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As we know, The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt game has risen once again with the success of the latest series out on Netflix and is rocking on the entire cylinders. With old and new gamers joining the game, let’s revisit the best way to increase the level from the beginning of the game alongside the Places of Power in White Orchard. These places were built when the Conjunction of Spheres happened that also brought the creation of magic and several different creatures as well. They symbolize an area where supernatural things have been concentrated into a particular location.

Moreover, the white orchard has a total of six places of power, and each one signifies a magic sign that players obtain at the beginning of the game. Upon reaching every Place of Power, players can earn one ability that you can use to boost your stats in the character screen. Plus, ability points are extremely valuable when starting the game. They hold a significant value in how a player level up, timing on when you get your skills, and what playstyle focus you have for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Players will also earn a buff from every location and will make every location sign powerful for a short amount of time. Note: Be cautious when visiting these areas as there could be the opponent of various power level stalking them.

Source:- Witcher 3 Wild Hunt: Guide to Find Places of Power in White Orchard

Locating such Place of Power is a bit tricky so here are some guidelines on

How to find and visit all six in White Orchard?

Place of Power: Igni

The first place of power is at the north of the Mill guidepost of the White Orchard Cemetery. It is 100 steps away from the signpost to the Igni place of power. From the guidepost, move to the right side until the mill is out of the frame and a passage is available to enter. Pursue the journey and the player will reach a cemetery with a tiny chapel. Right in front of the chapel, you will spot the Place of Power.

Place of Power: Aard

The Mill guidepost offers the second starting point in reaching to this location. Now, the passage where the mill is (going East North) is the way. Travel on this passage until a crossroad shows up with a tiny stone wall on the left going East North. Moving on, you will reach a small town eventually where some soldiers and two NPC have been hung. From this area, players will stumble on a creature’s nest, which also houses the Aard place of power.

Place of Power: Quen

The guidepost for the Broken Bridge provides the path that takes players right on top of this location. Once reached, take the passage from the bridge by jumping over it.  It will twist to the right and veer left and at the same time that left turn happens in the map, and the plants will open up into a clearing. Turn right instantly after the small clearing, travel a few steps, and the yellow shine of this Place of Power can be spotted.

Place of Power: Yrden

The fourth Place of Power, i.e., Yrden can be located by the beginning guidepost for the Abandoned village and moving into the town. Leave the town going North and pursue the stone wall until you see the wooden fences. Stay on the path until a statue lit up by some tiny candle with gifts in front of it shows up. After that, there is an opening while standing face to face in the right fence where it looks, although it has been broken down in pieces. Plus, it shows a rough passage that does not show on the map. Pursue the journey, and it will reward you with one more Place of Power.

Place of Power: Quen

Starting from the Cackle Bridge quick travel point, stand away from the bridge and head North along the way. With this, players will come up to a creature nest on the right of the passage that also houses the Place of Power.

Place of Power:  Axii

The trip to find the Axii Place of Power begins at the guidepost of the Sawmill. From there, head to the path going east with the wooden fence on your right as you start your journey. Along the way, players will run into a cart along with supplies on the right and a stone wall to the left. This is the moment when you have to leave the path and take a left at the stone wall. A small mountain is all that stands in the way between you and one last place of power.


Devin Smith

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is once again on the trending platform due to courtesy of Netflix. However, before the arising of the Netflix series, the game was pretty famous among gamers. Those who are not familiar with Witcher 3: Wild Hunt; it is an RPG game of CD Projekt releasing in 2015. The game story revolves around Geralt who is a Witcher looking for his daughter who went missing.

Now that we know it is in trending again, so it is necessary to enlighten its perks again to facilitate the new gamers. The world of Witcher 3 is pretty huge and there is so much for the gamers to explore and do. Alongside this, the game contains various mod options for PC to alter the gaming experience. If you are a new gamer of Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, then you should definitely try these mods and below we have specifically brief about each Mod.

HD Reworked Project 10.0

The Mod allows gamers to change the appearance of the Witcher 3 world. The Mod allows the players to customize the resolutions and textures of the game. After including the Mod into the game, the gamers who are familiar with Andrez Sapkowski’s novel on the following franchise will definitely find resemblance in the game and Netflix series.

Gamers who are playing this game after watching the Netflix series should try this Mod. Moreover, the Mod provides the game the essence of being new, so new gamers should definitely begin playing this game in this Mod. Besides HD Reworked Project 10.0, gamers can also go with another Mod of similar ability and it is Lore-Friendly Mod.

Fast Travel from Anywhere

The Mod is specially built for the gamers who are here to instantly witness the gaming experience of Witcher 3. The Mod helps players to quickly play and explore the universe of Witcher 3. The Modder call it  Fast Travel from Anywhere, thus the name reveals about its ability. The Mod has the ability to cut the quests alongside the adventuring of the game and only shows the important aspects.

However, the mod spoils the fun of the game but gamers who are pretty concerned about a lot of time conceiving can try this Mod. Besides Fast Travel from Anywhere, gamers can also go with another Mod of similar ability and it is Auto Apply Oils. Along with that, this Mod helps the player to apply the correct amount of Oil during combats or sudden encounters.

The Witcher 3 Enhanced Edition

The Mod is beneficial for the players who are willing about quests and combat because the Mod grants the player with an automatically targeting enemy. Gamers will easily slay all their foes because the Mod ability also enables them to aim at the heavy damage spot.

This will slay the foes instantly and thus, gamers will win more and more quests. Alongside this, the Mod also helps the players to dodge several attacks of the enemies. Gamers who are interested in the fighting aspect of this game can also try another Mod of similar ability; The Enhancement System.


The primary motive of the article is to facilitate the new gamers of Witcher 3: Wild Hunt with the knowledge of best Mods of the game for PC. We have individually brief out all the best mods of the game and in case, we miss out any, then we are extremely sorry about that.

In the end, we hope that you will find this article useful and have successfully served your purpose through it. If you haven't tried playing Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, then play it now on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PC andPS4.

Devin Smith is a creative person who has been writing blogs and articles about cyber security and utility software programes. He writes about the latest updates regarding and how it can improve the work experience of users. His articles have been published in many popular e-magazines, blogs and websites.


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The popular game of CD Projekt Red provides a unique gaming experience of fighting monsters alongside several unique hidden creatures. However, the game’s objective sounds weird as there is a process of locating and unlocking the boss of the game, popularly known as a secret boss.

Witcher 3: The Secret Boss Nobody Knows About - Mcafee Activate

Gamers across the world are pretty intent to locate and fight with the secret boss. Thus, this article will grant them access to the arena of the final boss. Gamers who are pretty serious about this concern needs to be sure that they read this article with full awareness to avoid any mistake.

How to Find Secret Boss

Gamers need to attain access to the secret battle of Chort, and it can easily be done by money-making. Gamers need to simply move down to White orchard and require to locate the farm that is being loaded with cows. Gamers can easily slay the cows to attain Cowhide, which they can later sell to the local vendor to grab an average amount of money.

The process of meditating will regenerate the cows for numerous times and thus make this process worth one to farm easy and extra money. In order to get access to Chort area requires to repeat the money-making process several times more. Once gamers have kill merely about 20 cows, then they will encounter the creature of Chort. The Chort will instantly begin to attack the players and must be pretty intended for you to hinder the players from the easy money.

Dealing with Chort

Gamers need to be ensured about their level because the players with low levels will suddenly fall down in front of Chort. The reason for it is weakness, too, but the game developers also didn’t allow players to stand in front of Chort.

Gamers need to have at least a level of 20 to become eligible for the fight of Chort alongside needs to head to the White Orchard area. Gamers also need to be aware of the weapon aspect of Geralt because Chort is a creature with several hazardous attacks. Players need to maintain a distance from the claw slipes of Chort and should begin to attack when time is suitable.

Although, it is highly suggested that gamers must craft their own strategy to tackle Chort but here are some suggestions that you must need to consider. Gamers need to attract the Chort to get over the soldier’s brigade that will inflict severe damage to the beast by shooting arrows on him. Gamers also need to use the quick speed of Geralt to confuse Chort and begin to attack him consecutively.

After some time, players will notice that Geralt begins to break into pieces such as green mutagens alongside Chort mutagens. Several gamers have also stated that they have spotted another Chort after being killed in the first one. Thus, you can say there is a heavy chance of respawning of Chort, but you don’t have to worry about it because it will die with the same attacks too.


The article is comprised of valuable information on Witcher 3 secret Boss, as several veteran players are also unaware of this boss. Thus, this topic is a must to be highlighted, and yet we have successfully done it. In case, if we have missed including any useful information about the topic in this article, then we are extremely apologetic for that.

In the end, we hope that this article will help you in achieving your purpose. New gamers who haven’t try the gaming fun of Witcher 3 can obtain it on Nintendo SwitchPS4Xbox One, and PC.

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Alex Smith is a creative person who has been writing blogs and articles about cyber security. He writes about the latest updates regarding and how it can improve the work experience of users. His articles have been published in many popular e-magazines, blogs and websites.

Alex IT Expert

The developers of Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has added a DLC Pack for the players to alter the look of YenneferTriss, and Ciri. This DLC is free for gamers, and it can be unlocked them any time they intend to.

How to Access Alternative Looks DLC in Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - office setup

The DLC is known as The  Alternative Looks, and it is pretty popular among the users. The initiative of CD Projekt Red is remarkable because changing the outfit of characters is an intriguing aspect in gaming, and thus, it was a big step in the gaming world back in 2015. Although it is pretty simple to use due to its new inclusion makes it difficult for the players to understand.

This is the primary motive of our article to facilitate gamers with easy ways to attain access to Alternative Looks DLC. It is highly recommended by players to be aware while reading this article as the process is a bit large.

About Alternative Looks DLC

At first, gamers must know everything about these DLC packs, and it appeared in the summer season of 2015. When players successfully activate it, they will attain the outfits for their characters alongside few characters that will unlock, including Yennefer, Triss, and Ciri.

In this DLC, Ciri will wear a fantastic outfit of Chainmail, whereas Triss will wear a set of green ceremonial dresses alongside golden strips. Yeneffer will wear a black sports dress in which its thighs and shoulders are visible. Along with the ladies, Geralt is also planning to alter his appearance by getting a new grooming inclusion.

His Beard and Hairstyle have been changed, and players can also do several more customization to this change. Gamers need to locate the barbers in the land section to avail of the customization option of Geralt, whereas the ladies customization option will appear after activation.

Change the Outfits

Gamers who intend to change the outfits of Yeneffer, Triss, and Ciri should head to the main menu of the game. Gamers need to activate the Alternative Looks DLC from the options of the Main menu. Players need to go to the option of Gameplay and then require to hover to the middle of the appeared list. Players will locate the option of the Alternative Looks DLC, and they need to tap on it.

Once they selected the option of the Alternative Looks DLC, then they will attain access to the customization option. Gamers can alter the outfits of all the characters through this option except Geralt as we have already discussed that its customization settings area available through barber’s land. Thus, players are free to prevail in any customization to these characters.


The article is to feed the gamers about The Alternative Looks DLC in Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. However, the feature appeared 3 years ago, but still, it is becoming an intricate issue for gamers. The game popularity is still emerging just because of its fantastic gameplay experience.

In the end, we hope that this article has served you well, and you have successfully attained all the required information through it. Gamers who haven’t try Witcher 3 can obtain its experience on PCXbox OnePS4, and Nintendo Switch.

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