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A user can continue to follow the below-mentioned instructions so as to put in Webroot Secure Anywhere on a windows PC. It's important to keep in mind that an honest internet connection is required for the installation of the software.

    • First and foremost, reach for the SecureAnywhere installer.

    • Then, click on the choice of DOWNLOAD.

    • Here, the user must type in their keycode then make a click on Agree and Install.

    • So as to look at the choices of installation, the user is required to form a click on Installation Option. Once the user successfully selects the acceptable option, they have to form a click on Agree and Install.


 This feature puts an icon of shortcut on the Windows desktop of the user for Webroot SecureAnywhere.

RANDOMIZE THE INSTALLED FILENAME TO BYPASS CERTAIN INFECTIONS:this feature alters the installation file name of the webroot into a random name. as an example , “QrXC251G.exe”, that doesn’t let malware detect and block the webroot installationfile.

PROTECT THE WEBROOT FILES, PROCESSES, AMD MEMORY FROM MODIFICATION: this feature permits self-protection, also because the CAPTCHA, prompts ( The CAPTCHA requires the user to read some distorted text on the pc screen then type within the text during a field before performing any critical actions.)

CHANGE LANGUAGE: so as to vary the language that's displayed in SecureAnywhere, the user may make a click on the Change Language button then make the choice from the supported languages. ( The user can make the changes within the displayed language only during the installation and not later.)

Now make a click on YES ( When asked if the user wants to permit the app to form changes to their device)

Type within the email address and make a click on CONTINUE. SecureAnywhere will then begin the method of scanning also because of the configuration of the appliance . Once this gets completed, the interface will get opened .

IF SECUREANYWHERE DETECTS THREATS DURING THE SCAN: this moves the things to quarantine, an area where they're rendered inoperable and also will not be ready to harm the system of the user or maybe steal data.

If the system of users is clean, they will proceed to subsequent steps.

Now, make a click on “ start using SecureAnywhere”. After the initial scanning, SecureAnywhere goes on to scan the user’s computer daily and also constantly monitors the activity and surfs the web . The user doesn't need to launch a scan themselves or schedule the scan as SecureAnywhere does all of the work for its users within the background.

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