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Subraa Singapore

Website audits assist in improving your website's online presence. In general, during website audits, your web designer will analyze the content, ranking in search engines and usability. Your freelance web designer Singapore will help to perform the audit through metrics. If your website doesn't help to convert, then it's time to do a website audit. This process will help business owners figure out what is wrong in the website, the areas that need improvement, and how to define the visual hierarchy. Your website goals should be determined before you start with the audit, if you are unsure of how to determine your website goals, then you must hire a web designer who helps with understanding your business goals through brainstorming. You can contact Subraa for your website audits and he will help you know how your website performs over the web.

Subraa Singapore

Custom WordPress website design and development by an experienced freelance web designer in Singapore at an affordable cost. Is that feasible? Or do the clients only believe those who charge the maximum and give you a moderate output or just push what they have to you? Scenarios differ so, as the perception, Affordable website design is possible, affordable differs from cheap website design. So how much does a Custom WordPress website design cost in Singapore? to accurately answer this question it is completely based on your requirement. Custom WordPress website design is not cheap; however, if you are looking for a budget-friendly solution, then you can go for free themes or premium themes available; Subraa can help you customise the theme based on your business requirement at a budget-friendly website design package.

Subraa Singapore

When you have decided to go for a logo design for your business, it is also good to learn more about the logo types. Although your logo designer will help to choose the right type for your business logo design, having a general knowledge of what you will get is also recommended. When you are first starting your business, you are a new brand in the market and having just the initials is not recommended at this stage, hence you need to choose a Wordmark type of logo that it would be easier for your audience to recognise and easily remember you. Good examples of Wordmark logos are Google, Coca Cola. In wordmark logos, the name itself is catchy and impressive. Lettermark logos are brand initials, famous businesses use lettermark type of logo for simplicity, examples are IBM, HBO etc. Know more about business logo design by Subraa by visiting

Subraa Singapore

Before you hire a website designer for your next web design project, you must be aware of the essential input you must provide to your web designer to kickstart the website design. Knowing what you require from your website and how you want it to be built matters, if you are unsure of what to expect from your website, then speak with Subraa, your freelance web designer in Singapore now to get a clear idea of what to expect and what is preferred for your business. Learn more about Subraa at 

Subraa Singapore

A perfect logo doesn't come overnight; however, this is not the case all time. If you want to create a perfect stunning logo design then you must follow certain steps in the logo design process. The first and foremost step in designing a logo is to learn more about the target audience and to check the competitors in the domain. After an analysis of the similar businesses, it is important to check the requirements from the client. As a logo designer in Singapore, Subraa has designed more than 500+ logos. All the logo design packages of Subraa are affordable.

You can now learn more about the logo design process by visiting

Subraa Singapore

You need to consider building your brand along with the other resources you do to start a business. When you are getting your new business on the ground, a strong brand image is necessary to impress your customers. A powerful first impression that is unique and memorable can only be created by a professional logo designer with ample experience in the industry. This unique visual identity cannot be created by free logo makers available online, like you many others would have downloaded the same logo to represent their brand and the same duplicate cannot help you create a unique presence in the long run.

You must learn more about Subraa's logo design services in Singapore by visiting


Custom Website Design | Web Design | Local Website Development | Utah

Knowledge of all the procedures does not essentially guarantee that you will definitely be able to produce an efficient website of your own. For each goal and aim, one has got to first confirm that the basics are clear. No, not essential instructions or definitions, but the necessary starting points. With the big assortment of web pages over the Internet, visitors are expected to switch on from one site to another. They typically tend to spend substantial time on that site which knows to be visually interesting and interesting. The many design elements within a site must carry the possibility to catch the attention of the visitors and force them to click on to it’s some other internal pages too.

The more a website carries the skill to hold its visitors, the maximum revenue it assures to its owner. While looking for Website Design and Development services, you will discover a good number of professionals providing assistance at the disbursement of minimum budget and duration. Prior to associating with them, it is required to know that your business stands apart from your counterparts, and comprising with its superiority might ruin your market in the future. Moreover, you might have precise thoughts to put down into your online identity. In order to get faultless Custom Website Development services, you can consider seeking those companies which have proficient web designers with developers. You can search for some online companies who have to move ahead in service with remarkable names in the market. There are some companies that go through research and study on vendors to provide online services. Keep in touch with them to get complete information on the professional web design services accessible to you.

A few reputed Custom Web Development service providers offer quality web packages to their clients. With designing services, their package is wide-ranging of content development, search engine optimization, web application development, web hosting, social media optimization, and many more. They have a variety of kinds of services to fit into the customized and flexible needs of their clients. You can think about contacting them to know-how the smooth operation of your online business. Moreover bringing down your original business ideas, a few skillful professionals are known for providing counseling services. They have a profound understanding of website development with respect to the continuing market trend. They take happiness in making the clients comfy with the various designing themes to make the finest selection as per the precise business criteria.

In 2018, many prominent search engines continue to grow their efficiency and notoriety in the artificial intelligence field. According to SEO and marketing service platform Reliable Soft, Google is still the number one search engine in the world. This is because they have implemented some sufficiently advanced techniques to prevent people from taking advantage of the engine. Google’s Panda algorithm has demoted many sites and has ranked others as being higher due to the quality of these websites and their content. Which, has made it imperative to improve our websites to rank higher on Google, Bing, Yahoo, and similar search engines. Additionally, Google’s “Fred” update targets websites that are violating Google’s webmaster guidelines with thin and ad-centered content. In this article, we will discuss the best SEO strategies to rank higher in 2018.Understanding SEO and Required Skills

To implement the best SEO strategies, you must understand the real scope of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) workflow. SEO is involved with a lot more than having just an SEO expert available to optimize your website. SEO strategies involve a defined business strategy, keyword planning, website design, user engagement, a call for action, content management, social media activities, HTML coding, and more. Some business websites rank high on Google for the mere fact of them having interesting content or external user posts. Others are ranking high because they have integrated external customer portals on their websites. At any rate, defining your business goals and objectives is the first key area to which a website owner must focus on, before starting the journey of search engine optimization. Your business objectives and goals will lead the way as you focus on the right SEO activities to help reach your target audience. These objectives will include your mission, vision, target customers, target geographical locations, revenue sources, etc.

Website Design with Good UI

Review your website’s structure and design. These are questions you may want to ask yourself is: “if I was an external user, would I be invited to stay on the website from a mobile, PC, or tablet and easily navigate through the pages, or would I be confused and not easily find what I want?”. You must also question if there is any call for action button (e.g. buy now, email us, call us, free quotation, etc.). In addition to: “Is the design appealing or will it repel users away?”. There is a lot of recent research out there on the use of colors and how to make a website more user-friendly and appealing. Please see this example: Your website design is one of the most important aspects of creating a successful website, which is usually overlooked by people.

Keyword Research & Analysis

When it comes to the best SEO strategies, keyword research and planning is certainly a prerequisite before you begin carrying in and out any technical SEO activities. For this reason, it is important to work closely with your Team, Consultants, and/or SEO Agency to research applicable keywords. Which, in turn, helps users find your website or service by typing in these keywords. For example, if you are in the business of selling boat insurance, then it would make sense to list “boat insurance” as a priority keyword. Furthermore, there are tools within google such as Google Ads’ Keyword Planner (Previously Google AdWords) which will indicate the value of a keyword as well as the amount of traffic it gets per month. In that regard, keywords can also be sandwiched into a long tail phrase such as “best boat insurance companies”. The objective should be to align one landing page per keyword term (short-tail and long-tail). One of the most recommended books that provide tools/spreadsheet to help you in your planning process is Jason McDonald’s SEO fitness workbook 2018.

URL Structure

Your URL structure must be search engine friendly. This applies to many aspects of our online services and is the key to working through your SEO Strategies. Your URL size must be short and to the point. An excellent example of this idea is In this case, Google will easily identify you as a reliable authority in this area.

Content Management

It is impotent to continue building on the previous SEO strategy as well as sticking to the topic of on-page optimization. Additionally, you must remember the importance of continuously writing fresh content that is keyword centric is going to be the key. This article is a prime example of this concept, and I will let readers guess which keyword we are targeting in this article. Please provide your comments below. Our mission in is to educate our customers, as we do not believe in a fast buck. Therefore, the best SEO Strategy you can implement for your services, e-commerce, or affiliate marketing website is to write non-plagiarized articles and post videos. There are also tools by which you can use to check your articles for SEO compatibility such as the Yoast’s Real-time Content Analysis

Optimizing Codes, Meta Tags & Descriptions

Webmasters are professionals who are familiar with HTML. However, does everyone always optimize the HTML page to be search engine friendly? Google will first look at title tags, then Meta description, headings, alt tags, and body. The key here is to embed your planned keywords into each page through HTML code. Most platforms such as WordPress, Joomla, Shopify, and other e-commerce or CMS platforms, provide you with fields to update title tags, Meta descriptions and other tags in a simplified and each to use manner.

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