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iPad users will get a new Widget experience with iPadOS 15, very much similar to iPhone. Amidst all, here is how you can add Widgets to your iPad right now.

Users can add Widgets to their iPad devices. But they should not expect the various types of customizations that the tech giant has made available on the iPhone devices with iOS 14 software update. At least, the users can’t expect it from Apple yet. The tech giant is trying to improve the Widget experience for iPad users in the near future. But, in the meantime, tablet users can use and add Widgets.

iOS 14 & A New Way to Use Widgets

Apple introduced a new and exciting way to use Widgets on any iPhone with iOS 14 software updates. Previously, there were several limitations as to where the Widgets could be places and its overall experience. Plus, it could be displayed only in Today View.

However, the release of iOS 14 changed everything allowing Widgets to be played and displayed anywhere. It can be time-consuming to customize the home screen using Widgets released with iOS 14. However, the results are speaking themselves, and several users find various creative ways to customize the look and feel in a personalized way.

Add Widgets to Your iPad

Very much similar to the Widget experience on the iPhone before the release of iOS 14, currently, the tech giant allows only iPad owners to add a Widget using the Today View section. Users can access this particular interface section by swiping right until its end. Here, you can hold and press on a space within the section, Today View. Now, wait for the apps to give a jiggling effect.

Further, you have to click on the plus sign to open the Widget gallery. Here, users are allowed to select the Widget they wish. Now, choose the size you want and then click on the ‘Add Widget.’ It will help you to add it to the particular section.

If your device needs space to adjust the new Widget, then you can remove the existing ones. To remove the existing ones, hold down on an empty space and then click on the minus sign next to Widget. Alternatively, you can drag the Widget to a new place to make room for a new Widget.

iPadOS 15: The iPad Widget Update

Apple made it clear that it is going to introduce a significant upgrade to Widgets. The company announced it during the WWDC 2021 event. It made it clear that the Widget upgrades will be released with the launch of iPadOS 15. Undoubtedly, the company will bring the same Widget experience to iPad users as it brought to iPhone users. Apple is planning all these with its next major iOS update.

Its upcoming software update will allow users to customize and make their iPad home screen their own. Once the company makes the updates available to the users, they will add Widgets on the Home screens directly alongside the app. No doubt, it will result in a more personal and look.

Until then, you can lock Widget visible in the Today View section in place. It will help Widgets to remain available on your device’s Home Screen. However, users can only avail this facility when their table is in landscape orientation.

When your device is in landscape mode, open the section Today View. Now, keep pressing and holding the Home Screen background. Here, the apps will jiggle very much, similar to when you add Widgets. After that, tap on Keep on Home Screen and then click on Done. It will lock the Widgets on the iPad in place.

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