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There are lots of Metroidvania based games arriving in the gaming market and Chasm is one of the popular among them. Although, Chasm deserves all this acclamation because of its incredible storyline, solid gameplay and there is a lot of fun in its boss battles. However, several players find defeating these bosses hard, and in fact, it is quite hard to tackle them.

In the blog, we have provided a strategy that will help the players to tackle all the main bosses of Chasm. Players who are reading this blog need to ensure that every bit of this blog carefully to avail its benefits successfully.

What is Chasm?

Chasm is a game that depicts the story of a Knight who is pretty inspiring and is on a mission to save a mining town. The mining town summons useful resources, and moreover, they are pretty essential for the survival of Knight Clan. The game consists of several melee weapons along with maps and spells. The purpose of the centerfold character life is to kill all these bosses for the sake of its clan’s life. There are a total number of five main bosses in Chasm, and they are known as Wendigo, Bone Worm, Titan, King Trell, and Shaman.


He is the initial tier boss of Chasm and is quite easy to handle; however; players need to be aware of its quick speed. He can teleport and can attack you from behind or upward anytime. Players need to use their spear because it is the only weapon they attain in the initial level of the game and players can easily defend themselves from Wendigo by jumping. There is a no damage bonus that players can attain by successfully killing Wendigo, and it is Wendigo Claw.

Bone Worm

Players can easily tackle the Bone Worm by using their specific weapon with a high distant range. Bone Worm can possess several attacks, but all of its attacks are quite easy to dodge or handle by the players. There is one specific section of this main boss where players need to get aware, and it is when he spits the green blobs on the players. Players need to ensure that they dodge this spit attack properly and once, the spit attacks of Bone Worm stops that is the time to attack him. There is a no damage bonus that players can attain by successfully killing Bone Worm, and it is Bone Worm Armor.


Titan also knows several attacks such as Smash his fists, drop fireball, and he can shoot orbs through his eyes. After you understand his attacks patterns, you can easily kill him. Players need to jump and move faster to dodge its attacks successful, and after some time, Titan will get tired, and in no time he will surrender in front of you. There is a no damage bonus that players can attain by successfully killing Titan and it is Titan Hammer.

King Trell

The fighting arena of the King Trell is pretty huge, and it is a beneficial aspect for the players as it will help them to dodge the boss attacks easily. He can attack you by throwing his sword in an attempt to cut you, but it can dodge easily with a quick attack or speed. The best time to attack him with a spell is when he is at a distance from you; however, he will keep on trying to get near you. There is a no damage bonus that players can attain by successfully killing King Trell, and it is Trell Sword.


He is one of the danger bosses of this game and thus comes in the last tier; however, he can be easily tackled by using a long sword or whip. In return, he will attack you with his flying crows and orbs. Players just need to be more attentive and defend themselves from his speed because he is the boss with the most quick attacking efficiency so, make sure that you dodge all of its attacks.

If you want to play Chasm, then you can experience it on Nintendo Switch, PS4, Steam and Xbox.

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