which is made using web development. Therefore, Without Web Development there is no importance of web designing.

5. Skills Required: Web designs requires a good knowledge of Scripting Frameworks, JavaScript, Adobe Dreamweaver for making multi-feather front-end Applications while web developers require knowledge of computer languages like Java, ASP, PHP, Python, machine learning, Structured Query Language (SQL), the development of APIs for interacting with database tools, objects, agile systems analysis and server architecture, etc.

6. Web Design is very important for business: Web Design is very important for business because for every business getting the attraction of a user is very important and with the help of well-designed websites it becomes easier to get user interaction. Through web development, we can make many websites but they are of no use if they don’t get user attraction.

7. Types: Web Designers are of three types: User Experience (UX), User Interface (UI), and Visual Web Designers while Web Developers are of two types: front-end and back-end Web Developers.

8. Importance: Web Design helps industries to attract users to their websites through the good looks and feels of the website while without Web Development there will be no website so creating a website web development is a must. Web Development also helps in providing good functionality to websites.

9. Work: The web Designer designs the layout and designs of the website for the web developer and by looking at the layout and designs made by the web designer, the web developer makes the website. Web Designer' work is to make the website look attractive to the user while the web developer's role is to make that website run nicely.

10. Interdependent: Web Designers make transform ideas into visually appealing designs and web developers transform appealing designs into fully functional websites.

11. Search Engine Optimization: Web Design plays a very crucial role in providing good search rankings for a website because users are attracted by the design and looks of the website while web development does not play that important role in search rankings.

Web Design is based on looks and features and how a website will be seen to a user. There are millions of sites around the world and everybody wants his website to look beautiful and distinct from other websites depending on user needs. Web Designing is used for making a website artistic in nature and helps in relating websites with aspects that are pleasing to users' eyes. Web Designer' main aim is to good website layout and design so as to attract users. It is very important to have the web design in the website because it is part which is used for attracting users and fulfills users' meets.

Web Development consists of all the programming and software that is needed for making it smooth and useful. Web Development generally refers to the back-end work of a website. The main objective of web development is to develop a website in such a way that the user feels good about the website and gets a good experience being on the website. Developers are the programmers whose work is to give life to a web designer’s layout, web developers use the mark-up and programming languages to write a code for the webpage. It is the work of the web developers to replicate the exact same model that has been made by the web designers. Web development aims to make a website work smoothly. Web Development is very important because without developing a website cannot be made.

Web Designing Course


Ashish sharma Nov 1 '21 · Tags: web designing
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yogeshseo Nov 1 '21 · Tags: angularjs, web designing
Importance of Websites: 

1. 24/7 Online Presence: A Website is accessible to anyone, anywhere, anytime. If a customer wants to buy an product of an industry then he will require some information about that product which he will get through the website of that industry anytime suits him. 

 2. Accessibility: Accessibility of any business grows largely due to the presence of website, as a website can be accessed from any corner of the world. So Websites makes it easier for businesses to break geographical barriers. Having website also enables business to have large market area. 

3. Information: Websites helps in providing great information about different things. For Example: Any Student who is looking for admission in college, he first goes through different college websites for getting details about college and then visits some college for further details. 

4. Decision Making: For products selling website, by displaying product catalogs, product features and comparisons the customer can get a lot of information through any website. In todays world, customers make purchasing decision by seeing information online. 

5. Good Revenue driver: A good designed website can become a revenue driver: There are various ways to sell products online. If you have a nicely designed website which can garner the interest of users and also creates trust in the user then the user will be ready to buy your products which leads to a great revenue driver. 

6. Less expensive option: Online advertisements are very costly when compared to other types of promotions. If you have a website than it helps you reach large number of users without spending much money. 

 7. Competition: For a business if you don’t have a website but your competitor has. This will lead you to miss out on many opportunities and your competitor will garner an edge over you. 

 8. Business Credibility: In every business a online presence is required, and a website is a very good option for business to have online presence as good websites garners users trust and through this user will develop a good credulity of that business. 

 9. Communication: Websites provide good communication between users and company. Websites makes relation between the user and the owner good which helps in companies revenues. 

 10. Customer Services: Websites provides customers services to an customer at home. The user does not need to visit any customer service office. It also resolves all the doubts of user very fastly. Its more beneficial as it is available 24 hours. 

 11. Makes User Engage: For any business to grow they will need users to engage into themselves as there are many options available online so engaging a user is very important part for any business and having a good informative and nicely designed websites makes it easier for people to get engaged to you. 

12. Marketing: For the expansion of any business marketing plays a very important role. Having a website makes it very easy to spread a word about any business. Through website anybody can see check about you thus creating a good marketing. 

13. Freelancing: Through Websites people can start their own work because of which they are not dependent on anyone. Through websites people are able to make good money by just sitting at their home. So Website provides a good platform for freelancing. Every Business needs good marketing and having a website is very good for marketing as it is accessible anywhere at anytime and provides good reach to any business.Having a website will help your customers to have you in mind when they are looking some services that you also provide. It is a very powerful tool to create an edge over your competition. Therefore, Websites plays a very important role for any business. Through websites student are also able to get great learnings as they have various of option on their side to find good learning contents for themselves. For every work, Website has become a must and is a great medium for doing any work. Web Designing Course 

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Morgan Arron

The economic situation around the world is in tatters since the start of this year. Across the globe, businesses are looking damp, and there is no way that they are going to bounce back anytime soon. That's one reason why online businesses need to rethink their strategies and what they want to achieve in the current quarter and the next two quarters this year.

Web design is one aspect through which companies can make sure that they can start their business and attract the target audience. Either it is designed from scratch, or a little revamp, it is up to the top management of the company to decide. A new design and layout can certainly attract visitors even if they are genuinely not interested in buying a product.

Businesses can think about many factors related to design so that to make their website look alluring and exquisite. The following are the top three aspects for retail businesses to attract the target audience. 

1. Content

By content, most of us think about the written text and everything related to it. But content is everything that you see on a website. The videos, pictures text everything is related to the content, and that's why it is an integral part of web design. For a retail store, it is important for it to showcase its products so that anyone visiting the website for the first time doesn't have to look around to find them. That's why much time and effort should be devoted to this concern.

The content of the website should be displayed in a manner so that it can get the attention of the visitor right away. Right from the execution, the concept/theme, and the design related to different pages or categories of a product, everything should be seamless. So that through content, any company can achieve its target by getting a good number of visitors and leads.

2. Market your Website through Apt Design

Just like content, marketing is also important for websites. Especially for small businesses in startups, the marketing aspect is vital so that your target audience knows about your presence. Millions of other websites also vie for the share of the pie in the form of good sales. Through apt marketing based on good web design, you can think of getting a good number of visitors.

Just like content, marketing also needs the help of design and graphics to lure the audience.  it is not easy, mind you, as visitors cannot be intimidated that much easier. We all see hundreds and thousands of websites, and to make us stop, it takes a good design and marketing ploy. You need to use both the aspects in conjunction so that you can come up with a marketing technique based on good web design. 

If you think that you are not able to do justice in this concern and are looking for some assistance, you can always get in touch with an expert website design agency having an excellent track record in this regard.

3. The Overall Experience

\Another aspect directly related to the previous two, to the overall experience, also counts a lot. So, what you need to do is offer your visitors an experience that is far better than any other website in your category. To build a brand identity, it is imperative that you use the right words and phrases to catch the attention of the visitors on your website. And the experience is all about offering your visitors something that would excite them so that they would browse through the website completely. 

In this way, they will look forward to revisiting your website, and that will increase your chances of getting the leads. An online experience that is better than going to a physical store is much more convenient for most of us. With a great design, marketing, and a brilliant and novel look and feel, you need to make sure you give your visitors an experience par excellence.

Final Word

If you think you can add something substantial to this blog or have anything in mind that is essential in making a website look good, you are welcome to speak up. For any type of feedback for this blog, please use the comments section below. 

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